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33rd YEAR. NO. 175
Kill Daughter, Injures His
Wife and Two Others
f!A Flfflp. a Grinman. Forces
Entrance and Does Whole
sale Shooting
Fifer Was Separated From Hit Wife,
and la Forbidden to Enter the
Hospital Where She Wat 'Living.
But Caina Entrance In Basement
SEATTLE, July 30. Jessie Fifer,
who it a gripman on one of the street
car lines in this city, tonight killed
hit eight year old daughter, Hazel,
seriously wounded hii wife, fatally
wounded Mr. Dennis Kihoul, who ii
and aged and confirmed invalid, .in
jured his sister-in-law so that the now(
lies in a critical condition in the
private Maternity Hospital at
Twcltfh avenue near Madison, and
then turned the weapon upon himself
anil committed suicide.
Fifer an his wife were separated,
She lived at the hospital. Although
he was forbidden o go near the place
he maije his way into the place
through the basement tonight. After
finding his wife seated in the front
room he started shooting. The lights
went out after the first shot and he
had to light matches to see hia vie
toms to shoot at. His daughter and
Mrs. Nihoul, he drove into the street
and shot them down there.
WASHINGTON, July 30. -The
work of inflating the big gas bag of
Cantain Baldwin's airshin will begin
omorrow. inc iciu m wiutii wic
m. a - ! it...
billion is to be housed arrived at
Fort Meyer today and will be pitched
tomorrow. By Monday, barring ac
cidents, Capt. Baldwin will be ready
to make his flight.
Extreme Chicago Heat Still Con
tinues Much Suffering.
CHICAGO. July 30,-The toll of
death and suffering due to heat and
humidity was augmented today by
numerous prostrations, while up to 11
o'clock this forenoon two deaths had
been reported, Ferdinand Rhein, an
instructor in physical culture, drop
ped dead while directing a class in
its exercises, and Gustave Bergren, a
laborer, was found dead in the street.
At 10:30 a. m. the temperature was 87
degrees and the humidity 63 per cent.
The official forecast of cooler weather
tonight made welcome reading
throughout the city;
NORTH POWDER, Or., July 30.
-Dr. Molitor, of La Grande, whither
Rev. P. L. Jolinson, pastor of the
Haines and North Powder churches,,
was taken Monday, by Rev. J. D.
Gillilan, D. D., for an operation for
appendicitis, has undertaken medical
in plafe of surgical treatment. The
quarterly conference at North Pow
der .which was to have taken place
on the 27th, is now announced for
the 31st.
Pacific Coast League.
Portland 6, San Francisco 0,
Los Angeles 5, Oakland 1.
Northwest League.
Spokane 9, Vancouver 6.
Seattle 6, Butte 1.
National League.
Brooklyn 2, Pituburg 0.
Philadelphia 5, Cincinnati 0.
New York 11, St. Louis 0.
Boston 4, 3, Chicago 13, 6.
' American League.
St. Louis S. Philadelphia 1,
Detroit 3, Boston 2,
Chicago 4, Washington S.
Cleveland 3, New York 2.
Burrows and the Committee Will Go
to Utlca August 18. '
UTICA, July 30. Representative
Sherman received , word today from
Senator Burrows, the chairman of the
committee, to notify him of his
nomination for vice-president and
that it it agreeable for the committee
to come to Utica, August 18th. Bur
rows will make an address in behalf
of the committee and Sherman will
respond. The committee is to be en
tertained by the city, and Mayor
Wheeler is making plans for a big
WEATHER FORD, Texas, July 30.
Forver Governor W., S. Lanham
died tonight at his home after an ill
ness of several years, aged 72 years.
Governor Lanham served during the
civil war as a member of a South
Carolina regiment; elected a member
of congress from Texas in 1883. Two
year later he was re-elected and
served again for eight .years.- As
governor he serea two termi, nis
first term beginning in 1903.
New York Police Unveiling Re
cent Murder
It Now Seems That the Criminals
Who Murdered Woman and Then
Burn Her Body to Destroy Evi
dence Will be Caught.
NEW YORK, July 30-That at least
two men are implicated in the murder
of the unknown woman whose half
charred acid burned body found . in
Williamburg, Brooklyn, early yester
day, was established today by the
police. A laborer saw a covered wag
on drive to the dump where the body
was found at dawn yesterday. Two
men got out and lifted out what
appeared to be an old mattress. .The
men piled a heap of brush on the
mattress and poured oil over it and
then set fire to the pile. Believing
that the mattress was destroyed be
cause it was infected the man avoided
the spot. There is but" little doubt
that the mattress was the same one in
which the body of the murdered wom
an was concealed. This led to., the
discovery that the wagon was seen
hv several other oersons. The police
iiow have a minute description of the
two men who were foreigners.
Another feature of the case is that
in an autopsy the physician discov
ered that the throat was cut by some
one who is an expert in surgery. Be
sides the incision in the woman's
throat, the .skull was fractured and
the police'bdieve that poison had also
been used. A general alarm has been
sent' for Miss Mary Muskovitch and
her husband .who has disappeared.
Muskovitch and his wife left the
neighborhood Friday supposedly for
Stamford, Conn. Muskovitch return
ed Tuesday alone, it is said.
three meet
Pleasure Party Drown In
Everett Harbor
George Morton, His Sister and
Miss Florence Scott, the
Morton Wat an Expert Sailor But
it it Thought the Boat Was Too
Large and Squall Too Strong For
Him to Manage.
EVERETT, Wash., July 30-Three
lives were lost late this afternoon by
the capsizing ot the yawl Elizabeth
in Everett Harbor about two miles
from shore. The drowned are George
Morton, aged 21; his sister Mamie
of Everett and Miss Florence Scott
of Victoria. Both of the latter are
nurses at the Everett Hospital
The three were sailing late in the
afternoon and were caught in a gusty
squall. Morton was a good sailor but
it is supposed the! boat was too large
for him to handle alone.
Several persons saw the accident
but it was 12 minutes before a launch
reached the scene. Neither trace of
the boat nor the inmates could be
found. A search is being made for
the bodies.
NEW ORLEANS, July 30.-Moses
Schwartz, former president of the
Schwartz Iron Foundry Company,
has surrendered himself on a charge
of obtaining money on false pretences
and has been released under $10,000
bond. Schwartz's financial trouble
came to light a Tew months ago
when he went to Honduras with Wm.
Adler, former president of the State
National Bank. The two were ship
wrecked in sight' of the land they
were headed for. Schwartz soon "re
turned to New Orleans but Adler is
still in Honduras."
NEW 'YORK, July 30.-Headquar-ters
of the congressional committee
have been formally opened in the
St. James building with Congressman
H. C. Loudenslager, the secretary in
LEBANON, Ohio, July 30.-In-furiated
because she had filed suit
for the annulment of her marriage
Grover Willoughby, 21 years old, an
employe of the St. Louis and ' San
Franciscb Railroad shot and killed
hilf 17-year:old bride of less than a
week almost at hsr mother s feet yes
terday, and a moment later sent a
bullet through his own heart, falling
dead- a few yards from the body of
his wife.
NEW YORK, July 30. Unless the
employers restore the ninehour day
and the scale of wages prevailing
prior to the beginning of the money
stress of last October the 30,000 men
comprising the National Brotherhood
of Tailors in this city and" Brooklyn
will go on strike. This was decided
upon last night at a meeting of the
.CHICAGO, July 30 A despatch to
the Tribune from Memphis, Tenn.,
says: Semmes Wright, youngest son
of General Luke E. Wright, is in a
hospital with a broken leg sustained
in a fight with an unidentified man in
a narrow altey way last night. The
fight began when the men bumped
into each other in the passageway.
Wright fell to the pavement with his
leg doubled up and his opponent on
top.- Wright's opponent escaped.
NATCHEZ, Miss., July 30.-James
Crossgrove, negro minister of this
city has been arrested charged with
embezzlement of $20,000 of the funds
of the Independent Daughters of
Charity of America., In default of
$25,000 bond he was sent to jail.
ST. PAUL, July 30-Frank A. Day,
private secretary to Governor John
son has received word from the gov
ernor that he has accepted W. J.
Bryan's invitation to act as a member
of ah advisory committee of IS in the
presidential campaign.
Southern Pacific Train Crowded With
Tramps Is Wrecked.
MARYSVILLE, Cal., July 30-The
northbound extra Southern Pacific
freight train was wrecked this after
noon on the Yuba rivef bridge. The
accident was caused by a1 broken
flange. There were 20 tramps on the
train, one of whom is known to have
been killed and it is thought that one
or two more are under the wreckage.
A carload "of watermelons was
thrown from the bridge into the bed
of the creek and were carried off by
scores of boys.
Says Gompers, Regarding Him
Giving Labor1 Votes
President Gompers Says That Or
ganized Labor is Honest and In
telligent Enough to Choose Their
Own Party.
WASHINGTON, July 30.-"The
report that I ever said that I would or
would not deliver a labor vote to any
political party is' a famous lie," said
Samuel Gompers today. "Organized
labor is not only honest, but intelli
gent enough to choose the party for
its support, which best represents its
interest." Gompers went on to say
that the enemies of organized labor
by spreading the lies and misrepre
sentations may injure him personally
or even cause his dismissal as presi
dent of the American' Federation of
Labor, but that it would not effec,t
his course in battling for the prin
ciples for which he stands. He said
that he fully expected that some
would disagree with . him, and he
doesn't expect the labor world to ac
cept his conclusions in every instance.
He expected to be criticized, but did
not believe that the criticism would
be so unjust and contemptible.
Chairman Hitchcock of the repub
lican committee when asked as to the
truth of the report that a personal
campaign was to be waged against
Gompers said "Nothing of the kind
has been arranged."
PARIS, July 30.-The Thomas car
in the New York to. Paris race cross
ed the French frontier at noon and
reached Paris at 8 o'clock this even
ing. ,
Railroads May Surrender
Action Taken by Interstate Com
merce Commission Brings on
the Trouble
Railroads Have Claimed From the
First That They Could Not Comply
With it and Carry on Their Export
Trade Across the Pacific, ,
CHICAGO, July 30.-The Record
Herald today says: The decision of
the trans-continental railroads to
abandon, the export trade and a large
proportion of the import trade has
aroused the Chicago Association of
Commerce to make an investigation
of the subject.
The management of the association
has secured all of the papers on file
before the interstate commission and
is. making a careful examination of
the arguments advanced by the rail
roads in support of their action. It
is possible that an investigation of
the association may result in an ap
peal to the commission for a rehear
ing in the case or an appeal for aid in
preventing the railroads from going
out of that business on export busi
ness without a moments delay. They
have frequently declared that the
commissions rule would put them out
of the export trade with the result of
causing an immense loss to the for
eign trade of the nation.
This subject was discussed when
the case of the Cosmopolitan Ship
Building Company vs the Hamburg
American Packet Co., was before the
commission for a hearing in which
was the consideration of this case that
gave rise to the rule which the trans
continental roads now declare is mak
ing it impossible for them to continue;
complaint was made against the opera
tion of what was termed the "Baltic
Pool" which it was alleged controll
ed land and water rates from inland
points in the United States to the
destination of shipments.
The commission asserted its inabil
ity to control water rates, but insisted
on a separation of the inland rate to
the place of export from the through
rate and applied to that portion of
the rate the provisions of the law
making mandatory both publication
and notice of changes of the rate. As
the question was passed upon after
the most complete hearing and as
predictions were then made that it
would put the' railroads out of the
export trade, it is not considered like
ly that the commission will readily
reverse its rulings. .
If the association should decide
that the railroads were justified, it is
possible that the commission will be
asked to change its ruling in the case?
On all sides yesterday enquiry pour
ed into the association with respect
to the matter and great' surprise
was expressed " that the railroads
should have taken such a remedial
Some of the inquiries from the pa
cific Coast cities, where the shippers
will undoubtedly appeal to the com
mission against the unreasonableness
of the newexport and import rates.
It will be in effect November 1. It
is stated this would not be altogether
objectionable to the railroads because
it might develop in the commission
rulings that the carriers were justified
in charging that between where 40 and
50 per cent less on exorts than on the
same articles for domestic consump
tion at the coast cities.
William J. Burnt and Assistants to
Answer For Contempt .'
tL VI.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 30-Judge
Sturtevant today issued a citation for
contempt against William J. Burns
and his two assistants, which was
sought for by the counsel for Ruef,
and ordered that they appear before
Judge Lawlor Saturday, and show
cause why they should not be judged
in contempt. Burns is accused of
having attempted to influence , the
jury penal.
Game Fight Put up Against a Bad
Calif ornian.
Cooney attempted to hold up a sa
loon on Tewnty-first street,, last night
but Matthew Gould, a patron of the
place, resisted grappling the hold-up
man . although the latter had two re
volvers. As Gould and Cooney strug
gled for mastery C. - C. Haspagan,
proprietor, of the saloon drew a gun
and fired at the robber, the bullet
striking Gould in the arm. The shot
attracted Policeman Kelley ' to the
scene and Cooney was captured. He
has a bad record with the police.
HACKENSACK, N. J., July 30.
Gus E. Eberhard, who shot and killed
his aunt, Mrs. Otillie Eberhard, and
robbed her body of its life savings,
was, indicted today for murder in the
first degree. The trial is set for Sep
tember 14th.
New Jersey Woman Goes to Far-away
Young Vice And Others, Mostly Ca
nadians, Were Taken By Brazilian
Police While on a Filibustering Ex
pedition Say They Were Tricked.
NEW YORK, July 30.-Mrs. Leo
nora Vice, of Hackensack N. J. who
went to Brazil to attend her son,
George H. Vice, shot and captured
by the Brazilian police as a member
of Sebastian Magaliqu's filibustering
expedition last December, has return
ed to her home. His trial is set down
for September and she hopes for his
acquittal. "I believe my arrival in
Brazil saved my poor boy's life" aid
Mrs. Vice, for he was imprisoned in
miserable quarters, the authorities
not knowing that the young men
who had been captured belonged
to respectable families and had been
deceived by Magaliqu. He was shot in
two or three places and the wound in
his leg still compels him to use a
crutch. Samuel Parker of New York
is still in jail and cheerful. Magalique
is also awaiting trial and the rest
of the young men declare they did
not know the leader was on a fili
bustering expedition. I believe the au
thorities realize this now. George
was engaged as a cook and the others
were told they were to be employed
as guards for a gold mine." .
Magaliqu's expedition left Brooklyn
on .a chartered vessel on Nov. 2. He
was to land' on the coast of Brazil to
overpower the force of the state of
Manasgereas. . Most of the twenty re
cruits he took were Canadians. .