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End Expected in a Day
or Two.
Mad Been ill Ail Winter and Was
an Easy Victim for the
rhyddana Entertain No Hop Of Her
Recovery Attendantt Report Hr
Condition Somewturt Improved This
' Morning Bixey Hutrftng To Bedside.
CANTO!, Ohio, May 23-After con
dilation thl afternoon between Dr.
1'otlman, family physician of !r. Me
Kinley and Dr. Eymn, nperintndnt
f th MHlon Stat Hospital and
hyldaa of wld repute, a statement
rf lued tonight saying there It no
Indication that Mr. MrKlnley mi long
urvlv the stroke Of apoptevy from
which b la differing. The doctor ear,
fcowever .that they think that dissolu
lion will not eoro for a day or two.
Mr. MoKlnley h been 111 nearly all
winter, having awffered from the grippe
owe month ago and later from n at
Inek of bronchitis, rhyiiciaii y that
In her weakened condition the I
asy victim for the dleae with which
the wa ttrlrken toilay. Dr. Portmsn
fter hi visit to the McKlntey born at
11 o'clock tonight announced that he
found a change for better In Mr. Mo
Klnley't condition. Sh wa then In
emlcomato tt. When pokn to,
t he opened her eye (lightly. Dr. Port
man ld however that her condition
vat not uoh a to lead him to expect
any great Improvement, neither did he
think the fatal turn eould b expected
Immediately. So confident wa h on
tlii point that he did not expect to re
's, itinin at the MoKlnley house during the
nlght or to make any more call unle
nit for. He regarded Iter condition a
aaCUfactory could be expected, at
, thesame time he could only predict a
aurvlval for few dy at the, moat,
CANTON, ; May 2i.-Attendant at
. the bedside" of Mr. McKlnloy at 1:30
thl morning thought her condition
aomewbat Improved,
By special arrangement Surgeon-General
Rlxey will reach here early thU
morning. .
Will Comtruct Longest And Heaviest
, , .Steel Bridge In World. , ,.
NEW YORK, May 23.-Anothor (tcp
In the progrss ot Oie Pennsylvania
taken thl week when plan for the
Eat River bridge, of the. Now York
Connecting Railroad were submitted to
the municipal Art Commission for lt
ThU bridge will form part of a steel
Viaduct more than three mile long,
connecting the New York, Now Haven
& Hertford Railway ytem In the
Bron with the Long Island and the
Pennsylvania. ; -
It will be the longest and heaviest
iteel bridge In the world. Eighty
thousand ton of steel will, be used In
Its construction.
It will carry four railroad tracked,
mbeddod In (ton ballast, so as to
render the structure noiseless.
. When It Is completed New York will
enjoy for the first time a through
, route between New England and the
south and west, .
The plans for the bridge oven the
waters f IIoll gate show a steel span
of iwo"7eet beFwtett bidmsiis. Tl
abutment are used to devlde the
bridge proper from th tl viaducts
that form the approach to It. Two tow.
era will rise to a height of 200 fet and
will contain rooms needed for railroad
operation. Tht trick themselves will
be 140 feet above the water,
Forker Exsmlnstion of Wltntti Caus
ed Laughable Incident.
WASHINGTON, May 23.-Ma.ror
Frederick J. Combe, Brownsville,
as the only wIlMa before the
Senate Military Committee which Is
investigating the Brownsville affair.
When the direct examination had been
eonrludrd he was handed over to Sena
tor Fraker. The Senator wss parthu
larly Interested In the report that the
eitlxvn of Brownvlll had raised flO,
(XJO a a reward for Information load
ing to the perpetrator of ths shooting.
"There Is no truth In the report,"
said tht Mayor.
"It wa Urtd by an Ohio man."
Foraker joined In tit laugh which
greeted that remark, and asked th
nam of the man.
"I think It wss Longworth, Senator,"
replied th witness.
"Ills flmt nam doe not hitppn to
I Nicholas, doe It," Inquired oFraker.
"I don't remember," replied the
Mayor. !;' '
"Well, of course, you don't mean the
President' ' on-ln lawt" asked the
Senator. ,
Tlx Mayor hastened to assure the
committe that It wa not th Ohio
congressman, ami after much laughter,
th con venation wa expuged from the
Young Girl Assaulted and Killed
With Knife.
Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Shockingly As
saulted and Mnrdered at Elnjhurst
Person Said to Bar Seen Mas of
Foreign Appearance Near Seen.
NEW YORK, May 23.-Alfter a whole
night' work the police today are as far
from a definite clue as they were able
to get, of th murder of Amelia Char
lotte Stafllcld, the 15 year old girl who
was shockingly assaulted and killed
with a knife, at Elmburt, in Queens
borough. Inspector Flood has person
al charge of the case and he admit
his detective stuff has nothing to show
fon tlieir efforts. Every detail of the
crime ha been carefully gone over, he
explained, and no love affairs of the
girl, which might possibly hav led to
the crime, have come to light.
Information gained from an employ
something tangible. This carpenter toM
the police that he paid oft twonty men
yesterday, who had worked near Elm
burnt for two months past. Several of
the men had been drinking and at noon
they started for Manhattan. One is
said ,to have taken a short cut across
the ok Ifarm through the field in which
Miss Sofueld' corpse was found.
.Several of Inspector Flood's detectives
think the crime was committed by an
Insane man, owing to the many revolt
ing phases. s ,
Joseph Englo, the farm band who saw
a man running across the farm shortly
before he found the girl's mutilated
corpse, say that the man's eyes wore
a erased look which startled him. He
thinks that the man was a foreigner.
Adam Hummel, who was working with
Engle also believe that from hi cur
sory sight of the stranger that he was
a foreigner. Engol and Hummel were
I able to give a fairly good description of
tne man tney saw.
TOKIO, May 23 (Afternoon). The
resignation of General Luke Wright, the
American ambassador ' to Japan, Is
widely discussed and the Asalii will to
morrow refer editorially to publio feel
ing In the matter, expressing deep re
gret at bis short tenure In office. . '
Struck Man Who Said
He Lied
Calhoun Verbally Attacked at
Meeting Joff Committee of
Board of Supervisors.
Calhoun Referred To At That Hoodlum
President During Th Melee Troy
Accused Supervisor Boston, of Ac
cepting Bribe Money From Calhoun,
meeting thl afternoon of the public
utllltle committee of the board of
supervisor, called to oonider the reso
lution declaring forfeited the franchises
of the United Railroads, Pre. idea t Cal
houn of that corporation wa virtually
called a lr by E. P. K. Troy, th mu
nicipal owner-hip advocate. Calhoun'
reply wa a blow that caught hi an
tagonist in the face and nearly knocked
him from his fert. Supervisor Boxton
sprang from the chairman's seat and
ordered Troy from th room. Troy's
reply was to fling into Boxton' teeth
that he had taken bribe money irom Cal
houn. Boxton ran toward Troy--but
other intervened and held Super
visor and Troy wa forced to take a
eest outside the rail. "
A resolution wis drawn at the in
stance of the Sn Framssco Labors
Council, and today' meeting of the
utilities committee was to give both
side an opportunity to present their
side of the cae. Troy asked for and
was granted the floor and launched into
savage attack on the United Railroads.
In the course of his remarks Troy said
that Calhoun in a Tlilladelphia speech
three day after the Are, bad declared
that the disaster would benefit instead
of Injure his corporation financially and
that Calhoun had further declared that
the earthquake had destroyed the as
phalt pavement containing the com
pany's cable slots. ' '
"That statement," said Troy, "I ab
solutely false." ,:
Cahoun who had been sitting at one
of the deks, regarding Troy intently,
arose and passed up. to his accuser in
the center of the floor. ; '
"I will not, sir, allow any man to
Mnk of my statements a false," he
"I stand by what I said," Troy re
torted. Calhoun deliberately raised hi right
arm and dealt Troy a stinging blow In
the face.
Troy reeled back several steps but
made no attempt to return the blow.
Immediately the room was In a tur
moil. As Calhoun quietly resumed bis
seat, Boxton jumped to his feet and
cried out to Troy.'
"You come in here to get the privi
lege of the floor to present arguments,
then you use tht privilege to Indulge in
a personal sttack. Let me tell you, we
don't allow men to be called liars In
our presence.'
"I did not call that hoodlum presi
dent of that corporation a liar," restort
ed Troy.
"You did," shouted Boxton, "Now you
shut up you get out "
Til not shut up j 'I'll not get out,"
cried Troy.
"Then by I'll put you out,"
said Boxton and started on a run for
Supervisors Gallagher and Tveitmoe
Intervened. They blocked the chair
man' progress while the other mem
bers of the committee tried to push
Troy Into hi seat.
itruggllng to get free, Troy thrust
up hi arm and shouted sneeringly to
"Yes, I've no doubt you will stand by
the matt whoe money you took."
"You say that to met" demanded Box
ton, "Oh, you j now 1 will put
you out.'
He started again across the floor, his
'ace set and eyes (lathing. A cordon
was quii-kly former about Troy and be
wa forced into a seat. Boxton was
then induced to desist. Word of trouble
pread downntaim to police headquarter
and Captain Con boy and a patrolman
hurried up to guard the peace.
Troy wan requltvd to take a seat out
side the rail.' He made no further ef
fort to address the meeting. No action
wa taken on the resolution which will
prolmbly lie brought up tomorrow.
Presbyterian Assembly Adotped Resolu
tion Hoping For Reforms.,
COLUMBUS, Miy L-The Presby
terian General Assembly today adopted
the report of the scial committee on
marriage and divorce and adopted reso
lution rejoicing in the favorable results
already obtained and expressed hope
of a more radical reform, reaffirming the
deliverance of former assemblies re
garding msrriaga and divorces and en
joining the presbyterle to "Enforce the
standard of the church, to account fop
all ministers ' under their care and to
urge that all minister refrain from giv
ing the sanction of our church to mem
ber of another church whoe marriage
I violation of the law of the church
whose communion . they have chosen.'
Suit in Equity Opened, in Mer
rimack County Court
Judjs Chamberlin Refused To Consider
Mrs. Eddy's Competency and Confined
Proceeding Strictly To Question of
Intervention By Trustees.
CONCORD, May 23.-The first legal
battle to be fought over the person o?
Mrs. Mary Baker 0. Eddy, leader of the
Christian Science denomination in con
nection with the suit In equity seek
ing an accounting of her property was
opened In Merrimac county superior
court here today. Today' heirlng wa
upon a motion of the trustees recently
nominated in Mrs. Baker's recent trust
deed that they be substituted for "Next
Friend" in the suit against Calyln A.
Frye, Mrs. Eddy's secretary and others.
Nearly all the defendants were In court
when the hearing opened, although Frye
did not appear. , Among the prominent
spectators was Judge Ewing of Chicago,
one of the most prominent member of
the Christian Science organization.
General Frank S. Streeter of counsel
for the defendant occupied the floor
throughout today's proceedings. His
argument was devoted principally to a
contention that in order to prevent the
trustees being substituted for "Next
Friends" as plaintiffs in the original
suit, "Next Friends" must prove Mrs.
Eddy's Incompetency to execute the
trust deeds giving her trustees power to
act for her. Streeter claimed it was
the legal right of the trustees to prose
cute the suit 'against the defendants.
He asserted that' if the deed was valid
not only had all Mrs. Eddy' property
been transferred but the right to prose
cute suits had also passed to the trus
tees, and they asked to be allowed to
carry it on.' If Mr. Eddy's incompe
tency to acknowledge the deed wa re
garded as material then the question of
competency must be decided first.
Judge Charmertatn announced at the
outset of the hearing that the proceed
ings should be confined" strictly to the
question of intervention by the trustees.
He said he would not consider Mrs.
Eddy's competency at. this time. The
hearing will be resumes tomorrow.
Citizens Pick Up the Art
Rediscussion of Facts Establish
edand Disputed is Disquali
fying Many Citizens.
Prediction Made That the New Venire
of Sixty Wilt Not Complete Jury
Defense Accused State ot Improper
Questioning Which Started Row.
BOISE, May 23. The net result of
tbiu, the tenth day of the Haywood
trial, was a partial weeding out ot the!
talcmen of the second special venire
entitled to statutory exemption and the
partial qualification, of one juror. The
examination of the new venire has not
proceeded very far, but it shows a re
creation of interest in the Stennenberg
murder and the re-diecueion of the
facta established and disputed is, by
natural process, disqualifying many
citizens for jury service in the cafe and
indicates that the publicity given to the
examination of talesmen ha widely in
creased the popular knowledge as to the
mean of artistically avoiding jury duty
in the cae.
Sixty men of the second special
venire presented themselves when Judge
Wood sscended the bench this afternoon
and when it was announced the court
would hear the excuses, 23 of the 60
marched forward. Judge Wood said be
would accept only those excuses which
clearly came within the statute and
'ten he made good hit announcement
the band of petitioners melted away
very quickly. Five petition weee flat
ly denied, nine temporarily denied, six
nare granted and the other three peti
tioners did not bother to present their
petitions, ;
Then began the attempt to fill seat
nine, made vacant by the release of
Juror Cole on account of illness.- The
first five talesmen had opinions that
would require evidence to change, one
said his opinion would last regardless of
evidence, and they all went down on the
challenges of the state. Early in the
examination, Clarence Barrow for the
defense asserted that James H. Hawley.
for the state, was seeking to lead tales
men up to qualification by improper
questioning. Judge Wood overruled his
objection but he continued to address
the court. Ha wley bristled and ifor a
few minutes there wss promise o? a
scrimmage. The court checked the in
cipient row and the examination went
on. Next, the clerk successively drew
the names of the four talesmen whose
petitions for excuse had been temporar
ily denied, in order to give time for
them to get a physician's certificates as
to the illnes sof themselves or their
wives, and it was agreed that they
should all be passed until the court
finally decides on their application. The
tenth and last talesman called- was
Heny Custis, a farmer, and he gave
every indication of qualifying. Senator
Borah led him over the long examina
tion, that showed him free from opinion
or bias and to be quite open minded.
Just as the state, passed him fon cause
and he went into the hands ot the de
fense Ifor examination, the trial ad
journed until tomorrow.
What amounts to roughtly one-third
of the new venire was exhausted this
afternoon and some of the men who
watch the trial believe this venire will
not fill the one certain and ten prospec'
five vacancies In the jury.
Answer Criticism of President' Msj-t
zin Article On Animals.
SfEW YORK, May 23,-In response
to criticisms by President Roosevelt
that he had only superficial knowledge
of the animals which be wrote, the
Rev. Dr. William 3. Long, a well knows
author of Stamford, Conn., 'I quoted
today a having declared that the presi
dent I a "killer of animal and not a
naturalist. Mr. Long defend himself
against the specific charge of falsity to
nature made by the President and doe
not spare biting term in criticizing Mr.
Roosevelt - j i
President Roosevelt in aa article in
a June magazine wa quotenaTgli9sl,
attack npon writers of animal tor!e
who put forth a fact what are no
more that interesting fiction, with an
imals as principal.
W. 3, Long It perbap th worst of
these nature writing offenders, the
President say. "They are bi toiie
I am told that hare been put in part,
into many of the public schools of the
country in order that from them the
children may get truths of wild animal
Rev.. Dr. Long is a retired congrega
tional cleryman, a graduate of Har
vard, Heidelberg and AndoTer, and the
author of "Wood Folk," "Beast of the
r icui, - ana omer mnuiar works.
VICTORIA, B, C., May 23.-DonaId
McKay, accused ttf murdering William
Tyrrell, an aged negro. In thi city a
month ago, wa found not guilty in the
atsize court after the jury fcsd been
locked up until aftermidnight.
Ammonia Pipe . Exploded I in
Armours Packing Plants
High Pressure Pipe Exploded in Beef-
Killing Department Fumes Penetrat
ed Entire Building Rescue Party
Were Forced To Seek Fresh Air.
CHICAGO, May 23. Five workmen
were killed and several other seriously
injured when an ammonia pipe explod
ed in the beef-killing department of
Armour & Company's plant at the stock
yards.' The building was full of work
men at the time and the deadly fume
escaping under high pressure penetrated
through every department of the build
ing in such a short time that 20 of the
men were overcome beifore they could
make their escape to fresh air. It was
necessary to take all but five to the
hospital An ineffectual attempt at a
search for the dead in the building was
made by employes wearing safety
masks,- but they were driven back by
the fumes, and H was not until six
hours after the explosion that the first
body was recovered, burned beyond
recognition. , A few minutes later four
other bodies were found burned in a
horrible manner. The search is still go
ing on as the men are not all accounted
for. All the dead and injured were
Planned to Blow np Entire Palace in
One Explosion.
Novoe Vremya says la reference to
Prime Minister Stolypin's account of
the plot against the Czar that conspira
tor succeeded during the winter In en
tering tbe Imperial service at the palace.
Letter found on them showed that
they were connected with American an
archists, and that the Russian 'deserters
are now in America. It was their oV
ject to make one tremendous explosion
involving all the parts Of the palace.
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