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SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1007.
Established lira
Published Daily IP Monday by
By mail, per year 7
By carrier, pr montk
8, mail, per year, in advance..
Entered a teoond-euuis mattr July
SO, lSJelal the pom t Astoria. Or
goa,andrttat of Congress ol stores ,
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. " fUuoPKOHi ma sex
Official pper of CUUop county and
to Cliy of Astoria. . -
slmrte net that tranwond the law
of man and Invokes the ban of Jus
tic. And anything that serves to aid
an unwilling transgressor In regaining
tho old status of honesty, docency and
sufferance among hi "Vllows. hi &
wise, and valuable adjunct to the law
under which wo all live and have our
, . ..
Oregon, Washington. Idaho,
At the ripe age of 74 years, Rev.
Leopold Dlelman. of St. Mary's Cata
oltc parish In this city, yesterday
yielded up bit devoted life at the sum
mons of the Mdster he had served so
faithfully for long and memorable
He was one of the pioneer priests of
the Northwest, known and honored!
everywhere on the Pacific slope, as a
fine type of the rugged, helpful, pro
gressive missionaries who contribu
ted to the upbuilding of the great em
pire that stretches from Rockies to
the 'Western seas. The earlier years
of his priesthood were- passed among
the vivid scenes and people and cir
cum stances that have wrought tne
history and the glory of the far west,
and through all he was the right-hand
of good and of civilization. Every mil
itary commander on the coast in the
early days knew, respected and pro
tected bim, gave him the countenance
of trust and the hand of welcome, at
all times; and in all places, and did all
they could to mark their appreciation
of his sturdy, manful taks and their
patent results for the good of the peo
ple. Wise, patient, gentle, yet brave, per
sistent and enduring, her worked out
the simple and beautiful tenets of his
faith among the scattered thousands I
of the emigrant days and left a rec-!
ord of usefulness and Christian en
deavor and success, that is today,
among the chiefest monuments' of his
churh in this wide section of the nation.
Word has come from the great Rus
sian capital, that tho "Little Father"
la insane, that he has become a total
wreck, and must pas. from tho ken of
men as factor, leader and hereditary
ruler. This Is not the first time tho
world has been warned of this lapse.
Tho hint has been hovering over the
wires for months; and Its confirmation
bring nothing of surprise to th
minds of those who have watched with
Interest the progress of affairs In Rus'.
sl; if surprise there be. It is that the
culmination has been averted for ao
long a time.
The man wa' never of the calibre.
mentally nor physically, of which
great sovereigns are made. He has
ever been a weakling and evader; a
temporising, timeserving, equtvoca-'
ting dawdler, without a shadow of the
real strength of the Romanoffs; de
spised and despoiled by his own class
and familiars, and utterly detested by
his enemies to whom he presented no
iredjeeming qu.Htles whatavfY; pin
object of derision In the diplomatic
world, and a curse to the nation he
should have governed, because of the
vacllating anit unreliable nature of
his work as an emperor. He had it In
his power at one time to reverse t:ie
entire policy of Russian control where
by his subjects might have passed to
the freedom of other peoples and ta.
ken on the glory of Christian liberty
in all that means, but lacked tile stam
ina to force the doctrine upon his court
and clan, and abandoned It at the
very hour of Its triumph.
Mankind has ceased to marvel at
the cruel status of the Russian people
and realises that the great change can
only come through Infinite and desper
ate rebellion. The world's sympathy
is wit thheR oa;Toa:ep ydol.,dtwo.
Is with the Russian masses.'
".- ' '
Japan and &
America Will
Fight Some Day.
By t'siited utt( Stnstor CEORCB C PIRKINs of California,
When Admiral Dewey sailed Into
the bay of Manila he was resolute.
unyielding, even stubborn. Now he is
moving around from house to house
without a word of protest. Moral
The most uncompromising hero In war
may be conspicuously vaclllatory in
domestic affairs.
At first It was thought that thirty
years would be consumed In the work
of digging the Isthmian canal. By
making periodical changes In the man
agement, however. President Roose
velt has succeeded in cutting the
prospective time down to eight years.
For the first time since the law pro
viding for indeterminate sentences
for criminals In Oregon, has been in
operation, it was used yesterday in
Clatsop County by Judge Thomas A.
McBride, of the circuit court, in meet
ing the verdict of manslaughter ren
dered by the jury against Charles M.
Forest, the aged master of the schoon
er Annie Larsen, who shot and killed
George Fisher a turbulent member of
that vessel's crew, In (December last
The law prescribes from one to fif
teen years in the penitentiary for the
crime of manslaughter, and the defen
dant In question will go to Salem and
he Incarcerated, there to remain until
Governor Chamberlain, or one of his
successors shall decree the termina
tion of the penal service for such cause
aa shall appeal to him for Justifica
tion. Captain Forest may serve any
part of the sentence prescribed, and
under the terms of the law, must
abide there for one year at least; af
ter that It will be up to the executive
to mimify the penalty In any degree
he shall see fit
"We cannot but commend the law,
since It serves to give the unintentional-law-breaker
a chance to recover
his place among men, and also fur
nishes a predicate for the exercise of
genuine mercy, a quality that happily
goes with the lfw of reprisal and soft
ens the sterner phases of It.
There Is always room for the Inter
vention of forbearance ajid mercy
as among men; the complexity of ex
istence makes for blunders and faults
and sinning; circumstances, condjt
ions and untoward events contribute
mightily In the creating and doing of
things that were better left undone,
unsaid and unthought; and It Is a
happy feature of any code that miti
gates the rigor and leaves the way
open for return to normal and ac
cepted conditions.
It is hard to weigh a long life of
fair dealing and honesty against the
A few days ago the record-break
Ing total of 12,000 Immigrants landed
n New York. On Wednesday last
the arrivals numbered 16.053. At this
rate the million and a half mark is
likely to be reached In the present
Last year the Vnited States exported
$250,000,000 worth of meats, food anl
mals and dairy products. No doubt
the government Inspection now en
forced make stheir quantity the best
In the markets.
In April 1135.000.000 In dividends
and Interest will be paid In the United
States to holders of stocks and bonds.
Prosperity Indications outside of sunk
watering circles are about the same
as usual .
Another small lslarf for Uncle Sam
has come to the surface In Pensacola.
bay. It is said to be composed of mud,
shells, ballast and old. Iron. The ab
sence of Carrlbbean dynamite Is grat
rA New Yorker who fell ten stories
down an elevator shaft includes
catching cold In his claim for dama
ges. The intricacies of the Thaw trl
al 'nave suggested many legal novel
Ex-president Cleveland told the
boys at Princeton that at 70 he feels
like a boy himself. It is evident that
on the score of old age, Mr. Cleveland
sees no impediment to a fourth bat
It is expected that the descendants
of Capt. John Smith will manifest suf
flclent gratitude to keep the attend.
ance at the Jamestown Exposition up
to a paying basis this summer.
On a frieze of the new Pennsylva
nia capl'ol !s Inscribed "The truth
shall set us free" anj yet ome ot tn
mahogany in the building has been
found to be made of putty.
Pennsylvania's new; primary law at
Its first trial cost the state treasury
$1,00,000. But taxpayers have discov
ered that the boss system can be con
siderably more expensive.
II K srionco of war sujH'rvoiHM only upon u foundation of
ALL OTHER SCIENCES. Notation in nil tiUtory has
ever manicatcd a grvntor capacity for perfect unity of
nuriHtso than tho Japaucse.' No nation has niaaLftwtod a
greater aptitude to seize upon AND APPROPRIATE
all tlint the a-M have disclosed to tho other nation in art, in eeienct
and in government.
Tho Japanese race, wherever distributed, however numerically
strong in any foreign country, will remain a LO.NOLIDAIM'
UNIT in support of the aspirations of tho Japanese raco, and huwevor
distant thuir residence from tho throne of the mikado will atill eonati-
tuto an element of strength in tho unity of tho empire.
Conflicts between nationa are the result of antagonisms which lie
at the very foundation of their purpoaea, thoir aspiration, tbeir
growth AND EXPANSION. The presence of Russia ss a prims
factor in the commerce of tho Pacific coast waa inimical to the apir
tions of the Japanese empire in the asms line. The occupation of
Manchuria and the fortification of Port Arthur were the IMMEDI
ATE EXCUSES, but not the real causes of the war. The real oauss
of the war was the inherent antagoniam of interest and purpose which
could find NO OTHER SOLUTION than the arbitrament of the
St J st
We have acquired territory in the Pacifio ocean. We have laid, the
foundation for commercial primacy ou that great sea. We have a
position at the very doors of the orient by the possession of tho Philip
pines and a bae of naval operations in the middle of the ocean by the
incorporation of the Sandwioh Islands. We have a shore line under
the jurisdiction of the American flag which, following its indentations
on the Paciiic ocean borders of the Pacific states and the territory of
Alafka, compri.-ies 25,000 miles. The countries under the jurisdiction
of our flag lying behind this line possess resources equal to the ULTI
MATE SUPPORT OF EMPIRES of "wealth and population. We
have laid the foundation for commercial supremacy on the Pacifio
coast, and at some point in the future course of national deetiny the
pathwav of national progress on the part of Japan and the United
States will converge to a point of INEVITABLE CONFLICT.
It is useless to speculate as to what the occasion or excuse for this
conflict may be. The small cloud of war which is now hanging on the
horizon of the two nations appears to relate to the dissatisfaction of
Japan with the domestic policy. of the state of California relating to
ita educational interests. The administration of the educational affairs
of California has not been fortunate in meeting with the approval of
the empire f Japan, but this educational policy is not the reason for
disturbing the amicable relations between the two nations.
TROVERSY. i . . .
price of Us lands have Increased eight- him to grasp a plank, thus saving his
fold. That Is a handsome bonus to go life.
with all the other benefits conferred.
The New York city magistrates,
would be deHghted to hold nliflit s-s-slon
of court if they could decide on
the style and texture of their night
Nagel was In charge of the building
of the giant smokestack and In order
to ,. the progress he ascended to
the top of the struiture In a drop
bucket. Vhn the bucket nare.1 the
tip the man In the harge of the hoist
ing engine below failed to perceive
i Nagvl's signal to stoi. and the cngl-
1 J neer was thrown over the edge of t!ie
Mr. Stolypln, Rus1an premier, Is: narrow aperture above,
not willing to abolish the court-mar-j Hij. fall wn viewed with horror by
Hal. huf he ki'ndlv ronsents tn reduce 'he hundreds of workmen n nearby
their gross output
If Harry Thaw still thinks he Is
sane after the case has progressed
this far, that ought almost to prove It
buildings. Ui' escaped priKtliaJI,'
unhurt, but the oth.T men on the
smokestack were so unnerVedj that
I thev r.-inl.l tint work for some time
Spring has Its drawbacks, too. Bill
Devery has thawed out and Is plant
ing a crop of politics In New York.
No matter who is moving the cards
In the Morocco affair, France Is pre
paring to spill the blood.
Report says ripe peaches are being
picked In Louisiana. Must be refer
ring to the Easter girls.
One of the German emperor'st sons
is coming to Harvard to study the
mollycoddle question.
While Ermete Novell! Is "variously
criticised," It is universally agreed
that he Is an actor:
Perhaps the President Is waiting
until he is certain he will have the
last word.
A Woman Tells How to Rslisve Rhsu
matie Pains.
I have been a great sufferer from the"
ttreadful disease, rheumatism, for
number of years. I have tried many
medicines but never got much relief
from any of them until two years ago.
when I bought a bottle of Chamber
Iain's Pain Balm. I found relief be
fore I had used all of one bottle, but
kept on applying It and soon felt
like a different woman. Through my
advice many of my friends have tried
It and can tell you how wonderfully It
has worked. Mrs Sarah A. Cole, 140
S. New 8t., Dover, Del, Chamberlain's
Pain Balm Is a liniment The relief
from pain which It affords is alone
worth many times the cost It makes
rest and sleep possible. For sale by
frank Hart and all leading druggists.
Sorry we cant give the Canadians
any cold weather.
Since Porto Rico became a part of
the territory of the United States, the
Constructing Engineer Falls From Top
of 200 Foot Stack and Saves Life.
CHICAGO, April t.-John Engel, a
constructing engineer, fell from the top
of a 200 foot chimney at the Standard
Steel Car Works In Hammond, yes
terday, but in his fall he struck a pro
jecting scaffold on the outside about
25 feet from the top, which enabled'
In a Speech Declares Fidelity to Negro
Race anj the South.
CHICAGO, April ." Booker T.
Washington addressed three thousand
colored people Jat night at the Oliver
Baptist Church. In opening his .ad
dress, Mr. Washington declared his
loyalty to bis race.
"People frequently ask me why I
do not move out of the South," he
said. "It might seem to some that one
could educate and enrich 'himself to
that point where he would desire to
tear himself away from the negro
race, but as long as I live, my home
will be down there among the black
men of the South."
Above all Mr. Washington encour-
A Wonderful Oil Stove
Entirely ttiffcrtnt
from ail others. Em
bodies new ideas,
new principles.
Easily managed.
Reduces fuel ex
pense. Ready for
business at moment
of lighting. For r
your summer cook
ing get a !-
Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove
Its neat U kljhly mmtM4. Does sot sverlwat Ut Utaasa,
09 slwsjs St a malata!as4 level. Tares stats, fully warranted. .
It not at your dealer's, writs ear ssartst agency for 4satytJvs f
drcalar. '"
RdtfQ Lamp
tWB roand heasshold
1984 BSMSBOld dm. Mads
ef brass taronfaoot aad beaatlfully alcktlsd. Per.
focUy toastnettd; absolutely aate; sattctUsd la
Hcht-gtvlaf sewer; aa oroamtot to aay room.
Bvtry lamp warranted. If sot st your dealer's,
vrlts to our aoarsat agoocy.
, . , itavaauskavas)) .
aged the Idea of Industry, lie urgeJ
Unit every man see that hi n loarne
tt trad., und tin young be Instructed
tn MVr their money.
hu negro is o assocUwd wll.t
certain humbler walks of life that only
this morning. In the train, a traveler
took rue for a rtr, and akd me
the way to the dining car. I told him.
They have often asked me to make up
their berths, but I had to deellne be
cause 1 did not know how."
HAN FRANCISCO. April S. Hiunu-
el il. Hansen, prexldent of the Lumber
Company which bears his name, ha
just died here. He had been In the
lumber business In California for to
He was a member of the vlgllnulet
rommlttee of IS5S and owned the
Guulnln mills. He was a native of
Mitlne, 81 years old.
Of Chicago Will Make Specialty of
Marrying Lovelorn Couples.
CHICAOO. April . The tying of the
marital knot, one of the prerogatives
of the Justices of tne Peace, Is to le
made a specialty by Evnnston's re
cently elected woman Justice. Mr.
Catherine W. McCulloch.
Mrs. McCulloch has already
to frame up the obligation which she
will require of each of the mntrart
ing parties. Ther will be nothing In
tile marital obligation, as given by
Mrs. McCulloch, Ihat requires a wife
to obey her husband. On tho other
hand. Mrs. McCulloch has been mag
nanimous to exclude any obligation
for the husband to obey his wife.
Mrs. McCulloch promise that nHth
r party will be obliged to make any
pledge jhut the other puny Is not
bound by.
Oregon Life
TU I'olk-y-Holders' (Vmpany
Purely Oregon and Absolutely
Mutual to Policyholders
Built ou a Common Sense
Keep (he Money in Oregon
The very best Life Insurance
for an Orcgonian
Perfection in Life Insurance.
A company conducted by men of high
reimte. skilled In finance, having asso
ciated with them life Insurance under
writers who u safe method anj
plain Insurance contracts that have
been tried and stood the test of time,
with moderate expense of conducting
the business. Prodis from all sources'
belong to th policyholder, and must
be distributed to them In dividend at
the end of each year.
Oregon Life is the only Pa-
r . n, .
tint v,oahi company wnicn
includes all of the above?
mentioned features.
t (fit 1
Is Approaching
You can't get honest painting
done for less money than the
cost of labor and materials.
We don't do cheap work.
We give you 100 cents for
every dollar you pay.
Allen Wall Paper and Paint Co. Astoria, Oregon
W. C. LAWS a GO.
Plans and estimates furnished on application.
All work done by First-Class Mechanics.
Sheet-Iron, Copper and Tin Work done in a first
class manner, as we do no other work in our shop.