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The Ulinery how
Took the Town by Storm
V 1
Wish we could tell all the pretty
compliments paid this Millinery Show,
or tell just how many fine hats found
new and delighted owners. My, what
a success, and the splendid show is
continued to-morrow. More beautiful
hats will be shown from our own de
signer, fresh from the workroom, and
the styles are perfectly charming as
everybody knows. Feel free to come
and enjoy the show.
ortland Stands Third as Wheat
537 Commercial Street
' GRANTS PASS, Or, Sept. 20. Judge
Hanna yesterday afternoon dismissed
Jasper Jennings from custody. Jasper
was convicted of murdering his father
two years ago in a cabin near here.
The trial was long and expensive to the
county. After Jasper's conviction his
sister, Dora, who has since died, was
placed on trial for the same offense, but
was acquitted. The supreme court or
dered a new trial of Jasper on techni
calities, and his dismissal is due to the
fact that many of the witnesses at the
former trial have moved away and the
expense of a new trial would be enor
mous. Judge Hanna's action meets
with public approval.
EUGENE. Or, Sept. 26. B. W. M.
Veatch and G. O. Glenn, the telephone
linemen, have leased the famous Oregon
Caves property in this regian and will
proceed to make that one of the popu
lar resorts of the Pacific Coast. They
will have the place for 10 years and
will erect a big tourist hotel and install
an electric light plant in the near fu
ture; One of the first things they will
do will be to make the public roads lead
ing to the place much better, says the
Grants Pass Courier.
Astoria, Oregon
The Home of Advanced Vaudeville
President Louis Hill, and party, among
which' were number of the Northern
Pacific' engineers, passed through As
toria yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock
on the way to Seaside. They remained
a few hours aeross Young's River, and
then speded back to Portland by special
The party did not stop long enough
to be interviewed, and what their object
in making the trip was, can only be sur
mised. It is figured that they invest!
gated their holdings briefly while mak
ing given rise to the suspicion that they
intend to do something in this section
pretty soon. .
Department of Commerce and Labor
Issues Report For Past Eight Month
New York First and Philadelphia is
PORTLAND, Sept. 20.-For the eight
months ending with August, Portland
ceased as the third largest wheat-
shipping port in the United States, iu
bulletin of statistics issued by the
Department of Commvive aud Labor,
which was received from Washingon
this morning. The Puget Sound dis
trict comes sixth, occupying a position
of lesser note than ports which have
never been known as leading grain
In the period named Portland set
fioat 3,020,88$ bushels of wheat. New
York took the lead with a shipment of
10.lS0.0ffl bushels, and Philadelphia 1
second, with 5,840,180 bushels. Calves
ton 1s fourth, next to the Willamette
River metropolis, with a showing of
3,212,508 bushels. Baltimore exported
2,408,302 bushels of the cereal, and the
ombined ports of Western Washington
2,334.038 bushels, or about 1500,000
bushels less than the amount forwarded
from lone Portland.
For Week of Sept. 23, 1907
Overture Ida Burling
The Sister Team Par Excellence
Singers, Dancers and Burlesque Artists.
Illustrated Song by
Presenting this week, "Colleen Bawn
Hers They Are! The Comedy Boomers
Introducing Up-to-Date Parodies, Clever
Dancing and Some Funny Sayings
Seeing Seattle by the
The Jolly Minstrel, the original
j The Veteran Fun Maker
Now, Those Peerless Entertainers
In a Musical Comedy Conception.
Pacific Coast Armories and Magazines
Are Being Lilled With Supples.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sent. 26. The
United States Navy and War Depart
ments have issued orders for the prep
aration of munitions in the pacific
Coast armories and magazines are being
filled with supples and hundieds of ad'
ditional men have been employed for the
work within the last few months. Ac
tivities have increased remarkably at
the Mane Island Navy Yard, where the
force of men employed in the magazine
has increased from a half dozen to al
most two hundred. Stores and supplies
are being placed In all of the army de
pots. Each cruiser and warship arriving
in vort are being equipped with a full
supply of powder and shells. The trans
port Warren, though scarcely fit for a
voyage, has been ordered to the Philip'
pines with cargo of miles and other
war materials. Government agents offer
no explanation.
The coming of the big fleet of cruis
ers, battleships and desrtoyers to tins
coast is said to be the cause of the ac
tivity at the Mare Island Navy Yard,
where a few montns ago tnere were a
half dozen men at work in the maga
zines, situated at the southern end of
the Island, and where now 200 skilled
employees are working overtime making
powder and shells for the warships,
Carloads of powder for the big guns of
the navy are received at the navy yard
and put in readiness for instant use,
and huge shells are loaded and piled up
in convenient places.
With, an interesting picture entitled,
."The Automobile Thieves."
Next Week, Three Big All-Star Novelties
Patrons of this theatre will please re
port any discourtsy to the management,
at our aim is to present to our audience
at all times a good, clean, moral, high-
class performance, and having made ar
rangementa for bookings in connection
with the large Eastern Circuits will be
in a position to present to the Astoria
public the best talent playing the West
in advanced vaudeville.
a a a done by deeds a a a
N. W. Bower, trustee, to Emma
NeaL lot 4, block 9, Sunset Beach. . .
Peninsular Land & Trust Co. to
Jacob Karki, lot 14, block 115, Tay
lor's ...250
Napoleon Legault and wife to
Crossett Timber Co., W. 1-2 of NW.
1-4 and W. 1-2 of SW. 1-4 of sec
tion 8, T. 6 N., R. 6 W ,2500
10 and 20c
. 10c
Rings Dyspepsia Tablets do the work
Stomach trouble, dyspepsia, indigestion.
bloating, etc, yield quickly. Two day'i
treatment free. Ask your druggist for
a free trial. Boll by Frank Hart'
Drug store.
The steamer Sue II. Elmore arrived
in yesterdav morning from Tilkiuook
with freight and passengers.
The motor schooner Delia arrived in
yesterday from Nestucca with a cargo
of dairy products.
The steamer Alliance arrived in yes
terday from Coos Bay. with freight and
Th schooner Transit cleared at the
custom house yesterday for San Fran
Cisco with a cargo of 700,000 feet of
lumber loaded at the Tongue Point
Lumber Company's plant.
The British steamship Den of Airlie
arrived in yesterday morning from San
Francisco to load for the Orient.
The oil tank steamer George Loomis
arrived in yesterday morning from Cali
fornia with a cararo of oil for the
Standard Oil Company.
Trial of Charles Johnson, Accused of
Felonious Assault, in Circuit Court
The case of Chas. Johnson, charged
with a felonious assault on a 6 year old
girl, was on trial in the circuit ' court
yesterday. District Attorney Hedges is
prosecuting the ouse, while J. A. Eakin
and Howard Brownell are the defendant's
attorneys. The morning session was
taken up in selecting a jury, which is
composed of the following: Frank Cun
ningham, Geo. T. Hills, Win. Bell, A.
Nyatrom, J. W. Walker, Percy E. Allen
las. Finlayson, Chas. E. Ford, Geo.
Flavel, B. J. Sloup, A. R. Cyrus and A
The mother of the child testified to
having found Johnson in a compromise
ing position with the child in his cabin
Which is located near the child's home.
Dr. Mohn, who examined the little one
few days after the alleged assault!
testified that he found no external
marks of violence, on the girl, that
would ordinarily result from the treat
ment alleged. Johnson denies that he
assaulted the child and claims that
when found with the little one, in the
cabin, that he was playing win her. She
had begged him for a nickel and followed
him to the cabin to get the nickel and a
basket that she was to carry home.
E. A. Gerding, Otto Carlson, Alex
Bremler, E. McCoy, S. B. Graham, J.
Butts and John Frye all testified to the
good character and peaceful disposition
of the defendant. All the evidence is In
and arguments to the jury will open this
morning at 0:30.
There is a prevailing iuipresslou In
Atori& that, something big is going to
happen in the way of. developing the
ity before the end of another year.
Optimism is ths keyuote of a great deal
f talk which 1 iu circulation, ami the
pirit of boosting is taking a strong hold
f many of the citizens.
The continual visits of railroad mag
nates, engineers, surveyors, and inves
tors to this seetlou are being noted with
the keenest interest, and with the ar
rival of every man of prominence in
railroad matters, rumor begin to go the
rounds with remarkable rApidity.
Even the most staid people of the eity
are becoming lnnoculated with enthus
iasm, which has arrived after a oloss
study of the situation from, all sides.
lVssmiuti are few and far between, and
the man who doubts the future great
ness of Astoria in the past few months
does not get much of a hearing from the
majority of the citizens.
The establishment of new institutions
in the city have been very stimulating,
and the fact that thoss prophets of pro
greet, the real estate men, are beginning
to get very active in Astoria, has also
added to the feeling that there will be
big things' going on in the city before
many months.
The interest shown in this district by
the Northern Pacitltf oillcials has contri
buted to no small part in the making
of optimists, That a railroad of such
huge interests should select this section
of the west, when it is so actively en
gaged in other parts of the country, as
field for extensive endeavor, is being
noted and salted down by the landed
owners of the city and county.
One of the most stimulating features
of Astoria's grasp for a share of the
general progress throughout the coun
try, is the work of the Chamber of Com
merce; That body has not been blocked
in anything which it has gone after
with spirit, and this has produced a
feeling among its members that there
are great possibilities for it to overcome
in the making of a irreat seaport and
metropolis of this section.
Words of praise for the location of
thecity are heard from every new ar'
rival. In almost every case the new'
comers have added to the general feel
ing that Astoria at last is to come into
her own as the shipping port of the
Northwest coast, and' that nohing can
stop her progress.
EUGENE, Sept. 20. Tin- University
of Oregon opened its doors Tuesday,
September 24th. The first and second
day' registration has shown an increase
of more than 20 per cent over the re
gistration of' the same time last year.
Almost every hk'ti school and academy
in the state Is represented, and a large
number are presenting credentials from
eastern preparatory schools. The year
will mark the highest point in enroll
ment that the University lws yet reach
ed. The very serious question tlint i
presenting itself is how to take care of
all students. The lack of funds has
made it impossible to furnish and heat
all of the rooms in the library build
ing, and for the same reason, the new
girl's dormitory will have to lie idle
for the year. Students, however, are
adjusting themselves readily -to the con
ditions, and the outlook for the year's
work is exceptionally good.
Copyright 1907 by
Hsrt Schsffner tf Msri
When you get
your next suit
see that it is a
The maker itauds
back of every one
$15.00,0 $30.00 I
Raincoats and Cravanettes
We are prepared to show you lome
unusual rain coats. After all we
have been saying about the "styles"
of these garments, you would be
justified in expecting a great deal.
These coats are better than we
have said.
$13.50 to $27.50
Leader In Nobby Clothes
Tha Tyler.
The Tyler is still open, and doing a
good business too. It was predicted that
this resort would be a success and It has
proved that the prediction waa correct.
Clarence Tyler, and his able night man
ager, Harry Towlcr, have held the many
friends they had, and hsve made many
more since the opening night. Business
Is always going on there and for an or
derly conducted place The Tyler is par
excellence. The location, Sixth and Bond
streets, is well known.
S. F. Veteritiry College Opens Oct 1st.
For catalogue apply to Dr. Chas.
Keane, Pres., 1818 Market street, San
Girl Wanted.
A girl doflring to attend school and
Jo light work for her board can find such
a place by applying to ths Holden House.
Oliver typewriters and automatic
stenographers at A. R. Cyrus, 424
Commercial street tt
Low Rates to the Coast.
During September and October the
Canadian Pacific, is making very low
rate to the Coast. For full particulars
on or address, James Finlavson, Agent,
Astoria, Ore.
Owing to the big rush for suits and
overcoats it will be impossible for my
tailor to press clothes as ususl (except
those bought during the sale). As eoos
as the sals shall end, then we will be
pleased to press ALL clothes, as before.
Herman Wie's store.
' General Robert E, Lee.
was the greatest General ihe world had
ever known. Ballard's Snow Liniment
is the greatest Liniment Quickly cures
all pains. It is within' the reach of all
T. H. Pointer, Hempstead, Texas Writes 1
"This is to certify that Ballard's Snow
Liniment has been used in my house
hold for years and has been found to
be en excellent Liniment for Rheumatic
pains. I am never without it.
Sold by Frank Hart, Drugstore.
Largest and most complete line of
rugs, Hildebrand & Gor.
Social Dance.
The Assembly Clum will give another
one of their social dances Saturday
evening, September 28th, at Logan's
Hall. Anyone holding this or last year's
invitations are cordially invited. 27-2t,
Of Interest to Many
Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case
of kidney or bladder trouble that is not
beyond the reach of medicine. No medi
cine can do more. T, F. Laurin, Owl
Drug Store.
Girl Wanted
lira. Herman Wise is in need of girl
to do general housework. She offers
good wages, a good heme, and good
treatment to a good girl Here it a
fine chance for a nice situation.
Columbia and View (rapnophones
and latest reeords at 424 Commercial
street. A. R, Cyrus. tt
New Grocery Store.
Try our own mixture of eoffeo the
J. P. B. Fresh fruit and vegetables.
Babollet A Co. grocers. Phone Hals
$2.00 Saved by Buying Tickets
at Astoria. SeeG.W. Roberts.
Agent, 0. R. & N. Dock.
Through tickets for all pelnta la the
United States and Europe. Quick tin
and excellent service.
A New Route.
The new Canadian Faciflo routs via
Spokane is the short line to St. Paul and
is fast becoming the popular route.
Saves you four hours to the twin cities.
If you want ths best travel via the
Canadian Pacific.
The Place To Dine.
Where shall we dins? There ahoulj
be no question about thai If you have
no appetite, but feel that you should
dine, drop into ths Palaoe and, if you
meet Arthur Smith, k him to pre
scribe for you. He'll do it, by laying
something tempting before you, and
while he does not wish to Interfere with
physicians, prescribing for dyspepsia, he
Is in the business to cater to men's
stomachs. Try him once and then you
will always dine at the Palace.
Free Wall Mapa.
A largs wall map, very complete and
carefully printed, exceedingly useful for
reference and general Information will
be furnished free of charge. Apply to
O W. Roberta, agent' O. R. A N., As
torts. i-tS-t.
Fancy Bartlett Pears
$1.00 Per Box
The season is getting late, so you will have to hurry
521 Commercial Street
Phone Main 681