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Asked By Pacific Coast
Are the Present Freight Charges
Form the Coast to
Interstate Commans Commlselener
Preuty Allowed Petition Filed With
Catenae But Will Not G Into Gen
oral Rat Ravltlan,
PORTLAND, April ll.A natlon
roiuliffi) today In tha Spokane terminal
rata hearing before Inleretate Commla.
lunar Prouty whan tha coast Jobbers
aaked lav to Intervene. Tha petit
Inn prnya Cor a radical readjustment of
II rates ifrom coaat point to tha In
terior and allege that tha preaent
frallht charge ara exhorbltant anJ un
Commlaaloner Prouty aald ha feared
tha petition would - Introduce a new
Untie Into the hearing and ireferred
not to go Into a general rata ravlaton
tt thla time. At tha aama line ha al
lowed tha petition to b filed with tha
Uefendanta, the three transcontinental
rallroada entering Spokane.
Theee llnea now hav two foe to
light Joining bnnda with them In
opposing the Spokane terminal rate
are the coaat Jobber. Should, how
ever Spokane win the caw, then the
former allies of the railroad will turn
against them and fight for tho reduc
tion eaatward a well a west.
The potltlon I signed by Cot Love
land, Prealdent of the Pacific Coaat
Jobber and Manufacturer, and E. C.
Olltner, acting tor the Portland Cham
ber of Commerce.
The testimony, today, conaltel of
further evidence lo the coat of eon
miction of railway and the testi
mony of the Portlurid Jobber who d-
nentnl business be done by the water
route and that thl method of trans
porting freight I Increasing. Among
those witnesses wa W, A. Mean, who
dot'lared thjs railroad itlaerlmlnatetl
against Portland in the making of
freight rate" to Interior point. Mean
specified Spokane and Hot a Illus
tration. The wllne declared that
the formation of the Spokane ne
whereby, the district within radtue of
one hundred mile In each direction
from Kkane, wa made a tributary
to that city by tho adjustment of
rato. The result was, he said the
coast Jobbers were shut out of the
territory, they had formerly been serv
Ing. The coast Jobbers he said have
complained about thl to the railroads
but up to the preent time have ob
tained no relief.
LA GRANDE, Ore., April 16. While
attempting to arreat Fred K. Reyner, a
gambler and gun fighter, Chief of Po
lice, Waldren shot Reyner through the
abdomen and was himself struck by
four bullets from Reyner's gun. Rey
ner will probably die while WalJren Is
expected to recover,
LOS 'ANGELES, April 16. Los An
geles 8 San Francisco .
OAKLAND, Oakland 6 Portland 1.
I 11. -The Amrlcan
mba A
Luk K. Wright, gave
1' t, 4 today In honor of General
K j? who with hi party will leave
amestown, Va., tomorrow on th
ane irteamahlp Akt Th affair
wn brilliant success.
MARHIIFIELD, April If Joseph
liuh was arrested at Myrtle Point,
Oregon, today on the charge of having
been connected with the robbery of
the train on the MlMourl Pacific rail
road, at Pittsburg, Kansas, on March
4th last when John Henry, a passenger
was killed.
CHICAGO, April, 1 .Chicago's po
lice department contributed thousand
of dollan In the Democratic campaign
fund In the recent Mayoralty cam
paign and has contributed In a tike
manner to whichever parly has been
tn power as long as the elder officer
ran remember according to revelation
mad today before the Civil Service
rommlMlon by the police official.
MKX1CO C1TT, April H.-The latest
reports from various points tn Sou
thern Mexico give tl aa the number
killed In the recent earthquake and
93 as the number Injured. When the
eomplote reports are received It l ex
pected that the disunities will be great
iy augmented.
vance of the tint anniversary of,th
earthquake and fire x which laid San
Francisco In ruin on April It last
year, began tonight with a charity
fete at the Fnlrmount Hotel. Thurs
day, the actual anniversary has been
declareJ a, municipal holiday and on
that evening there will be notable din
ner given by the Merchant associa
Bandits Secure $25,000 at St
At Point Of Revolver R0bbr Ea
CapeNorthern Paoifio Express
Company The Loser Union Depot
At 8t. Paul The 8on. Of Robbery.
ST., PAUL, April 16. A bandit held
up the Northern Pftclflo Express com
pany's Union Depot office, tonight and
compelled the clerk to open the safe
and glvo him a package containing
125.000. At ten thirty tonight an ac
complice of the robber called at the
office and caused one of the clerk to
tep outside. Fred Zerman, the clerk,
oon -afterward found himself con
fronted by a mailed robber who point
ed a pistol at his head. Zerman obey
ed and handed out the package of cur.
rency which was to go to Duluth on
the midnight train. After receiving
the bulky envelope the robber backed
out of the office, after first command
ing Zerman to turn his face to the wall
and remain In that position for ten
minutes under pain of death. Both
of the bandits escaped,
DEADWOOD April. 16.-Flre In the
Homestake Mine which has been rag
ing two weeks la reported today to be
quite beyond control. Rocks surround
ing the flames are so hot that It Is
most Impossible for men to get near
enough to light the flame.
Vice President of the- United States Has Accepted
Many Hearty Invitations.
Chamber of Commerce Responsible for the Honor Aided and
Abetted By United States Senator C.W. Fulton and Hon. Her
man Wise Mayor of Astoria-Wires His Acknowledgement
Intention Of Chamber Of Commerce To Ask The Attendance Of The Govern
ors And Unltsd Ststss 8enetor OfThe Pscifio Northwest Stse On The
Dy Of Th, Viae Pridnt' Coming Preparatiene Are 8oen To Be Afoot
For An Elaborate And Important Event
The Vlca Prealdent of the United
State will visit Aatorla aometlm In
July, the date to be fixed, when he will
be given a banquet by the Chamber of
Commerce. He will probably be here
about the 15th,
The Sunday newspapers told that
Vice Prealdent Charlea W. Fairbanks
would addre the International Chris
tian Endeavor Convention In Seattle
In July, probably between the 10th and
16th of that month. Mr. Whyte. the
Manager of the Chamber of Commerce
prepared a telegraphic Invitation to
Mr. Fairbanks as follows, and an soon
as he came down to his offlce on Mon
day morning, sent It:
"Hon. Charle W. Fairbanks, vice
President United State, Washington,
D. C.
"AKtorla. Chamber of Commerce
would like to give a banquet tn your
honor when you come to Seattle to ad
dre International Christian Endea
vor Convention In July. Aatorla Is
second largest and oldest city tn Ore
gon. Will you wire acceptance of In
vitation cordlallyVnd unanimously ex
tended by our cltlsens and fix date as
soon as possible. "James W. Welch,
"President Chamber of Commerce."
"Herman Wise, "Mayor of Astoria."
Senator Fulton was out of the city
or he would have been aMsed to sign
the telegram also, but as soon as he
returned to the city he sent a very
cordial Invitation by telegram making
nil the more emphatic the telegram
Just previously sent by Mr. Whyte.
Here Is a copy of the telegraphic re
ply from Vice President Fairbanks'
received by Manager Whyte and by
Mayor Wise yesterday evening at 4:16
o'clock: "I gladly accept your In
vitation to attend the banquot given by
the Chamber of Commerce of Astoria
In July. Will advise you early as
possible as to date. " "Charles W,
- Mr. Fairbanks Is one of the three
most prominently mentioned candi
dates In the Republican party for the
presidency of the United States to suc
ceed President Roosevelt. He Is es
pecially spoken of as the candidate of
the conservative element. Against
him, according to present Indications
will be arrayed Senator Foraker of
Ohio and Secretary of War Taft of
Ohio, one of these Ohio men of course,
is bound to defeat the other and the
victor will then oppose Mr. Fairbanks.
Mr. Fairbanks was born on a farm
near Untonvllle Center, Union County
Ohio, May 11, 188!, was educated In
tho common schools of the neighbor
hood and at the Ohio Wesleyan Unlver
slty, Delaware, O., graduating from
that institution In 1873 tn the classical
He married Miss Cornelia Cole in
1874, was admitted to the bar by the
Supreme Court of Ohio in 1874 and re
moved to Indlanapoll In the same
year, where he practiced hi profession
until hts admission to the United Stat
es Senate.
He never held a public offlce prior to
his election to the senator-ship In
1897. He was elected a trustee of the
Ohio Wesleyan University In 1885, was
chairman of the Indiana State Repub
lican conventions In 1891 and In 1898.
He was unanimously chosen nominee
of the Republican caucus for United
States senator Jn the Indiana legis
lature In January 1893 and subsequen
tly received the entire party vote tn
the legislature, but was defeated by
David Turpte, Democrat 'He was
elected to the United States Senate,
Jan. 20th, 1897, to succeed (Daniel W.
Voortiees, Democrat He took hts seat
March 4th, 1897 and was re-elected In
He was appointed a member of tie
United States and British Joint High
Commission which met tn Quebec In
1898 for the adjust ment of Canadian
questions, and was chairman of the
United States High Commissioners.
In 1896 he was a delegate-at-large
to the National Republican Conven-
'n in 8t Louis and was temporary
chairman of the convention.
In 1900 he was a delcgate-at-large
to the National Republican Convention
In Philadelphia and as chairman of
the committee on resoltulons. report
ed the platform.
In 1904 he was a delegate-at-large to
the Republican National Convention In
Chicago, 'and was chairman of the In
dlana delegation. He was unanlmous1-
ly nominated by the convention as
vice president of the United States and
elected on the ticket with Theodore
Roosevelt, receiving 837 of the 476 el
ectoral votes, to 139 for Henry Oassa-
way Davis Democratic candidate of
West Virginia.
He resigned from the United States
Senate from Indiana to take effect on
March 4th, 1905, at noon, on which
day and hour he took the oath as vice
president of the United Statf
While in this city the vice president
will be the guest of Senator Fulton
who Is a warm personal friend of Mr.
Mr. Paul Wesslnger of Portland who
la to build a new hotel on the corner
of Commercial and Twelfth streets In
this city has been asked by Manager
Whyte If possible to have hts new hos
telry ready for the banquet In honor
of the distinguished guest and tt Is
expected of htm that he will at least
make a serious effort In that dtrec
tton .although tt Is scarcely probable
that he can complete the hotel or any
part of It In three months' time.
It Is the Idea of Manager Whyte to
make the banquet an occasion of im
portance tn as many ways as possible.
In the first place tt must be remember
ed that, Mr. Fairbanks Is the second
cltlsen of the nation by virtue of his
dignified office and that he may pre
sently become the first cltlsen through
the fortunes of the approaching na
tional election.
The banquet table should display
all of the products peculiar to the
ftate of Oregon, yet having a national
reputation and fame. There are many
of these and the best carrier In Astoria
torla can furnish a long list. Nothing
in the line of fish, game, fruit and
meats' should be overlooked. The
decoration should all be of Oregon
Invitations will be extended to the
governjors and eenatoHs ot Oregon,
Washington, Idaho, California, Mon
tana, Utah and North and South Da
kota .and the men prominent in the
business. Industrial commercial and
professional life of Oregon and the en
tire Northwest will be invited to make
up the list of guests which It I ex
pected will be as Illustrious as any
ever gathered together in one place
In the state of Oregon.
It Is not yet ascertained whether or
not Mrs. Fairbanks will accompany
her husband, but if she does, there will
be plenty for the ladies of Astoria to
do to help make the occasion one of
The exact date of the coming of the
vice president wilt be fixed aa soon as
he has an opportunity to look over hi
intlnerary. Senator Fulton's urgent
Invitation In addition to that of the
Chamber of Commerce which was al
so signed by the mayor, doubtless had
much to do with causing Mr. Fair
banks to accept the Invitation, and It
will be necessary now to perfect the
best possible arrangements for the
banquet If a pagoda has to built on
top of Coxcomb Hill for the occasion.
then, this task must be outlined and
determined upon at once, other ideas
for the location for the banquet are In
order tn case the new hotel la not com.
pleted by that time. The Chamber of
Commerce will through proper com
mittees take up the matter of working
out the details at once.
As the vice president will probably
come in his private car. It will most
likely be fitting that a special com
mittee be appointed, among other de
tails, to go to Seattle and accompany
him to this city.
Hermann Land Fraud Case Near
ing an End.
Several Prominent Court Officiala Tea
tify To That Effect Senator Mit
ehell Received Two $1000 Bills From
S. A. D. Puter.
WASHINGTON. April 16. The de
fense In the Hermann case rested this
afternoon and the prosecution at once
began the evidence in rebuttal. The
sur-rebuttal testimony of the defense.
it Is expected, will be brief, after which
the arguments will be made and the
case given to the Jury. That Her
mann's reputation for honesty and In
tegrity is good, was testified to by
Justice McKenna of the United States
Supreme Court, Justice Lowery of the
United States Court of Claims, Justice
Gould of' the Supreme Court ot Dis
trict of Columbia and Chief Clerk Gil
trey of the United States Senate. John
S. Mosby produced two letters from
the 'defendant commending him mostly
for work done In running down the
land frauds in Nebraska In 1903, when
Col Mosby was special agent ot the
land office. These were to show that
all of Hermann's letters were not cop
led In his letter books. Harry J.
Brown, Washington correspondent of
a Portland newspaper, lndentifled the
dispatch he sent to his paper on July
23, 1902, telling of the creation ot the
Blue Mountain Forrest Reserve. This
Information he said he got from Her-
Claims He Might Incrimi
nate Himself.
Grand Jury Adjourned Until Sat
urday Give Heney Time to
Work Up Case.
Polic, Compelled To Drive Man And
Woman Agitator With Placards
Away From Grand Jury Chamber.
Probing Next Week.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 16. For a
second time within a week. President
Cass of the Home Telephone Company
of Los Angeles and one of the five
stockholders ot the Empire Construc
tion Co today refused to be examined
by the grand Jury as to his connection
or knowledge at the alleged bribing, ot
the San Francisco supervisors, to
award the franchise to the Home Com
pany ot this city. A few weeks ago
Cass appeared before the Jury and al
lowed himself to be Interrogated by
Heney. Latter desiring to get certain
facts If possible through the medium
of a Los Angeles capitalist the Jury
had him summoned a few days ago. In
the meantime Cass and bis asroclates
had employed George Knight, who ad
vised Cass and the others to refuse
to give further testimony on the ground
that "they were Informed the grand
Jury meant to indict" them anyhow,
and to testify might render them lia
ble to prosecution."
Today, Heney called Knight up on
the phone and told him that he
(Knight) had been misinformed as to
the Intention Of the Grand Jury to In
dict his clients with or without cause
and again "extended Cass the privi
lege of going before the Grand Jury
and "explaining certain suspicious
circumstances. If he could do so, and
desired to." Casa appeared today to
day in the Grand Jury ante-room but
when Invited to take the sctand refused
on the ground that he might incrimi
nate himself. 1 t"
The Grand Jury adjourned, today,
until Saturday without returning any
Indictments, In order to give Heney,
time to prepare the case against the
United Railroads, whose alleged brib
ing of supervisors and others Is to be
probed next week.
i An extraordinary incident, today
was the appearance at Gough and Gea
ry streets of a -man and an aged wo
mn, the latter earring a huge placard
rudely lettered with denuncltftlons of
Rudolph Spreckels, Heney, Langdon
and the Grand Jury. The man at
tracted a large crowd In front of the
Native Sons Hall and loudly haran
gued them. The members ot the
Grand Jury came to the windows of
their chamber and listened with some
show of amusement The Police fi
nally drove the man and hta aged com
panion away. Ruefa trial will be re
sumed tomorrow.
mann and it was printed two days be
fore the alleged "Tip" to Mays was
sent S. A. D. Puter today reiterated
his statement that he got six or eight
31,000 bills from a Milwaukee bank.
Two of these bills he said were the
ones he gave to Senator Mitchell
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