The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, July 12, 1908, Page 7, Image 7

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    SUNDAY, JULY 2, 1908.
Bhe Merry Widow
r. .,
" r t
The Girl With the Millions.
III queen of our diplomatic chew
I I boiird," alguod (he Marsovlan
' " I ambamtador'a pretty wife, "Bus
will (to here tonight. My husband li
banging over the banlHtera watching
for her."
"But what reaaonr
Ob, be has exactly twenty million
reasons for"
I don't understand," imiruiured M.
i dt Jolldon.
"Not Then you are probably tne
nly bachelor In Parla who doesn't
8b waa the daughter of a poor Mar
aotlan fanner no dowry but ber
beauty. An enormously rich old bank
er named Nudowa, wealthiest man In
Manovla, fell In love with her, mar
ried ber and did ber the exquisitely
graceful favor of dying a week later.
Bbe Inherited hi whole fortuoe 1'.0,-
1 . u , . u .
-Oh. the n.o,H.y la safe enough for I
the present, I Mleve. In the Ilank of
Morsoviu. But my buaband wanta it
to atay there. 80 doea the Marsovlan
government. Ours la not a rich coun
try, M. de Jolldon. That'a why a new
white hair appeara In my worthy hua
band'a head every time one of your
Parisian lady killers makoa love to bar.
It'a all absurdly simple."
"Well,' laughed De Jolldon, "his hair
needn't turn whiter on my account
I'll be the one Frenchman who won't
make love to Mine. 8ndowa.'
"But you must."
''You must marry her, at any rate."
' "Are you mnd, Natalie, or la tbto"
"It Is uo joke, and I'm not mad.
I've thought It all out."
The ambassador's wife glanced nerr
ausly about her. She and De Jolldon
Were eusconced in an alcove of tba
salon, '
It was the night of the embassy
ball. From the adjoining ballroom
came the strains of a waltz and the
soft gliding of hundreds of dancing
foot. Guests were passing and re-
asHlng along the great hallway and
brood stairs nt the rear of the salon.
But for the moment the two had the
room to themselves.
"Llnten," she said,. "My husband sus-
J I a HI
ii i m n
, w,
mm 4k 7
pects notlilrg Hi nd fur, but he la cer
tain to In Hum tuilc'-Mi"-
"Unieim I divert hla thought by mar
rying some one cIh(? I can't, and you
know I can't for I"- ,
"HiikIiI Voii uiUHtu't say it. I am a
dutiful wife, And-whnt are you do
ing?" aim queried as he switched up
ber fan, from the table. With the
pencil that dangled from hla dancing
card De Jolldon acrlbbled three word
on one, of the Ivory sticks of the fan,
then huudc-d It to hi uomU-ns.
Natalie, wltba little catch In ber
breath, alowly read the worda aloud:
. "I-lo-e-you!"
"Why did you write tblar ahe
"Mccnuae you forbade me to any It,"
be retorted. .
"Tell bla excellency I have come
back," broke In a voice at the door.
Aa a aervnnt hurried off with the
menage the speaker waddled Into the
room. Ho wna a atout, ungainly Little
man, clad In the quaint national cos
tunie of Marsovla. Bald of head, rap
ping of eye and with abnormally jong
red mustache, hla waa a personality to
excite laughter In a mummy.
Tim newcomer wna Nlah, nenncnger
and clerk of the embassy. At Id ap
proach Natalie and Te Jolldon slipped
away to the ballroom. A moment later
m 4 it II I am n fit state? tvtt n It h hz-tnls wl
" mincing gait trotted down
tne stairway and Into the anion.
We Mihf u aaked peevlah-
yon fln4 rano
bonier ' ' '
"No, your excellency," faltered the
little man. 'W-
"Did you go thence, as I told yon, to
the American bar af-
"Yes, sir. But he was not at home
there tonight."
"Odd. He's usually very much at
homo there, I'm told. So you failed
In your mission?, You. couldn't find
"Oh, yes, your excellency, I found
him that Is to say, I"-
"Oh, you found .him at Inst? That's
better. Where?" ;
"At Maxim's, your"
"Maxim's, eh?" snorted Ambassador
Popoff scornfully,. , "Idling away bla
time, us usual, when"
"Oh, no, your excellency, not ex
actly 'Idling,' If I may 'say so. He
seemed very busy. There were a num
ber of bottles and" .
"Was he sober?" ,
"Not distressingly so. your excel
lency. In fact; If I may"-
"Did you 'give him my message? 1)1,1
you tell him?"
"I, gave It word for word, sir. 1 tolj
him his country was calling for him
snd that your excellency desired his
Immediate nt the. embassy ."
Well, what wal bla nswerr
"He anld, 'Give my country my lf
gnrda and tell it to go to
"Where ?" snapped Popoff as Nlsb
paused in embarrassment
"I d-I d rather not aay, sir; no plac
I'm ot all familiar with." .
'Oh. the ingrate," walled Popoff,
"the lugrute! Hero be bns been m
ploed at the embassy all these months,
and I've winked at bla loafing and bla
dissipation, end the very first minute
I roally need blru be refuses to
"Oh, no, your excellency," pleaded
Nlsb; "scarcely as' bad as all that. If
I may aay sonot 'refused exactly.
II will come. At least be promised
"Ah, that lifts a load from my brain
if he promised bell cornel Diplomat
ically speaking, Prince Danilo's word
is as good as bis bond."
"Diplomatically speaking, your excel
lency," affirmed Nlsb, "be agrees to
be here ss soon as be baa finished the
magnum of champagne that was In the
Ice pail beside him wbeq I left"
"How much of i was goner
"Tbt cork waa not yet drawn, bof
"Be on the lookout for him, Mr,
Nlsb. When be comes pot lie on his
bead if necessary. Sober him at any
"I fancy It will be cheaper than fill
ing him up. I'll do my beet, yonr ex
cellency." But the ambassador at a whispered
word from a servant had already pot
tered out of the room as fast as hla
somewhat ahaky old legs would carry
btm, and the voluble Nlsb ran along
In bla wake.
A commotion swept through the
scattered groups in the foyer a mur
mur, a rustle, a whisper that resolved
itself at last into the excited phrases:
"The widow has arrived V "Twenty
millions and unincumbered!" "Widow
of Sadowa, the animated money bagr
"A Monte Crist 0 fortune for soma
lucky man!" 'Tier name is Bonla Sa
dowa; twenty millions red hair, too,
but a beauty!" "Twenty millions!"
"The Merry Wldowr
Down the stairway from the dress
ing rooms ahd Into the salon swept a
woman yoong, beautiful, vivacious. A
light of mischief danced in bar groat
dark eyes.
Her masses of auburn hair shone
like an aureole above her rather
pale, delicate face. About ber hovered
a half score of gallants, all vying for
a word, a look, from the beauty (and
fortune) of the Paris season.
Two men-the Marquis of Cascada
and the Count Ue St. Brioche were
lurky enough to claim for a moment
or two her attention.
"No, no!" Sonlu was saying In pro
test. "At borne. In Mursovlu, men don't
make such pretty spoeches. Courtship
there is Tory primitive and marriage
Is for life. When n man makes love to
snot Iter's r.lfo, h( Is promptly shot
When a wife, flirts, her husband beats
her black and blue a good plan. Why
not try It in Parli?"
-i N'llghtfuir' exclaimed Cascada. "Do
you know, madtine, we have been
counting the moments uutll you ap
peared?" "I cau well believe It," assented So
nht. "It must have been just like
counting money."
' ""Oh, madame!" protested the group,
"Don't I know?" retorted Sonla, a
little bitterly. "It's always like that.
People count me like so much money.
If It is course for me to say so, re
member I'm a farmer's daughter and
that In my country people call a spade
a spade."
Popoff and Natalie came hurriedly lit
to pay their respects to tha guest upon
whom Marsovla's hopes so depended.
At a sign from the ambassador the oth
ers drew back.
"So you were shocking sumo of our
Paris gallants?" beamed the nmbassa-
uor. "wnat a eulid or nature you
"You mean," countered Sonla, "that I
niu a peasant dressed up. How I wish
sometimes that I were a real peasant
again!" '
"Ah!" chuckled Popoff. "Child of na
ture, true child of nature, always
remembering the dear old days on the
farm the bleating of the pigs, the new
laid milk, the tomatoes freshly dug
up and all the simple joys of the coun
try! But I want you to meet tonight
some of our Marsovlan nobility for
Instance, Prince Dnnllo, a charming
young fellow. He'll be here presently.
Dauilo Is"-
But the mischief had died out of
Sonln's eyes. Her face was paler than
was Its wouf and there was a stern
look as of pain about the daintily
cUseled mouth.
"I have already met Prince Dauilo,"
she said curtly.
"Really?" cried Popoff. Then, not
ing her change of expression, he adtleJ
with apprehension:
"I hope it was not ou one of his wet
days a charming, lovable youngster
In spite of his"
"I am not Interested In bearing about
ulm.' broke In Sonla lu a curiously
level, omotl.011.less voice. , "It jra long
ago time we met. He will have forgot
ten me even aaW'1 bavt forgotten
him. Let us talk of something else,
Even Popoff could set something wu
seriously amiss.
(To be continued)
Sunday morning the Susday school
and morning worship will be com
pressed Into one service, which will
begin at 10 o'clock and continue until
11:15. At the close of the regular
lesson music will be rendered by the
Sunday school choir followed by a
brief message from the pastor. Young
People meeting at 7 p. m.; evening
worship, 8 p. m., theme, "Reasoning
With God About Our Sins." Baptist-
ling at the close of this service. Ev
erybody invjtfd to, attend all these
meetings. Conrad 'L. Owen, pastor.
First Methodist
For the next two Sundays the pulpit
will be filled by local professional and
business men. Next Sunday morning
Mr. J. H. Petersen will give the ad
dress. In the evening the Hon. How
ard M. Brownell will speak. These
gentlemen will select their own
themes. Special music will be ren
dered and all services made attractive
and helpful, A cordial invitation is
extended to the public to attend.
C. C. Rarick, castor,
' "'" Christian Science.
t '..!' t -v n t-
services in 1. v. v. s. Duuumg, cor
ner Tenth and Commercial streets,
rooms 5 and 6 at 10 a. m., subject of
j lesson sermon, "Sacrament." All are
I invited. Sunday school, 11:30. First
Wednesday in the month 8 p. m.
Reading room same address, hours
from 12 to S daily except Sunday.
Sunday, July 12th at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m.; Suriday school at 12:30.
The 8 a. m. service will be omitted
this week.
Norwegian-Danish M. E.
Morning worship at 11 a. m.: even
ing at 8 o'clock; Sunday school at 10
a. m. Scandinavians are cordially in
vited to attend. O. T. Field pastor.
First Presbyterian.
There will be ho preaching in this
church on Sunday. Sunday school
will be held at 12:15. Young People's
meeting at 7 p. m. On Sunday, July
19, the pastor will be home from his
vacation and will preach morning and
Holy Innocents ChapeL
Fourth Sunday after Trinity. Morn
ing service with celebratiou of the
holy communion, 10 sr. m.; Sunday
school, 11:15 a. m.; evening service,
7:30 p. m.
First Lutheran.
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.; morning
service in Swedish at 10:45; evening
service at the Memorial Lutheran
Memorial Lutheran.
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.; evening
service at 8 o'clock. There will also
be installation of officers.
s - Grace.
Services today at Grace Church as
follows: Early celebration of the
Holy Communion at 8 a. m.; morning
prayer with sermon, 1100; Sunday
sermon, 12:30; evening prayer, 7:30.
Another well filled house greeted
the second performance of the de
lightful detective drama "Nick Car
ter Detective" last night at Hager's
Theatre, and this play as presented
Dy ine nsnton stocK company is in
deed a noteworthy production. The
play is decidedly high class. And in
teresting from start to finish. All the
members are at their best especially
Herbert Ashton as the shrewd de
tective. His many lightning changes
are bewildering. Miss Branscombe is
delightful as the loving young wife
and as usual looks charming. Mjss
Graham makes a capital "boy" and
the remainder of the company are ex
cellent. On Monday night the great
military play "The Fatal Rose" will
be staged and every patriotic Ameri
can will have a chance to show their
appreciation, and to witness what
life on a battlefield is like. Director
Ashton speaks very highly : of this
play and it is sure to please. The
latest motion pictures will also be
shown on Sunday afternoon which is
ladies' day, two reels of moving pic
tures besides the four acts of Nick
Carter. Admission, 10 cents.
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18th and Franklin Ave.
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