The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 07, 1907, Page 4, Image 4

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SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1907.
afternoon on tVi hawsers of the Har
vest Quooiu and la amhored In the
Tower harbor awaiting a chance to go
to sea and Europe. She Is grain hi
den. The steamship Columbia arrived
down early yesterday morning and laid
at the O. R. & X, pier Hit duy. making
It over the bar In the afternoon,, with
a blur llt of passengers and "11 the
You Will Find Those
Steamer Eva, from Puget Sound,
for Elmore & Co.
Sea Rover and Barg In From San
Francisco Derelict Ship's Boat On
Ctataop Spit Emily Gallina Down
And Rd For Europa Notes.
freight she could stow.
The Oklahoma came down with the
schooner Americana on her lines yes
terday beside a heavy loud of local
freight, and went back to the metropo
lis last evening.
The Oregon Railroad A Navigation
Company baa filed a libel In Judge
Wolverton'a court at Portland against
th steam schooner Coquille River, ask
ing the court to grant aa order of at
tachment of the schooner, her cargo ot
lumber and tackle, to be sold to satis
fy a salvage charge alleged to be due
for the services of the Tug Tatoosh,
which came to the aid of the schooner
during a storm outside of the Cotum
bia River bar, and brought her to As
toria. VT. W. Cotton and Arthur C
Spencer are attorneys for the libel
ants. The steamer Eva now doing duty on
Puget Sound, has been purchased by
the houe of Samuel Elmore Com
pany, of this city and will be brought
around here during the coming week
by Captain Latham, of the Gerald C,
and tlaced in the coast trade of the
company between here and Tillamook
and other points. Tne Eva is 130 tons
gross, tons net; length, 90.4 feet;
breadth 1M and depth, 4 ( feet. She
The Lurllne made her usual run
again yesterday and went up lust night
with a good passenger list and lots of
freight billed out for her on the up-trlp.
The steamer Alliance made It out
over the bar for Coos Bay yesterday
morning on the early flood, with the
curling numbers piling all over her.
The steamer Washington broke her
bar quarantine yesterday morning and
went on to San Francisco in a smother
of white caps on the bar.
Miss Mabel Morton, F. B. Tuppman
and Ross Tuppman, were, passengers
iot me tiay city nence yesterday on
the Columbia.
The sea tug Sea Rover made It is
yesterday over a heavily pounding bar,
with the barge Rufus K. Wood.
United States to W. A. Helgeson. 74
acres. Sec. !-$-
I United States to Thos. Hunt, 72
acres. Sec -5-9
has 70 horse-power engines and will'0- c Flav1 et ' to Paul We-
carry 12 passengers.
Captain Bailey, of the bar tug Ta
toosh .yesterday descried a boat on the
sands of Clatsop Spit, and not liking
the looks of the thing, sent its boat
ashore to investigate the matter. The
man went to the stranded boat and
found her to be a ship's boat and ap
parently abandoned, ( with some very
indistinct letters on her bows, but they
could not be made out with certainty
and Captain Bailey will prosecute the
Investigation more thoroughly today
or tomorrow. It Is evidently a dere
lict Captain George Pope. formerly
Lloyd's surveyor and agent at Port
land, is reported to be seriously 111 at
his home near Hubbard, Or. Captain
Pope is about 70 years of age and for
many years has been engaged in steam -boating
on the Willamette ana Colum
bia Rivers, He retired from the mari
time world about ten years ago, and
since that time has been engaged in
raising hops- on his ranch near Hub
The steam schooner Coaster while
at anchor inside the bar on Friday last
araggea ner ancnors and succeeded
In breaking the two government cable?
that cross the channel at that -olnt,
the telephone line and the firing wires
that run to Fort Columbia. Her mas
ter was warned to change his position,
but neglected the warning and his
owners will have a bill t0 foot in due
The French bark Emily Gallin ar
rived down from Portland yesterday
singer, undivided one-half lots
7-8, In block 61, MeClure's Asto
ria T. L. Ball and wife, to J. H.
Smith, lot t. Sec. 5-4-7
Andrew Toung and wife, to
Daniel A. and Edwin O. Toung.
land in Clatsop County
U (Dlelman to the Society of the
Sisters of the Holy Name of
Jesus, North forty feet lots
6-, In block 121: South 50 feet
lots 5-, block 22: and lots 7-8,
block 1, Shiveleys Astoria
Florence M. Logan, et al, to A.
C. Anderson, et al., 158 acres.
Sec. 20-5-10
All members of Beaver lodge, No.
35 are requested to meet at Odd Fel
lows hall on Monday, April 8, at 4 p.
m. to attend the funeral service of
Brother John Paul Jr. of Wexford lodge
No. 145, of Wexford, Mich. Funeral
services will be held at Gilbaugh'v
funeral chapel.
Ultra Stylish Lines.
Cbarles V. Brown Is showing the
last and daintiest things In the way of
Ladies' low shoes, the Garden Tie, In
Oxford style and the latest finish. They
are ultra, nd no more than that can
be said. Go after them while they last.
Nothing excels them in this shoe-market.
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rived. They were never so dainty and attractive as
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We want to deserve Your
For some months pt this commu
nity has been expecting the sorrowful
news that was heralded In theto col
unms this- morning: Father Leopold
Dlelman Is dead. He was dean of the
Catholic priesthood In Oregon.
The venerable priest breathed his
last at St, Mary'a hospital shortly after
mld-nlght finding surcease from the
weaknesses and maladies of old age
that have beset him for a year or more.
That his death was not unexpected.
mitigated In no sense the degre of
sincere sorrow felt In this community,
for he was of the men to whom ail
looked for guidance, advice and those
elements of Intercourse that bring
peace and safety and the sense ot com'
fort at all times.
He was In hi 75th year, and was
native of the quaint old city of Ghent,
In Flanders. Belgium, where his boy
hood and youth were given over to the
studies that fitted him for the splendid
career of the Church, though his In
clinations at first tended to the army,
his rather being an officer on the staff
of the great Napoleon. He was one of
twelve children, and of that group all
ar dead, save one sister, now dwelling
in the sanctified peace of a convent
house In Holland.
His earlier education was obtained
at the college of Routers, and he mat
ricualted at the University of Louvaln.
at which latter place he was a class,
mate of Arch-Bishop Rlordan. of San
Francisco, and Bishop Spalding, of
Peoria. He came to this coa and
state in the fall of 1S62. and served In
various and widely separated posts
and parishes In California, Nevada,
Oregon and Idaho, and did the hard
tasks' of the missionary's life over the
remote and barren fastnesses of the
Pacific slope, with a hardihood and de
votion that can be found only with
such Inspiration as his great calling j
General Crook, one of the early com
manders of the Pacific forces was a
warm personal friend of Father Dlel
man's and often urged upon the ap
pointment of regimental chaplain to
the government forces out here, only to
have the honor declined as often as It
was tendered. In all manner of camps
civil, military and Indian, he wroughj
for the good of man here, and here-nf-ter,
and did his quiet. Indefatigable
work without let or hindrance from
any man and for the glory of his
church and Its divine head.
Father Dlelman made a hasty trip
to Europe in 1870 to be at the death
bed of his father, and then returned to
take up his Interrupted work. II
served In the parishes of P.akr City.
Pendleton. Sfilem and Astoria, and at
Baker City he built the first church In
that section, and duplicated It nt Canon
City later. He was In charge of this
parish for over thirty years and where-
$15 to $30
The Kind and Quality that make
you Feel Right
At Our Store
Our Line of
Oilskins, Rubber Boots and
Fishermen's Supplies
Has arrived and wc arc better prepared than ever.
This means quite a good deal, and we will have no trouble
in filling all orders.
"Unwrnmon Clothes."
services will be attended by a great
throng of people who held him In deep
and warranted esteem, both In and out
his church.
capture, th, .uto-race. ,d the terrl-jof the swift drama are Intensely real
flc nnale of self-imposed death of t.,tlo to the very point of speech .the
coiner, rather thsn fact the penalties; only quality lacking In th. presents
of the law. The action and figures i ton.
PARIS, April 8. Colonel Stoffel, u
noted army officer, Is dead. He wan
military attache in lii.rlln. In lk:n mi.l
, - , ... ......
so-ever ne was engage-l he left tne ent t0 Sn m th falnul re
same commendable record for genuine p)1-t8 ghowng the menacing activity
Christian helpfulness and devotion that and organization of the German armv
marked hiK Inn rarpr In fhl rtv a .L ....
. IUHr rmrnra in mititrt-.uu ,.f iiw.
in me year istu governor Woojs, or between France ,.n,l f:,.,m,nv
mis mine, was me guest oi Astoria,
and he was flhnilt In nnan an a;1,1ritu
to the populace here In a Ian and Anoth,r Demon.trstion-
crowae nan. ne saw Father Dlelman The lntereHt , tho w,Morf m0y
ontoe t h a rfrlAM r. 9 Vi .nll n n .1 W t a. U . I
....... v,.c u. ". wir nlelni. Aim. I. nh0.-l k .v.-'
mieht com- tn th. Binf, . I management Insists on putting the
received him with marked honor and I beit and most KrPh'c pictures ob.
proceeded to tell the people a little I ta,nab'e on the market, and In proof
story of the good priest's ardent love of ,n': tn line now running U' among
of the Union, He said that not long! the very finest yet produced there. It
before, up In Walla Walla a number of tells the story of a counterfeiter from '
refugee southerners, from the old com- beginning to end, and gives In detail
mand of General Price, had made an-
the manipulation of the coin, the de-
nouncement there that they Intended tectlon, the
Simington Dry Goods Co.
to send aloft the confederate flag from
most conspicuous building In the city.
Father Dlelman went to the men mak
ing the threat and mildly expostulat
ed with them, averring that the Inci
dent would lead to bloodshed and wild
disorder In the town, but they would
not listen to him and held to their
threat. At last he went out of the
house, but returned shortly afterward
with a rifle, and taking his stand by
the bed upon which the emblem of dis
loyalty was spread, told the principals
In the matter that they "would take the
flag and fly It over his dead body if
they did it at all," and the Incident
was closed on the spot. This was th
kind of a man he was and the exarnpl
serves' to prove his exalted sense of
duty under all circumstances,
It is needless to tell of the veneration
In which he was held by all classes In
this city and section, that Is a proverb
here, that will bear repetition abroad
and will get It, for he was widely know"
all over the Northwest, and many n
friendly and tneder memory will hi
awakened b the news of his demise.
A requiem mass will be sung for the
repose of his s'oul at St. Mary's church
on tomorrow, Monday, morning, Arch-
Blshop Christy officiating, assisted by
Rev. John Waters, rector. The sepul
ture will take place at Greenwood cem
etery Immediately afterward, and it
goes without saying that the solemn
escape, ths, '
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