The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, May 24, 1907, Page 3, Image 3

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    FRIDAY, MAT 4, im
iUJ IL "
Detectives Who Can Delete Patrol
men Who Patrol.
Maybe You're Getting
Good Cigars-Maybe Not
, Troublo is you can't always tell-you take a
chance and pay your money.. Sometimes you get ft
good smoke and often you get a poor one.
You can to tun of uhat yourt
getting befort you tmofo (fc
No matter where you buy your smokes, or what
. price you paythe best cigar for your money you'll
find in botes bearing this Triangle A mark of merit,
This Triangle A represents remarkable improve
ment in cigar quality. The American Cigar Com
pany's extensive, growing, : buying, storing and
manufacturing facilities and costly equipment, sys
tematically operated in refining and blending the
closely graded leaf, have broughtjabout this improve
tnent without increasing the cost 4i
Th only way you can benefit by the better
quality thus made available, is to be sure the Triangle
A Is stamped on the box whenever you buy cigars. '
If you like a really .good domestic cigar we
Buggcst you try
. Maybe you'd like some other. Triangle A brand
better, but you can't fail to note the immensely
improved quality of this famous cigar-a direct and
convincing result of our scientific manufacturing
l'.' ;t-..n,..4j,.i.M-J
Wall Paper,
I On'account of the large new spring stock coming fend !
I to make room in our store we offer 30 per cent
; off lor the next few days. Buy your
wall paper now while it is cheap. ',
Eastern Painting & Decorating Company.;
'..' - i
Commercial Street, near Eighth. "tJ-
Mandolin, Guitar and
Piano Folios
We receive all the new publications in this form
every month. You can secure from ten to fifteen
of the latest hits bound for from 25c to 50c per vol.
Sec the Show Window
C. F. WISE, Prop. .
Choice Win, Ilquon Merchants Lunch from
and Cigar 11:30 . m. to 1:30 f a
Hot Itueh at all Hours ' ' m Cents
ConiM Ilivsnth and Commercial - .
Sherman Traasier Co.
Hacks, Carriage Baggage Checked and Tranuerred Trueki srd Fumitun
Wgob Piano Movd, Boxtd and Shlppsd.
433 Comiaerci&l 5treet
Main Phone 12)
BAY ill & BRASS lis
m m mm mmm land m mmimmn
Vyto-tM Baw Mill Machinery Prompt attention given to al. repair work
18th and Franklin Av. Tl. Main 2451
CommUiloMf Bingham Busy With BJi
As FUty-en Ytari Service Fail to
Sara Old "Johnny Dunn" Wall Stmt
Hemngai gqueesei Millionaira,
NEW YORK, Majr 23--The art aor
rowful day a for New I'ork'a police fore,
(or aim tb pasg of bis bill Com
mntlaalonar Bingliaia baa bora buily
engaged In attempting to secure de
tective "who ran detect and patrolmen
who patrol. Political power and graft
It la hoped, will at laat succeeded by
efficiency. Of all tbe ahlfta and chan
ge wblcb bare marked the recent abake
up la the Folic Department, but one
may be tald to have caused general and
dllnUretd regret. : Tliat wa the
transfer of Lieutenant John J. Dunn
from tb bead of tb Wall Street
branch of th Detective Bureau to dek
duty In tb little fUblng village of Can
arele: Dunn ia 75 yearn old, frftyone
yearn of which be baa ipent 01 the po
lio fore. Thirty year and more la
Wall Street, and before that a aleutb
connected with th main Detective Bu
reau at 300 Mulberry Street, b U one
of New York most famout peraonall
tie. Great secret of Wall Street are
hidden In the brain of "old Johnny
Dunn," a be ia familiarly called, lie
knew Jay Cooke, W. IL Vanderbilt, Jay
Gould and Jim Fiike intimately In their
day, and among the present generation
of Wall Street financier whom be
eounta a hie friends, are J. Plerpont
Morgan, Edward U. Uarriman, IL W
Roger. Tboma F. Ryan, Jamea R.
Keen, John W. Gate, and many otu
era. For year bit oflle ba been in the
old and new building of the tock ex
change, whence be baa directed the ao
tlvitie of the Wall Street equad
spinal the hordea of crook and eranki
who venture to ero the'"Jd line"
to pwy upon the ftoancial district either
by force or cunning. Once before, when
McAdoo wa CVimntifioner Of Police,
there wa a plan on foot to force Dunn
to realcnt but tb lilir men in Wall
Street whom he knew Intimately, or-
ganlred a parade and! threatened to
march Upon headquarter in a lody and
demand Ma retention, If le epectacu
lar mean were not effective. Thi time,
however, Comtniatloner Bingham has
firmly decided thai tbe time lal come
for him to retire. But old Johnny
Dunn, equally determined to die in the
harnet which he ha worn a'nee 1850,
ha borrowed a uniform and accepted
the tranafer without a murmur.
In one Eddie Lewie, hitherto known
to fame, Wall Street hat a budding fl
nanciep who buin acumen may
one ady fill the breach which will be
loft by the retirement of John W
Gate. At present "Eddie' i only 1
telegraph messenger whose frequent
trip to the vicinity of Wall Street and
Exchange Flaee have given him un
limited opportunities to observe things
while -ragging the bumble vender of
lunch commodities who cater to the
modest appetite of the curb brokers
and their messengers. For a long time
EdJio's own daily sandwich and glass of
milk were purchased at a certain popu
lar stand until be noticed that the taste
of the brokers ran particularly to ear
dine sandwiches, und that the stock
was never ufikient to meet the in
tistent demand. - The nest day was
pulled off the only successful eorner
all Street has ever seen since tbe fa
moua Northern Pacillo coup. Before the
lunch hour arrived, Eddie made his ap
pearnnce with five of his comrade in
uniform, and together they purchased
110 sardine sandwiches the , entire
stock of the place. When the brokers
appeared, hungry for snrdine sandwich
es, Eddie and hi confederates stood on
the sidewalk and offered to dispose of
their holdings at double the usual price.
In exactly fifteen minute they had
cleaned up their "corner", ht a tidy
profit snatched from under the very no
seof the wise gentleman' who spend
their waking hour In dreaming what
they would do with a comer if they
could get one.
Forced to Leave my Present Quarters, I Will Sell
all Clothing, Rubber Boots, Men's Furnish
ings and Oil Clothing
ouest loiiii fficosl!
25 Per Cent Off on Men's and Boys'. Suits
Among the ploturesque but unprofit
able possessions of Father Knickerbock
er which are passing away beifore the
march of progress, are the various pub
lic markets owned by the city. Five
years ago there were ten of these ex
pensive relic Df an earlier day, nine
in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn.
Within that time, however, three of
them have been forced to give place to
other and greater needs of the city, the
$4 Underwear for $3.40
$3 Underwear $2.25
$2.50 Underwear $2.00
$J Underwear .80
$5 Sweater for $3.50
.$4 " $3' ,
"$3 " ;i $2.40
Apron Overalls, 65c
2b'c Cashmere Sox 20c, three pair for 50c
- 50c Working Shirts for 40 cents.
t i
This is Your Chance
To Buy Goods Cheap
The Workingman's Store i j
Is going to move, June 1st, to first door west of Ross,
Higgins & Co., on Bond street.
Chas. Larson Prop. 557 Commercial St.
old Central Market becoming the site
of the new Police Headquarter Build
ing and the Clinton Market a storage
ground for una Stnbet Cleaning De
part men t. Tbe old Catherine Market
waa abandoned. Five of the remaining
markets occupy remarkable structures
in which stall are rented out to bun
dreds of individual dealer in produce
of every sort, and the sixth, Ganaeroort
Market, i simply a vacant (pace oc
cupying an entire block in one of the
city's busiest district, where the small
truck farmer who cross tht ferry from
New Jersey in the early hour of the
morning with Wagon piled high with
vegetables, pay a fee of twenty-five
cent a day lor each wagon. The ten
acre of land now occupied by these
market are valued at something like
$3,000,000. They provide position and
salaries for a small army' of politicians
but the revenue which they produce in
the way of rentals and fees dwindles to
n insignificant sum after the expenses
have been deducted. Now a movement
U under way, backed by a number of
Wot Side business' men in the vicinity
of Vesey and Washington streets, where
the largest and most objectionable tft
these market is located, for their com
plete abolition or sale to private inter
est which will make them a credit in
stead of a disgrace to the city.
The strange looking, near-white bird,
with long, sharp beak and claws and
curiously masked with tiger-like stri
pings, a puzzle to ornithologists gen
erally, which for the past week has
been hovering over that portion of the
city which lies between City Hall and
the Tamany wigwam, has at lat been
identified a the bird of political peace,
somewhat the worse for wear. Ex-
Judge Morgan J. O'Brien, "Big Tim"
Sullivan, and Corporation Counsel El
lison, are endeavoring to lure It from
the, sky to a nest in City Hall Park
with a new kind of bird food in the
form of an agreement between Mayor
MoClellan and Boss Murphy which con
tains the apparently irreconcilable ele
ments that the former is to remain un
hampered in all the appointments and
policies of hi office while refraining
from uch as . would Indicate antago
nism to the Tanmny organization. The
Police Commissioner's batcui, it is said,
has been named as the price of peace;
for, say "practical men" wSiit is the use
First-Class Liquors and Cigars
602 Commercial Street.
Corner Commercial and I4th. ; ' Astoria, Oregon. X
of peace without perquisites, the es
pecial food of the symbolical bird. And
perquisite nave been mighty scarce and
poor in flavor since the Bingham police
bill was signed. Tbe Commissioner,
however, continues to watch tjhe reform
axe with a vigor which contains no hint
of waning power, and "Big Tim," who
always plays the gam both ways from
th, middle, is industriously aaying Both..
ing. So most of tie talking, which has
a warlike sound, strangely reminescent
of Mr. Carnegie's famous gathering, is
left to. the Mayor, who reaserts the
unalterableness of his own position, and
his Corporation Counsel. "Peace with
"honor, he reiteratoa while Tamany sits
tight and says nothing.
Chamberlain' Colio, ' Chol.ra "
Diarrhoea Rem.edy.
There is probably no medicine niaJe
that is relied upon with more Implicit
confidence than Chamberlain' Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Dur
ing the third of a century In which It
baa been in use, people have learned
that It la the one remedy that never
fall. When reduced with water and
sweetened It 1 pleasant to take. For
aale by Frank Hart, and Leading
n!nw nin I
L vIliidM DM i
4 B0MD it, I
. Carrie tbe finest Lisa .
and ' I
: Cigars 1
, wnres; uquom akd qgaxj.
The Owl Concert Hail
Formerly the LaTosca
The Leading Amusement
House in Astoria
Qood music.
Everybody welcome.
Chas. Nlcmi, Proprietor
ISt Astoria street
Eagle Concert Hall
320 As tor St '
Th teadlng amusement house.
Agency for Edison Phonographs aai
Gold Moulded Record.
P. A. rETEESON, Proa.
- -J