Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, December 27, 1879, Image 3

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k. 1
M CfliU lie,
Saturday Morning, Dec. 27, 1879.
Notice. Simple announcements of
Dirths, marriages and deaths, will bo
inserted without charge. Obituurv no
tices will be charged for according to
their length.
iJ A. F. and A. M., holds its regular
Communications on the Saturday even
ing of or next proceeding the full moon
in each month, at seven and half o'clock
P. M.
fj OB A II LODGE. No. 22. I. 0 0.
12 R, meets every Thursday evening
at their Lorinc Jioom in Canyon City.'
Visiting brothers are invited to at'end.
By Order of N. G.
I 83.
j. 1. U. u. 1 Prairie Citv, Ore
. . y . i n
mtcts ovitv Saturday fawning.
mourners oi tne onier are invited to
attend. Bv order of tho N. (i.
- r i i ...
For the past week the weath
er lias been extremly cold in
this county, perhaps colder by
several degrees than for years
past. On last Monday morning
the mercury ran down to 24
degrees below zero. Snow to
the depth of l-I inches has cov
ered the grass in this section of
country for over a wek, and
if it continues six week, longer
we believe we will not be fat
wrong when we say that not
less than 20,000 head of cattle
. will die of starvation in this
county alone. Our stock men
have -been favored, huirclv. for
years past and consequently
they are uot prepared for this
snow. But lot us hope that a
chinook will dispel the snow
inside am. l Lor week and that
our ranchers will see their im
mense hands come no in the:
S')rinr. as usual, rolling fat.
Our description of the county
will be continiuHl next week.
Holidays on! v come-- once in a
vear and the printer needs one
da- at least for fun hence we
d e fe r red vi iliutr t i . e co i; n i v u p
litis week. Wct will be a few
hours late with our pjtper this
week and njxt, but the News
will not miss an issue, hear it?
In the i ext decade there will
be an immense amount of rail
road building in the United
States. It will probably witness
the complet:on of the Northern
Pacific, the Dalles & Salt Lake
the Southern Pacific railroads.
Freight teams are still run
ning between Canyon City and
the Dalles.
Mr. Howe, of the Warm
Springs, spent Christmas in
town. He wants to sell his
place. See his advertisement.
Christmas tres throughout
the county arc reportecfto ns
as being over average for this
country, and all were pleased.
Our dancing community all
say that they had a ''way upr
time at the several balls given
Fifty hears ago one man widi two
horses and a wagon woulk transport,
one ton of produce twentp miles in ten
hours. Now six men (two in the coal
mine to feed the iron horse and four
on a train of cars) will transport 300
tons a distance of 200 milps. Pteduced
to a mathematical demonstration the
change amounts to just this: The la
bor of the six men and tlie train of ears
perform the labor of S,000 men and
.7,000 brsp
E. C. Williamson, Supt. of the
Dalles & Baker City Stage Line, de
parted for his home at Independence
Mo., on last Monday. "We wish him
a pleasant visit and a safe return.
You can now afford to take a Chi
cago paper. See announcement in
another column of clubbing arrange
ment with the Chicago News.
Mr. Barger, of the new Stage line,
failed to connect last week. The
regular daily of Yaile & Co., make
connection even dav.
LTncle" Eli Lester, "Win. Green
well, and the Murray Brothers spent
a few davs in the citv the first of the
Jen Haguewood had the misfor
tune to freeze the little finger on his
right hand, on last Monday night.
The Columbia river must be frozen
i over as we have had no mail from
i u 1 c , 1
' I orlland for several davs.
j Although paper and all kinds of
. . -, , ,
per cent in price, we still continue
to furnish the News at 3 a vear.
vTo think the correspondent
of the Calusa Sun makes a few
mistakes about the Stein Moun
tain country.
Some cattle men in from Harney
Valley last night, report snow in
that section as being about seventeen
inches deep.
This Morning' tho weather is warm
and pleasant, and the snow is rapid
ly disappearing.
County Coit.t convenes next Mon
day. ?i lot her Laswell is improving slow
ly from her late illness.
See the new advertisements in to
day's paper. Bargains offered.
Head our dubbin ir; Announce
ment vritii the Chicago Wkckia News.
ILii-ido Seymour is in his 70th
CouiJshhip is a draw g:;me marri
age it a ti'
Ainin Dickinson is working ou scv
eral plays
The Wiiitu Ilon-e at Washmgt,! n is
70 ems tdd.
Jcar;iii M!ltr viili itg'iin wu'k
the lectur 'ieid.
The hour cf dinner in Parid is at
half-past 7 p. m.
l ho Siiidj !ins e tahiiihed tlie decimal
j?y:em of coi..a(:e.
Tiv namhi r of i'i-risii:in;zed Jews in
Euand is set jt 8,000.
There are 3 to be 'jOO Americm
ait studf-nts now in (V.viv".
'Jatlin jiiither was th tiero of a
by lately prndtto d in Paris.
It's a strapping tt-do'-v who'o able to
h'me in this barber-u;;
A monument on the top of .Lookout
Mountain to Fighting Joe Hooker h
They have kiiied a raltlcrmako in
Le;n county, CMiibrnin, that had 42
During her six years' sojourn abroad.
Carlottu Pitrti appeared in over 1,200
Florida reports thaf same time it will
liberally supply the North with straw
berries in mid winter.
The weath-r has bee n sn favorable in
Oglethorpe count', Ga., that the third
croj) of figs for 1871) is nearly ripe.
A walnut-timber boom is going on in
Tenoesee. E verv saw-mill iss iwingit
fast There is a great demand lor it in
Scissors, which are still trade in Shef
field, England, by a tedious hand pro
cess, are made at one ctroke of a die in
The matter of makintj straw hats was
started by a little girl in Dedham,
Mass., and from this has grown a wide
ly extended busioe33.
IT. Stanisla WSTCY, Practical Watch
maker and Jeweler, is loc-ited nt Can
yon City, Oregon. "Watches. Clocks
and Jewelry repaired at horfc notice
nnrl u-irrinf orl ' Q9T
Did you ever notice a poor
chap that stands in the first
picture of the almanac, with
fish, sheep, bulls and twins, as
well as scorpions, all around
him? If so, did you ever no-'
tice that he is naked and had
nothing in his stomach, nor no: where will be prepared for her
coin in his pockets ? Well, that '. a gra,ul banquet of beans, pine
poor fellow used to edit a coun- nuts' grasshoppers etc. Altnr
try newspaper. DouM forgot i Cal- Independent.
ofdot j Contrary to the expectation nf those
who take a gloomy view ot our f'oivi;n
The Piute Princess Sarah Winna-; traiie frco lriiCer3" t0 :l man olir exports
mucca, vho has be .n lecturing in San are nn increasinu llt amazing "rate.
Francisco on the wrongs of her tribt-, The vaiue 0f dLmeatic trooJs sent out
has lii-jclo a lenirthv affidavit to be for
warded to Secretary Shurz at Wash-
ington asking in behalf of her people u00,()00 more th-.n in October. 187S,
that Rhichart, Indian Age tat Ma'- bul verv lnU(.h tilc )arge,t snm ever re
hear nervation, b-s renrnved and that j roi.te(i R Qm nionUl Tho iuipnU, fJ
SamParrish, former A-enr, be rein-, JIS Wli, i,n. ni.:r,nP ..hlutolv
stated. If thnt is impossible, then
that some other honest and humane
civilian or military officer bo given
2hame of the Airenev. Sh ula a-ks
that Piuto Indians sent to Yakiin i in
L87S and 1879 bo permitted to leturn
to the Malheur Aucncy. The affi
davit recites at length the bad faith
and cruelty if Pvineliart in his treat -
mcnt of the Pioti'S. and asserts that
ilnriiMf tliH H:u:n. cl: war all tin Piut s.
with the CAception of about twenty
who were d:iven to desperation by
Llinohart's treatment, remained friend
ly to the whites. Sarah acted as inter
preter and guide for General Howard
in the recent Indian wan?. Silver
Col. YTolcotr, who passed through
here with a surveyieg party, in the
ion-part of the snmuKr, re'urned to
this place a few days ag". T!i" route
which he surveyed wui from Piaekfoot
to Wood river and through Cmns Prai
rb'' and striking on to the iji?o river
from L'tt'e Camas Prairie, the.-sce
down the Boi crossing tho Snae
river at McDowell's ferry, just below
the mouth n Ioisj river, thence ovit
to the Mdheur iind up YTi!l-v creek
and ove- ti Canyon CVty and dowti lo
the Dalies n the Columbia river. Mr.
Woicott is returni-ig by way of the
Pine Mountains over the old Iludnutt
survfcv. and i"3 foUowin-; tbit survey
up nrK. river. Ilia par'y passea me
If) mile lions;! this wiek. lie speaks
of th'4 Canyon City route as practica
ble, but very ni'ic'i out of the way of
settlements, wi'li ma rngiied grides,
nothinu but what will be overcome
shouhl tlie company select that route. -J3ois
Cannot tin? newap.iper proprietors d"
OreET'Oi have a meeting some time for
the purp se of ob'aininir concert of '-ic-tion
with regard to Kasc rn ads ? The
price often offfred a:e juyt simply in
Milting. By being independent we have
already raised tho prises of several and
we would like to see our bret heron in
arms reap hko benefits. Let some fel
low that is ba-der, grayer and more
bow-logged than we are toot Ids bugle
on tho subject. Oregon City Enter
Our sentimmt to dot.
In Philadelphia there are 50,000 men
j uud wotiico employed in tho manufac
ture of clothing, and 20,000,000 suits
arc made there every year. Cutting
machines are fnuhng their way into
all the luige manufacturing establish
moiit-. They cut 1,800 garments in a
day of twelve hour?. Button holes sire
also made by machinery at the rate of
100 per hour. One establishment
where there mechanical appliancos are
used can turn out 1 00 suits daily ready
for wear inside of 12 hours.
Portland, Dec. 10. Miss Jerieniaj
Ralston, a young woman aged-18, who
has lately followed the life of aeourte
san, oviTcome by shame and remorse at
her wayward course, attempted to com
mit suicide this morning at the H-me
restaurant on Washington 5-treet. She
entered tho restaurant and drawing
from Iser pocket a small pistol placed
the muzzle against her brca t and Gred.
The ball entered just above the lelt
nipple, and coursing downward lodged
in.'the muscles of the buck, inflicting a
sevareileih wound.
Sarah Winnemucc, the old
Piute, is lecturing on the his
tory and condition of her peo
ple, in San Francisco, and the
people of that city are going
wild over her.. When Sarah
finishes her lecturing tour she
will return to her campode,
of the country in October was over
SS7.0O0.0U0. which was not only 9'22t
as much nor in the same proportion.
Thorect'iit lieavy rain storm in South
ern O retro u reunited in itreat damage.
Immense quantitias of lumber, several
tnill dams and thousands of logs wt-re
swept auav. Nearly half the bridges
in Josephine county are washed away.
! Many funis alonr the water course
i lo?t miles of fence?. The total loss
I will reach thousands of dollais.
Democratic : nd Itcpublieau journals
regard the President's message sound
on the Utah question, but very un- J
-ound on fioan-es. They arc auxius
to let well enough alone, and think
Conirressional tinkering will do the
finances of the country no good.
It seems to be absolutely nceessary
ti the happiness of every one that he
sliouid have a pot. Sometime it is a
cat, sometimes a d"g and sometimes a
theory, and it is h rd to make up one's
mind whether the umn with a per
monkey or man wi'h n pet theory about
reformnig the whole world in twenty
four hours is the more disagreeable.
Ohio i;o Iris tho most extensive stock !
vaidsof jiiiv city in the world. They
uccupy 005 acres and have accommo
dations for 10,000 cattle, 120,000 hofrs,
5,000 sheep and 1,000 horse-. These
yards are found inadequate to accom
modate the increasing business, and
additions are to bo made.
Was'.iixgton, Dec. 14. The aetiou
taketi by Ilou-e and Committee on In-di.-:ii
ali'aiis, providing that the Colora
do Lie Indians rthail be kept within
the boundary of that State, is bosek tip
on tie b lief of a majority of the com
mitter that th.y can be mere securely
watched and guarded upon small res
ervatiotn in southeastern C -dorado than
at any point more distant from the basis
of military operations, and that they
will bo more contented and less likely
to create disturbances thuo than in ny
unfamiliar now location. Beside o
these cousideratious the commit ee
were largely influenced by the united
earnest oppjsition of representatives of
other sec.ions of the '.roftrn country,
ayaint locating those furmable Indians
any where within their r spocUJo S.'ntes
or Territ tries, and tho influence of the
Interior Department was also powerful
ly exerted in the same generol direc
tion. The joint resolution as amended
'.ii! doubtless crivo rise to considerable
d-bate in the House, hut its passive
seems to bo quite, cortaiu.
Another ruined crambler's sui
cidc is announced from Monte
Carlo. It was a Russian who
lost 8280,000 at roulette. The
proprietor of the bank offered
him $-1,000 to enable him to
return come, but the Paissian
haiiffh til y declined it. He
went, with apparent compos
ure, to his hotel, and there he
was found in his room tlie next
morning, hanging by the neck,
and dead.
Three kittens have died of
diphtheria in Ogdensburg. The
postmortem examination show
ed plainly the diphtheric mem
brane in the kittens' throats.
A wom-m's glove is to he?
what a vest pocket is to a man
but it is more capacious, and
in ninety-nine cases out of
hundred it is much better rep-,
ulated. A man will carry $200
worth cf small change, four
matches, half-a-dozen tooth
picks, a short pencil, and yet
not be able to find a nickle. or'
o match, or a toothpick, or a
eaad when he wants it. Not so
with a woman. She has the
least bit of a glove, and in that
trlove she carries the tiniest
hand, and a wad of bilLs a:.d the
memoranda for her intended
purchase of dry goods, car tick-'
ets and mattinee checks, and
maybe a diminutive powder
bay. We lruve no idea how
she does it how she manages
to squeeze those thousand and
one things into that wee space.
But she does it every time, and
the irlove never looks the least
discomposed, or plethoric, or
milled. And when she wants
any article concealed about that
glove, she doesirt seem to have
the least trouble in the world
getting at it. a!1 that is requir
ed is a simple turn of the wrist,
the disappearance of two fairy
lingers, and the desired article
is brought to liiht ! It is a
wonher no savant can explain.
Grant weighs 170 pounds.
The law pas- d it the late session of
the Alabama Leii.dature prohibiting thcr of ci.t'on in sjod has been de-'
eidud unconstitutional.
The bnjk of Prussian prisoners are
employed at eiar-iuakidg, because the
w..rk takes little spaee and i3so readily
h-arnek by young and old alike.
Miss Iletta Younger, a si?ter of the
notorious youneg boys, of Missouri, is
up in Mitausota, visiting her brother.
in the penitentiary at Slidwater",
A ."ingle hair fiom the head of sc
p-etty wtjiua'i brought S0 at a allle
or the ben- fit of Gen. Hood's children
in Luwii:es county, Ala., the other
Qucom Victoria's kitchen i regularly
supplied with a 89-a-barrel Hour red
winter wheat from America's ereat
West bv order of the Ldy of the house
There arc stretches of country in
Arizona where, for distances of fifty"
miles, water cannot be procured for"
travelers -without paying prices rang
ing from $'2 to o per barrel.
Over $4,5(30,000 has already been
spent by the Government in the pur
chase of the lot and erection of tho
Philadelphia, postoftice, and another
1,500,000 will comploto it.
The undersigned offers for aalo the
)roperty at tho head of John Dav,
known as the "WARM SPRINGS''.
Also all of Iiii Cattle and Horses
at a bargain. Appiv on the premises,
n3$-dfc Proprietor.
A Xew White Sewing jIachinor
with cover, drop leaf and five draw-'
ers, for sale cheap for cash, or at a
great bargain on one or two rears
time. Call at this ofiice and see the
machine before you buy. Itfo better
machine is made than the White.
Horses Fop. Sale. A fine span o
match bav horses, about loi hands
high, two and three years old. Tho
span will be sold cheap for cash. For
particulars enquire of S. H. Shep
herd, at the Xews Office. 3t.
Is a month .y. 133-pago Scrap Book of t io cream of
the World's L tentur. fc.u-.jia copy. Ijc, or $2 per
year An Oil Chroma (11x20 inches) pf "ipnemna
Vcllcy," price, $3. " Black Sht'ep." a 81.GO 5opk, in
paper binding: "Chri-stian Oakley's JLatakc. a 8i
Ijook. in paper bindinp. and a caraplo copy of 'WQoa a
Household ilacazino" all post-paid. fr cr.lj 3d ooP
in money, or in oro-cont posttire s-smpf. Agcct
Xmtod. Matt lib&ral toman, but nothing sow