The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 07, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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    SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1007.
Is the only can wherein gasoline may be
kept with any degree of safety.
No Drip, No Leak, will draw all the oil
out of the can.
Your money back if you are not satisfied
See display in show window.
Sundry LImm
Oily Auditor Anderson rport the
Hunday licence collection for this qunr
tor ' amounting to 1911. l0,
Licensed T Wt4
County Clerk J, C. Clinton yesterday
lud tht nil Important document that
rimurea the haiilnea of Mr. John Hlnr
k nd Ml" Mnrgarete HJlkrn. both
., .
' CI
V country.
ley Improving
City Trenauror Healey U reported a
doing nicely but eilll too weak from
the o of blood to bp on duty. It I
expected that It will be vernl day
before he will be nble to return to hU
mi mjauMm. ,iti u 11 ju.j '
Another Native Daughter
The home of Mr, and Mr. Andrew
It. ImlKliy waa gladdened ycMerday
niornliiK by the arrival of n hotirly,
hnndMim little girl baby. The moth
er and little one Are doing finely and
"Dal" la eln on the mend with amnio
hope for hla early recovery, ill hut
didn't fit him at all, yeetorday.
Chief Engineer Rober
ta accepting the relgnatlon of Chief
Engineer Rober the department took
occasion to compliment hla faithful
and fnlnt service, Captain HlHhop
V, 8, A. Acting QuarternmMer at Fort
Htevetia ha been Instructed to make a
temporary appointment until the De
partment ran nil the position prrma
At The June Term
John II Kvrnlaivl, a native of 8we
dsn, filed notice of hie In'entlon to ap
ply for hU final ndmllon to American
clttaenahlp, with County Clerk Clin
ton, yesterday .and he will appear be
for the circuit rvtri at In Juno term
for the privilege.
"One Day Of Truth."
On Hunday evening April 7, will he
preented to the public a play written
by K. A, Jurva. titled "Only One Day
of Truth," The production will be giv
en at the ftuoml Hall. The proceed
If which will b given for the brnflt of
the Aetnrln Katlonul Association Hall.
Police Court
John Taolo, a bewhlekered Ruxelnn
wa fined HO or five daya for creating
rnughhmie In a saloon, !tli ruiy
weapon, a badly notrhed axe, wa de
clared confiscated.
Olaf Pelentan, a. chronic drunk, waa
fined f and let off with eevere lecture
by Judge, Anderaon.
John F, Paul
The arrangement for the burial of
John V. Taut were completed eterdny.
The funeral will be held under the aus
plcea of the I. O, O. F. at 4 o'clock Mn'
day afternoon from Oltbough'a Mort
uary Chapel on Dunne etreet. The re
main will be shipped back to the for
mer home at Wexford, Michigan.
Art Renovating
H.'lioinld & MaiHon, the Twelfth
street TOr are renovating Ihclr en
lire etabllhment with new wall-po-per
and bright paint and will soon
ittlMi-n to the limit. The Jnlin.on
Phonograph Parlor above them are
contributing to the general Improve
ment and doing similar work In thrflr
roey habltal.
On Tuesday Next
Word wa received here yesterday
from DUtrlct Deputy Orand Exalted
Ruler C, K. McDonnell, at Portland.
Mylng that he will be her on Tuesday
next to direct the Intiutllatlon of the
officer -elect of the local lodge It. P. 0.
K., which Item of new moan that the
boy will have the time of their Uvea.
a well, na that the beautiful work will
lie accompllhed In all lt entirety.
Howard C. Claim
The body of Howard C. Olelm the
teward on the Lurllno who waa found
dead In bed at the Cnffntnn House.
Friday morning waa shipped to Port
land lnt evening by Coroner Pohl, at
the requcat of nl relative. They will
take charge of It there and complete
the funeral arrangement.
Yiokean noma
ummiv Kimi-ifr Merman fAHirniM va.-.
Jy after seeing A. Leherman put
wrn. in ioe i"unury aopnriineni 01
. . . .1 J , l. .... l. ... l - r .
(Hmieu in ilia iinruwura uuniuevn, ah
Lean dlacovered while at Salem that
D. J. Ford recently sent up waa serv
lng hla third term In the penitentiary.
Knighta of Pythiat
"The Fourth TMatrlci Convention of
the Orand Domain of Oregon. Knight
of Pythlaa waa held at Soaalde yeter-
dy. The welcoming addreaa wa
made by W. K. Lewis of the Necanl
cum lodge under whoo auspices' the
convention wag held. Rpona'
waa made by Mayor Wlae of Aiorla.
During the afternoon the following
apeakera were heard. W. L. Strange.
"Our lUtunllMlo Work;" and Edwin
Roa. "neneflt of the Iiodge to It
Memberahlp." At the evening session,
the team contest waa the feature,
member of the four lodge In the dls
trlct competed. At the cloe of t;ie
evening aeaalnn a banquet waa served
There were quite a number of deb.
goto prient from the Ranler, Avon
and St. Helen' lodge.
Ice Cream
T J .1 . K k a Ida faW
Don't Miss
The excellent values in
Groceries to be had at this
store. High quality and
moderate prices are close
companions here and no
prudent buyer can afford
to overlook us when purchasing.
Scholileld, Mattson & Co.,
WeyerhauMr Timber Syneleat Will
tha Work.
Two reprecnliitlve of thti Weyer
brtuawr Timber Hyndlcuta were cxiec
ted to arrive In thl city lnt night
from Tucoma, mid from hero they will
go to the NM Hiver In Pacific! coun
ty, Wnh where they will atari the
preliminary work of Improving tha
atrenm for logging purpnw they hav
ing recently heel) Kninliid the boom
ing prlvllegea. The work will conHt
of a big dam liealde aevernl lKer
one und all the hiihk", etc., will bo re
moved making It li model atreain for
1kkIik. Tito cont will b npprolx
iiiulely r,0,000,on. Armatrong
& U'onard, who have a large body of
timber on the Naael and tire now con
ducting cxtcnxlvc logging operation
there, are here to meet them and will
go with them over their largo body of
timber on the Nuael and are now con
ducting exleitalve logging operation
there, and own a one-fourth Inter oM
In the booming privilege with the
VVeyerhttUra, are here to meet there
and will nccimtpuny litem over them.
No, 1. On Tht Spot
The Tongue Point Uumberlng Com
pany yeaterday received via the A, &
C. line, the dm of Its logging railway
engine, No, 1, from Lima, Ohio. It la
a ('Umax pattern and broad gauge, and
will be ued on the company'' new line
now under construction by Contractor
Ooodln at Onk Point. ..It will be tran.
ferred to It Inltlul point of departure
at thi. point, In the rourae of a few
Ordtra In Probate-
Judge 'Trencbard yesterday algned
the following order In he probate
court of ClatKOji county: Approving
the fourth Demi-annual account of the
admlulHtrator of the cutato of the late
Andrew J, Johnon; approving the
nci onj annual account of the executor
and executrix of the eatate of J. W.
Buprenant: the f!rt aeml-annunl ac
count of J. W. Rubbldge a executor of
the etnto of Mr. Julia Babbldge, de-
ceaaed: approving the firt aml-an-
nual account of the administrator of
the eatate of the Into L. K. G. Smith;
and fixing Thursday, May lih, for
heurlng the final account of the ad
ministrator of tho oatato of Thomaa
Eccb, deceaaeJ,
Will Stay Ather
Marlua Ltttre, who for the past for
ty day haa been held at the Clatsop
county Jail a one of the leading wit
nesses In the trial of Captain Forest,
wa liberated yesterday, and Immedi
ately sent a money order for $40 to tils
mother out. of hla warrant covering his
wittiest! fees and will now stay whore
devoting his near future to the erec
tion of th new county court house for
Clatsop, and singing his way Into the
hearts of this people. It Is said he ha
a magnificent baritone voice and ues
It skillfully. First mate Petersen of
the Annie Laraeit, left lart evening for
Portland wher he will spend some
time with hia kinsmen, after hla long
lcge In tho same behalf.
Buncoed Th Publio
A number of theatre goers called at
the Astorlnn office Inst evening and reg
iHtcred a kick over the way they wore
buncoed at the Astoria theatre last ev
ening by a company atylelng Itself tho
Swedh'n Dramatic Company, who were
billed to play there. When the cur
tain raised they found that the show
was given In the Swedish language,
not a word of English being spoken,
and a large part of the audience left.
after first trying to Interview the box
office with the hope of getting their
money back but there was nothing do-
lng ns tho ofllce was closed and they
vere loud In denouncing the way It
was handed to them. No mention was
made In the advertisements that It
would bo given In the Swedish lan
guage and It waa an Imposition on the
people that no manager should have al
For a
goto .
ohnson Phonograph Co,
Parlore Saoond Floor ever 8oholfield A Matt ton Co. ,,
Special Sale.
In order to make room for new goods
which we expect In a few days we have
decided to give a discount of 5 per
cent on all solid mahogany furniture,
consisting of Dressers, Chlfflonlors',
Chevnl Mirrors, Napoleon Beds, Libra
ry and Parlor Tables, also on all brass
bedsteads, which we have In the follow
lng finishes, Polot, Satin and Burnish
ed, this sale will continue for ten daya
only ending April 16th, Chas. Hollborn
& Co.
400 m
Wv y',
I .Jvv v '''SL'f i!
I t f, H'r ' - i
nrinor rw w-' X
Yw. if-; Zssf
I ft. W&A iu 1
uni r x i mif-Tf-"1 ftv,.i
I " . ! . , US J 1 1
I V. T'f I I ill S
uiiiii u -r. i I t , i i
m 'i:i I ... . I ,- t I ',
and h:J I CVi
Backed by .-Hj 0
WISE ill I 111
That's Good , I t 5 )
Enough pt'd, j LjrfX " '
- . , f I , r t " J"""""
for Anybody M V e ,--
National Bioyolea On Sale At Ork-wlta'a.
Dell R Scully, Notary Public, at
''cully's Ci(?ar Store. Any, old hour!
May we sell you, a spring hat one of
fashion and style, our workmenshlp Is
the best and prices the lowest, Mrs.
M. Petersen, Star Theatre Bld'g, 11th
& Commercial street.
For Eleotrio 8ervloe Installation or
repair work, go to J. S. Vernon, elec
trician, No, 467 Exchange atreot, tel
phone, Main 2443. All manner of
eleotrio and telephone work don at
abort notice.
For your watch and clock repairing
go to Frank J. Donnerberg the reliable
Jeweler, 110-11 street.
Hotel. Irving Newly, .furnished.
Steam heat. First class table board.
Rates reasonable.
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Just
received a new stock of Singer and
Wheeler & Wilson machines, all the
latest styles. Repairing and cleaning
ot all makes of machines a specialty,
come and give us a trial, 172-10th St
Go to A. D. Craig for your tent,
awnings and all kinds of canvas wor.'t
12th and Exchange. tt
If a man knows anything of his own
anatomy he must be aware that his
stomach is a magnificent organ and
entitled to the utmose consideration;
knowing that he will eat at the Palace
where he can conserve Its safety and
comfort, by eating only the best cook
ed, best served and most compensa
ting meal in the olty of Astoria, Day, or
night, tt Is always the same; and the
Palace habit Is one that pays to ac
quire. Arthur Smith la a master of
the art of preparation and service, of
all things edible.
Oxford Ties
For Women.
The demand for this style
of footwear promises to be
greater this season than ever
before. Either patent, kid
or tan are correct for leathers
The shoe that is bought
from us is certain to be cor
rect in style. We have them
in all leathers, styles and
Wherity; Ralston Company
Astoria's Best Shoe Store