The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, May 24, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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A Piano Number Free With Each $5 Purchase.
Wo Have Today Extra Fine
Apple Blossom Honey
From the Sun Flower Dairy
FRIDAY, MAY H, 19" 7.
Th Leading Grooere
Ml Ml Of 1 10
Ordiunc Signed
Mayor AVIw ytrday gni tb' or
dinance pad by th council at lt
rctfuUr rlun Monday venlng.
Folic Court
"Th plain dtiiiiki appeared la polW
court yetrdy and p14l guilty. In
earn Inatane tb offender wts gently
warned not io appear again aj fined
6 or two day in Jail.
Tb 5cnt round-trip from Astoria
to rWlde. Including Oearheart, We
fcanne, Clevelaud, Kecanlkuln, and
Holiday, announced In tb 1at Iwue of
tb Aatorlan, doe not go Into effect
until Sunday, June t.
Baseball 1 !
Th ItoliemUn play th Trunkroak
tre Sunday at th ball park. The boy
ar out wy evening practicing bard
and there wilt bo several new tarn aeea
on the diamond. A good gam ahould
1 the reeult with reversal of last
Sunday' rult.
Chamber of Comrotreo-i
Manager Whyl wai busy yesterday
moving lno th new room and la now
practically settled and rdy for busl
ne, Tb rooma are airy and neat and
am well aultad for tha u of tb Cham
lr. The old furniture ha been re
finished and add to tb appearance of
tb whole. f
Ptr Kkkna BurUd
Tha body of tha man who gave hit
nam an peter Kick but whoull nam
It I understood ia Xhken via burled
yeeterday at the county' expense after
a futile attempt to locate any of the
man'a relatlvee or friend, by Coroner
pohl. The deceased w a laboring man
of apparently 30 year of age and on bl
arrival at tha hospital had been too 111
to tell bl full name.
Hospital VUltor j
' St. Maty1 Hospital has a visitor In
the perma of the Mother General of
the 8Utr of ProvMencc, who arrived
yesterday muming on the Coluinlila
from Oakland. Mother Antlonett ha
been tuitking a llt of all of the nils
alnna Of the order and cam here from
a trip through California, and will leave
Saturday for Portland. The Mother
Hon of the Order I in Montreal,
Canada, and the Mother General ia ac
companied by Mother Wilfred also of
that place, together with two Siter
of the Order from the Went. The visit
la of an oDU-lnl "nature and, the Mother
General expresed herietf m well pleat
ed with the local hospital and condi
tion. ".
Larceny C ; , ; 'r. ,
' Today a larceny rate will be tried In
which I'rl JUIee accuse Cliri Tobr
of dealing her watch, Chris very kind
ly offered to tak th watcb to the
jewtlera to bav It repaired, but Pearl
tayt the bat neither seen Clirla nor
ih watcb tine.
Street Cleaning
The appearance of the principal
itreet bat greatly Improved during the
lest day or two under tb auepicea of
the crew of men who are awerplng In
front of each stor for a nominal turn.
Kilt thing would b much better if
everyone came In nd (0 avoided the
patchy appearance which i only too
apparent, becaur certain occupier of
frontage (It would be Invidious to
mention name) do not tee their way
to illtf nn the necessary 25 or 60 rente
to have thelr portion swept.
A iiii-ctlng of the board of
Cilunilion wh held lt evening to con
ld'i ecvciHl of the new Improvement
to be made at aoiue of the xchwda of
the city. All of the board wan present
with the exi-e))tiou of Jhiii W. Welch.
The two bide, for the grading of the
.1 1.t l L 1.. .11.11-.- '
anu in vimirnien me uuuuinK cijio
ni i I Ice waa iimt nn led to nee' what the
work could be dwte for on the day labor
The plana for the addition to be
built onto the Adair tchool were ul
milled by Architect Wick and were ac
ccpted by th iKiard, Kid for the con'
ati-uction of the addition will tie opcued
on June 11.
The Jtuflding committee waa al In
atructed to adverting for bid for the
painting and kaloomlnlng of the Mo
('lure building, Alo to advertiee for
!i on a new beating eyitem for the achool.
Willener vt. Hendenon
Mr, Hendereon, of Olney, jenterdey
hlj;wl complaint againat Mr, Willener
of the name place alleging that the lat
ter had threatened to kill him. The cae
In an outcome of the bull caae which wa
tried lat week and of which more will
be heard on (iaturday, Juatic Good
man bad noma very ilrong remarka 'to
make about Hendrron and hi general
conduct, and would har taied the coat
againtt him had be 'been able. A It
waa be threw the caae out of court,
Hospital Item "
Herman VNIa, a Finn, but four weekt
in thl country, yetterday walked Into
fit, Mary'a llopltal ill with typhoid
fever. The man' condition l critical
liiamniich a he thould have had medi
cal attention two week aim. On big
arrival at the hospital he waa In a
I u por and could aramdy hold hi bead
un. K. W. Kknnan died at th iio.iiiul
veaterdav bavins been in the Institution
nine March. The deceased wa a na
tive of Sweden, 60 j ear of age, and ha
been county charge for aonie time.
ilia death due to coiieumntion.
Conmer I'ohl Intend to hold the re
main in hope of locating tome of the
friend If there be any.
Ice Cream
Economy in your Grocery
purchases and your , bank
account will be greater at
the end of the year.
Oregon Strawberries re
ceived daily direct from
the grower.
' HI
Scholficld, Mattson Co.,
Th Dorca Society
The Ikircaa SocU'ty, of Aitoria, will
je cnli-rtuliicl thU evening by MJ
Martha Ivliing at ber home in Upper
town. .
Th Fiah Run
There ha been juat a alint amelio
ration In the run t'f fih during the Iat
4H hour; nothing of any great extent
but euillcient to bold out) hipe oif
brighter proapeet.
Mor Hiatorie Relic
It I an excellent thing for the pro
moter of the late Whang Ho exhibition
that they left thi city ifor the Oak,
when they did. They wer not a day
too aoon! The fire chief baa been busy
looking around under old wharves and
in various ancient barna and jeaterday
he ' unearthed prehietorio exhibit,
which would put th Whang Ho or any
thing of Mich recent date to the blush.
At firt glance It was not eay to decide
for what purpow thl curious piece of
workmanship was intended. But a final
elucidation waa arrived at by a commit
tee of firemen who decided that in prim
aeval day a before Astoria was, when
Icthyoauri and Pterodactyl roamed
the aborts of the Columbia, the anthro
poid of that date made invented and
manufactured for hi female mate a
specie of waihing or wringing machine
and that thi woderful and ancient relic
which, the chief had dug up, wa one
oif the leftover. ... It ia really worth
while to ttike a walk to Chemical Hose
Station No. 2 to ce thl quaint ma
chine. It 1 quite free no charge what
ever! After it ha been freed from the
diit nud dirt of time, it is intended to
offer the valuable antique to the park
committee. It Is thought that, instead
of allowing it to become once more
buried, this time in the hiillvof some
musty muetim, it would terve a more
useful purioe, and at the tame'time be
a great attraction, if it were ued at a
apritiklinx hoe carrier for the now park.
Chief Foater. himself allege that thi
curious conglomeration of wheel and
roller is really an almost-up-to-date
ho-e carrier lietonging to the Astoria
fire department but well, probably
the chief will have his way I
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Parlor Seoond Floor over Soholflald A Matt ton Co.
Retailer Liquor ' Dealers Unanimously
Pats Resolution Condemning
Dane Halls,
The executive committee of the Re
tail Liquor Dealer' Association other
wine known as the Knight of the Royal
Arch, held a 'meeting yesterday at
which they unanimously Missed the fol
lowing resolution:
.Whereas,.-: We believe that .It would
be for the best interest of the legiti
mate liquor dealers of the City of As
toria, a well as for the public good,
that public, dance halls be hereafter en
tirely suppressed and prohibited. There
fore, be it resolved, by the Knights of
the Royal Arch of the City of Astoria,
that we favor the complete upression
of dance halls in the City of Astoria
and pledge ourselves to support the en
forcement of all ordinance oMhe city
prohibiting dance hall or publio dano
ing in connection with any barroom or
place where b'quor 1 soldi and we also
request that no license be granted to
any person for the aalo of liquor In con
nection with any place where dance
hall are permitted.
What does pay day mean to
yout Perhaps you get just
enough to carry you through the
month without t dollar to spare.
Perhaps you don't get even this
much. If auch is the case the IX
ENCE SCHOOLS, of Scranton.Pa.,
would like to get in touch with
you. They have raised the sal
aries of hundreds of discouraged
men an?l are at thi very moment
helping hundreds ett other to
better themselves. Salary -raising
is the specialty of the I. C. S. If
you would like to have your
salary raised, drop a postal to
Astoria, Ore.
Ha will aliow you how easily
the L C. S. en help you secure
promotion. If you are inter
ested, write the postal NOW.
Don't put it off, you'll forget it.
NOW is the time.
II. Rogers, of Portland, came Into
town yesterday. .
S, J. Jops, of Tacoma, came in at i
noon yesterday.
A. L. Thompson is registered at tha
Parker House from Tacoma.
Mrs. Georgia Pennington is visiting in
Portland. ' '' ' '.
Mis Nellie Scully goes out this morn
ing on the Roanok for a few months
visit in Lo Angeles.'
Mvs.Q. B. Blessing and her little
daughter Marjorie, the wife and daugh
ter of 0. B. Blessing, local agent of the
"K" Line, returned to Astoria on last
nlght'a train from a visit to Salem.
P. D. Kuettner, auditor of the A. &
C R. R. Company, was down from Port
land yesterday on business. He was
accompanied by Mw. Kuettner.
Frank Olcson, of Olney, was in to .to
If op a while yesterday.
W. A. Ililli, of Portland, arrived in
Astoria on the noon train yesterday.
S. P. Strong, of Portlad, was In the
oitv yesterday,
. Jame Forsvth came In on the Port
land train vesterda-
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headgear includes the Newest Millinery conjur
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A Graceful Collection
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You'll find every new Summer Shape including
the newest trimmed Sailors, new browns, new
greens, new shades of maize, etc. Now is the
time to purchase your summer hat, while the
assortment is at its best.
Bon Ton Millinery
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The demand for this style,
of footwear promises to be
greater this season than ever
before. Either patent, kid
or tan are correct for leathers
The snoe that is bought
from us is certain to be cor
rect in style. We have them
in all leathers, styles and
Wherity, Ralston Q Company!!
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