The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 18, 1907, Page 4, Image 4

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    THURSDAY, APRIL 18, 1907.
The Note of Distinction !
You know what this means
'in dress. The indefinable
something that sets a woman
apart from the crowd.
It's the Hat !
At Jaloff's New Store
you always get the Unmis
takable Style at the Lowest
t 120 11th SI, Between Commercial and Bond Streets
Millinery, Suits, SKIm, Waists, Etc, "
Something New Every Dayv , J
The general-service steamer HW
vest Queen, of the 0. R. & N. Corn
pany, cam down lan. night with a lot
of extra freight for jhjs city.
Th handsome f,iu. moilAl rhnnr
But Little Business on me from, Bangor went to sea yesterday on the
tow-lines of the bar tug
bound for San Francisco.
The Geo, W. Elder Is due back from
Portland on her way to California
ports, tomorrow morning, and will
i leave out at high noon.
I The steamship Costa Rica is due In
Alaska Fleet Of Cannery Shio, About : th! smornir.g fro mthe Bay City, and
Ready To Depart For Nuthagak will return down on her way south,
Bangor Leaves Out For The Bay on Saturday next
City Waterfront Items.
The line steamer Hassalo Is so busy
these Jays she has to chuck her sche
! dule with extreme regularity .
The Kamm flagship Lurllne goti
down late last evening, and did;
not start back for Portland until wellj
on toward moonrlae. She was doing
considerable business, however, which.
always accounts satisfactorily for any
time-card discrepancies.
It makes all the difference In the
i world to the convivial man where, and
! what, he drinks.' Most men desire
beauty and cleanliness, and handsome
appointments in the saloon they pat-
The Warren Packing' Company's ronl regularly, as well as the essen
Alaska ship. Berlin, is still in waiting Ua P'e-requlsite of genuine wines and
f. w , tht. 'mi. -nil "I""" t"t are served to them, And
h. In fln rnnrfition fr her Hummer ' th,n8 are SO particularly
stay in the far north. The Alaska ' conspicuous at Otto
fleet will orobablv get away this week. , eleant resort th Commercial, at No.
i 509 on the street of that name that
Just one year ago this morning the thy account thoroughly for the fixed
line steamship . Columbia was sent anl P'endiJ cosom he enjoys. There
c-.shln from th blocks on which ls nothing allowed to pass his counter
she rode for repair, fh the dry-dock at but best anl choicest In every de
Hunters Point, the terrible earthquake ! Pertinent of indulgence, and the ser
beine th. force that did the damage. ! vlt behlnJ " a. ls the pleasing
' i and satisfying In the city.
The St. Nicholas will close beri
hatches over her cannery cargo some
time today, and will be In trim for her
voyage to the north, for the Alaska
season .In the service of the Columbia
River Packers' Association.
. I
The John Currier is fully loaded for
her trip to Nushagak, Alaska, in the
Interest of the Alaska Flshermens'
Packing Company. She will load In
to the stream this morning.
The steamer Johan Poulsen has ar
rived In from San Francisco and went
directly to the Columbia Hill docks at
Knappton, where she will load out on
the return voyage. '
The fine French bark Leo XIIL
grain laden for Europe, ls due down
the river sometime today, ready for
her long voyage.
Charles M. Gllman, representing the
well known paint house of R. M. JTas
& Company, of Portland, arrived In the
city on the steamer Lurllne last night,
and will be here several days doing
business therefore.
Hon. Swepson Mortcfi came over
yeBterday morning, from the classic
precincts of Knappton, and reports
that flourishing suburb of Astoria In
healthy and hearty condition.
Frank Bourne, the capitalist of
Frankfort, was In the city yesterday,
on business bent He says that rail
way matters are In statu quo over
there Just now.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Schernecka'u, leave
today, for a few weeks visit at Orellla
V A- 'V.
P Reasons
Why it pays you to buy
Millinery HERE I
High Class Materials,
Top Notch Styles,
Superb Workmanship,
Wearable Trimmings,
Exclusive Patterns,
Bon Ton Millinery
Georgia Pennington, Milliner
483 Bond Street, Astoria, Oregon
In response to an Invitation from
Manager Whyte of the local Chamber
of Commerce, Tom Richardson of the
Portland Commercial Club sent tm
following reply yesterday.
Manager Whyte, Astoria Chamber of
Commerce, Astoria Oregon. "Securing
Vice President Fairbanks Is a triumph.
0)ngiAtulaKkhs, Invitation accented.
signed Tom Richardson.
Manager Whyt has written Vice.
President Fairbanks asking If he ob
jects to speaking In the open air and
whether or not he la to travel ln
private car. A special committee will
go to Seattle to escort the Vice Prel
dent to our city and should he not
fcave a private car one will be fur.
nlshed by the local Chamber of Com
merce. However It Is not likely that
the latter move will be necessary, as
It la not probable the Vice President
would travel without the luxury and
cmvenlnee of a car for himself and
Literature boosting Astoria. In the
near future, will be distributed from
the passenger oces ail over the coun
try, of the Southern and Union Pacific
Systems. The matter was first tak
en up with William MacMurray, Gen
eral passenger agent of the 0. R. and
X. and after proving to his satisfaction
that the Astoria literature was as good
aa any put out, he agreed to take I.OCO
of the circulars and B.000 copies of
Walter C. Smith's address. This great
help was secured through) Manager
Whytes efforts and Is one of his moat
far reaching moves In the securing of
a "Greater Astoria." The school
children are rising nobly to the oc
caslon and have .thoroughly grasped
the Idea and spirit, which Manager
Whyte endeavored to Instil Into their
minds. The post cards are arriving
at the Chamber of Commerce head
quarters ln bunches of fifty, each card
contains twenty names and this means
that a thousand persons will be mailed
the literature, the Chamber of Conv
merce has for this purpose. As a re
suit of this method of advertising, peo
pie In Norway, Sweden Flnnland and
other parts of Europe are learning of
the advantages of Astoria.
Have a torpid liver when Herblne,
the only liver regulator will help you
There ls no reason why you should
suffer from Dyspepsia, Constipation,
Chills and Fever or any other liver
complaints, when Herbtne will cure
you. F. C. Walte, Westville. Fla,
writes: '1 was sick for a month with
chills and fever, and after taking two
bottles of Herblne am well and heal
thy." Sold by Hart's Drug Store.
Wanted To Buy Property.
Direct from the owner. Please ad
dress me in care of this office.
All the new Spring Blocks in Knox
hats have arrived at Herman Wise's.
Burial services of Thos. Fannon will
be held at St Mary'a church Wednes
day at 10 a. m. Interment at Green
wood. Members of Cushlng Post are
requested to meet at headquarters at
9 o'clock sharp. B. F. Allen, comman.
Spring models of "WISE" clothes for
men in the various shadings are now
In and those who desire "Wise" clo
thing are Invited to Inspect them at
Herman Wise's.
To the Residents and Fishermen of
Upper Astoria: Dr. Linton, formerly
of Uppertown ls located at 186-11 st,
with a fine line of drugs and sundries.
Leave orders with A. Kraus at the
Royal Bakery branch on Franklin
avenue. Mr. Kraus has a full line of
patent medicines and carries the cele
brated Linton remedies prices and
goods are correct, save money by go
ing to Linton's; Open day and night.
The members of Cushlng Relief
Corps- No., 3 W, R. C. are requested to
meet at Mrs. Cleveland's at 9 o'clock
sharp, April 18, '07 to attend the fu
neral of the late comrade Fannon. By
order of the President.
Mamie Clinton, Secretary,
tnuotu a sjueo ot uauoisv Suituow
flfllvered by carrier.
The delayed Boys' Spring Suits Just
came In at Herman Wise's.
'pal i
5frj I
" 'J 'ill 'I lJil-
4 M 3
Are Here.
AB Wool Fabrics Cot in the
Right Style. r
Honestly Tailored and Made
to Fit, i
Those Hart, Schaffner &
Marx Clothes
Better See Them Now
You'll Need Them Any Day
Copyright 1907 by Hart Schaffner id Marx
"Uncommon Clothes."
Always Right
Dell a Scully, Notary Public ti
fcully's Cigar Store. Any aid bourl
Ultra Stylish Lines.
Charles V. Brown is showing the
last and daintiest things In the way of
Ladle' low shoes, the Garden. Tie, in
Oxford style and the latest finish. They
' Morning Atorian, 80 cents per roont'.,
aresjltra, and no more than that can
be sail. Go after them while they last
Nothing excels them In this shoe-market.
A Guaranteed Presentment.
The moving-picture presentment of
the Burns-O'Brien ring fight at Los
Angeles In November last, as put on at
the Waldorf In this city last night and
now occupying the boards there fall
week, and which is heavily advertised
In ths Issue, Is a guaranteed exhibit
for exact and truthful detail in every
particular of the full number of rounds.
For your watch and clock repairing
go to Frank X Donnerberg the reliable
Jeweler, 110-U street
Go to A. D. Craig tor your tent,
awnings and all kinds of canvas work
12th and Exchange. tf
. For Eleetrle Service Installation or
repair work, go to X 8. Vernon, elec
trician, No. 7 Exchange street, tel
ephone. Main 1441. All manner of
laotrlo and telephone work done at
abort notloa,
Take 'Em To Dell.
Last spring Dell Scully cleaned over
2000 Panama hats foi th men of this
city and still possesses the knack. Take
your summer "straw" to hlra for re
novation and save the purchase of
new ones. He ls the only artist In
Dr. Linton has arranged a great
convenience ln keeping his drug store
open nights It ls the only place In the
city where suffering humanity pan
get relief after business hours, he de
serves your patronage 185-llstreet, in
heart of the city.
A Spring
Millinery Sale!
Our Dress and Street Hats,
on Friday aid Saturday
April 19th and 20th
Will be sold at Lower Prices
than Anywhere in the City
Mrs. JVL Petersen
i .
llth & Commercial Sts. Star Theatre Bldg.
Five Cents to 1310 When you feel
like "sponging" a bit, drop into Frank
Hart's drug store and buy a sponge.
Tou can find Just what you want, from
cents to 13 00 per sponge.
If a man know' anything of his own
anatomy he must be aware that his
stomach la a magnificent organ and
entitled to the utmost consideration;
knowing that he will eat at the Palace
when he can conserve Its safety and
comfort, by eating only the best
cooked, best serveT and most compen
sating meal In the city of Astoria,
day, ornlght, It If always the same,
and the Palace' habit is' one that pays
to acquire. Arthur Smith ls a mas
ter of the-art of preparation and ser
vice, of all things edible.
It Cheers the Cook
If you fit up your kitchen out of our
, New Line of Granite and Enaraelware
which we have just received, y
Fresh Vegetables of all Kinds.
523 Commercial Street
Phone Main ft31