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    VOLUME LXIil, NO. 117.
Proceedings in Missouri
- Supreme Court. .
Commissioner Anthong's Report
- Says Standard Oil Can Be
Turned Out of Missouri.
It Supreme Court Affirms Findings tut
WsttriPierct Comptny Will Lost Its
Ffanchlst Standard and Republic
Companies Ordered Out of t Stat.
JEFFERSON C1TV, Mo., May 24.
CommUsloner Anthon.v, appointed by
the MU-ouri tuprtmt court to take
testimony la tht outar ult of tht state
against tb Standard Oil Company, to
day md II report to tht court. He
kulilt tht tht evidence Introduced l
Hilllelent to oust the Standard Oil Cora
pany ami tributary mpaule from
AttorneyGewral Hadley filed the
uit la tht supreme court two year
go, charging, that tht Wnudard Oil
Company, tht Water Pierce Oil Com,
jinny and tlr Republic Oil Company
vert In a trruat, and wert partlct to a
Conspiracy to control tht price of oil
and petroleum product In MIourl
and to limit competition In tht oil
ImikIdmi. v
wtudge Anthony, df" Frcderlcktown,
llii, was appointed by tht supreme
court to tk tcntlmony and report hl
finding to tht court. Mora than a year
lis 1 been occupied la tht taking of the
testimony, witnesses having been
mined la New York, St. Louit and
otjicr dries.
In hi report to the court, Judge An-
showing the organization and conduct of
iL. ' 1 VI. hAal. It.. ....w.
that the evidence shows that in 1001
the Standard Oil Company, Waters
ricrce and Republlb Oil Companic en
tered Into an agreement which continu
ed to exlt up to tht time of the filing
Of tht suit for tht purpose of fixing
and controlling tht price to be paid by
Tctall ilenlrr nd other in Missouri
for the product of petroleum, and to
"limit and prevent competition In the
liulnen of the buying and telling of
. , Y Y
The commissioner further find that
the three companic from 1001 up to the
time of bringing the ...It by the '.tM to 'J ,one wwlthlttl
rn....i ma. I" the wqrldj a railroad man known
.v....,V ,.v,,..
Flrit Fix and maintain the price df
tht refined product of petroleum sold
In Missouri, consisting of ooal oil, gaso
line and naptha.
ftynnd Control and limit the trade In
auch refined produott of petroleum In
iht atate.
Tlilrd Prevent and destroy competl
tion ia the purchase and tale of suoh
refined produett of petroleum.
The report ayt that In pursuance of
ilie agreement the oil companies pre
vented competition among themselves
and others In Missouri, teeming control
of 00 per cent of the oil business, de
priving the people of free, full , and
wholesome competition j that the oil
companies misled the public Into the
"belief that they were separate and dis
tinct corporations, when, In fact, the
agreement made them one corporation.
The finding df the commissioner sus
tained in toto the contentions of At-
rney-General Hadley.
The report of Commissioner Anthony
will now ' be reviewed by the supreme
court. The court may afflrm the find
ings of the commissioner or it may re-
uiatid the cant to hlin with directions
for further proceedings,
If tht rmrt should be affirmed and
Uht (hiding of tht commissioner
adopted by tht court, tht court would
then havt power to . takt from tht
Water lief Company, which ' I a
Missouri coruoraton, It franchise
right as a corporator With regard
to tht Standard and Republic , Com
panies, both of which art foreign cor
pora tons, tht court would have power
to cancel their right to do buIuea In
Missouri. The court my lnite flue
upon tht defendants ,; rli ti r .;
Statistics For ApiU Show As Jucrtsst
Ovtr Last Year.
WASHINGTON, M,ay gi-Tbt month
ly statement of tht collector of internal
revenue shows that for tht month of
April, 1007, tht total receipts wert fc!l,
020,806 which I an Increase for the year
of 12,104338.
Tbe total receipts for, tht ten months
of Uit present flel year amount to
1224,003311, which I an increase a
compared with the corresponding period
of 1000 of 117,700,367. ,
Wives of Striking Ironworkers Attempt
To Drivt Out Strikebrttktrt,
ROME, May 24. Then wert 'serious
disturbances at Ternl, In tht depart
ment of Unibrla, Province of Perugia,
)-eterdsy. Tht wives of tht striker
Invaded the Iron work after their hut
band ba4 left and attempted to tlrive
out tht workmen who had taken the
strikers' places. Troops wert called out
and charged tht mob of Infuriated
women who had broken tbe windows in
tht shop. Reinforcement of troops
and police have been sent to Ternl.
Have Gathered Evidence of Large
Land Frauds.
Frauds la Oregon, California, Colorado,
Washington, Montana, Minnesota and
. tht Dakota Many Prominent Men
Art Said To Bt Implicated,
CHICAGO, May 24-A dispatch to the
Tribune from Washington D. C, sysi
Amasing revelation of a conspiracy
to defraud he., ITnited State of mil
lion of dollur worth of mineral and
timber bind will bt laid before the
grnnd juries of half ' a dozen states
within a few day,
The frauds, it I alleged, will Involve
In criminal charge the names of men
high in business and political circles.
They Include one United State senator,
one former United Slate senator, a
from the Atlantic to the Pacific; two of
the wealthiest lumber baron in the
United States; numerous smaller fry,
including railroad otTicials, coal opera
tors and men at the head, of fuel com
panies. These men whoso names, for obvious
reasons, cannot be made public before
the grand jury acts, it Is declared here,
will surely lie Indicted by the evidence
which is now ia the hands of the United
States district attorneys in half a doien
western states.
These frauds, It was declared yester
day, In an official quarter, extend Into
a number of states, Including Califor
nia, Colorado, .Washington, Oregon,
Idaho, Montana, Minnesota and the
Dakota. Much of the evidence in these
fraud was obtained by Detective Burns
who la engaged' In the municipal graft
prosocutlon In San Francisco, and by
Francis J. Heney, who is prosecuting
the same an Francisco grnlftcrs. Upon
the conclusion of their work In Sn
Francisco,' Attorney Heney and Deteo-
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More Counts; Returned
Against Schmitz. ;
84 Counts Jointly AgainstSchmite,
Ruef Caihoun,MulIally Ford
and Abbot
Two Fall To Accompany Crnj Jury To
Court Rumor Not Confirmed Judge
Coffey Will Accept Ijooo Cash Bail
On Each Count -
speculation which he beea rift fop
week a to what the grand jury would
do In tht matter of Indictments against
the hluh corporation official and munic
ipal olllcer for the tlleged bribery In
connection with tht granting of the
overhead trolley franchlaet to the
United Railways, ended tonight when
that inquisitorial body, returned nine in
dictment on nine counts, charging the
crime of giving and accepting briU-s
and naming as guilty, tbe following
persons: Mnyor Eugent E.,
Abraham Ruef, President Patrick Cal
houn and assistant to the president,
Thorwall Mullally of the United Rail
waya and Attorney Tirey L. Ford and
William M. Abbott of that corporation
and also President Louis Glas and
former agent Theodore B. Ilolsey of the
Pacific Telephone Telegraph Com
pany the last named indictment being
in connection with a deal by which the
established telephone corporation sought
to prevent the granting of a competitlvt
frtnehise to the Home Telephone Com
Pny- -
Indictments containing 84 counts
wert returned jointly against Schmlta,
Ruef, Calhoun, Mullally, Ford, Abbott,
whom the grand jury accused of bribing
14 supervisor, In amount ranging
from $4000 to $15,000 each, to vote a
change In the franchise of the United
Railway by which that corporation
Immediately after the fire last year
gained authority to electrify the 250
mile of street railway system in San
Two additional Indictments wert re
turned against Schmlta one charging
that he sought and accepted from Ford
and Rudf'a bribe of $50,000 .'or the co
operation. In the trolley deal; the other
charging that he sought and received
from Frank O. Drum and Ruef a bribe
of $32.r0 to approve tht vote of the su
pervisorial board, fixing the public gas
rate for 1000 at 85 cents Instead of 75
cents at the behest of the San Fran
cisco Cias ,4 Electrio Company. The
grand jury proceeded to Judge , Coffey's
court to enter 10 true bill. Bail was
fixed $10,000 oa each of the 89 counts.
The accused wae given until 11 o'clock
tomorrow morning to furnish bonds.
Tht judge Announced that he will accept
$5000 cash bail on each count Two of
the jurors, Young and Sonntag failed
to accompany the grand jury to Coffey'
rooms and as It was event they were
laboring under great excijtement just
before tht juror started for the court,
there were rumors df a friction in the
inquisitorial body, it was not confirmed
however. s Foreman Oliver of the' grand
jury said tonight' report wa only a
partial one which, was taken to' indi
cate that more indictments will follow.
Six of the twelve juror wiho will try
Schmitz on the charge of extorting
money from the French restaurants
were finally selected and sworn. There
is a prospect of the jury being com
pleted by the middle of next week.
Proceedings Filed With Interttatt Com
,t. mission Against Pullman Co.
WASHINGTON, May 24.-A definite
effort wa begun today before tbt In
terstate commerce commission to secure
to the public a reduction of tht fare
charged by tbt Pullmaa Company for
sleeping accommodations. This Is the
first tiro in history that a commission
proceeding ha been brought against tbe
Pullman Company. Three complaint
wert filed by George S, Loft us, busi
ness man of St. Inl who allege that
tbe uppep berth art not worth a much
t tlit lower berths and ak for t re
duction of one-half, also a reduction
of one-half in the charge for lower
berths. , . . : :
About One-Half of Winter Wheat Crop
Ia Oklahoma Destroyed.
NEW YORK, May 24.-B. F. Yoakum,
cba.'iman of tht Rock Island k Frisco
executive committee, returned to town
yeaterday from a trip through the
southwest. Mr. Yoakum sid that bui
net wa favorably. Rar
gnrding the damage to tbe erop Mr.
Yoakum said that in Oklahoma about
half of the winter wheat crept bad been
destroyed, although this Wat probably
offset by the increase (n tht corn
crop. In other aUte the damage to the
winter wheat wa much le than in
RAINIER, Or., May 24.-IIarfy Webb
and a man named Knuteaen, both mill
hands, were drowned today in the mill
pond at Howard's Mill. Knutesen fell
into the water and Webb went to the
rescue. Both bodies were recovered."
Mrs. McKinley's Condition Some
what Improved Last Night
Surgeon-General Rixey Says Her Con
ditioa It Favorable and He Has Hopes
That Sh WtU Improve Recovered
Consciousness For Short Time.
CANTON, O., May 24.-Dr. Porteman
after a call on Mrs. McKinley this
morning issued this bulletin:
"I havt found Mr. McKinley much
better in every way this morning. Her
heart actum and circulation , art bet'
ter. She recovered enough to ask for
a drink of water this morning, but im
mediately lapsed Into unconsciousness,'
Dr. Porteman added that the result
is in doubt at a relapse may come on at
any time and her constitution is in
such a condition that she can hardly
withstand a severe shock. ... -
Surgeon-General Rixey arrived today
accompanied ; by Secretary . Cortelyou,
who hurried from New York. They , en
tered the McKinley carriage end were
driven to the homo of the patient;. At
11:30 o'clock, after a eonsulation of
Doctors Porteman, Eyman and Rixey,
Dr, Rixey gave out the following state
ment: " .."', ..,, ;
"Mrs. McKlnlcy'a condition is more
favorable. Wo hope and believe that
she will improve. Her condition, how
ever, is serious. The principal diffi
culty is to' give sufficient nourishment.
t here is a aeemea improvement as to
to the paralysis, which wws limited to
one arm."' j
Mrs, Sarah Duncan, sister of tht late
president, reached Canton1 today and
went at once to Mrs. McKinley' , bed-
heide. Mis Heden' McKinley, sister of the
late president, was unable to come be
cause of Illness.' ..,
At 0:30 p. m. the following bulletin
was issued from the McKinley home:
"Mrs. McKinley's condition U some
what improved but Is still serious." ,
It is stated that she was conscious
for a short time this evening and was
able to take some' nuorishment.
Half of Special Venire
Unless the Conditions Speediiy
Change Another Venire Will
be Summoned,
Counsel For Defense Enmeshes Tales
man In Technicalities and Challenges
Him For Implied Bias Judge Was
Satisfied, But Allowed the Challenge.
BOISE, May 84, The second special
venire of talesmen in tbe Steunenberg
murder' case proving barren of men
qualified to act as juror unless condi
tions speedily change, there mut be
another special venire summoned. The
first half of the present venire has
yielded only one man who- actually
qualified and only ont other who may
qualify. Only- twenty-six df the pre
ent venire remain to be examined and
on tbe assumption that all peremptory
challenge will be used seven more
juror must be found. Talesman Henry
Curti qualified for tbe vacant seat of
Juror Orrie Cole and tbe defense ex
amined and finally passed Juror John
Whitlock. That opened , the way for
tht pereinptoriet again. The state chal
tenged Juror Iaaae Bedell of teat No. 2
and there the proceedings baited for the
day. Nineteen talesmen occupied tbe
cbair during the day and the only one
w ho may occupy it finally Is Fmley
Mi-Bean, the last man to reach it late
, this afternoon. Finler satisfied the
state and passed into tht hands of the
defence just before the adjournment.
Attorney Darrow and the technicalr
ties tf law combined this morning to
throw out of the jury .box a man who
appealed to the court and to'practically
every member of the audience at the
Haywood trial as a perfectly fair and
unprejudiced talesman. , Because. John
Beery, a farmer, held a slight opinion,
which he aid was not fixed and would
in no wise interfere with a fair trial,
he waa challenged for implied bias. The
court denied the challenge, but Darrow,
for aome reason or other, did not. want
Beery to serve, nor did he desire to
throw away a peremptory challenge on
him. Here was the system employed:
Beery was taken In hand by the
lawyer and led into the field of juris
prudence and beside the. still waters of
technicality for half an hour. Then he
was challenged If or actual bias. " ,
"I believe this juror is fair and
impartial," said Judge Wood, "but from
all the record that hat bats built Vf
here, the court will allow the chal
lenge." ; . '.
Detective McPartland made the fol
lowing statement relative to the story
given out by counsel for the defense.
"It is not true Warden Whitney ever
sent for me to talk to Orchard in order
to prevent his committing suicide. So
far as my knowledge goes, . Orchard
never had a watch, Adams and his
wife may have told these things to
counsel for the defense, but I think
that to be untrue."
Coast League.
At San Francisco Oakland 0, San
Francisco 1 (12 innings). , , ;
At Portland Portland 0, Los An
gele 3.
Northwest League.
At Vancouver Seattle U, Vancou
ver 6.
At Tacoma Tacoma 0, Aberdeen 2.
!At Spokane Butte 8, Spokane' 4.
Recommendations to Hagut Say Hothlng
About Disarmament.
LAKE MOKONK, Jf. Y May 2-Tht
recommendation which the Lake Mo
honk conference on international arbi
tration will snd to tht International
Peace Conference soon to 'convent at
the Hague will contain no word oa tbt
subject of disarmament or limitation of
armaments. This was determined upon
today when tbe conference after a long
debate declined to accept the amend
ment to the platform proposed by E.I
win D- Mead, of Boston, whifrh declared
that tht conference earnestly nope that
the subject of limitation of armaments
will be freely and fully discussed at
tht Hague Conference. 7
Strikers Throw Stones and Block Track
Two Women Injured.
SAN ' FRANCISCO,' May 24.-Stret-cars
are operating in every section of tht
city after a fashion today. Several
lawless act were committed this after
noon. Cars wert stoned and two wom
en injured The tracks were blocked
in several places, stone and bricks be
ing piled up to impede progress.
DENVER, May 24. The Rev. A. R.
Hutchinson, Altoona, Pa, was elected
corresponding secretary to the board of
borne missions by tbt General Assembly
of the United Presbyterian church to
day. There were twenty nominations
for the office. Hutchinson was elected
on the second ballot. The Rev. J. C.
Scouller, of Philadelphia, waa elected
secretary to the board of ministerial
relief by an unanimous vote.
Misused Funds of Church Soci
ety for Clothes.
Bondsmen Became Alarmed and Sur
render Girl to Sheriff Appropriated
t:3uo Raised To Purchase An Organ
For Church Organ Received,
CHICAGO, May' 24. A dispatch to the
Tribune from Bloomington, Ills., sayst
.Dismissing her lawyer, Helen Dixon,
yesterday walked back of the bar of
the Circuit Court and pleaded guilty to
the charge of embezzlement of $1,300
from the organ Ifund of the Gleaner So
ciety) of the Second Presbyterian Church
and also to the forgery of a note of
$300. s ., .,. .
The prisoner's demeanor was cool and
self possessed and there was no change
when Judge C. D. Myers sentenced her
to. the penitentiary for an Indetermi
nate term. She will be taken to pris
on today, r; ; Y ... , Y
. Miss Dixon was able to obtain bonds
for the first week after the charge of
embezzlement was brought agansti her,
but when a charge of forgery was filed
and there became rumors of ether pec
ulations, her bondsmen became alarmed
and surrendered her to the sheriff. She
has been in jail since.
Miss Dixon was arrested last , Feb
ruary. She was treasurer of the Glean
er Society and the money sto appro
priated was to have been used to pay
for a new organ. When the organ was
received there was no money to pay
for it Y
When called on for an explanation,
Mis Dixon told conflicting stories as
io what she bad done with the money.
It is understood she spent the money
on clothes for herself.
PORfLAND, May 24-Clarence Payne
of Tacoma, a brakeman, was killed in
a small freight wreck just outside Port
land city limits tonight on the Northern,
Pacific, .