The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, September 27, 1907, Page 2, Image 2

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    THE MORNING ASTORIAtt. ASTORIA, OREGON. 'r:5TrnnpHir Friday, September .7, iW
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mini m Mwvtntl-nlAjfl matter July
0,10. at U poswfflos at Astorl, Ory
cos, under lb act of Centres ot tknb 1,
MtfbiM A ftfc UlMHU Af TH MOB
wesaroauirsoeitl resident er place of
throuib toteihoo. Any Irregularity In d
iiwrj should b uniitlj rporud to ttx
U City of Astoria.
Offlelal paper of Clatsop eoonty ana
Tit Portland Oregonian it (till gag
ging over the indigestible morsel handed
down to it, recently, by the supreme
court, in the matter of the unconstitu
tionality of thd "Port of Columbia"
law; jit does not teem to be able to rid
its offended stomach of the dregs of its
chagrin. At ail events it harps bitterly,
and Tainly, against the decision, and is
engaged in a futile effort to instruct the
appellate tribunal as to its laches in the
original appeal, as well as directing it
in the matter of the projected plea for
a re hearing; all of which is singularly
undignified in a paper of such standing,
and a tacit insult to the upper bench.
Its latest and most conspicuous claim
as against the decision complained of,
is, that the law did not create a special
municipal corporation (which it flatly
forbidden by the latest amendment to
the constitution of the .Ute), because
it was a matter of elate-wide interest
and value. The absurdity of this claim
U manifest when it is remembered that
the bill specifically limited Us functions
and territory to the three counties of
Multnomah, Columbia and Clatsop;
whereas, if it was purely and wholly an
Oregon matter, it should have made the
terms and purposes of a breadth co
equal with the last county and boun
dary of the state. This may be sup
plemented by the declaration, that the
bill was, primarily, solely, and abso
lutely, a Multnomah scheme, no one in
the two counties annexed (for the pur
poses of color, pretext and humbuggery),
ever heard of the thing until it was
launched, surreptitiously, in the Legis
lature and wis there clubbed through to
enactment before the people of Mult
nomah, even, knew of its existauce.
Columbia county sat supinely by and
let the outrage go unchallenged, but
Clatsop went into the ring of publicity
with it and sens a corps of able attor
neys to Salem to present the claim of
this county as to the unconstitutionality
of the bill, and defeated it "hide, hair
and horns." Xovr the Oregonian is set
ting up a howl about the temerity and
the success of the "minority" in but
ting in, and baffling the existance and
operation of this wise and beneficent
provision of. marine law (that was to
hog the last ship, cargo, dock and inti
mate interest, at Portland, to the utter
subversion of every port in the state).
It confesses, blindly, that the work of
defeat was wrought by S per cent of the
people alleged to be in interest, and
deliberately lies when it avers that the
95 per cent, or the majority, knew, ap
proved of, and wanted the law. Out of
Portland's (nearly) 200,000 people, we
solemnly assert, without fear of suc
cessful contradiction, not an even thou
sand citizens know, at this day, the
salient features of the "Port of Colum
bia'' law.
The Oregonian will Uo well to remem
ber that the "minorities' iu this vast
liumau hive of ours are the agencies (or
good, always; that the little group of
thinkers and doers and explainers, is
the championing, saving, and guiding
f not or, always; that if i the protesting,
arguing, fighting, figuring bunoli that
wins out against the blind and helules
majority that goes, sheep-like, into the
pit dug for it by the syndicated
leaders of the alleged majorities; In the
language of a celebrated American pub
licist, "The chosen heroes of this earth
have been in a minority. There is not
a social, political, or religious privilege
that you enjoy today that wa not
bought for you by the blood and tears
and patient sufferings ot the minority."
When this peculiarly Portland meas
ure was pending iu the Legislature,
rumor was busy in the State House
lobby, to the effect that there was a
big graft, to-wit, ifJOOO. iu the thing for
a certain well-known mmler of the
Oregonian's staff, in the event the bill
became law. and that, under its suc
cessful operation, the Oregon Railroad &
Navigation Company sold its only tug
at the mouth of the Columbia River,
the Wallula, for a certain extraordinary
figure; and tinea this same Oregonian
writer is still writing, or dictating, the
utterances of that paper in this rela
tion, the assumption that rumor was not
altogether rumor is admissible. This is
the same gentleman who took a fiver
down to this port from Portland, for
one day, with a copy of the measure,
showed it to three citizens here, and no
more, and then went back to Portland
and Salem, end gave it out that the
people of Clatsop county were unit
for the bill, in fact, were clamoring for
its euactmvnt, etc., etc.
Astoria fought the bill because it was
designed, first, and last, to kill this, the
best port and barter in Oregon; be
cause it was a Portland measure framed
for the express purpose of fastening at
that alleged port, for all time to come,
the marine interests of the state; be-
lrt,a If. waft nnnn lis fa, llttl1ir iiti.
constitutional; because it wi tht patent
scheme of group of Portland ship
owner's, aided and abetted by the afore
said Oregonian writer, to particularly
damn, defeat and destroy the Fort of
Astoria, and hold the balance of power
agiint this place forever; because It
was dangerously drawn and gave over
to the commission it created a free hand
iu the assessment, levy and collection
of taxes, after the sum of it original
fund was exhauted; beoause it vmt a
sham, a bltud, a trap, an evil and a raw
injustice to every man in Columbia and
Clatsop county, in that it taxed their
cit Icons for the nwinteuance of a sys
tem that would, within two years of its
application, leave the lower counties and
their ports, ahiple, and dockless, and
possessed of the two barren privileges
of seeing the sea and river fleets sail by
their towns and wharves to, and from,
Portland; and paying handsomely each
vvar for the humiliating spectacle,
We make uo sort of denial that we
are fighting this and all other rotten
plans, emanating from the metropolis,
for the discomfiture and detriment ot
Astoria as seaport end at the second
city in the great State of Oregon and
will continue to scrap until we have won
recognition at bands that mean well by
us. We have nothing to hop for from
Portland; that hope never existed In
the heart and conscience of Astoria.
Portland take our several millions ot
money annually and hammers, and
block, and curse us from years end to
years end, and we know just where w
stand in her commercial eye. But there
is a near-by day that holds the key of
our deliverance; when that hour comet
we shall take our place and do our work
without let or hindrance, and we'll do it
honestly, for Astoria, and for Oregon.
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Much interest he been shown in Eng
land in a Mm coal product named coal
ite, A practical demonstration of it
use wi made at New Castle recently.
Coalite is bright, hard substance, simi
lar In appearanc to the bet grade of
coke, ami in binning makes no smoke
and produces, it i alleged, twk-e the
heat of v-il, while coalite lire lasts
40 per cent longer than the ordinary
coal Hi. Coalite is produced by a pro
cess similar to that employed by the
gas companies for the gas companies
for the production of coke. Gas com
panies treat coal at a high temperature,
the gas and by-products being collected
end tli residue being coke. By the
coallt success, however, the coal Is
treated at a much lower temperature,
with the result that the gas obtained is
much rlohcr, at also tr the by-products,
the residue being coalite, which can be
easily lightened, and which burnt with
great steadiness and economy.
, The use of coalite In Loudon, when it
is being adopted largely, is expected to
abate In a large mo sure the present fog
and ttuoke nuisance, A ton of coal pro
vinces 70 per cent of coalite, but itt heat
ing power being much greater, the ton
may be said to have suffered no lost in
value, while at the same time the gt
and by product have been extracted and
A coallt company he been arganied
and will erect work at Barking, near
London, where some three million tons
of coal will be treated annually, Tb
process, It is said, can applied to all bi
tuminous coals, and contracts have been
made to supply 2,000,000 tons a year to
Ixmdon alone. .
eommltt of the Port James Flanagan, i
It. C. Dior and llenery Sengstacksa
held a meeting yesterday and discussed!
the matter, of purchasing a dredge.
There will b a company organised for
purchasing the dredge which will pro
ceed with the work a toon a it can
be purchased and brouglvt to the Hay.
Afterwards, If the people of the Hay
district wish to take it over, the coin
puny will sell It end the commission
will have charge of the work. The pi
sent plan It to obtain Information about
a combination bucket and suction dredga
at Portland, of a 4,000 yards capacity,
which has been In operation for on .
year. This dredge -J not of sultlclent
capacity, but it can b re-arranged ami
enlarged to capacity of between four
and six thousand yard, which would
fill the requirement. Captain Puhle.
mils has been asked to Investigate th
matter for th eommltt and he will
likely hv hit report her oon. Th
cost of the dredg In mind will be about
forty-flve, thousand dollar, complet
with tb larger capacity. It I now
planned to at first dredg a good shin H
channel from North Bend to tb C. A.
Smith mill on Isthmus Inlet with
depth of twenty feet at lorn water. Such
an undertaking will require the removal
of somewhere around on million yard
of arth. .
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