The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, June 03, 1908, Page 3, Image 3

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All Candidates Made
Splendid Special Offer Sets Candi
dates to Hustling for Great
FIRST DISTRICT Include! all ths City of Astoria east o( Twenty,
second street to City Limits.
MissEsther Manila, 1336 Grand ave .,...,..38,051
Miss Rose Nordstrom, 2165 Bond..,.,.. 35.159
Miss Mamie Wilson, 364 35th street..,, 33 750
Miss Margaret Avaina, 222 33d street
Miss Clara Larson, 1411 Franklin avenue , 7. 32 725
Miss Annie Bue, 1660 Franklin avenue., ,i '""Vim
issEnberg, 2323 Cedar street....... ,,,, ,.29.222
Miss Nellie Davis, 1702 Franklin avenue '.7..'.'..,, ., ,. ',', 23974
Miss Nellie Anstedt, 1653 Irving avenue.. .7 7 7. 7 7.7! 7 18571
Mts Mary FuMett siill leads with
MU Frances Nnrbcrif a close nccoiid
All candidates arc hard t work dc
termined to make a good thowln
during the week of the grand sjicc
offer. It is the hard work from now
uu (hut will count in the grand dim
Make an extra effort and get up to the
top. Read the following about the
special offer: :
Here you arc with a Grand Snecia
Prize of 85,000 votes to be given away
by June B, for the one that turns In
the largest number of new yearly sub
senbers and paid in advance old sub
scribers, two yearly old subscribers
to count as one new.
y, The prizes will be given as follows
50,000 votes to the candidate turn
ing in the greatest amount.
25,000 votes to the candidate turn
If Jn the second largest number of
J 15,000 votes to the candidate turn
m m the third largest number of
During this special offer all votes
will be counted double both for old
and new subscribers of three months
or over as will be seen by advertise
Now is the time to get busy, Re
member that this grand offer will
never be repeated and you may be
able In the next eight days to get
enough votes to win one of the grand
Persons living In one district are
not confined to voting for ladies In
their own particular district, but may
vote for anybody in the race.
The offer affords the girls of As
torn and surrounding territory an
excellent opportunity to travel or re
ceive a business education at the ex
pense of the Astorian.
The districts will be divided as fol
lows: First district will include all
the City of Astoria east of Twenty-
second street; second district will In
clude all the City of Astoria east of
Ninth street to Twenty-second; third
district will include all the City of
Astoria west of Ninth street to city
limits; fourth district will include all
the towns in and around Ilwaco and
Chinook; fifth district will include the
towns of Hammond, Warrenton and
The automobile will be awarded to
the young lady receiving the largest
number of votes In the the five dis
tricta. The piano the second grand
prize will be awarded to the young
lady receiving the second largest vote
the five districts. The trips one
each district the lady standing
second, will receive the scholarship
and the third will each receive the
gold watch.
There is a ballot box In the As
toran office where the votes may be
deposited for any young ladies whom
you may ee fit to vote for. If you
cannot bring the ballots to the office,
end them in by mail to the Contest
Manager and the votes will be ac-
J-S . a .
coraca io ne young iaay tor wnom
they are Intended. The votes are
counted twice, so there can be no
mistake as to the proper number of
ballots accorded to each candidate.
The votes are always open for inspec
tion to insure a fair deal
The easiest and quickest way to win
Is for candidates to ask their friends to
prepay their subscription toy 6 to 12
months. It costs the subscriber noth
ing extra to do this and they are
saved the annoyance of weekly and
monthly collections. By so doing you
receive a special vote ballot which is
good any time during the contest
Orders for the prizes will be given
the successful contestants at the
close of the contest; same may be
used by the contestant herself or
disposed of in any manner she may
ee fit
Any young lady residing in the
bove mentioned territory is eligible
to compete in this contest.
Anyone who desires to vote in this
contest may do so by ballots cut
from the Daily and Weekly Astorian,
or by special vote coupona obtained
by subscribing to the Astorian. The
coupons secured by subscribing to
the Astorian may be held as long as
desired and voted at any time up to
the desired close of the contest, but
ballots cut from the Astorian are only
good for one week from publication
and will not be counted if voted after
the date printed on the ballot.
SECOND DISTRICT-Includei all th City of Astoria east of Ninth tc
Mies Mary Fossett, 749 Grand avenue ...... .
Miss May Dench, 3731 18th street.,.., ,,,
MisLydia Voder
Miss Lelah Cilhanuh -Bith tTn.fl..
Miss Martha Foard, 392 17th street... .. .....,,..,.33.112
MissOlga Ilcllborn, 592 Franklin avenue .,.!!!!,.! !!!.!. 32,063
Miss Birdie Wise, 478 Harrison street 7.7.77 30,723
Miss Mabel Simington, 395 15th street.. .....77 .7 ,'.,777. 7. 29,460
Miss Mary Boentgcn, 538 Duane. ...... ...7. 7 7 7. 7 7 290.13
Miss Jeanie S. Lynch, 74. Franklin avenue .-...! ..28,423
MisaArmella Crussi, 775 Franklin avenue ,...'.,,,.27,17$
Misi Hattie Taliant, 682 Grand avenue... . ..25,848
Miss Hazel Hamlin, with A. R. Cyrus . .7.7. .7.25,651
Miss Edna Campbell, 458 Commercial street 19,306
Misa Birdie McCrosky, 719 Duane.... .,18,619
Misa Alice Nelson, 578 Grand avenue. 7. A.. 19 028
Miss Elsie Elmore, 385 14th street... . ....16,978
m IhmL (J f oil
Frank J. Donncrberg, who severa
months ago opened a handsome jew
elry store at 574 Commercial street,
has won a reputation that has brought
him what is perhaps the best trade in
the city. After 16 years' experience in
the Urge jewelry and watchmaking
stores of San Francisco and Portland.
Mr. Donnerberg came to Astoria and
opened a small place at 110 Eleventh
street, confining himself largely to
repairing watches, and carrying
small atock of jewelry and watches.
is customers found him a good
watchmaker and discovered they were
given fair treatment and patronized
im liberally, enabling him- to in
crease his stock rapidly. Mr. Donner
berg la a broad-minded business man,
and his up-todate atock includea all
the newest styles which he purchases
from New York and San Francisco
wholesalers, and his establishment is
credit to the city.
Badly Sprained Ankle Cured.
Three years ago our daughter
sprained her ankle and had been suf
fering terribly for two days and
nights had not slept a minute. Mr.
Stallings, of Butler Tcnn., told us of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. We went
to the store that night and got a
bottle of it and bathed her ankle two
or three times and she went to sleep
and had a good night's rest. The
next morning she was much better
and in a short time could walk around
and had no more trouble with her (
ankle. E. M. Brumitt, Hampton,
Tenn. 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale
by Frank Hart and leading druggists,
iniHu miiav.l -includes aU tie City of Astoria west of Ninrh
strew to uty Limits, . -,: , ,
Miaa Frances Norberg, 233 Alameda a venue sg 443
Misa Ella Powell, 171 Exchange .............56914
Miss Edith Smith, 189 6th street ' nVa
Miss May Parker, 291 6th street ,. . .47.380
MissLeta Drain, 244 6th street.... .7 .7 .7 38460
Miss Mary Gregory, 545 8th street ; ...7.77 77. 35720
Miss Maude Ross, 103 2nd street .....,580
Misststner Anderson, 368 Kensington , .32,438
Mrs. Arthur Hess,. 341 7th street. , ...!.!..51,716
Misi Nancie Reed, 91 Bosd, at P. O.. , 22,480
Miss Esther Gearhart, 359 Grand avenue 22348
Miss Ruth Biinn, 386 9th street ." 17,914
Miss Hazel Estes, 237 Commercial street 16822
Miss Alma Baker, 261 W. Astor ....14,806
Miss Nellie Hagman, 108 Astor.. .77.13,973
FOURTH DISTRICT-Includes the Towns of Ilwaco mnA Chinook anA
territory on the north side of the river.
Miss Elfnor Williams, Ilwaco..
Mias Olive Thompson, Chinook
r "" w ''.
missiaa wmiamson, ilwaco 2Si
Miss Myrtle Alexander, Chinook. .23408
FIFTH DISTRICT Includea the Towns of Wammtot. H.mmn4
Seaside and all territory in Clatsop County outside of Astoria.
Miss Nettie UUmger, Seaside 29356
Miss Louise Brown, Hammond '7.7. 7 29 142
Miss Mabel Taylor, Flavel ... ... ' """"Vqm
Miss Hazel Vannice, Warrenton 25801
Miss Eva Coffman, Seaside u ot?
Miss Edith Haney. Seaside uton
Miss Eva Parker, Warrenton " ""Voio
Mrs. C. E. Linton, Warrenton 22Q2f
Miss Anna Snwrdsen, Warrenton koq
...... ... - ,n.i1
liven Auay
Read Carefully
To the candidate turning in
f the largest number of jiiew ear-
ly subscriptions will be given a
special Dauot ot 50,000 votes
To the candidate tnrning in
the next largest number of sub
scriptions - - 25,000 votes
To the candidate turning: in
J the third largest number of sub-
i scriptions - - 15,000 votes
Two old yearly subscriptions paid in advance will
count as one new subscription. Only yearly sub
scriptions counted.
During this special offer all ballots both old and
new will be counted double from three months, up.
ymmw i i m 1 1 im n h t ii i 1 1 1 1
i Dist,
Address ,.
Good for one vote when filled out and sent to The Astorian
omce oy mail or otfterwiae on or before expiration date. No ballot
will t altered in any way, or transferred after being recevied by the Z
ABiorian. (Awwww wwmwm
Value of Ballots During This Special
is an expression that is always heard at sight of a well
developed woman. If you are flat .chested, with BUST
undeveloped, a acrawny neck, thin, lean arms the
above remark will never be applied to you. "SIREN"
wafers will make you beautiful, bewitching. They DE
VELOP THE BUST in a few weeks from 3 to 6 inches
and produce a fine firm, voluptuous bosom. They fill
out the hollow places. Make the arms handsome H
well modeled and the neck and shoulders shapely and
of perfect contour.
Send for a bottle oday and you'll be 'pleased and crate
ful. "SIREN" wafers are absolutely h armless, pleasent to take and con
venient to carry around. They are o'd under guarantee to do all ' .
tlaim or MONEY back.
Price $1.00 per bottle. Inquire at good drug stores or send DIRECT
to us.
FDFFDuri"g the next 3 days only we will send you a sample
rKELflottle of these beautifying wafers on receipt of 10 cents ti
-zrz r .pay cost of packing and portage if you will mention that yo
saw the Advertisement in this paper. The sample alone may be sufficiem
if defects are trivial,
Desk 22 ESTHETIC CHEMICAL CO., 31 West 125th St. New York. .
Morning Astorian, one month. , . .....$ 0.60
Morning Astorian, three months. . . , , . 1,80
Morning Astorian, six months 3.50
Morning Astorian, one year. 7.00
Morning Astorian, two years. 14.00
Morning Aatorian, thre years. 21.00
Morning Aatorian, four years. ........ . ........... 28.00
Morning Aatorian, five years , 35.00
Weekly Astorian, one year. . $ 1.50
Weekly Aatorian, two years ........ . ......... 3.00
In all cases where ballots are issued subscriotiona must h nairf in nrlvanr
The full amount of money must be sent direct by mail, paid to local agents,
or brought to this office.
The paper will be delivered by mail or through agents, as requested.
Besides the votes given on subscriptions there -vilt be a pfinnnn ntihlisherl
in each issue of the Morning Astorian which when cut out and filled in, will
count as one vote. These coupons must be mailed to the Morning Astorian
Contest Maragfr before the expiration printed on each ballot.
Contest Closes Tuesday, June 16, 1908.
' 18000
400 800
1500 3000
Three Months Subscription $1.80
Six Months $3.50 - -One
Year $7.00
Two Year $14.00
This offer smarts Monday June 1, and.;;
ends Monday June 8. Now is your : :
chance to catch the leaders. Take ad- J
vantage of it.
This Is Your Opportunity I
This Offer Will Hot be
The subscriptions should not be held
back until Monday, but should be turned
in as soon as secured. An accurate ac-
t count will be kept of all subscriptions I
jus. ujr mc cauuiuuies. i ms oiler
is for subscriptions only, , turned in be
tween Monday, June 1, and June 8.
Address All Subscriptions and Com
munications to
Subscribe for The Aorning Astorian
60c Per Month by Mail or Carrier
Contest lei
The Morning' Astorian
Astoria, Oregon
Fnr further nartirnlaPC and inFn . I 1L . J.!i.. . ! .
j "v. r..vuiu w uiiu Jiiiuiiiiaiiuii icau uic uany ASlOlaii . &