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    Log Cabin Flour
Makes more Hread and Better Bread, and costs no
more than a poor grade $ 40 Sack
1ERSE IlllS itt THE 1
Carman who will leave today to be
' present at (he contest.
! Mrs. R. A. Abbott
Back Home j "J'lie funeral of Mm. R. A, Abbott,
Hatty ilnlm, who was being treated; who paed away several day ago,
nt the St. Mary'i Hospital, for a ; wiu lull yesterday afternoon from
broken limb wan removed to
home of her parent yesterday.
At Ocean Park
Mr. liiKbralAoii, who hat been at
the St. .Mary's Hospital for the iat
17 day will be removed to her home
at Ocean Park today.
the family residence at Warrentoii.
The interment wa in the Old I'ionecr
cemetery. Many friend of the family
were present at the services,
Back Tax Cash
The mini 'of $l290 ban been re
ceived at the office of Sheriff Pomcroy
in the past few day, in payment of
ilelin.nient tnxe for the years 1902-
becn 3-4 5 and 6. and wan yesterday turned
10 over to County Treasurer W. A.
Doing Well
Mr. Chan, Hester, who ha
Milftiinir fro man injury received
day uifo, is at the St. Mary' ho-1 Sherman
pital and is doing rcry well,
j Drowning FtHtie
Time To Get Ready"
A well known business man of As
toria yesterday suggested that "it
was high time Axtoria was getting in
line for a genuine celebration of the
4th of July, before all the minor
towns about the coast country set up
their individual claims and allure
ment in that behalf," Thil idea was
projected on the assumption that the
order cancelling the regatta will be
adhered to.
Busiest Place In City
The Astoria Iron-Works is about
the busiest place in the city these
days, as there arc 42 men now at
work there Idling orders of all kind
aud more orders arriving every day.
The force is, for the most part, en
gaged on the construction of the
Troyer I'ox gas engines, which are in
great demand this season. All the
line machinery in the big plant is in
constant use all the time.
next, at $4 for the full season, or at
$1 for each for the parades. Those
of this city who desire to secure this
advantage will do well to see Chair
man Lamar of the Chamber of Com
merce committee, who will see that
all reservations arc promptly made.
Two Committee! Appointed
At a meeting, of the signers of the
Oregon National Guard which was
held last night at the City Hall, var
ious matters were discussed in con
nection with the organization of the
new company. Among them was the
appointment of two committees, one
for the purpose of selecting proper
material .for their officers, and the
other assigned to look tip and in
vestigate an available armory for use
of the new company when organized.
After these two committees, have fin
ished their respective work, another
meeting will be called, when aforesaid
committees will submit their reports
for further proceedings.
Astor street establishment, and it U
in the pink of comfort and conven
ience. The boys nave set up a bil
liard table that they found somewhere
at a bargain, recovered it and bright
cned it, and it serves them finely as a
means of entertainment.
Postponed One Day
Owing to next Monday being elec
tion day the meeting of the common
The records of Coroner W. C. A.
Pohl's office show but six drowning
f.i.llii, in ('l.'iuon enmity for the
council which was to take place that present year to date; Captain Camp
evening, has been postponed until the j )t of Astoria; Messrs. Shaughncss,
following night (Tuesday). ! Stanton and Church, of Seaside;
1 ' I Victor Sundry and Henry Tark, of
Married Yesterday ! thin city.
Mrs. Jennie Campbell was married j
to Mr. William G. Van Claim at the
home of the bride on Seventeenth
Street yetcnny in the presence of a
few personal friends.
New Astorienne Arrives
At 6 o'clock on the evening
Tuesday, May 26, 1908, there
lwtrn in Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
$3085.47 Paid Out
City Treasurer Dealey has paid out
the Mini of $215 .47 in redeeming city
paper since issuing his recent call for
warrants. This amount is distributed
... I I Q10JC.
las follows: uenerai iunu, ou,
f' I Mrcct repair fund, $188.25; street im-
was i rVf mcnt fund, $1014 25; interest,
G. !J SI Murine, l lie nrrscnt (inartcr
1 (llllllllll of this citv. a daughter, at : 'i Dralev has received the
v. . -- - a
. AN, t 1 I . . . , . .
the family
Prom The Nehalem
Tim Corcoran, the popular Xeha
lemite arrived in the city yesterday
after the election paraphernalia and
left out with it late in the afternoon.
Herman Autio, of Push, came in on
the same sort of errand, and went out
at the same lime. They report every
thing progressing satisfactorily in
their neighborhood and all hands
deeply interested in the forthcoming
Looking Up Stumps-
Secretary John if. Whyte, ot the
Chamber of Camnu-rce and Prof. H.
L. Hawlcy, the forestry expert, will
leave this morning for a day's outing
r C
in the great camp oi me sorenson
Logging Company, where they will
look up the stumpagc proposition
with a view to securing working sam
ples for Professor Hawley's experi
ments at the Clatsop mills next
home, No. 820 Gram! ; Mim 0f $5,105.63 from various sources
Temperance Meeting
There will be a temperance meeting
in the Iduns Hall. Uppertown this
evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. A.
Scarvie of Seattle will lecture on "The
lsues of the Present Campaign."
The Scandinavians are invited.
A Trio. This Time
William Sutherland Cutts, of Scot
land; Godfrey Petersen, Peter Peter
sen, both of Sweden, banded in their
formal declarations of intention in thy
matter of their American citizenship,
to County Clerk Clinton, yesterday.
Worth Seeing
Ole F.rickson has on exhibition at
the Columbia Nursery depot, a beau
tiful specimen of the rare plant called
"A Bird of raradise," which Is in
blom, and well worth anyone's time
going n long ways to see.
High School
Miss Birdie Wise, Miss Jennie
JetTers and Carl Thomas, members of
the High School debating team, left
last night for F.ugciic where they arc
r .1. - T
v to debate with a team irnm me i.c
Hanon High School for the interchol
astic championship of the State, Fri
day evening. The local team will be
accompanied by Miss Hulse and Prof
Looming Uo
The frame work of the new plant
of the Astoria Clay Products Co., up
in Alderbrook, is looming up is great
.1,.,,,- u-ill noon be ready for
covering in. It is a three floor con
mwl will be a busy spot when
ili various machines are assembled
ami rdaced and the expert workmen
now here get in their intelligent
Died On The Train-
News reached this city yesterday
riiarlos C. Boirart. once well
known here as a draughtsman for the
Astoria Iron Works, and who went
from here to Arizona for benefit of
chronic lung trouble from which he
suffered, died on the train leaving that
the best in the world
50c a Pound,
Thumb Smashed-
Yesterday afternoon Mate Thoren,
of the steamer Sue H. Elmore, had
the misfortune to smash his left
thumb badly in closing one of the
heavy side ports of the vessel. The
thumb was mashed flat irom the first
ioint upward and the nail, torn off
lie immediately sought a physician
who examined it but was unable, ow
ing to the bruised condition, to say
iust what the outcome of the wound
would be, and advised the mariner to
forego the trip, but Mr. Thoren con
cluded to chance it for the voyag.
and will go to sea with it. It is hoped
he mav not regret his decision, as
exoosure and salt water are not con
ducivc to quick healing in such cases
Has Been Apprised
Hon. W. F. McGregor yesterday
t -
received formal nouncauon irom
Washington, of his appointment by
President Roosevelt, as Collector oi
Customs for the port of Astoria. The
letter was accompanied by a blank
bond in the sum of $5000, which Mr.
McGregor will at once fill, and return
to the Treasury Department, where:
unon his commission will be forward
ed instantly, and Mr. McGregor will
the office and duties. It
dates from the 21st instant.
His Own Design-
Chester Fox. one of Astoria s
clever young mechanical engineers
has iust about completed the working
model of an automobile motor of his
own designing, and will have it in
perfect order when he has mastered
a single detail in connection with the
marker which docs not work to suit
him. It is of 25 h. p., compact and
iuht. and will be heard from when
. . 1 1 . t.
it is ready for the market, ne na
..-nrl-oH it several times with com
plete satisfaction, save in the particu
lar noted.
Had a Good Record-
After wandering about the continent
for over 14 months in futile search
addressed to. a
letter, sent out from here by F. L
r'-irWr Chief Deoutv Collector of
Why la Thia Thus?
Yesterday's Oregouian (newspa
per) contains the following item of
news: "Assistant General Passenger
Agent Jenkins, of the Spokane, Port-
and & Seattle Railway, is issuing a
new passenger tariff covering the
stations reached .by the North Bank
Road. Commutation rates will be
put in from Vancouver to points as
far east as Bingen. These books will
be on sale within a short time.
Which reads to the ordinary Astorian
as though the company was playing
favorites with its new stations and
patrons to the disparagement of its
older friends down this way. It was
only last spring that the commuta
tion tickets between this city and
Seaside were called off and the com
pany went out of the special-rate
business on this end of the line al
together, only to resume it, or inau
gurate it, at the other end. Such is
life, when a railroad gets in the habit
of "throwing it in" to a city or town
that does not scrap it.
To the Astoria Public.
At our regular meeting of this date
(May 27th), it was the universal ex
pression of our membership that we
regret the action taken by the bust
ness men of our city in cancelling
Decoration Day as a holiday. We
believe that every patriotic American
should hold this day sacred.
No. 14. G. A. R.
A. W. Gicsy, a prominent insurance
man of the metropolis, spent the day
here yesterday on matters of busi
ness. Jimmic Patterson, the expert band
saw filer, of Seaside, was a business
visitor in the city yesterday, return
ing to the coast on the evening
Henry Armstrong, the well knowi
logger, and Attorney E. S. Snellinj
of Cathlamet, were business visitors
in Astoria yesterday.
J. W Sharp, a resident of Hopkins
ville, is in the city on a matter of
F. L. Evans, the promotor of the
electric line hence to Seaside and
Tillamook, returned from Portland
on the noon express yesterday.
The following citizens of Portland
are in the city registered at the Oc
cident: . FL. Evans, S. G. Coleman,
R. S. Townsend,, C. W Davis, W D.
Clark, and H. L. Bradley.
C. S. Cox, a resident of Portland,
soent the night in Astoria at the Oc
cident Hotel, he will go to Tillamook
on the Elmore today.
Mrs. Davis and her two childrea
from Chinook are in the city stopping
at the Occident.
Mrs. Martin Foard and her dattgh
ter, Freda, will go to Tacoma on
next Monday to attend the graduat
ing exercises of the Annie Wright
Seminary in that city where Mia
Foard is a graduate.
It has been announced that Mis
May Edith Pohl will be married to
Mr. Carl T. Simmons, next week the
exact day has- not yet been an-ounced.
Notice of Meeting.
A meeting of the Trappers' and
Seiners' Union will be held at Chi
nook. Wash.. Friday. May 29th. All
Officer! of Navy Begin Experiment
Which May Have Great Results.
ur a cu I v-r"rrT VI... ?7 WinJ
' '- - -j, j iinooii.uiw.., .t..
members are urgently requested to be LnH Mthr nermittin?. the ordi-
lumvi) vinvt fc-si'wj - - w
Customs at this port, to one Charles present by order of J. R. Burke, pres- nance' officers of the navy will today
Rowc, an able seaman, discharged ident; Wm. Dixon, secretary. begin an experiment which they con
here from the American ship John hdently believe will have far-reachinc
Currier on her arrival here from the The Comrades of the Cushing Post results. Indeed it is entirely possible
Philippines, and mailed on the 14th wjij attend the following schools: in the opinion of some experts that
of March, 1907, during which time it McClure School, Friday, May 29 the outcome of the lessons that will
went to San Francisco, Vallejo. Marc Thomas Dealey, W. C. Shaw, Samuel be taught by the destrictive attack of
Island and Washington, D. C, re- Elmore, P. L. Taylor, J. Evans, R. the monitor Arkansas with her big
turned to the customs office in yes- C. Welch, E. R Brown, G Baker. 12-inch guns, and by the torpedoboat
. , i ...:ii K. ci. c.i i r.:j . r... oo A 11 :. :.u t... A mtin-wA nrhir.
terciay S mail, anu win nu juivciy otuuui, ruuciy, iiijf t.7 ii. mollis wiiti ui ,iiHviiv,oHiv -
until such time as Rowe may want 1 D. Craig, S. Timmons, J. W. Welch, head torpedoes upon the monitor
the discharge it contained, and which, I A Scherneckaw, C. S. Wright, O. F. Florida will be the most radical
. , - I -A ,!,! H IT lir.-f. T U..n-m. .1 I 1 ..-,,.- I,.-, - it nr.f
by the way, is a good record for the
Coffee Satisfaction
Bought a "Devil-Wagon-
Ion. Asmus Rrix, of this city,
while in Portland, the other day, be
came so deeply interested in the
beautiful and serviceable automobiles
he saw around there, that he went
straightway and bought him a splen
did 40 II. P. Buick, No. 5, improved
model: and the last heard of him was
lllf tin U'9t 11!) the Willamette val-
somcwhere having the usual
trouble and grief with the thing that
comes to the novice on his hrst tour,
i tinned he mav eet m before
election day as his vote is ncede
ire by lots of his friends.
No Reduced Rates
The Astoria & Columbia River
Railroad Company will issue no re
duced rates for the Rose Festival at
Portland this year. It is claimed tha
the "two-cent fare now in force on
that line, brings the cost of travel
hence to the metropolis, on a level
with all other roads who are sharing
"three cents" per mile and make a
reduction of one-third in their normal
rates. R. H. Jenkins, A. G. F. & P
acent of the S. P. & S., with junsdic
tion over the A. & C. arrived in the
citv yesterday, and went on to Skip
anon, where he officially overlooked
the proposition to throw a spur-line
from the main tracks of the A. ci u
to the property of the Delaura Beach
Conmanv. the new summer resort
He returned to Portland on the even
ing express.
Morton. H. Wilson. T. Huntermer. I changes in naval construction: if not
By order of Commander O. F. Mor- in the hulk then certainly in the ar
ton. Attest, W. C. Shaw, Adjutant mor protection now afforded.
The experiments will be very costly
m,c. M.-f;r rhiirrW and without doubt severe criticism
There will be a mass meeting at will be directed at the Navy Depart-
the Astoria opera house Sunday ment not only oy puoncisis laenunca
evening at 8 o'clock in which nearly with the "little navy" party but
all the Astoria churches will partici- economically minded legislators.
pate. S. A. Scarvie, who is traveling me ieaiure oi inc norma vc w.
undr th T?fnrm Rnfiaii of Wah- be the firing of a 12-inch shell loaded
ington, D. C, and others will speak, with dynamite at the point betweem
Everybody is invited to attend. Spec- the two i-incn gun on me wcuncu
ial music will be rendered by the city face of the Folrida's turret where the
Boy Wanted
To learn printing business. Call at
Astorian office.
Scholfield, Mattson & Co.
For a
Parlon Second Floor Over Scholfield Mattaon Co.
Off To Corvallis 1
The members of the Astoria High
School who will leave for Corvallis
today to participate in the inter
scholastic meet, are as follows: lul
win Short. Kenneth Parker, Harry
Harbert. Melville Morton, Leo Tou
Wm tltzinerer. with their
coach. Dr. Cathey. Other cities to be
renresented at the meet are liaker
City, La Grande Union, Island City.
Pr.,i,!!etnn. Hennner. Ontario, Hood
River. Roseburg, Eugene, Salem
Fast Portland. Astoria
and Corvallis. The preliminary con
tests will be held on Friday, but the
main events will take place Satur
Astoria Has ISO
Geo. B. Thomas, of Portland, act
imr under the Rose Festival Commit
tee, has built a splendid grandstand,
200 feet in length, which will safely
and comfortably hold 2000 people,
from which its occupant can behold
the glories of four fine parades, two
hv dav and two by night. Reserva
tions for people from this city ISO in
number will be made until Friday
Latest designs needlework, infants
outfits, shirtwaists, centers, under
wear, etc. Needlecraft Shop, 382
Washington St. Portland. Ore. 23-5t
Going After Contracts-
It is learned from an authoritative
source that the several' milling con-,-ornc
rf Astnria are iroinir in for a
fair share of the lumber contracts in
cident to the supply of the 3,000,000
feet of stuff that will be required to
rnnstrnet the new Hill docks and
warehouses at Portland. This will
not be done in the sense of an open
bid against the Portland mills, but in
conformity with the request made by
H. M. Adams, G. P. A., of the bpo-
kane, Portland & Seattle Railway Co.,
to the Columbia Contract Co., the
concern in charge of the work, to
For Rubber Stamps and Typewriter
Supplies see Lenora Benoit, public
stenographer, 447 Commercial street
J . 'V'.-'
The members Beaver Lodge
I. O. O. F., are re
quested to attend a regu
lar meeting to be held this (Thurs
day) evening at 8 o'clock. Initiation
and refreshments. Visitors welcome
Kidney complaint kills more people
than any other disease. This is due to
: l t u-AfL" rn i w
concern m cuarKC u. u. the disease being so insidious that it
favor the lumbering interests of the I et, . ood hold on the system before
Pnlnmhifl l-ivor Itul ICTpnOtlS tO tne line I . . ......
nf th rnnrl And ft I. Said that As- COgnd. 9 -UT tl
likelv to figure conspicuously V. .7" . . Y. The new mast is made of hollow steel
- . lr laxen m iirac.
armor is 12 inches thick, and thor
oughly face-hardened by the Krupp
process. Another point upon the
naval constructors expect to be in
formed by the shooting at the turret
is the effect upon the turning me
chanism upon that great mass of
steel and the various electrical and
other devices inside of a low of the
12-inch shot on the outside. Much of
this mechanism is fastened to the
wall of the tourret by belts and other
means and it is apprehended that a
smashing shot delivered outside the
turret wall and opposite one of these
instruments will Send that apparatus
flying across the turret, putting that
part of out of action.
The experimenters will also test a
new design of miiltary mast which
has been erected on the stern of the
Florida. The mast has a base of 24
feet in diameter, tapering to. the base
of a 12-foot platform at the top. The
purpose of the mast is to furnish aa
observation point for officers. The
construction of these masts of steel is
regarded as defective. Should this
steel be puntured by a shell and the
shell exolode on the inside of the
tona is
in the bis scheme of supply. Leander
Lebeck is also among the bidders for
a large section of the pilednving es
sential to the project.
Fine Fire Quarters i
It would be a hard matter to find
in all the State of Oregon, any com
munitv that can honestly boast a
nicer, cosier, and better kept set of
fire building than Astoria owns and
maintains. From the handsome head
quarters on Commercial street, all
down the line through the three other
stations, every house and room is in
perfect order and clean and fresh as a
rigidly kept sanitarium. The boys
have all taken abundant interest in
the work, under the suggestions of
them in the task of prosecuting the Made fresh every day In on
I .... .. 1 antAniJ Va. I - t n M.
WOrK, Wlin general ami ojjichuiu .-i UWU liAV.HJljr.
suits. Ed. Llewelyn, in charge ot nmmo-..io1 Qtr-f
h wrt 2 haS iust completed the 843 Commercial btreet
candies, etc.
tubes, woven together in a circular
manner, the design of the construc
tion to afford a support for the ob
servers which .will withstand shots
and explosions. Many shots will be
fired at this new tower to test ha
ability to stand after being cut
through in many places.
The torpedo test will be fer the
purpose of testing both he effecive
ness of torpedo nets and for ascertain
ing the merit of a newly devised -wa
ter bulkhead, built 1 within the ship
beneath the armor belt
t Mrs. S. Joyce, 180 Sullivan St,
Claremont, N. H., writes: "About a
year ago I bought two bottles of
Foley's Kidney Cure. It cured me of
a severe case of Kidney trouble of
several years standing. It certainly
is a grand, good medicine, and 1
heartily recommend it"