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Our Special Sale
of 2") per cent discouut 011 Cut Glass
proved to be such a success, we have
decided to continue it for a week. We
also offer
Our Hand Painted China
At 2tO per cent Discount
This ineaus a big saving to you. Come
and take advantage of it.
Phones 15r.'ch Union rows
Main 711, M'in 3S71 There Main 713
Sole agent for H. C. Fry's Celebrated Cut Glass.
The Damage Not Great But One
tion sulbVient to perfect the quarantine
facilities for this growing port of entry
Miscellaneous Hatters.
Many other matters of interest have
teen considered in the last year, detailed
statements of which can be found in
your minutes.
I would suggest to my successor that
be make a careful canvass of the mem
bers and select persons for the various
eommittees that will make a thorough
examination of all matters referred to
them and it-port their findings at an
arly date 'without prejudice. Much de
pends on this.
Growth of Astoria.
Has in my judgment been greater dur
ing the past year than that of any other
city in Oregon, taking size into consid
eration. I call your attention to the new
bank building, the hotel until construc
tion and the many new homes through
out the city.
As a general thing our semi-monthly
meetings have been fairly attended dur
ing the past year and we have never
failed to have a good quorum with much
interest manifested. There has been 27
meetings in 1907 a against 15 in 1906,
which in my mind denotes a greater in
terest in the growth of our city.
In my incumbency if there have been
any errors they were of the head, not
the heart. I have attended every meet
ing during the year when in the city. In
laying down the gavel of this my fourth
term as president I do it with thanks to
the members for the courteous treat
ment that I have always received from
.them during my tenure of office. I have
been a member- of this body for over 30
years ahvays working for what I con
ceived to be the best interest of this
community. Hoping that through the
reorganization new blood may flow into
your ranks freely, with wealth and good
will, that you may always have the
wherewith to promote, I am, yours re
spectfully, JAMES W. WELCH.
We are offering the substantial figures
and business balances, found by Manager
J. II. Whyte, and taken from the an
nual report filed by hint last night, and
will supplement this with the other in
teresting data presented by Mr. Whyte,
in tomorrow's issues. The business ele
ment of his report, referred to, is in
substance, as follows:
I took charge of the work of the
Chamber of Commerce beginning with
the month of April and have now been
in office nine months.
The advertising that has so far been
done has constituted the principal work
I have so far conducted.
There has been expended S21C0, as
per the cash book, for buying of adver
tising space, and $fi82 for pamphlets,
most of which have been used. We have
received 7334 letters up to December
31. from most of the countries of the
world including South Africa, Phillipine
Islands, and nearly all of the European
States. These 'inquiries may be divided
as follows:
Investments, 138; lands, 1297; fac
tories, 03; real estate and immigration
agents, 321; promoters, 132; wanting
to better condition, 2128; labor, 43(i;
about other subjects, 2779; total, 7334.
I do not lelieve that any considerable
part of tiie present good the Chamber
of Commerce has accomplished for As
toria can be accomplished unless its
advertising is continued. The Promo
tion Committee for the past year has
demonstrated to the people of Astoria
the best system of municipal advertis
ing that has yet been developed any
invariably been asked for these, in a
few instances by trust companies of the
Central and Eastern States.
As for the colonization of lands about
Astoria for agricultural purposes, I 'am
convinced that what is needed is the
formation of a company that v ill clear
oil the stumps, ami indeed a company
of this kind ha been suggested by one
of our leading business men. I believe
that with $20,000 rash capital, this com
pany would be able to clear off thous
ands of acres of stump lands, dike
thousands of acres of tide lands, settle
them up with thrifty people, and make
a dividend on these transactions for the
stockholders. With a very small ex
penditure a donkey engine can be pur-
liased and stump-pulling appliances
that will clear the stumps from 7 acres
of land without moving. The owners
of stump land, mostly timbermen, would
most likely be glad to cooperate in this
The movement that was started dur
ing the latter part of last year for the
killing of an oil and gas well is now
to be taken up with renewed activity,
and with every prospect for success.
While the drilling of an oil and gas well
cannot be considered in the light of an
investment, vet it is so important an
The Breakwater Arrived Yesterday and
Seports One of Injured Men Died
Injuries to Lightship No. 50 Deter
mined by Survey,
Bar conditions wre nearly as usual
yesterday. At 8 a. m. the wind was from
the southwest, blowing 22 miles an hour,
the weather was cloudy mid the bar
rough.1 At 13 o'clock the reports were
the same ami at 4 o'clock the wind was
from the west, the velocity 15 miles. The
weather was still cloudy, but the bar
had moderated. At the last report noth
ing 'was sighted. Three vessels crossed
in and two passed out.
Oil barge No. 3 left up yesterday at
S a. 111.
Hie steam schooner N'omp City ar
rived in Sunday, at noon, and left up
at 12:30 p. m.
The British ship Windsor Park, grain
and" Hour laden, for Europe came down
yesterday at 11:30 n. 111. iu tow of the
Oklahama. The gei.ial skipper, Cupt,
Uvingtone, is anxious to be on his way.
and may go out this morning. Bon voy
age, captain.
The steamer lieo. W. Elder, an old
friend, came in yesterday at 2 o'clock
p. m., and left up at 2:30. Ever since
the Elder brought the survivors of the
nterprise for the community that if: Columbia to this port her- bow is wel
the laws allowed, any community could come iu this city and her captain and
easily afford to levy a special tax to crew no less so.
make such a test. In case ,we succeed
The British steamer Valdivia came
down the river, at 1:30 yeterduy after-
She is loaded
with lumber for the Orient.
in finding either oil or gas in quantities
sufficiently large to furnish ample power
. ....... .... ; .... .kA ;..,... nf a ... ..i a ' , . .
.ji iiuimici iiu'uf, iuc lum.c ui ii-Lv, i 1 noon, anu is reauv lor sea
is a manufacturing center would be
assured. 1 I
Finances. jie gjeam schooner Hanalei came down
The financial report of the promotion at 7 Ovlock .yesterday mornim.'. and left
comnmiee as signea dv me executive out at 2:30 p. 111
committee, toiiows:
Executive Committee Report.
A-toria, Ore., Jan. 4, 1907.
Mr. Chairman and Members of the Com
mittee on Promotion, Astoria Cham
ber of Commerce. t
Gentlemen: We beg to submit the
The Alliance arrived from Portland
early yesterday morning, and loft out
at 2 p .111. She crossed out safely.
lhe steamer lallae, bound for San
Francisco. c:im in from IVirtlnnrl at
toliowing report of receipts ana expenui-; noon yesterday, and left out nt
One of the Important Duties of Physicians and
the . Well-Informed of the World
is to learn ns to the relative 'standing nml reliability' of tlir leading manufactur
ers of medicinal ngents, as the most eminent iihysicians are tlio moot careful as to
the uniform quality and jH-rfect purity of remedies presrriU'd by them, and it is well
known to physicians and the Well-informed generally that the California Tig Syrup
Co., lv reason of its correct methods and perfect equipment and th ethical character of
its product has attained M the Iiinh standing in scientific and eommerciij circles which
is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and, therefore, that 0hj name of the
Company haa Uvomo n guarantee of the excellence of its remedy.
appeal to tho Well-Informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent sue.
cess nnd creditable standing, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would
enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the fact that it involve tlnl question of right
living with all tho term implies. With proper knowledge of what is best each hour
of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation nnd of effort may Ikj made to contribute)
to that end nnd tho use of medicines dispensed with generally to great advantage, but
as in many instances n simple, wholesome remedy may le invaluable if taken at the
proHr time, the California 1'ig Syrup Co. feels that it is alike inqiortnnt to present
truthfully (.ho subject nnd to supply the one ierfeet laxative remedy which has won
the nppoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Well-Informed because
of the excellence of the combination, known to all, and the original method of manufac
ture, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co, only.
' This valuable remedy has Ixen long and favorably known under the name of
Syrup of Figs and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives, ntul ns its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are will
known to physicians nnd the Well-informed of the world to lx) the licst of natural
laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna ns more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtless it will always Ihj
called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs and to get its beneficial effects always
note, when purchasing, the full name, of the Company California Fig Syrup Co.
plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for Syrup of
Figs or by the full name Syrup of Figs and Flixir of Senna as Syrup of Figs nnd
Elixir of Senna is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. nnd the same heretofore known by the name Syrup of Figs which has given
satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by alt leading druggists throughout
the United States in original packages of one size only, tho regular price of which
is fifty cents per bottle.
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the
Secretary of Agriculture, nt Washington. D. C, that the remedy is not adulterated or
misbranded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, Juno 30th, 1906.
Louisville, Ky.
Sun Francisco, Cal.
U S. A.
London, England.
New York, N. V.
tures of your executive committee for
the year now ended, viz.:
Subscriptions, $7510.jO; county appro
priation, $1000; State Fair prize, $100;
total, $8015.50.
Expenditures. -
T)natn..A &.)i7. .i....
1 unlade, .pfi,, uutciinnu miiu isnm.-. ,i , . , ,-
Mft?, 00 1 4ii m. yesterday, and to one standing 011
ir., $303.88: salaries, $2,21.09; other:., , , , , , ?.
i . . u,e uuciw niiiie one mane a line landing.
........ -rVV-.u., t
The (ierman ship fiertrude is due to
go up the river at any time. She may
leave this morning.
The Itrenkwatep arrived in at 10:30
mimeograph, $22.00; tiling cabinet, $30;
maps, $50. Total, .$0531.51; balance on!
' I no evidences of the reported hard time
she had crossing the bar at Coos P.av
could be seen. Nevertheless, she had t
strenuous experience, at least the pas
senger thought so, but Cant. McOinn,
1,1,1 -i.-i ,i,, ii,t ). ; ti,.,,,M nti,;n
Planum;:, caciil nim .iu, t u. i;, ui t '1-1 . e t
... r , , 1, , ! f it. The captain, of course, regrets the
which vou are all familiar, but for the;, . , ' . . ,,!. ,
. . , .,, . . loss o! one of his crew and the injury of
hand, $2084!t9.
All advertising, and all other obliga
tions are paid and no contracts are out-1
that the contract with Mr. Whyte at
$2500 per year expires March 31, 1009.
The subscription li-t extends two
months, the collection and expenditure
of which w e consign to our successors. '
Thanking the committee for courtesies,
etc., we are,
Executive Committee,
Promotion Fund.
two others, but did not consider the dam
age to his ves-cl as amounting to any
thing. He was well able to continue to
this port, but for the sa
jured men he put back to port that they
may receive the attention they noede.i
and which could not lie given aboard
One of the unfortunate victims of the
heavy sea, the inessboy, Anton Mai
lavia, a Spainar.l, died from the results
01 his injuries, ana one, a seaman, is
seriously injured. The Breakwater left
Marshfield, and in crossing out, shipped
a heavy sea which did about $100 dam-
Collections an di eeeipts up to Decern-, ae to the vessel, which was easily re
ber 31st since the reorganization (March I'ai'ed, and would not have interfered
1st), for the promotion fund, have been jw'U her continuing on her voyage. The
SG00.50. niree men who were injuieu are Hiippos
The total expenditure from the pro- etl to wwept against the wind-
motion fund to December 31st as ner,,a8S. or bulkhead, lhe other injured
the cash book, has been $0550.51, leaving n"n are in the hospital at Marshfield.
a balance on December 31st in the pro-jTll(! captain's action in returning to port
motion fund .$2103.99. over a h'S bar, to bring his suffering
Membership Fund. "I!" to succor was commended by ull his
There was collected from March 1st ' passengers, and will be by all who learn
to December 31st for the membership tho circumstances.
fund $1348.78.
The total expenditures from the mem-
The injuries to lightship No. 50 have
11- ii (, cvvtpm thnt. hit i.pvcc i
before been tried west of the Rocky ''P fund as per the cash book to : man determined, try a survey made, and
As a suggestion I believe that if four
or five companies that I have in mind,
were chartered, that i3 chartered and
organized 'with local directors, that this
system of advertising would still lie im
proved. With these companies so or
ganized, I think we would be able to
start them going with outside money.
Concerning a number of propositions
which we have mentioned in our advert
ising and for which we have so far not
had any charter or prospects, we have
You can have it good H.
you want to.
Or bad if you don't take
Tour f rocer returns ronr mosey If ro tot''
Uk Schilling', Best: we per bin
December 31 has been $1157.29, leaving ; consist of her galley house being smash
a balance on December 31 in the mem- cd, 30 feet of her bulwarks being wreck-
bership fund of $193.49. cd, and a section of hep side being torn
The total collections and receipts out. It will cost between $5000 and
March 1st to December 31st of both pro- ;$0000 to repair the damage. Inasmuch
motion and membership fund were as No. 07 is not in condition to lie put
$10,011.28. ! in -Ws place it is now thought that a
The total expenditures from March gas buoy will be put to mark the light-
lst to December 31st from both funds ship's station,
have been $7713.80. I
ine oaiance in me treasury ot wiej T)le j,,.cm,h Mli ;rjHon, oa.ld with
promotion fund, December 31st, wa8.10813O bwheh of wheat nmj& flt
$2103.99, and the balance in the treasury WfllJ cle&rei ye8terday at Portland
A V.r e.tml ...aa (t 1(1110
wi liic iiicuim:i nujff kiuu 'nan tpiut.tof OTw&T&
the total haiance on nana ot botii tunas
being $2297.48.
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
The Roanokfe arrived in San Francisco
yesterday at 7 a. m. The Catania from
this port arrived later in the day.
The British steamer Glenstrae passed
the Golden Gate yesterday, bound for
St. Vincent.
I The steamer Yellowstone left San
J Francisco yesterday for Astoria and
Frank INrrelhind wile, of New Yoik,
are registered nt the Occident.
!. Ty-on is in Atoriu from Eugene,
('has. Zi'imcr is a late arrival fim
San Kntin ixM. He may remain a feiv
K. C. Astbury, who was formerly
county surveyor, is in the city from Gold
Ifi!l. Ore.
Mrs. A, Moore and Miss Maude Smith,
Of Jing liiiuli, Wash., are regisleivd at
the (Iccid nt.
'Mrs. I'. It. Osborne was a passenger
for the t '.pital City on the early epre
yesterday morning, for a fortnight's
visit at her old h.ilne.
A. V. Dennis, of Salem, is in attend
nine upon the convention of the Ore
gon State Federation of Ijilior, as a
delegate from the car'iiters' council nt
the capital. He is a gue-t of Mr. and
Mrs, Judith at their Exchange street
Will I.. Lynn, representative of the
I'acillc Printer' Supply Company, of
Seattle, is mnking n business tour of
Astoria, and will return home this even
Their Unceasing Work Keeps us Strong
and Healthy.
All the blood in the body passes
through the kidneys once every three
minutes. The kidJieya filter the blood
They work niglit and day. When healthy
they remove about 500 grains of impure
matter daily, when unhealthy some part
of this impure matter is left in the
blood. This brings on many diseases
and symptoms pain in the back, head
ache, nervousness, hot, dry skin, rheuma
tism, gout, gravel, disorders of the eye
sight and hearing, dizziness, irregular
heart, debility, drowsiness, dropsy, de
posits in the urine, etc. But if you
keep the filters right you will have no
trouble with your kidneys.
Mrs. E. Nettlcbladc, 133 Astor street,
Astoria, Oregon, says: "For a long time
I felt weak, tired and depressed, suffer
ing severely from kidney complaint and
would rise in the morning feeling so
lame and stiff that it was only with
great effort that I woe able to perform
my household duties. Thero wa an
awful bearing down feeling through my
hips and loins and many times I suffered
so intensely that I was forced to lie
down in the midst of my work. The
secretions from my kidneys were unna
tural in appearance, frequently causing
me much annoyance. I finally learned
of Doan's Kidney Pills and deciding to
give them a trial, procured a boat (it
Chas. Rogers' drug store. The results
that followed their use were very satis
factory. I feel that I can recommend
Doan's Kidney (Pills with great confi
dence to other sufferers."
(For sale by all dealers. Price SO
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New
York, sole agents for the United States,
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
NE! SON IKOYKJl, Vke-Pret. and fiupt.
Canning Machinery, Marine Engines and Boilers
-nt1. i ,M.nm
C. F. WISE. Prop.
ZW.u '.Vines, Liquors Cijan
Hot Lcnci at all Hours
Merchant! Litcl IU 7('JJJ
11:30 a. m. to IIM JBL '"Ti-n
A Chance for Quick-Steppers
Wo arc setting a merry clip for shoe sellers to waltz to.
The quick-step prices w have put on winter shoes should quicken
their going.
It should also quicken the steps 0f everyone who cares fer a bargain
in flue shoes.
OUR SPECIALTY LINE of Loggers' shoes guarantee satisfaction to
the wearer, None better, but a leader of all.
- , M Bond .St., opp. Fisher Bros, Co. ,
It earnestness of purpose, coupled with skill, experience and modira
facilities C0UNT
Then the DISST0N "COUGAR SAW" will continue ti the STAND-
ARD by which the merits of all other taws are Judged.
Astoria Hardware Co.,
113 12th St.
H. B, Parker,
E, P. Parker,
First-class in Every Respest. Free Coaoh to the House.
Bar and Billiard Room. Good Check Eestaurant. Good
Sample Rooms on the Ground Floor for Commercial Men
The Louvre Concert Hall
Rooms in Connection.
Vic Lindbeck, Prop.