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    Tie Brant Coilf Hbws,
Saturday Morning, Jan. 24, 1880.
Notice. Simple announcements of
Dirths, marriages and deaths, will be
inserted without charge. Obituary no
tices will be charged tor according to
their length.
A. F. and A. M., holds its regular
Communications on the Saturday even,
in of or next proceeding the full moon
in each month, at seven and half o'clock
P. M.
F" meets every Thursday evening
at their Lodge Room in Cjfmyon City.
Visiting brothers are invited to attend.
By Order of N. G.
iiuwijibiii iwr 1 1. wwm
m 3
33. I 0. 0. F., Prairie City, Oro
meets every Saturday Evening.
Members of the order are invited to
attend. By order of the N. G.
Still Another. The Van Buren,
Iowa, Democrat, of Jan. Sth, 1880,
contains the sollowing:
"Mr. J. S. Shepherd has bought
the Corydon "Wayne count', Demo
crat. He will take charge of the
office in about two weeks, and will
give the Democrats of Wayne coun
ty a good paper. No reflection on
the Democrat as now conducted is
Memory carries us back fifteen
years ao when we were "devil" for
J. S., in our father's office, the "Des
Moines Valley News." He is an ex
2ert prinLer, a rich, rare and racy
writer; a sober industrious man, and
will, no doubt, keep the Democrat
the best paper in the county, and in
a political view "red hot'. Hois
the third brother now in the pub
lishing business.
Next Vw:zk we Avill conclude the
description of Grant County. It
will contain a complete list of all
tho business men, all the county of
ficers, benevolent orders and officers,
churches and pastors, schools and
masters, and all will bo as near cor
rect as possible. All of our adver
tisers names will bo marked with an
iE, and hope and -request that every
subscriber preserve the News of the
next issue. It will be worth three
times the price of subscription for
future reference.
In a private letter from Mr. E.
Furman. to us, he snvs: "Please
tell Messrs. Rulison cc Grotli that
their nice steak and venison is better
than any I havo got at any other ho
tel in this upper country. " Score
one for Canyon City, if vou please.
. : :
A Fire. On hist Thursday morn
ing the residence of Fisk & Kinebart
took lire from a defectivo Hue and
was entirely consumed. A portion
of the furniture was saved, yet the
loss will probably reach $2,000. It
"being three miles from town help
was unavailable.
A lively fisticuff took place on
Main street last Sunday morning.
The agitator got a handsome lick on
the left cheek bone, besides be was
made acquainted with the boot toe
of his opponent. Young men, you
shouldn't fight, it is hard on the
Married. In East AVey mouth, Mass.
on Wednesday, January 21st, 1SS0
Mr. "V. A. Jacobs, of this city, to
Miss Lizzie A. Denton.
May peace, happiness and plenty
be theirs. Our citizens will be on-
i ly too glad to welcome them to
our city.
Married. In San Rafael, Cal., Jan
uary 1st, by the Rev. James Mc
Donald, Frank D. Sweetser, of
Oregon, to Maria E. Sutherland,
of San Rafael.
The Van Buren Democrat comes
to us this week enlarged, and in new
dress. It is one of our most valued
eastern exchanges, and the best lo
cal paper in "old Van Buren Co."
Sickness is the order of the day at
present. Epizootic is the general
The lecture, o debate, on hst "Wed
ncsbay iight was a success. The sub.
ject, "Resolved that Grant County
would be benefited by a railroad" was
handled Dy Geo. Gundiach in tho af
firmative and Major Magnne in the neg
ative. The Judges were Col. Currey,
Jns. A. Campbeil aud E. S. Peufield,
and gM vo their decision in tho afiirma
tive. Mr. G. fairly riddled the Major's
argument-, and t!.:o 31ajor riddlod Grant
couu'y and Oregon City.
Enterprise. W huvtt received a
fine lithograph p:ctu.e of the new
Chronicle Building, aud pronounce it
a beautiful structure. Perhaps no news
paper men in tho United States are en
dowed with as much ircuuioe enterprise
as the De Young hoys.- From t lie
small "'Dramatic News" they havo made
the Chronicle oue of tho bd;t papers in
A certain littls girl in this city was
sont out to find some egii nt the stores,
. and upon returning home remarked
i that there wusno igjs in town, but that
Frank said tlmt there was loti of lions
over at ' Brighum's" and opto Mr. Kel
ly's standing around looking at each
We hardly know whether an "old
married man" has a right to tell on
I a young man if he should happen to
see him caress well we won't tell,
because we were once voung.
Read the now ad?ertispinfnts to-dav
profit thereby. Read all tho advortis-'e-
1 r i
mentd unci sco it anv cuanvpa have oc
A ckktain outh akcd Lis orer
iioi mother if coflar-daiu was swearing,
und biii2 answered no; said, "w-dl J
v;inh 'is' would cofiVr-dum head off."
' -
Not an egg can be purchased in
this market at present.
Vick's Floral Guide for 18S0 u tho
finest ever pubii-he 1 and cintaios over
600 iilus'rrtiuus. Nm house in the U.
S. hs as hvgf and ftvorxble a reputa
tion iu does tint ff Jamei Vick of Ro
chester, N. Y.
1ST There I have done u, j,ivj uitj
8U tlir hee: of
Died. Near Prairie City on Jan
uary 11th, 1880, John Manwaring.
Bor: At. John Day, on Friday,
Jan. 23d, 1830, to the wife of F.
Sinevera, a giri.
The Sta.ndaui). - O i tho lir-a of
Jatmary the Pori'&nd S'p.ndard tutored
upat) ii 5'h voJumu. 1; has j;ainc i in
mpusc'v durum liiu iire war and nof
stand at the 4 tp fund." It bou!d
hne a larger circulnviun in Gran' coun
ty than iz has, and especially should u II
Democrats take it.
Co:iider:tbie opposi'ion isboin made
to the re-appointment of Emery aiGov.
ettorof Utah, on tho ground that ho has
been : iding the ?Joroons iu their'nt
efforts to deprive the Geutilex of
the'r constitutional ripht.
Dan Iuco, thp Bhowmsn, Iibb "cavftd"
to Moody and Sunkf'. The "loU
sheep" sermon was what did it, when
Dan wa5 prftt'y full. Kc now propr.s
os to becom n cvnntrelht, nd will run
i religious instead of a secular cicru.
Th llepublicHii National Convention
will be held in Chicago, on Wedoefidny,
June 22nd, to nominate candidate for
Presideut and Arice President.
Tho body of Jacob Sawyer, a Car
man, bachelor, aged sixty years, was
found murdered aud horribly mutilated
in his cabin, twenty-four miles south
west of Portland, in Washington coun
ty, Oregon, Friday Morning. lie was
evidently murdered with an ax, and
f'jr the money ho was supposed to have
in his cabin. No clue to tkc murder
ers. Senator Lamar's health is improving.
Frank Leslie leaves all property to
hie wife.
Barksdale is the lead for the Senator
ship of Mississippi to succeed Bruce.
A public meeting to raise funds for
the Irish sufferers was held at Spring
field on the 15th.
The department has deoided that
bees are mailable matter. Better take
the sting out first.
Pout Harxey 0g:., ")
Ja.v. 20th, 1880. j
Editor N ews: The little notoriety
the "widows" obtained through the col
umns of the News doesn't 5eem have
hurt them much as witness the follow
ing: About two weeks ago as tho sun was
sinking heuetth the horizou, thure rode
into tho Pcisr, u genlem:irj uiuflh-d in a!
thick ulsUr overcoat and fancy abawl. t
Arter partakinL' or asuiuptuoua renasi
. TT 1 1 i p .
at the "Obrer Hotel," liu first puestion
...... . . 1 n
was: "Yv here aocs !1 those Gras
Atr. . , ,
Widows keev . fheniMilvea thut tho
Cannon City papar vrrioa so much
ubout V In due oura:: of tiiue he re
oeived a formal "knock down" to one
of the witehiug creatures and the result
wus, that after a brief courtship, wc
have to chrouiele the marriage of Clin.
W. Wilcox and Mr-J. May Agnes
Click. Judge "Wheeler ie i the imp.
tial knot in his usutl dignified manner,
and aft or getiug uheid of the gr.'t;u !
bridegroom io snatching: th iir kias.
We were assured by th; bride tljat h-r
first household expen.-n would it io sub
scribe for tho News. It louk,i as if
Harney was going to be left out in tie
cold while u description of tho county
was btdn-; published; hut our cerres
poodcat who Idis hi hnivte full ''peuud
iu ni on thj back fir bis days of the
week will devote v. brief portion ef hi
holiday to toil what littie he knows
about ilnrrey.
The Pot was cstibiiihed by Cieu.
Crook iu 1SG7. It has acconiodiUiucB
for three eompuuics ofioldif.r two of
cuvniry and one of infantry, u built ua
Posts generally mic, iu the shape of r
holloif square. Tlie fliioer und soldier's
iuartrs aio coi.Btructed out of lugs
liof-d inside m with fire-places aud
arc the most comfortable d .veilings any
ooul I wiih t- oi'ui'i'r. Tl i r?snf.
i j t
htrenjith of the (iaiiis- u com'uti of five
comuiir.rtioiied oJici'r and idghtv en bak
ed men. Thu original d?ignat,w-a of
the Post Camp iIart;ov now it is j
Foit Ilnrney. We Tcutto ihe trmblc
to hunt up tho c&ue of chunyin the;
uhjci-d dyh;utio:i of the Poland tiic
fu'lowiog ( which u offioini is the re
WAV. l'Xl-c Q.iar'erf, Military Di
viio i o?' tn Pao:iiv: wA Depart. ncKt of
Califoruiii. Undr ths prviionu of
Ge-eril Orders. W'tur JDep'irtmenf,
No 79 ot 1 878, and by initriietioni of
th Ce eral of rhc Army, dstod Dac.
5th, 1878 thu fo'lowiut; Pot.n in tna
li.ditiry Divi;-io;i of t"ic PuciSc retain
iug their preiont fiafOfls will bo dt-uiij-nafeJ
as folio'vs: Vam-ouwr BtrtitckH,
Fori Bni.i, Port iJAitity, etc." As
t!ie of diriipating MiliUry
Posts virid in the Kevcral idilifary
Divisions; nnJ iu order to secure nui-
tonui'j in this wpeefc. Division Com
mander arc nuihorisd at their discre
tion to oauic and style all Posts penxu
manenlly occupied by troops the occu
pation of which is likely to b perma
nent Forts," aod to etyie all poinrs
occupied temporarily 'Crtmp.'" Tht
is how this p.Vice csnio to get the name
of 44Fort Harney" (suggestive of ieg-L-uiifl,
buttrsses. battlmeuts, etc.)
There if Minn talk in official circles
nhout the Postbeinr abandoned next
Spring. Your correspondent, f-dlow-hi"
the example of those erohrt Kast
ru fellows, intorricxred the Coramand
inr officer of the Pot and learned the
following facts concerning the matter:
Gen. McDowell, tho Division
Commander, lias sent the Com
manding officer an official tel
egraphic dispatch not to go to
any more expense to the gov
ernment than was actually nec
essary, as the Post would be
abandoned next Summer. A
similar copy was looked for
irom the Deputy Commander,
Gen. Howard, and as he has not
disguised his antipathy towards
the citizens of this county, his
approval of abandoning the
Post can be counted on.
A brief description of the post !
and surrounding country is respect
fully submitted, and If anybody
thinks they can improve upon it
they are welcome to "sail in:"
Fort Harney.
The surrounding country is very
mountainous and rugged, and al
though the soil is in some few places
very fertile; it is impossible to raise
any vegetables on account of the se
vere frosts wbich are of frequent oc-
Kjourence in the earlv Summer. Tcs
has been ImoTfn to form in the poet
in August. Stein's Mountain; the
highest peak in this section; is 75
miles south of the post. 25 miles
south of the post i3 the large body
of water known as the Malheur Lake
and connected with it by large
swaniDS to tho southwest is Harney
Lake. These lakes are the resort of
immense llocks of water-foul of va
rious kinds, in the summer and fall.
The soil of tho Valley is in sonic
places good and well adapted to rais-
iurr mi t niAn -tk- linti
I , f . .
frosts. The grass is vorv good, iur-
: .n. .
Hushing excellent grazing m the
. -, , ,
i spring' and summer. 1 he wild nay
' i" the vicinity is of an es-
eeedingly line quality, ana very
abundant. The priuciial trees are
the pitch pine, rod and white lir, ju
niper, aspen and cottonwood. Along
the creeks willow grows very abund
antly, and in the mountains moun
tain mahogany is found in consider
able quantities. Tho pitch pine is
however by far more numerous than
any other tree. The mountains for
soveral miles north of tho post being
heavily timbered with it. Thcro is
a saw-mill twelve miles norlh-east of
j the post where lumber can bo pro
cured to advantage.
Excellent stone for building pur
poses can be obtained in the imme
diate vicinity of tho post; it is of
volcanic origin and can bo easilv
shaped when first quarried, but be
comes very hard on exposure.
The warm season is from June to
October. The winters arc sometimes
very severo, the thermometer indi
cating 2G degrees below zero. The
prevailing wind at all seasons of the
year is from the south, and is called
throughout this part of the state the
"chinook wind". The locality is
exceedingly koiuthy, no disease of
any kind being prevalent.
Average rain fall, S-b'u. The near
est town is Canyon Citv: there is no
probability that Canyon City will ev
er be a rival of New York, Boston
or Chicago, but we hope ils dimen
sions will gradually bo extended be -
;'ond Hcbcl Hill and Gospel Ridge,
and eventually have a ferry boat or
railroad running to John Day Citv
and Portland: T
A Coiaiuuuicaliou ou Fire.
In view of the 3i ions los?o by fire
thut hsv receutly been susiaiu.-d by
several of our ci'izons and inasmuch ss
i'he causes of these fires have been at
tributed tn d'u ca'ed t?tove pij'ts,
caused, no doubt, by the recent high
vriuds; aud while I heurlily sympatliixc
wiih those who hsre heu overtaken
by the terrible Tisiution by which they
lost tbeir hoims nd fiH tli-sir cootsnts
in luidWiut.!- it wo'ild be uoihii but
proper t call ike attention of ihe ia
habitnufs of our own bo;g to th.e dan
ger that cuight b hirk'Hj b-siweyo more
than 0!; (Oof and ceiling of our dwell
ings; thin would it mt he a go--d plan
to ujU'oiut three of the citisms uf '!nn
yon City to xamin bll ihua and store
pipes and see whether or not the? arc
aafo. What ay ye, if we wsa to ap
poiat, for iastance, Mt-giis. Dr. F. C.
Horaley, Max Mefohan aud ear rigi
b,nt watchman Bradly to ad a oxam
ramion noxt Monday. 1 don't think
either of the abor nmncd g8ntluin
rill object; neithar do I snppcaa tK
thero ia a householder wi ti th limits
ef par town but what will readily euh
mit to an exauiinslion aud who will re
pair an? d:ininge upon tho racciaiaen
dation of said couujiitk-e.
One that is IxTraESTED.
"W'e have roceivod following in re
gard to the fire at tho Fruit Ranch:
I A library of more than 150 valuable
j works, together with several trunks
J and chests of valuable contents with
j keep-sakes, relics, the accumulation
Pf yeRrB wers also consumed. Bcd-
steads, stovos and all the kitchen fix-
tures were entirely destroyed. Loss
of building and contents estimated
at $2,500.
The fire originated from tho kitch
en stove pipe, between the ceiling
and the roof; and though every pre
caution soemed to have been taken
after the heavy storms, to readjust
the pipe and place every thing in a
safe position, yet some unaccount
able cause was the origination of this
hezny loss.
In Washixgto "Sally," ftat'
chez, Capt. Jim and their Pa, fOkt
AVinnemucca," is in "Washington
holding a pow-wow witb the chief
Mogul. Sal proposes to havo her
tribe return to Malheur Agency,
provided Sam, Parrish is appointed
agent; if that is impossible then they
will go to Yakima.
tribe say
that Jallv has not been with them
for yeaivs, and that they do not pro
pose have her dictate for them. Mr.
Parrish, we are informed, will hard
ly givo up his present good situation
at th.' Monumental mine for that of
an Indian agent.
The John Day Mills are in full op
eration now, aud are turning out tho
uery best brands of Flour, Graham
Flour and Mill feed. All orders
loft at the Mill or witb Gundldoli &
Uro., will be promptly filled. tf.
A New York iiitrvieer .c; ? that
President Tilden do's not wish t. be
fandida'c, bat ihat he wishes to he
plaoud in a oitio to decltn. iu favor
of some oiK' who may ba his choice.
S'eimtor FJ ill. of Cdorad, t rd
Idotfdy U'ea that ihe only way t settle
present troubles h fur Pmin give up
their reservation and to sunviider ths
in urd vers. But he va:;t-o to put them
on i-o'hbhi'dy e icJs rss'-rvation.
A ileniinlscuec of (Sen. (Jrant.
"When Gen. Grant was iu Port
land last fall, he met an old friend
whom be knew in ISui. Together
they talked of old times, and tho
General asked his friend bow lie was
trotting on. 'Tin doing first-rate
! now' be said, "but for years I suf-
ferod so with pain in my back aud
kidneys, that life was a burden; but
a single package of the Oregon Ivid
i;ey Tea cured me up, sound and
well, and I'm good for another"
twenty years. " Sold everywhere.
Pref. C. 13. Hai'ey v. ill op-n a danc
ing fctioid in this city, At Masonic If n I,
oo TuedftT evoninjr. Jan. i-'7t!, IHHO.
Lessons rnll be tiiven to tho el js oo
Tueduy and Friday Evenings of each
TERMS: So for Eight Lwsoos.
All thoe d siring to join th cla-s
can consult G. YV. lAt or II. Stani.---hiw.-kv,
of Canyon City.
The Cla?s at John Day will receive
instructions on Monday nr.d Saturday
Evri:8 nf each weak. Enquire of'
W. il. Kolly. n42-2m.
F-I?2i SALE.
A fine babv carriage for sale ah a
very reasonable prico. Enquire at
this office.
A nice revolver for sale. It is an,
excellent one and will be sol$ low.
Enquire at the News Offico.
Clubbing is not generally consid-"
ered an agreeable thing, but when
it comes to clubbing tho Chicago
"Wkekly News and the Grant County
2Ci:w3 fur $3.50 a year, wo find no
objectors. Try this clubbing you'll
like it.
For Sale
Notice is hereby given that the un
dcrsigned will sell at Public Sale on
the 28th day of Januarv,1830, at the
four miles below Canyon City, the
following property belonging to the
Estate of John Ilerburger, Sr., de
ceased: 27 head of stock cattle, 2
wagons,and 2 stacks of hay. Terms,
Dec. 19th, 1879. n37-41.
H. Stanislawsky, Practical Watch
maker and Jeweler, is located at Can--yon
City, Oregon. "Watches. Clocks
..and Jewelry repaired afc sh(-Tt nafchfef
Mid warranted, n9&fi