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Will There be a Schism In
Republican Party.
Anti-Roosevelt Spirit Responsible
for the Growing and Dan
gerous Idea.
Foraktf, f Ohio, the Stalking Horee
of the Faction. Brewing tho Trou
bio Its Energies Directed to
Downfall of President
schlwn In ths Republican party Immi
nent! Tho question Is "kJ hourly
In Washington, by men high In coun
cil In both tho Republican and Dem
ocratic partlea Homo who ak ,tbe
question hope tho answer will bo
affirmative. Othors dread tho pos
tho ifflrmatlve, OtVrs tr-i, the l"
Iblllty. All agree a to tho critical
bom of tho situation. ,
That thoro la In Congress, especially
in tho Senate, a powerful faction op
posed to Proildont Roosevelt la ao
well known a to nood no argument (o
support tho fact. This faction eager
ly desires and persistently seeks the
President's undoing. It la personally
opposed to Roosevelt, but more strong
ly opposed to'Rweeveltlsm na aRe
publican creed. It opposes thing ad
vocated by Roosevelt which under
other circumstances It might espouse,
opposes them simply and solely bo
cauao they aro advocated by Roosevelt
A great deal of Ita opposition la undor
cover, Indirectness being made neeea.
onry by tho foot that tho country ap
pears to be In aupport of tho Preeldent
In the matter of the discharge of the
battalion ot colored troopa because or
tho riot at Brownsville, Tea., the antl
Roosevclt Republican aenatora believe
they havo a chance to put the Pres
ident In a bad light before the coun
try, and they have taken Instant ad
vantage of It. If any one supposed
that nil thla outcry reaulta from out
raged feeling over on alleged injus
tlce to negro soldiers, ho la very elm
pie lndod. The "Brownsville affair,"
am It has come to Kb known, la merely
a pawn, and a minor one at that, In
tho bin game being played undor the
dome on Capitol Illll. There la not at
tho Capital nyj Bohuliio aympaUiy
for the dlacharged aoldlera. It la a
fame of polltlcea pure and elmple,
and It la bolng played by a cabal of the
craftlnat polltlelnna to be found any
where on earth,",
The game that la being ployed,
moreover, la for the blggeat atake In
Amnrtuan . politic, .the Prealdonvy.
There la aome fear that, nhould there
to no check In Mr. Rooaevelt'a popu
larity, tho 1908 nomination may be
toroed upon him: but It la not espec
ially agalnet thla opposition Senators
Are bending their effort. The thing
they really fear U that Mr, Roosevelt
may be In a position to dictate the
aoloctlon of his successor, and thla
they ara determined to prevent. - They
nre resolved ther shall not be an
othor'Presldent of tha-Roosevelt achool,
If they can prevent It; and If the paet
la any Index to the future, there la at
loaat an even chance they can.
It la doubtful if the Senate combi
nation hoa yet selected, a man to pit
against ,' Rooaevelt, or Rooaevelt'a
choice, for the nomination, but there
are strong Indications that , Senator
Foraker of Ohio Is largely favored.
It la admitted ther' v yubsuntial
element of Repu' Jr it Senator
Foraker' could " yfiand, but It Is
believed he w. 0 aln enough con
aorvallvt einocKtlo votes to offset
any Republican disaffection.
It Is this situation that raises the
query as to an Impending Republican
eohlam, . The break, If break there bs,
Is not likely to occur at once; because
the wise old politicians who see con
ducting the ftanate opposition
aiomach for forlorn hopes, and they
will not show their hand unit! they
feel assured victory within their grasp,
Will Run from Portland to North China
and Vladivostok,
PORTLAND, Dc. Beginning
early In the spring, a new steamship
tin Is expected to be In service be
tween Portland and North China porta
and Vladivostok, unions present plans
miscarry. Frank Waterhous A Co,
on of tbt strongest steamship firms
on the Paclno Coaat, are back of the
venture. , V
It Is planned to havo three 'steam
ships, each carrying about 1,(00 tona
ply regularly between Portland and
the Orient. They will be vessels of the
fleet owned by Andrew Wler Co.,
of Liverpool , '
On January I, Frank Waterhouse k
Co, agents for the Wler steamers' on
this Coast, will establish a new Ori
ental lint out of Seattle and Tacoma
The vessel scheduled to sail from the
Sound on that date la the British
steamship Wynerlc, She will be fol
lowed on February JO by the British
ateamshlp Quito, Tho Boverlo will sail
from the same ports on February it
On March 17 the Inverlo will sail from
the Washington porta, and eight days
later she will be followed by the
Aymerlc, Printed schedules of the
sailing 'dates of these five steamers are
blng sent to the various ahlppera
Senators Fulton and Bourne Ask for
One Hundred Thousand Dollars.
WASHINGTON, Deo. 16.-When
Senator Fulton and Jonathan Bourne
calld on the chlrf of engineers to
dny to urge favorable action on the
reeommendatlo nof Colonel Roeaaler
thnt 1100,000 be Immediately appro
priated to construct a dredge for use
along the Oregon coaat, they found
that th englneera' board can act only
on the estimates of this character
upon the request of the House com
mittee, so they will urge Chairman
Burton or Representative Jones to
All h -W- - t.i Ja. .
done, Ornernl Mackensle bellevea the
board will Increase the estimates from
160,000 to $100,000, and he will ap
prove their action. Unleaa such rec
ommendation Is made. Congress will
appropriate not over $60,000 for tho
dredge. :
CHICAOO, Dec. 28. The Chicago &
Enatern Illinois Railroad haa an
nounced an Increase "in pay to all ma
chinists, They will receive an ad
vance of i centa an hour, the maxi
mum being 3? centa and tho minimum
26 cents.
NEW YORK, Dec. 86.-Antanns A.
Joels, 06 years of age, was arrestud
yesterday, charged with being a fu
gitive from Justice. The arrest wan
made In Brooklyn, where Joels had
takon rooms for himself and wife, on
the request of the polico of Chicago,
v Joels, the police horo any, Is wantoil
for the defalcation of $1,500.
, NEW YORK. Deo. . 26
dispatch published here
i-A .Vienna
today ' says
Archduke Leopold Snlvator, who re
nounced his family rights four years
ago and married Wilhelmlno Adamo
Vlo, tho daughter of a pqatofflce em
ploye, with whom he has since lived
near Geneva, Is now seeking a di
vorce, - He "has summonod' a Vienna
lawyer to arrange terms with his wife
who has already agreed to the separ
ation, v 1
President Has Not Clashed
With Congress.
President Within RighftlnBrowni-
' ville Affair; Acted
Situation Was Aeute Msny Months
Before Shooting Oeeurred and Be
fore the Battalion Waa With
drawn from Fort Brown.
CHICAOO, Dec. 16. A dispatch to
the Tribune from Washington says:
There Is not the slightest danger of
nor. in fact baa there even been, a
real clash brween the President and
Congress over the ' Brownsville affair.
There has boon an boneat defense of
opinion, and some heated argument,
but titer has been no time when the
cordial relations between the execu
tive and the legislative branches of
the government have been In danger of
being severed. -
In point of fact, throughout the
whole of this extraordinary Browns
ville Incident, the President has acted
strictly within his rights, and there
hut not been any evidence on the part
of either to Interfere with the prerog
atives of the other. The Brownsville
case has been full of surprises and
peculiar Incidents. It became acute
muny months after the actual shoot
ing, and long after the, battalion' had
been withdrawn from Fort, Brown.
Much of the Inflammation of the pub
lic mind was accomplished while the
President was out of the country. I
Since Congress has adjourned there
has followed the extraordinary shoot-
1 n rMH1.llM
day when the outbreak took place, and
several of the colored troops have
been arrested la connection with a
street car riot at Leavenworth. There
have been Incidents upon Incidents,
and still with it all, in spite of the
reports which have' gone out to the
contrary, the President and Congress
are still In accord and are still within
their constitutional rights.
Will Go to Penitentiary to Await Fur-
. ther Orders..
SPOKANE, Wash., Deo. 26. Sid
ney Sloane, the brutal young mur
derer, who Blew his own father, Is not
to go free. Though the Jury on Sat
urday propouneed him "not guilty, by
reason of Insanity," , Judge W. A
Huneke, at noon today ordered that
he should be taken to the Walla Walla
penitentiary, there to remain until the
further order of the oourt. ' The Judge
stated that this action waa taken for
the Bafety of the community,- It hav
ing been shown that the prisoner's
insanity waa of a permanent charac
ter "and that he might again become
violent at any time. The court also
hold that he ha4 no power to dictate
to tho warden of tha prison as to his
method .of treating ,tho prisoner.
Young Sloane, who was happy,-Jubilant
and singing , yesterday, appeared
distressed and discouraged when his
sentence was pronounced.
SPOKANE, Deo. 26. Later: The at
torneys of Sidney Sloane, who was
recently acquitted of the murder of
his father on the grounds that he is
insane and who today was ordered by
the court to be Incarcerated In the
penitentiary beceus he Is liable to be
come dangerous at any time and a
menace to the community, have not
slated what action they will take to
prevent their client from being sent
to prison and treated like a felon, but
the line of their procedure Indicates
there will bo srlous objections to such
a proceeding and the court, officials
look for a bitter legal fight.
Manager of Sugsr Plant Rseeivse Let'
ter from Blsekmsilers, '
' BILLINGS, Dec. 26. Several days
ago the manager of the Billings sugar
factory here received" a threatening
letter, stating tltat unless the factory
paid the wrjter 125,000, the plant
would be blown to stoma The sugar
company turned the letter over to the
authorities and plans were made to
capture the blackmailers. The com
pany was directed to put a man on the
back platform of the Burlington train
on Christmas night, directed that be
carry a red lantern and bring a pack
age containing $25,000. Between Bill
ings and some point west the train
would pass a man bearing a red lan
tern and at a given signal the pack
age was to be thrown onto the track.
The sheriff last night placed a posse
on the train and an employe of the
company carrying a red lantern. They
traveled as far as Livingston, but no
sign of the blackmailers waa seen.
Will Investigate the Diverting of Wa
ters from Niagara Falls.
WASHINGTON, Dec. . Secretary
Taft Is preparing to take up for final
dlspoahlon tha complex questions pre-
S(3Md.,i him underjhe terms of the
Burton act, relative to the conserva
tion of the waters of the Niagara riv
er, so as to prevent the sacrifice of the
falls to the commercial Interests of the
country. Grave constitutional ques
t'ons are involved.
Attorneys for the electric lighting
and power companies which have been
taking the water 'are Insistent that
the national government haa no right
to regulate the disposition of waters
of streams save where the navigation
thereof Is concerned. ' In the case of
the Niagara river, where the water la
taken from the stream above the falls,
only to be returned to it again below,
this Issue la not Involved. So far,
however, the right of the United States
government to regulate the admission
of currents of electricity generated on
the Canadian side of the river, : has
not been challenged, and to this ques
tion the secretary Intends to first ad-
areas mmsejr. v
Trouble Between Two Families
Farmers Near Richmond, Va.
CHICAGO, Dec, 26. A dispatch to
the Tribune from Richmond, Va.,
says: ' v -'
R. S. Chandler, a farmer, procured
a license at Bridgetown for the mar
riage of his daughter arid Richard
Elam, a young former, then returned
home and forced young Elam to mar
ry his daughter, Bessie Chandler.
Last night Watson Elam, father of
the young man, with a party of twen
ty neighbors, all armed, went to
Chandler's house and after surround
ing It, demanded the surrender : of
young Elam. He was given up and
taken home, : Elnm swore out a war
rant agulnst the Chandlors, charging
MEMPHIS, Pec. 26. Advices from
Scooba and Wahalak tonight ,. state
that quiet prevails at both of these
towns, as well as throughout the sur
rounding territory and that troops and
civil authorities are in complete, con
trol of the situation.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 26. Captain
William B. Seabury, commodore of
the Pacific Mall Company's fleet and
one of the beat mariners on the Pa
cific coast, la, dead at San Rafael, as
a result of injuries resulting from a
fall about ' a week ago,
Shocking Butchery Rouses
People's Wrath.
Refused Lodging, He First Burn
Hay Stacks Then Slays
Crowd Swarms to County Jail, Breaks
Down Doors and Tries to Obtain
Prisoner Is Finally Disperssd,
LAS ANIMAS, Colo., Dec 26. A
mob has battered down the walls of
the Jail for .the purpose of lynching
Lawrence Leberg, a tramp, who yes
terday murdered Henry Lavenmeyer,
a prominent farmer, near here.
Lebenfs crime was the work of a
AsaeV- Alighting from tha Santa Fe
train yesterday afternoon at Robinson
station, near this city, he crossed the
river and secured a meal from a far
mer named George Puvis. When Le
berg finished eating he demanded
lodging but was refuaed because of
his abusive language. Leberg left the
Purvis farm and after preparing a
camp on the' river bank started toward
the Purvis place, evidently bent on
revenge. He set fir, to a haystack
belonging to Lavenmayer, who took
Leberg Into custody, allowing him to
ride behind him on his horse. When
at the road entering his ranch, Le
berg struck him on the head with a
hammer which' he found tied to La
venmeyer's saddle. The laiter fell
stunned and Leberg beat him until he
became tired. Leberg left bis victim
nl the road and went back to his camp
by tha riverside. He soon returned
with a pocket knife, cut Lavenmeyer's
throat from ear. to ear and attempted
to scalp him. The burning haystack
attracted the neighbors to the scene
and they found the mutilated body.
A posse was formed and Leberg was
caught a mile or two away, riding
Lavenmeyer's horse. He submitted to
arrest quietly and even boasted of his
crlnm saying he drank tho blood of
his victim. Leberg was brought here
and lodged today. At ' noon today
Sheriff Brown started for Pueblo with
his prisoner for better protection, but
was met by a crowd of 800 people who
protested against Leberg's removal and
he was again placed In Jail here. Al
though there were frequent reports of
mobs organizing to dispose of Le
berg not until tonight did they set
about carrying out their work of ven
geance. Soon after dark several hun
dred men and boys appeared at the
Jail, but were refused admittance.
They then began ail attack on the Jan.
After several hours' diligent effort at
storming the county Jail the mob was
dispersed and It Is not thought that
further attempts will be made tonight
to carry out the plan for vengeance.
The mob worked Its way Into the Jail
as far as the steel doors by breaking
down the wooden doors, but were met
with a stern refusal from the all of
ficers to turn over "their prisoner and
finally gave' up. When apprehended
the murderer gave his name as Law
rence Leebrg. Many believe him In
ST.' LOUIS, Dec 26. The Standard
Oil Company and sixty odd other cor
poration allied with It as defendants
In the government's suit to break tho
alleged oil monopoly, today filed a
motion In the United States circuit
Court attacking the Jurisdiction of that
court to bring in non-resident defend
ants by press and petitioning the
court to vacate the order of service
issued by Judge Sanborn on November
15. .
Drank Carbolio Aeid Before the Eye
of an Armed Guard.
ELM IRA, N. Y, Dec. 2. With a
guard standing directly behind him,
Frank Delaney, a railroad man, who
succeeded in gaining entrance to tho
Jail on a pretense of wishing to have
Bessie Wills, awaiting sentence for ab
ducting a young, girl for Immoral pur
poses, sign some legal papers, suc
ceeded in passing the woman a vial
of carbolio acid which she drank. At
the same time Delaney put another
vial of acid to his own lips, and al
though the guard tried to overpower
him, succeeded In draining the bottle.
Delaney died, before a physician could
be summoned and when the cell door
waa opened the woman was already
dying. She died within a short time.
Summary of American Archbishop's
Speech Not Liked in Rome.
ROME, Dec 26. The local press
published a summary, which appeared
In the Parts Matin, of Archbishop Ire
land's statement, at St Paul on the
French-Vatican ennfllct The sum
mary has not found favor with tho
Vatican authorities, as it blames the
French clergy, who are praised by
the Pope. The Oeservatore Romano
says this summary should be accept
ed with reserve as coming from an In
fected source, explaining that the Ma
tin's' correspondent may have- misun-j
derstood the Archbishop.
MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 28. It Is ru
mored that a big deal Is about to bo
closed whereby a Minneapolis com
pany, will consign a large quantity of
flour for Russian consumption. : Ex
portation of Minneapolis flouro Rus
sia is without precedent. Only through
an Immense shortage in Russian crops
could a condition arise by which prices
would so rise that foreign millers can
pay the high Import duty and still sell
at a profit r -t
lars entered the residence of W. A.
Cox, a prominent merchant at 826 .
Asubury street, early yesieruajr uiu'u-
ing and after administering an anes
thetic to the sleeping members of the
family, ransacked the house, stealing
Jewelry and mney to the value of $1.-.
000, and departed without disturbing
the sleep of any of their victims. The
police are now working on the case.
MUSKOGEE, L T.. Dec. 26. Great
excitement prevails at Stlllwell, near
here, over the attempted criminal as
sault on Miss York, a 14-year-old girl,
by Braham Hughes. The girl repulsed
Hughes, and as she fledhe fired a
shotgun, pointing at her back, at short
range. Hughes waa arrested and tak
en to Vinlta to escape mob violence.,
As the town is wrought up, a lynch
ing may follow.
NEW YORK, Dec. 26. John A.
ROebllngs Sons Company of Trenton,
N. J employing 7,000 men In their
steel mills, closed down for only four
days during the Christmas holidays.
Work will be resumed today. An
nually this concern shuts down for
two weeks at this time for needed re
pairs and stock, taking, but the rush,
of orders this year forced a curtail
ment of the holiday. .
HOUSTON, Dec. 26. Reports to the
headquarters of the Atlantic system of
the Southern Pacific today show the
lines are experiencing little difficulty 1
In operating trains on account of the
strike of the firemen.