The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, December 01, 1906, Page 5, Image 5

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Direct from the orchard at Hood River.
You'll like' them our prices are right.
111 11 Wuily, Notary public, at
BiullyV Ci(,'ur fctore. Any old bourl
OrkwlU eoveri umbr.Ha mid make
thom as good aa new. 11-7-tf
Th very bit board to be obtained la
tl. elty U it The Hotel.'
Rate very reasonable.
Columbia and Victor Grapbophone
and all tbe lateH record at Chicago
prl., for tale 1 A. It Cryu, 424
Commercial fit. tf
Hotel Irvine Steam -boat. If you
are looking for a cosy, comfortable
room for the winter, aee ui at once.
Telephone Malo 091. W W tf
Bow Do I look. To realty te your
f ae other aee you, get one of thoe
sew atyle mirrors at Ilart'a Drug Store)
ell price. A new aupply Juat roetlved.
Look It Up There la a fine property
advertised for aale on the fifth page
of thl lu of the Alorln. Look
up the ad., then look up the property
and be aure to look up the agent!
Commercial Saloon Tola popular
place, altuated at BOO Commercial street,
la up-to-date in every particular. The
eholceat of wlnea and all kind of 11
quor can be procured here. BeH qual
ity cigars. Billiard table la connection.
If you can't come In person, call up
fhone 1231 Main. tf
Ordinance Approvad Yesterday af
t'irnon Mayor WIko affixed hi signa
ture to th ordinance to pay the con
tractor for the Improvement of Bond
street to the MeCure line, nil the
property owmtr having signed on ac
ceptance of the tret.
Fell Down Stair Al Itanium mot
with quite a eeHoue accident Thanks
giving Dny, fulling down a flight of
Malrs, striking on hi head and re
ceiving aeveral small cut on hie kull
find fnre. A physlelan who summoned,
the wound drecd and he will be
able to he out ngnln In a dny or two.
Body Found The body of the late
William I.uitdon, who whs drowned
last Thursday In the vhlnlty of Wind
Slough, wna found In the river yester
dny near Tongue Point, and wna
brought to the old Occident cannery.
Coroner Pohl wna notified nnd ho
took chnrge of the remntne. lie Mate
that no lnqut wilt he held, ae he
deem the enme unnecessary, The
funeral will probably take place Sunday.
Leave for Finland Dr. J. Hngelatam
who haa been located In Astoria (or
aeveral month, will leave tomorrow
for hta former home In Finland, where
he haa accepted a position a head
pbyalclan In the Hclalngfort hospital.
The doctor hn made many friend
during hi brief stay In thla city who
will wish him proaperlty In hi new
field of labor.
Do Yon foi aleepy and not bit
like working In the afternoon! Per
hap It't because of the kind of lunch
you're eating too heavy an dtoo hard
to digest. Why not try the Falaee
retaurant on Commercial atreet, where
all the baking I done In those famou
low-proee oven, which turn out light
appetizing, wholesome thlngaf You'll
. ave money, too.
Rtglitration Ten peron avnlted
themselve of the opportunity of reg
istering yesterday, six being from pre
cinct No. 6 nnd four from precinct
E. The rcglet ration book will close
n-xt Friday at 4 o'clock p. m., In
stead of Saturday, as atatcd In yea
tcrdiiy'a Aatorlan. Auditor Anderson
will keep hla office open on Tueaday,
Wednesday and Thursday nights of
next week to accommodate those who
cannot register In the day time.
1 Polio Court The effect of Thanks
giving celebration wun manifest In the
police court yostorday, the prisoner'
dock being filled with a number of
boose fighter. Jus, Hnkr admitted
that he had drank one too many Tom
and Jerry' and was sent below for
two day. John Morrl who ha been
a. frequent vtoitor at tho city bartlle,
wa accused by ti city attorney of
being drunk. A unuuI, he denied the
allegation and defied Officer Coffmnn,
the "alligator.'! He said the wind had
changed from the east to sou'west,
end It always had a deleterlou ef
fect on hi mental faculties. The nme
story had been repeated so often that
Judgt) Anderson fined him 15, and, In
addition, ho wa ordered to erve out
the sentence of five day given him
when he wa up before, and for which
he had been paroUsd. It I to bo hoped
that the weather will moderate before
he serves hi term out. J. Pent Ilia
left t5 out of hla week' earning for
hi appearance, but falling to respond
to roll call, the V wa appropriated
j to the police fund. Frank Stone, with
; five year' growth of alfalfas, with a
face on him like the mop of Sebasto
pot, admitted that he had been drunk
and wa sent to Oammal's home for
lost soul for two day. Charlc Hill
wan arrested for smoking opium and
appeared by V. D. Wlnton, hi attor
ney. The arrest wa made by Officer
JJnnvllle, who ewore that when he
entered the opium Joint on Ator
street, the room wa filled with smoke,
and It wasn't tobacco moke, either.
He found Hill with an opium pipe In
one hand, and he had just placed the
balance of the paraphernalia Including
a box containing eng shoe under the
bed, but Tom ha an eye like an eagle
' and he discovered the trick. He Im
! mediately arrested Hill and a young
tndy upon whom he waa calling named
; Ella Cummlng. After hearing the
evidence, Judge Anderson found the
i defendant guilty and fined him 115.
A charge of frequenting an opium den
wa preferred against Ella Cummlng
and the case waa continued until next
Monday. She even wept when the
complaint wo read to her.
New Winter Book The Astoria A
Columbia River Railroad Company
yesterday Issued Its new "Winter
Hooklet," a handsome and Interest
ing pamphlet, full of descriptive test
and half-tone. Illustrating the beau
tie and advantage of the road. It
Is a conspicuous addition to the com
pany's literature, and will be appre
ciated by all who sonn It.
Order carefully filled for today' din-
Waldorf Entertainment The Wal
dorf management ha put on another
rich and amusing string of films, In
which the vagarlea and fate of the
"cheeky traveler" divide honor with
the "happy slelghrlde," thla latter re
vealing all the element of fun liable
to auch an event, and recalling the
day and pleasures of old to many a
person who view the laughable pic
tures to the end. The display 1 one
of the best put on there thla season
and Is drawing crowds nightly. But
among the leading elements of en
Jfy;mcnt billed there are the delightful
' soprano solos of Miss Violet Parker,
j an accomplished artist, whose piece
do resistance Just now Is "Just Plain
Folks," and this amplified nightly by
a number of dainty encore songs, all
of which contribute to her popularity
nnd the pleasure of the evening to the
Phone Min 2321.
We are now ready to serve the pub
lic with a line, of first class .Groceries,
Fruits and Vegetables at the store for
merly occupied by Johnson Bros.
on 12th St V
We Solicit Your Trade.
Returned Home Hon. James W.
Welch and wife returned homo yes-
i terdny from a two months' visit to the
i east. Mr. Welch was sent os a rep
resentative of the Odd Fellows of
Oregon to represent that organization
In the supreme lodge at Toronto. Mr.
: Welch slated that they enjoyed the
trip, being the first time that either he
or his wife had ever visited In the
east. When Informed that business
was dull In Astoria, he repllod that
he had visited many eastern cities
' where It was more dull than here.
Both Mr. Welch and hs wife enjoyed
excellent health on their trip and were
glad to arrive home again. He says
there are lots of places on earth be
sides Astoria, but that Astoria Is home
and they are both glad to be back here
once more.
Th. vine la na lonaer a mere novelty like the old tyl talking maohlne
i i i.. ...nU.ri h mii.ln lower. musical instrument of
II I orioMiy n(iiiv -
great merit,, reproducing all the beautiful quality of the original.
Aciume Management Edw. C.
: Judd, formerly of Seaside, where he
was interested in the store of F.
j Dresser & Co., and who has recently
I purchnsed the' Brownsville Woolen
j Mills store on Commercial street, ar
' rived In the city yesterday and was
; busy nil day taking stock. He will as-
Bume active management of the busl
, noss today, Mr, Judd Is an affable
j gentleman, an attorney by profession,
j but thoroughly posted In the mercan
I tile business, and will no doubt make
j a success of his new venture.
t Louvre Robbed While the bartend
I er was enjoying a quiet snooze be
hind the stove, being overcome by
j eating too much turkey, some mls
j creant, without the fear of Chief
I Gaminal in his heart, touched the
! cash register and relieved It of $65,80,
, all there was in It, except a tab
against him for drinks, which he
left. . While no one has been arrest
i ed, the officers have a ; good clue to
the thief and he will no doubt be
apprehended In a few days, If he Is
still tn the city.
One Piano Number Free With Each $5 Sale at Wise's
The trick is'ent to sell you
a suit! It's to sell yon the sec
and, third and fourth suit.
Years of experience has
taught us how!
Experiment as , you will,
ycu must finally conclude as
have hundreds of others that
in the long run IT PAYS JL
Coal Arrive Just In the nick of
time, the Astoria Electric Company re
ceived two carloads of coal yester
day and two more car are expected to
arrive Monday. The coal bin waa get
ting very low and the gaa aupply had
to be curtailed, so that a number of
famllle have been without gas the
paat week. The ehortage la remedied
now and It la expected an abundant
aupply will be furnlahed for all pur
Lleenaed and Wedded Yesterday,
County Clerk Clinton issued a mar
riage license In favor of Mr. John C.
Pratt of Marlon county, Oregon, and
Mra. Harriett Clark, of this county;
an hour or two later, County Judge
Trenchards tried the nuptial knot for
the happy pair, at his Ninth street office.
Last, but Not Leat The good peo
ple of the First Presbyterian church
are going to hold a big fair and sale
of dainty and useful articles In the
store room of the Reed building cor
ner of Eleventh and Duane streets, on
Saturday, December the 8th. Bear
this in mind!
Property Change Hands Among
the numerous documents filed for
record at ' the county clerk's office
yesterday, was a deed from O. A. Ma
rlsch, and wife, to William Pltkanen,
conveying by warranty title, the north
60 feet of lots Nos. 10 and 11, In
block 2, of Shively's Astoria.
Leave for Portland Sheriff Pom
eroy will send a deputy to Portland
this morning to Investigate the men
arrested there by Sheriff Stevens, in
connection with the John D. Miller
murder case. Tho deputy has all the
requisite data to recognize the men,
if they are the guilty parties.
On a Pleasure Trip Mr. and Mrs.
Eugene Willis, of Portland, made a
Thanksgiving trip to Astoria and
Fort Stevens, and are guests of Capt.
and Mrs. Percy Willis, at that post.
The gentlemen are brothers, and the
meeting Is thoroughly enjoyed by all
More Levies Made County Clerk
Clinton was apprised yesterday of the
following formal levies: Road district
No. 6, Tucker Creek, 10 mills, on a
valuation of $262,505; and School Dis
trict No. 24, Elsie, 6 mills on a 'val
uation of $144,756.
Trial by Jury The largest and most
enthusiastic audience ever assembled
In the Star theater greeted tbe "Trial
by Jury" operetta last night To say
that the audience enjoyed the enter
tainment and that It waa well pre
sented would be superfluous. To enu
merate the different characters or eu
logize any one of them, would be to
Include each and every one that par
ticipated. Sufficient to say, It waa
one of the best and most ably pre
sented entertainments ever given by
local talent in Astoria, So well did
each one take their respective roles
tbat to a stranger It would be difficult
to distinguish them from profession
als. Tbe Trial by Jury will be re
peated again tonight and those who
did not witness it last night should
avail themselves of the opportunity.
It Is deservedly worthy of special men
tion and should receive the patronage
of the amusement loving public.
Will Remain in Firm Alfred R.
Johnson, with Johnson Bros., prom
inent grocerymen, on Twelfth street,
has decided to retain an interest in
the new firm of Scholfleld & Mattson,
and will remain with them. This will
be pleasing news to the many friends
of Mr. Johnson, through whose effort
was due the pronounced success of
the old firm of Johnson Bros. The
new firm starts out with a most sub
stantial business and liberal patron
age, which no doubt will be continued
to the new firm, If merit and square
dealing is a criterion.
Road Cleared Roadmaster Frye had
a force of men engaged yesterday In
clearing the dirt from the road lead
ing to the Tongue Point mill and ex
pects to have the oroad free and in
condition for permanent travel today.
Improvement The Astoria Electric
Company has received a constant cur
rent transformer and switchboard for
the street lighting system, which will
be installed by the first of the year.
The street railway circuit will then
be discontinued after 11 o'clock at
night until after the arrival of the
new motor generator, which will be
shipped on December 6.
P. GEVURTZ, Manager
"The Lighthouse
By the Sea."
Commencing Monday, Dec. 3, 1906
Popular Prices: 1 5c, 25c and35c.
Box Office Opens 7:30. Curtain Rises at 8:15 Sharp.
Seats can be secured by Telephone Main 3821 for all performances
Box office .open from 2 until 4 p. m. daily
In Probate Court Judge Trenchard,
sitting for probate matters, yesterday,
made an order In the matter of the
estate of Antone Anderson, directing
the administrator to sell the personal
property thereof, at private sale, and
report in due course.
Morning Astorlan, 60 cents per
month, delivered by carrier.
We have on hand a big line ot new ' copy write
books. Holiday gift books, bibles, padded poets.
Fine line of Christmas Postals and Cards foreign
and domestic. Our postal department is
'! stronger than ever this year.
Svensoti's Book Store
" 14th and Commercial St., Astoria, I Ore.