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    TUESDAY MARCH 9, 1909.
Salmon Tips, Choice Mackerel
Castcrn Codfish, Tongues and Sounds
and many other
Wsttr Rater-
Today uu! tomorrow ire (he lal
day upon which to pay the water
rain at the schedule prices. After
that the penalty of 25 cent will he
Like Sallora Ashore
While two of the inilori of the
French ship Dealx took, "French
leave" and have left (or parti un
known, two more of them came
athore Sunday and got very drunk
Where they accured the Intoxicant! la
not known, loth were locked up.
Latest Addition To Clan
e' A fine little girl wa born to Mr,
and Mr. J. D. McCowan, at their
llwaco home on Sunday morning
lat, Dr. J. A. Fulton attending. Mra.
McCowan and her little daughter are
reported at doing excellently well.
Shipped To Fort Stevens
The Cullender Navigation Company
yetterday shipped to the authorities
at Fort Stevens, 36 ton ol cement, in
tack, via the A. & C. Railway. The
cement i to be ued in the conduc
tion of the foundation! for the new
building to be erected there.
Wert Married Yesterday
Pr Toivo Forntrom and Alii Laure
Heitanen were married yesterday af
ternoon, the ceremony being per
formed by Judge McBridc. They will
make their home at Seventh and
Grand avenue, after a abort wedding
To Feeble Minded School
Notice has been received by the
county judge that George W. Woot
en, who wui lent to the itate asylum
for the intane from this county in
leW, hai been transferred to the
achool for the feeble minded. '
The Sunday Exodus
The "Alameda" special train out of
the city on Sunday morning laat at 7
o'clock bore away 132 Astorians, and
the "Columbia" special leaving at the
same time carried 20 i more people;
both quite independent of the regu
lar train that went away at 8:20
o'clock, with ita customary load of
over-Sunday visitor to the metrop
olis. Practically everybody came
home on the night express.
St Patrick'a Day Window
Harry Hocfier'a show window! are
alwaya attractive, but just now they
are particularly ao. He has anticipat
ed the 17th of March, the anniversary
of the birth of Ireland's patron saint,
Patrick, by adorning the plate-glass
area with all manner of green souve
nirs, lit by green electrics, the whole
display being intensely indicative of
ihe "green ould aod."
Don't put off ordering your
Easter Suit. Do it now.
Don't go to Portland for it
when you can get the same
here for less money.
Don't buy a hand-me-down
they cost more in the end.
Carl E. Fransccn
Maker of Good Clothes
for Men"
179 Eleventh. rhone Main 3711
Our stock ol candies includ
ing "Lowneys" and
"Gunthers" famous Choco
lates are the best.
...Home Hade Candies...
They are healthier
and better and don't cost
any more.
83 Commercial St., Astoria, Or.
appetizing florscls
Getting In Readiness
Superintendent P. A, Dcrglund, of
the Ala.ka Fishermen's Packing Com
pany's Alaskan fishing interests, says
that his company is making fine head
way In preparation for the Summer
cruise, and work, up Nuahagak way.
The ship and cannery crews are all
engaged and the materials are being
rapidly gathered and stored against
the eventful day of departure for the
fur north.
Pleasure Packet Sails
The motor launch Tourist, belong
ing to the Meters. Snell, of this city,
departed yesterday morning, for
Portland, Salem Albany Corvallis
and way landing (especially the way
landings), at 10:15 with Vere Snell on
the bridge, and Selden Snell in charge
of the engine. It is thought the young
gentlemen are trying to get out of
the rain. They have the best wishes
of their Astoria friends for a pleas-
nt voyage up the Columbia and
Notice Of Extra Taxes
Notice was received by the county
court yesterday of the extra tax im
posed on Clatsop county by the state
board of equalization at its recent
meeting. The notice simply states
that Clatsop county, under the revis
ion made by the state board, will be
called upon to pay into the state
treasury the sum of $,11,237.50, instead
of $27,030, as first set. This makes
an increase of $4,207 50. lt is prob
able the county court will pay no at
tention to the demand for the extra
money as no way appear for the rais
ing of the money.
Jury Is Discharged
In circuit court yesterday afternoon
Judge McRride discharged the petit
jurors for the remainder of the term.
as there are no more jury trials set.
Only a few more cases are expected
to arise during the rest of this term,
and Judge McBridc stated that he
deemed it probable he would be
through with the work by Friday.
One important matter to arise is the
question of the provision in the city
charter which demands that each
member of the water commission pay
at least $25 in city taxes, and this
question will arise in the two friendly
suits (led last week.
On Wednesday Evening
The "Constellated Symposium of
CIvic-Down-IIaul," or "You-Tickle-
Me-And-I'll-Tiekle-You-Club," or the
"Merchants' Interchangeable Protec
tion Bureau," or the "Lid-Lifters'
Life-Saving Service," or the "Wide-
Open-Town-Legionaries," or the
"DownWilh-All-liarriers' Brigade,"
or whatsoever the new organization
is called, that met last Wednesday
evening at the Court House, is due
to assemble again at the same place
tomorrow night. The church, press
and all conservatives, politely barred.
The Morning Astorian will give the
news, however, though it may be a
little late with it.
Set a Good Example
"Mine Host" Gallagher of the Im
perial restaurant, has set an excellent
example by tearing down the antide
luvian structure from the front of his
handsome eating house, .known as the
'awning". It lets in a flood of sun
light (when the. sun shines), and in
creases the ordinary volumne of light
in the establishment about -60 per
cent when there is no sun shining;
besides adding immensely to the gen
eral appearance of the front. It is
to be hoped the notion will strike in
all along the Commercial street line,
including the office of the Morning
Astorian; as these dismal and inter
fering contrivances were better out
and down, than where they are. The
day is past for such things as perma
nent awnings.
Attention Union Men I
The Central Labor Council will
hold a smoker on Tuesday evening,
March 9lh, in Carnahan's Hall, Tenth
and Bond streets. The meeting will
be addressed by William Daly, presi
dent O. S. V. of L.; II. J. Parkinson,
editor Portland Labor Press, and G.
F. Carrey, business agent I. B. W,
All union men are urged to attend.
R, S. llayner, president; Jos. L.
Moore, secretary. '
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Tablets. Druggist! refund money if
it fail! to cure. E W GROVE'S
Their Fifteanfh A
I On Saturday evening last the pleas
ant Home ol Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Keklund, 149 Third street, in tin's city,
was the scene of a delightful surprise
party. It was the 15th anniversary
of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs, Eck
hind, and a big group of friends con
spired to accentuate it by pouring in
on them with a generoui lot of dainty
1 edibles and some very handsome me
mentos of the occasion, and amontr
the latter may be mentioned an
elegant cut-glass water set, and sev
eral beautiful pieces of chinaware.
There was an endless array of enter
mining measures introduced to make
the evening pass delightfully and not
until the hour of 2 on Sunday morn
ing did the feital affair break up.
New School Teacher
Charles T. G. Smith has been em
ployed by the school board a a
teacher in the High School, and he Is
expected to arrive in Astoria today.
With the large number of additional
pupil in the High School the em
ployment of another instructor be
came a necessity, and while at this
season of the year it wis not an easy
task to secure a first class teacher,
the board believes in Mr. Smith they
have secured a good a man as could
be desired. He is a graduate of
Amherst College, in Connecticut, has
had a year or more in Vale, is a
graduate of a business course, also,
and has practical experience as an in
structor. He has been in the State
of Washington for a time. Mr. Smith
is a young man,
Mr. Law la Dead
James X. Laws whose serious ill
ness wa noted several tnnci recent
ly, died at his home early Sunday
morning, the primary cause of his
death being Bright'! Disease- In
the death of Mr. Laws Astoria loses
one of its old and very highly re
spected citizens, a man who was liked
by all and beloved by many. He was
only a little over 62 years of age. For
a long time he has not been in good
health and the past month or two
had been in somewhat serious con
dition, and several weeks ago a minor
operation was performed in the hope
of alleviating a part of the difficulty
under which he labored. As a busi
ness man and citizen Mr.'Laws was
known to practically all of the men
and women of the city, and he was
of a cheerful and friendly nature and
of a character that won him many
friends. In 1904 he was elected a
member of the Oregon legislature,
though that was the only public office
that he ever aspired to or held. He
was a member of the Masons, the
Elks and the Eagles, and the funeral
today will be held under the auspices
of the Elks, from the residence at 1
o'clock this afternoon. Interment
will be in Greenwood cemetery. He
is survived by Mrs. Laws and one son
and one daughter, and a brother and
sister residing in Salisbury, Mary
land. Letters From Nushagak
Letters from Nushagak, Alaska,
were received in this city yesterday,
the first mail that has got out since
winter set'in. The various companies
in this city who have interests at
Nushagak all heard from their cor
respondents, and everything is report
ed well. Mail is about a month later
in getting out this Spring than usual
because of the mild weather that has
obtained there, and because of "the
lack of ice the dog teams could not
start out with the mails at the usual
time. The letters says that it has been
very mild winter. The first mails
got in there the early part of Janu
ary, when the people in Nushagak
heard for the 6rst time that Mr. Taft
had been elected to the Presidency.
Otto Larson, storekeeper at Nusha
gak, and brother-in-law of Council
man Belland, has started out for this
country and expects to be in Astoria
by March 16. Dr. Romig is also com
ing south and it is thought likely lie
will come to Astoria sooner or later.
Mrs. Romig and children are remain
ing there. Dr. Romig has been ap
pointed superintendent 'of schools of
the Yukon district, and also a United
States commissioner, whose office is
to take depositions, hear cases , in
bankruptcy, etc- The' letters indicate
that all are well and that nothing out
of the ordinary has occurred in the
olony during the mild winter.-
Grand Program At Grand.
The Grand moving picture house is
ulYering one of the finest bills of the
winter season this evening; a special
feature being a beautiful Bible story
of "Saul and David"; a vivid arid
startling Indian romance, entitled
"Mogg Megonc"; and a screaming
comic, "His Coat Came Pack." .The
songs inr the evening are"You Can't
'Stop Your Heart Beating For the
Girl You Love," aiyl "Asleep in the
Deep." The scenic views deals with
historic Mount Vernon. The bill
changes again tomorrow.
The Alany High School girls took
the basketball game from the girls of
the local High School last night by a
score of 14 to 6. The contest was a
spirited one, especially the latter half,
and was witnessed by a big crowd.
The first half dragged along a bit, for
neither side seemed to be playing
with much vim, but in the second
part both sides started in to win. At
the end of thejirst half the game
stood 4 to 4.
The Albany girli proved to be ex
cellent players. Their team work was
good and they used fine judgment in
handling the ball. For the visitor!
Dolly Bending ihowed up in very fine
shape. For the Astoria team Myrtle
f f arrison and Addie Abercrombie j
took the leading part Myrtle Harri
son threw two field goals and Lennah
Parker one, making the six points
that Astoria got There wasn't
foul goal thrown by either side, and
for the Albany girli Dolly Bending
threw six field goals, making 12 of
the 14 points they won. - L. Marquam
wai the coach for the Albany girli
and Harry Harbert for the Astoria
Last year the Albany High had the
winning team of the State among the
girls' teams, and this year they are
also making a fine record. They are
now out on a tour, and are winning
right along.
The visiting team was as follows:
forwards, Ella Howard, Mildred Mc
Bridc; center, Clara Eckhart; guards,
Dolly Bending, Alice Martin; substi
tutes Norma Griffoz, Mary McDon
ald. Mrs. Griffoz accompanied the
For the home team the line-up was
as follows: Fannie Gregory, Elva
Jeldness, forwards; Myrtle Harrison,
center; Addie Abercrombie, Lennah
Parker, guards.
Sand Island Case
The case of the State pf Washing
ton against the State of Oregon in
volving jurisdiction over Sand Island,
near the mouth of the Columbia Riv
er, which was decided by the supreme
court of the United States in favor, of
the State of Oregon, was yesterday
reopened to the extent of granting
permission to the State, of Washing
ton to file a petition for a rehearing.
The Washington attorneys in the
petition contend that the court erred
in locating the various channels in
the river. Forty days were giytn for
the preparation of briefs.
Will Build Anew
The little structure two doors back
of the Astorian office on Tenth street
whose underpinning gave out recent
ly and dropped the building "down
below" is being torn down, and it is
said to be likely that a substantial,
two-story structure will take its
place. As trustee of the place, E. M.
Cherry, states that if a tenant can be
found a first class substantial build
ing will be erected, and it is probable
there will be little trouble in securing
a tenant for this location.
Conference Opens Today
The district conference of pastors
of the Norwegian-Danish churches
will open in this city today and will
continue over Sunday. About 10 or
12 ministers are expected. The ses
sions and services will be held in the
Norwegian-Danish M. E. church in
Upper Astoria ,of which the Rev. O.
T. Field is pastor. The Rev. C J.
Larsen of Fortland will preach in the
church tonight, and after the services
reception will be held in the church
basement. The services will be in
the Norwegian languagt. There will
be preaching each evening, and open
sessions each day from 10 to 12
o'clock and from 2 to 4 o'clock, The
church is at 37th street and Duanc.
The Athletic, Club will give another
of their popular Country Dances in
their fine auditorium on Friday
evening next. Everybody most cor
dially invited to attend and bring
friends with you. Good music will be
in attendance and a jolly time for all
Notice Elks!
All the members of the Astoria
Lodge 180, B. P. O. Elks and visiting
brothers are requested to meet at
their hall at 1 o'clock p. m:. Tuesday,
March 9, to attend the funeral of our
late brother, J, N. Laws. The serv
ices will be held, from the residence.
The interment in Greenwood ceme
tery. By order of
- r.1pnday Mar: 8th and Tuesday Liar. Otli
' Biograph's Latest Featurs Film
This is a free adoptation of the story of 'RIGOLETTO" showing the court-fool.who plans vengence
which reverts upon himself. Seeking to have the Duke, who he suspects to have abducted his
dnughter, put out of the way, he enlists the services of a Gipsy couple, who kill the girl in mistake
for. the Duke. An intensely dramatic subject, beautifully staged and acted with perfect photo
graphic quality. .
' ' AND v
. 'AND'; .v '
See the Great Rope Walker and the Fancy Swimming Contest
W- L. Rice of Lansing, Mich,, was
m the city yesterday on a business
trip, and was quartered at the Occi
dent G. T. Kro's of Portland was a
business visitors in Astoria yesterday.
Ferd and E. A- Beagles of Port
land were guests at the Occident yes
terday. G. Bailey of Portland spent the day
in this city yesterday.
Edward Drew of Portland was
among the business tourists in As
toria yesterday.
R. R. Gardiner of Portland was a
business visitor in the City-by-the-sea
Edward Marvin of the metropolis
spent the day in this city yesterday
on a business quest
Andrew Sipola of Raymond was an
over-Sunday visitor in Astoria and
reports that he has made a fair start
in his new business over there.
Walter Frye of the Cape Disap
pointment life saving service, was in
the city yesterday.
M. G. Terry of Spokane was doing
business in this city yesterday and
was registered at the Merwyn.
J. K. Lovering of Medford was
among the crowd of business travel
ers noted in this city yesterday. He
was domiciled at the Northern.
H. F. Desmond of Seattle was do
ing business here yesterday.
D. E. Savage of Tacoma spent the
day in Astoria yesterday on matters
of business.
G. T. Young of Boston was in the
city yesterday on a business errand.
B. J. Knowlton of Vancouver was
here yesterday on matters of busi
Wonderful Gyroscope Is Given a
Trial In Minature.
NEW YORK, March &-Dr. Alex
ander Chessin of Washington Univer
sity, St. Louis, gave a demonstration
of the principle of the Brennan mono
rail car in the physical laboratory at
Columbia University yesterday. The
model car has all the essential fea
tures of the large car, to perfect which
the British government has apropri-
ated $500,000. The two opposed gyro
scopes which give the car its remark
able powers of balance are four in
ches in diameter and are made of
solid steel. .
Whfle the gyroscopes revolved af
ter having been set in motion at an !
initial speed of 3000 revolutions per
minute, Dr. Chessin placed the car
on a copper cable stretched across
the room and although the center of
gravity was three inches above the
point of contact, the car maintained
its balance perfectly. It successfully
balanced more than ten pounds and
did not tip until almost two thirds
of the entire car's weight was "attach
ed to one side. . ' '
It is Mr. Chessin's opinion that the
Brennan car has great commercial
possibilities and he suggests that a
test be made on the New York Sub
way. '
Rev. Joseph H. Fesperman, Salis
bury, N. C, who is the author of
several books, writes: "For several
years I was afflicted with kidney
trouble and last winter I was sud
denly stricken with a severe pain in
my kidneys and was confined to bed
eight days, unable to get up without
assistance. My urine contained a thick
sediment and I passed same fre
quently day and night. I commenc
ed taking Foley's Kidney Remedy,
and the pain gradually abated and
tinatly ceased and my urine became
normal. I cheerfully recommend
Foley's Kidney Remedy." T. F. Lau-
r Ji, Owl Drug Store.
Subscribe to the Morning Astorian
60 cents per month by carrier.
Tiir in
IT I ALWAYS Shows the first and
best 4 changes a weeK, Sunday,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
David Sutherland and wife to John
Waterhouse, SE 4 of S 17, T 5 N, R
8 W; $5.
W J West and wife to Andrew
Honkanen, lot 1, block 3, Bradbury's
additionto Ocean Grove; $30.
Hermosa Park Investment Co to
Minnie Hill, lots 1 and 2, block 12,
Hermosa Park; $600.
John E Oates and wife to J R
Oates tract of land nearly touching
on southwest corner of town of Ocean
Grove; $1.
Mra S A Rinn to H Sydney Heil-
bron, lots 17, 18 and 19, tract 1,
Ublen hart's subdivision of block 15,
Hustler & Aiken's Astoria; $1.
The Man Who Eats.
The man who eats does so with
the expectation of being satisfied. To
this end he seeks the best possible
place to gratify his normal appetite at
most rational expense. These things
account for the steady stream of
people to and from the portals of the
Palace Restaurant in this city. The
reputation of the Palace is founded
immoveable upon the certainty and
amplitude of the service it renders to
every purse, and appetite, big and
little. Open day and night. Com
mercial streets, opposite the Page
building. j
Eilers' Piano House Will Make Lib
eral Terms to Secure Second-Hand
Organs Either For Cash Or On
Exchange Basis.
Being in a position to dispose of
a number of second-hand Organs at
once, we will take your old instru
ment either for cash, or as part pay
ment toward any piano in our stock,
rather than wait for these instru
ments to come in through the usual
course of business.
If your Organs is in good playable
condition ,or can readily be put in
saleable shape, we would like to have
you call on us at your earliest con
venience and we will be glad to make
you an attractive offer. In case you
live too far out to ma'te us a per
sonal call, write us giving a full de
scription of your Organ, when our
mail-order department will immedi
ately write you giving our most lib
eral terms.
Remember, it is necessary for us to
have these Organs at once, so call or
write today. Eilers Piano House, 353
Washington street, Portland, Ore.
Mrs. R. Ingleton will have her An
nual Spring Milinery Opening on
March 15
30 Day Sale on Spring" Hats
Also commencing Monday, Mrs.
Ingleton will hold a thirty-day sale
on all Spring Hats. A grand oppor
tunity to secure an Easter hat cheap.
Don't fail to call on the Fifteenth
and see the excellent line of Milli
nery on sale.
nuilnery and Notion Store
Commercial and Fifteenth Streets.
Frank L Smith
12th St. Bet Bond and Commcrical
253 Taylor St (Uniontown).
Shoulder Roast Veal.... 10c and 12Je
Neck and Breast Roasts VeaL.S-lOc
Rib and Loin Roasts of Veal.... 15c
Shoulder Veaf3 tutlets.. ......... 12Jc
Rib Veal Cutlets..,;.. .. 12 Jc and l$c
Sirloin Roast Beef....... i....... 10c
Sirloin Steak ' 10c
Round Steak 10c
Tenderloin Steaks ............. 12Jt
Porterhouse Steaks.. ...12c and 15c
Oven Roasts of Beef 8c
Prime Rib Roasts Beef. 10c and 12Jc
Smith's Sugar-Cured Hams...... ,15c
Half a Ham, same price 15c
Smiths Sugar-Cured Breakfast
Bacon . 16c and 17c
Smith's pure as pure can be Lard
5-pound pail ...,65c
Creamery Butter, the best in the '
State, per roll 75c
Fresh Oregon Ranch Eggs, doz, 25c
The Cornelius
"The House of Welcome"
Corner Park and Alder,
Afhotel where the - North
west people will find a hearty
welcome and receive
Courteous Treatment
at moderate prices.
Our free
all trains.
Omnibus mee
Under management of N. K. Clarka
C. W. CORNELIUS. Proprietor.
In His Greatest
Comedy Success
By Gerrold Shepard
A Breezy Romatic Story
of O03 Laughs
Full of Hearty Laughs that
Prices, 25c to SI. 00
Seat Sale Opens Saturday
signature is on each box 25c.