The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, June 29, 1907, Page 2, Image 2

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SATURDAY, JUNE ig, 1907. V
latabUahed 1I73.
PablUhfrd Daily Except Monday by
By mail, P "0"
Qj carrier, par month JO
8, mail, par year, in advance.. I l.OU
httmA u aiwwnri-elMS mailer July
m ian t tii i.ati.inM ftl Astoria. Ore
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fWOritn for U Wlmm ot Ts Mor
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rrWmlM U twMditMr rspoited So Out
Official PwMnr of Clataop county and
Uxettr of Astoria, .
- WEATHER. . .. .
V. . : - '
Western Oregon and Washing-
ton Fair and cooler except
near coast.,,,.. .-.,
The Portland Oregonian, it seems to
us, wilfully dodges the question as to
the pre-eminence of Astoria as the
shipping port' for the eoninieree of the
State of Oregon. It U not a question as
to whether Astoria or Portland woukl
lose, or gain, by the shipping being done
at the mouth of the Columbia River!
As our esteemed ex-President, Grover
Cleveland would say: It is a condition,
not a theory that confronts us." .
The condition is this: Astoria is in
a position to do the shipping for the
State of Oregon and the Inland Empire,
cheaper than Puget Sound, and if such
is the ease, the producers and consumers
of the State of Oregon would reap the
benefit of such cheapening of freight
and charters, and the State of Oregon
would be correspondingly enriched.
With the water-level grade, and a
shorter haul for the railroads, from the
great empire to the East of us, and a
tea-port within 12 miles of the ocean, as
against a tow, and a traverse of 140
miles from the sea to the Puget Sound
Torts, we of Astoria are in a position
to secure the cheapest freight rate of
any port on the Pacific coast, not ex
cepting San Francisco. We ought to be
able to charter ships to Astoria for less
than our rivals on Puget Sound, and
certainly cheaper than Portland can;
therefore, every loyal Oregonian should
lend a hand to secure and take advant
age of such a portion, and they will do
so when they realize the immense gain
innuring to them by so doing.
The ancient bugaboo that the Oreg
onian still harps on, and which it plays
in so many different keys, towit, about
dredging the Columbia river and taking
the ships as far inland as they can go,
and asserting that Astoria is hostile to
Portland in that endeavor, cannot de
ceive the business men of this, and ad
joining, states any longer. Astoria is
not hostile to Portland in its eflorts to
have the shipping of the State done at
Portland just as long as she can do so;
only we see the shipping business leav
ing the river and going to rival ports in
the State of Washington, and we stren
uously object to that condition of affairs,
and claim that if Astoria had been uti
lized by the railroads entering Oregon
(lo! these many years), as their "em
baTcadero" as our old friend C. P. Hunt
ington advised them to do, we would be
doing a great deal more of the exporting
and importing than we are now doing.
And' to corroborate ouf deductions
along this line, we beg to quote from
vesterav's issue of the Oregonian in
which it reports a meeting, in Olympia,
of the Washington State Railway Com'
mission, where sworn and expert testi
mony was given showing that Puget
Sound is a better market than Portland
for the products of Eastern Oregon and
Washington (wheat, etc.), and that
higher prices are paid at competitive
points "than at 0. E. & N. non-competi
tive points,"
'The Astorian is trying to chaange that
condition, and suggests to the great
daily paper of Oregon that it stand
shoulder to shoulder with us in so
laudable an endeavor, "Play Ball," Mr.
Oregonian man, and show that you are"
what you claim to be, an Oregonian, and
loyal to the business interests of your
whole state, instead of bolstering up
the business of a few foreign exporters
in Portland, and muddying the waters
and obscuring the issues by the con
stant assertion that Astoria is trying
to steal your business 'and ruin your
prestige, when, as a matter of fact, the
contrary is the case. WE WISH TO
When the time shall come (and wme
it will),' that the common-point rate in
wheat and breadstuff is to be extended
to Astoria, it must be born in mind
that w will newr be satUfted with the
whedules of Pnget Sound wr Portland
Xothina but the wean, the seaboard
the San Frauvlaw rate, will ever fill our
commercial calculation and put us on
the ulane to which we aiire oy every
right and faculty that pow invents the
sreat California port, There must be
iu differentials operating against this,
the chvest-lving, quickest-despatch,
facile and ample harbor on the western
coast of America. We wont stand for
iti nor do w have to, under the law.
and the best precept of the shipping
W-art fioinc to take our place in the
largest opacity yith which nature has
endowed us, and which tn commercial
potentialities shall concede when they
shall have realised the blunder of the
year and posted this port as the cheap
est. safest, and handiest of all tneir
American Pacinc destinatkma. We care
not what shipping shall go up the river
to Portland nor upon what basis. W long
as the flat, seaboard rate 1 quoted out
of here, or better yet, a preferential
rate, hence, foreign!
This is the substance of our contest.
We are striking for the beat and highest
to which we are entitled nd knowing
our advantage, will never rest till they
are attained in perpetuity.
It i Mr. Ellison's opinion that "we
know about one seven-billionth of 1
per cent aboutj anything." The in
ventors and scientists of the future
will be unable to complain that there
wasen't any core.
One of the four words of English
General Kuroki knows is "How?" In
conjunction with "Same" it may be re
garded as a considerable working dictionary.
Rotterdam spends $4,000,000 annually
for American cotton-seed oil to be
worked up into butter, lard and cooking
compound. Posterity will be wise if
it knows what it is eating.
v - 0
General Kuroki has possessed himelf
of the secrets of Uncle Sim's fighting
strength. In the event of war with
Japan he could not with propriety, sit
in the case.
Japan may be saving next that Tokio
is better governed than Frico. With-
ont discussing the point, Frisco may be
said to take its punishment steadily.
The longer the trial continue the
more generally the country acknowl
edges the aptness of the phraae "unde
sirable citizens."
An Answer to the Statements of II.
The discovery of sun spots does not
seem to excite the same public enthus
iasm just now as the finding of shade
areas in the East.
All other crops may fail, but there is
never any deficiency in the output of
June brides.
XEW YORK, June 28. .James B.
Duke, the wealthy head of the American
Tobacco Company is to be married to
Mrs. William Inman, a well known so
ciety woman of Atlanta, the last week
in July, according to an announcement
nublished In the American today. The
edding, it is stated, will occur in
The Atoria Ihilly Hudcet of June 20,
l!Hl7. minted Mr. Mcttowan "Rco
nined as one of the bent posted ami most
intelligent wen iu the packing of Culum
hia River salmon." Sow the above ma;
tie true but savor too much of lg
and nnneeary semi scuiTiliiiu phrase
to guarantee hi claim to intelligence.
And it is mieer how treat tuiuda wi
differ. Prof. David Starr Jordan claim
that the fixed gear such as traps, seine
and wheels are a detriment and neat-
all of MeGowun' llh come from trop
He says Mnt criticism mav well be
waged again any policy that tends t
expose great interests to possible or
probable danger' and "NotHiiig of bene
fit can result from the plausible narad
of selfish and pernicious activity under
the pretentious disguise of public in
terest." . . ., ,. , .,,
The above two quotations are such
prominent contradictions when taken
with hit whole statement as he is
really trying to atop the fishing by the
majority and 'till pose as a friend of
the public at large.
Sneaking of protection to adult salmon
he say "Countless plan have been pro
posed to this end most of them hatched
bv agitators who usual have an axe
to grind and sometimes represent the
fine Italian hand of some one higher
up." Sow we will look and see who h
the axe to grind. The Mcflowan are
called the fathers of the trap and the
hances are would never have appeared
in print but for this fact, and hi does
not show the fine Italian hand from
above, for his inspiration seems to
come from the lower source and hit
sling at trade union shows hi enmity
to the people who have co-operated with
the legislator from Clatsop county and
have always been opposed by Mr. Me
(iowan he says, "It ha always been a
rabbit' foot for the wingless vampire
to charm unwilling theekles from the
pockets 01' toil that his paunch might
gather a living of tat." Now if this
winged creature angel McKowan could
have only trap there would be no toil
ers in the fishing industry to charm
unwilling ueekle from hi pauch I
suppose would be more agreeable to the
condition. He say "The Politician es
teem it a potent vote catcher." Yes,
that is so in Clatsop county as every
delegate to the legislature goes instruct
ed to work against Mr. McGowan'a pet
cetfv. He savs, "Main are willing ami
some professional parasites are eager to
do something for the atoon by sacri
fice of the other fellow." Mr, Mctiowan
surely belongs to one of the above
classes, and if he had his way the gill
net men would pay the sacrifice. His
jtiotation oi a retired fl-herman and
' ir t'm'. t'...- .:-!i::i'. ':ntld be dure in f'sr tmc wh;"S M 15 nn l
lit htv.p 3 da"! Sow i? were lo
aooptthe nme law that have lieen
jidimted m th -Saeramenio Itiver mm
im built the fishiiiff up troin mrtbiug to
larger than the Columbia, by stopping
the traps and seine and doing nearly all
the fishinn at night, giving the flh 18
hours' protection instead of having traps
which only fih, in daylight and clear
water when the Kill nets could not catch
fish in daytime and water clcur. The
Columbia River i about the only liver
where the fiixed gear works unrestricted
and they alone are lesponsible for the
present shortage of flsh as our promi
nent fish culturists condemn such gear,
and as evidence of their wisdom the
continual decrease of fish in the Colum
bia River.
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rites: Tbie it to certify that I nave
need Orino Laxative Fruit Syrnp for
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tical remedy for thia trouble, and it la
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reference." T. F. Laurin, Owl Drug
MINSEAPOLI8, June 28.Iames V.
Barnes, former president of the Title
Insurance Trust Company of thia city
now defunct, was arrested here last
k'ht on a warrant charging him with
embezzlement. There is a shortage of
over $150,000 on the company's books
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NEW YORK, June 28. Two members
of the United States army have reported
to Leo Stevens by order of the War De
partment, to receive Instructions in all
branches of aeronautics. Die men arc
Corporal Edward; Ward, and Privottc
Joe Barrett,
Mr. Stevens expects within a month
that his two army pupils will be expert
balloon constructors. They will then go
to Washington and will make some trial
trips in the big government balloon un
der instructions from Mr, Steve'n. '
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it Time
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