The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, August 04, 1906, Page 2, Image 2

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Pubiifthcd Deny by
By mall, per yew 7.00
By nail, per month JO
By Mrrier. per month.. .15
8, auto, per year, la advance.
iMcred aa eeoci-rla matter J one
33, IWfc, at tt postofflca at ajtorla, Ure
roa, aider Uw act of Coogreci ol Marca t.
KVOrdan for Um (Wtwnii of TBI Hoax
s unoaiaa to Uc rwxSwaot or Dlaca of
tinahwi stay aiada by poatal card or
throat telethon. Amy irregularity ia aa
Brery should be laraediatety reported to U
Official paper of Clatsop county and
Ua City ofAatorla.
Oregon. Washington, Idaho
Fair; cooler.
For thirty-five years Anthony Corn
stock ha been wtrW.:-i ol the moral
of New York City, aad iacideetny, of
the conn try. He u one of tse most
courageous and nneompromtMisg enemies
of the vicious and lewd ia, ia
the whole nation. Nothing escapes him;
be ia at the head of a great department
of the police bureau of New York, and
his only aim is life is to safeguard the
decency of the young. He is a master
detective and one of the most notable
and successful officers, in his line, in the
world. He has just made a raid on one
of the art galleries of 3ew York for ex
hibiting too many and too suggestive
pictures of the nude, and while he may
be getting a bit crotchety and super
censorious in his old days, well bet a
free copy of the Astoria n, he is right
in his premise. He has mighty few
blunders to his account in the long drift
of years in which he has figured as the
arch-enemy of the nasty; and the pre
sumption is a safe one that he is strict
ly within the limits of his authority in
the present instance. His name is a
terror to the' corrupt and licentious all
over the land.
Richard Harding Davis, the well
known novelist, comes to the rescue of-
the good name of his dead friend, Stan
ford White, the victim of Harry Thaw's
murderous gun, lately in New York.
Mr. Davis declares the early accounts
sent out defaming White's name and
record, were inspired lies, and utterly
without foundation. That Stanford
White was a clean and wholesome man,
with the highest and purest motives, and
led a life that was simply irreproach
able, from any view-point honorably
taken. This mean much. Men of the
stamp of Mr. Davis are not given to
making false moves, nor statements,
even to spare a friend who is palpably
unworthy the effort. And in confirma
tion of bis loyal defense, it may bs
noticed that the 1c10us stories scat
tered broad-cast immediately after the
murder and dealing with Mr. White'
alleged licentious and ignoble courses of
life, have ceased utterly since the stal
wart and magnamimous vindication in
augurated by this noted and thoroughly
respected author and gentleman. Hard
ing Davis speaks by the card when he
speaks in this wise, and he will be duly
credited everywhere.
It is Astoria's plain and simple duty
to put herself in shape for the proper
reception and entertainment of the
traveling public, before another summer
solstice shall swing upon her. She must
have a new and modem hotel, whomso
ever shall build it. She is the only city
of her size in the country so badly
equipped in this particular, and the
laches is being remarked on all sides.
There are hundreds of people who would
make this city a summer habitat, a
common center from which to radiate
in a hundred directions to points of in
terest round about, if only she had a
place to house and feed them as they
demand housing and feeding. Whatever
else she may do in the quest for popu
larity, h must mt longer neglect this
arch-need. It is contributing to her
injury now, far more than her people
imagine, and another season of delin
queney will work her poltiv detri
went. There is nothing that should
command a deeper nor readier interest
than this.
To check the political ambitions of
the Labor I'nion leader, the National
Citizens' Industrial Association ia sub
mitting to political candidates through
out the country two questions:
"Have you pledged your support to
the Labor trut or to any other trust
organization, or corporation seeking
special legislation V
"H1 you or will you not represent
the citizens a a whole and seek to
protect them from class legislation
whether by organized capital or orga
niied labor when such legislation Is in
the interests of the few to give power
over the many!"
The plan provides that the names of
candidate who stand for labor or capi
ta trusts shall be supplied to the differ
ent citizens associations now organized
in over 500 town and cities in order
that citizens of all parties, who are op
poed to cUs legislation and organized
trust methods of seeking to control
legislation can vote for anti-trust candi
dates at the coming election.
The citizens propose to support public
men of either party who stand free from
pledge to any organization. They refer
to the effort of the labor leaders to
secure the passage of an anti-injunction
MIL as a direct step towards anarchy
and an effort to take away the power of
the courts and transfer it to the labor
trut or a capital trust, whichever might
choose to revenge itself on workingmen.
To strip the courts of power to restrain
organizations from attacking men or
property, would place citizen and com
munities in jeopardy, from any organi
zation either of labor or capital which
might choose to ue violence. Labor in
its proposed attacks upon other work
men and property; capital if it should
see fit to hire men to attack union
This movement of citizens is based
upon the theory of government that the
community must protect its member
from control of the people by any orga
nization, class or trust.
Pa 'Merlraaa (UrC
I awta mash weeth iUg JJ.C,
An' aha e 'Mericana too!
Tom weell no cutta me ro slow
Eat som' tiros yo ran looka aea
How she sea com' an' flirt areata ina.
Moat vra two t ree day. my frand,
8te atop by dees pranutta stand
An' amlle an' mat' 4a funrla eye
An' Justa lovk at me an' sigh,
An alia time she so excite'
Ptie peeck som' fruit an' take bit a
Oh. my, she eesa look to twtt t
t no ears how much fruit the eat
tie? I am tw an' m' prrtand
1 want no more dun be her frand.
But en my heart, you bit my Ufa,
! theenk of Mr for b my wlf.
Today I thernk: "Now I weal to
How moocha she ee mash wtrth ma."
An to I span of dea an' dat
How moocha ploynta won' I rat.
How mooch I makto' tvra day
An' w'at 1 rpand an' put away.
An' den 1 ask, to quteck. to sly:
"Tou theenk torn' pretta atrl watll try
For Jovln- rr.B a leetla fern?
An" f I ask her Uka da
For averta" mt a foot la area.
Tou s'poee sti reave me wan or twoT
She tai m. Twanty-t'm for yon!"
An' den the laugh to tweet an' say:
"SkaeJdoo; Skeeddoo!" an' run away.
Bh tike to mooch for keesa ma
She trona crew ma twanty-t'ree!
I s'pose dat Wat tha aav-'gkeaddaor-.
Ua. Wat you theenk? Now, mebba aa
Tou weell no rails ma to slow!
-T. A. Daly tn Cat hollo Standard aut
Ita I warms at trm Call aaa Ita Laas
ip iuue mne on Lerwick a one
street then la a garden. At least. It la
aa Inclosed space. In the middle of
this pae there la a tree. It la not a
very tall tree; you could, in fact, toss
biscuit over Its branches, bnt atill It
a tree the only tree In Shetland.
And Shetland 1 proud of it. Children
who are brought for the first time to
ee the wonder of one streeted Ler
wick are shown this tree. This la not
fiction. It Is the only treo tn Shetland.
Aa there are no trees tn Shetland.
there are no birds, except, of course.
the sea gulls, which you can number
by the thousand. The sea gulls are the
sparrows of Lerwick, and. as such,
they have a greater share In the town's
life than have the sparrows of London.
In the morning time you will note that
a sea gull sits on every chimney pot
Sea gulls swoop nnd hover over every
roof In the town.
The air is full at their strange, high.
plaintive, haunting cries. Their sad.
shrill, loug drawn cries are to Lerwick
as the chattering of sparrows or the
cawing of rooks ae to us In England.
Every bouse has rts own familiar sea
gulls and every street Its own band of
sea gulls. They never nilx. The chil
dren tn each bouse have a pet name for
their own particular sea gulls, and,
having called them to them by those
names, they feed tfcein every day. And
each sea gull knows what Is meant for
htm N'd UM Villi Q f t ft yv nnn tita
Frederick W. Mulkey. who was a can- rer seek, to eat tha food araHm
didate in the primary election in Oregon from the house next door. He does not
I . : T . , C i . i " J .1 . .. ...
tor uoiumaijuu as i nuva states senator,
and who is on a visit to this city, has
given the Post-Intelligencer some inter'
estinff facts about the workings of the
now law in his state. It is quite evi
dent that Mr. Mulkey is not an unquali
fied admirer of the new law. He criti
cizes it sharply in some respects, but he
also said: "It seems to have annihilat
ed completely the party boss and there
seems no manner or way in which politi
cal manipulation can be successfully re
sorted to in a primary election."
If this stood alone as the sole argu
ment which could be made in favor of
the direct primary, it should be suffic
ient to mass the great majority of the
people behind the demand for ita enact
ment. A system which annihilates the
boss and makes for good services rendered
the people, not personal sen-ices render
ed the bos', the effective method of ad
vancing the political fortunes of the in
dividual office holder or office seeker,
guarantees that the public will be in
finitely better served in the future than
in the paet.
If the direct primary annihilates the
party boss system and closes the door to
political trickery and manipulation
through which to control nominations,
which are substantially equivalent to
elections, the state which adopts the
direct primary is to see a cleaner era in
politics and a higher order of public
service than it has ever witnessed in
the past. It is certain to have in office
public nervants who recognize their ac
countability is to the people, not to
the machine. Seattle P.-I.
Scorta of
Astoria Citiitns
Learned It
If you suffer from backache.
Thero It only out way to curt It,
The perfect way is to curs ths kidney.
A bad back mean tick kidueya.
Keglect it, urinary troubles follow.
Doan's Kidney Pilla are made for kid
Myt only.
Mrs. J. W, Painter, of 310 East Sev
enth street Portland. Ors., taytt "1
hava not h-i any of my faith ia Doan's
Kidney Pills since I publicly rscom
mended the remedy in February, 1903.
As I started at that tlmt, a severs spell
of sicknc early In my life left ms with
kidneys, and is time went on I suf
fered mors end mors with spells of
backache. The pain through ths kid
neys was torture, and often a could not
find a comfortable position to lis in.
When aWs to be up and around I wti
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Room; Easily Kept Clean
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tanlutioa sod wt hivs kept
pact with the Improvements,
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snowy white 'StesdW Porcelain Emm
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displayed In our showroom. ui quote
ot prices. Illustrated catalogue free.
I, 'A. Monomery.OAstoria.
Microbes in everything you eat and
drink, and if you eat and drink microbes
you will surely die and if you don't eat
and drink you will still more surely die,
Bound to surely die in any event, you
had bettter pay no more attention to
microbes than your grand daddies did.
They ate and drank everything they
wanted and they lived long and pros
pered knowing nothing whatever about
microbes and yet it is .said they
lived eight hundred years, eating and
drinking microbes all the time. Eat
and drink anything you want, microbes
and all, and you will live until you die
and that is just what old Methuselah
did he lived until he died.
o '
Judge Aren't you ashamed to stand
there in the dock charged with beating
your own wife!
Prisoner Herr Judge, what would you
do if your wife called you a besotted,
drunken vagabond! Witzblatt.
dare; the other auila would kill him
So all day long the ea gulls hover and
call over the roofs of Lerwick. The
people of tbe town, hf they come across
a little pile of rice hid upon the rood
way, step over It with care. They
know that It Is plaesd there for some
sea gull. And at n'ght the sea gulls
leave their own appointed chimney
pots and fly gracefully away to their
resting places on the rocks of the Isle
of Noss. London Express.
Judge Have you any witnees
lat night's attack upon yout
Prosecutor Certainly; my house dog
Plulo. Just let him Inside the door
and he will go straight for ths
Judge No; we can't go so fait. The
witnees have to be sworn first.
Ia Self Defense
Major Hamm, editor and manager of
the Constitutionalist Eminem, Ky,
when he was fiercely attacked four years
ago by piles, bought s box of Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, of which he savs; It
cured me in ten days and no trouble
since." Quickest healer of Burns, Sores
Cutt and Wounds. 25c at Charles Rogers
drug store. aug
Steam Cleaning sod Dying a Specialty. Special Atttntloa Clvta to ladies'
Work, All Work Called tot and Delivered.
JOHNi FOX, Pres.
FL BISHOP. Secretar)
ftlS?. I01 Vi-rre. nd Rupt.
A That bewitching siren has cost me
all my fortune.
B And me my understanding.
A You always get off eailv.
Mow Ha Kaew.
There Is a very forgetful girl In Den
ver, living up on Washington street
Fearing a young man who called on
her last week would stay too long she
set the clock In the parlor half an hour
ahead. She was tired, having been out
norseback riding that day, and wanted
to get to bed early. The scheme
worked. But then she forgot to turn
the clock back and, having numerous
young men friends, she also very care
lessly forgot which one It was. Last
night the young man called again.
me ciocs: was still fast and he no
ticed it
mat clock Is wrong. Isn't ltr he
"Yes," she replied. "I set It ahead so
a fellow who called Wednesday night
would go home In time to let me get
some siet-p."
"The clock fooled him all right," said
tne caller quietly.
"How do you know?" she asked.
The younir man smiled a sickly smile.
"i cauea Wednesday night."
The girl coughed.
"We're having so much trouble In
getting n hired girl," she said. "Does
your mother ever have difficulty secur
ing gooa neipy-Deaver Vt
Lady (enw.tfiig donicstio-And does
your .voting wan wish to see you every
Servant no, mum: some weeks
' don't MHMiif. far montlis.-Tatler.
Morning Astorian, 65 cents per month.
delivered by carrier.
The Empress of Japan has preented
084 artificial eves and 17!)7 artificiul
limbs to soldiers maimed during the
Russo-Japanese war, according to a
Iapanee newspaper.
Designers and Manafactaren of
Canning Machinery, Marine Engines and Boilers
Complete Cannery Outilti Furni$h4
- w . ns a VVl
Conductor (to gentleman with lady)
lMtt t you wish a separate coin part ment
again, Herr Schancherlf
loung Husband No. this time it's
my wife. Kikeriki.
The End of ths World
of troubles that robbed E. n. Wolfe, of
Bear Grove, la., of all usefulness, came
when he began taking Electric Bitters.
He writes: "Two years ago kidney
trouble caued me great suffering, which
I never would have survived had I not
taken Electric Bitters. They also cured
me of general debility." Sure cure for
all stomach, Liver and Kidney coni'
plaints, Blood diseases, Headache, Diz
ziness and weakness or bodily decline.
Price 50c. Guaranteed by Charles Rogers
drug store. ug
First National Bank of Astoria, Ore.
Capital $100,000
J. Q. A. B0WLBY, President.
0. I. PETERSON. Vice-President.
tiere is a question in naval science
which is to the avemge sailor man a
ridle unsolved. Take a vessel, of sny,
2,500 tons; place on it a cargo of 3,500
tons. This gives you a total of 0,000
tons. Hitch a little tug to this vessel
and she will yank the big craft along
at the rate of six or eight knots an hour.
Now, put the tugs machinery in the big
vessel. It wont move her half a knot
an hour. Why is tins?
r RANK PATT0N, Cashier.
J. W. GARNER, Assistant Cashier.
Astoria Savings Bank
Capital Paid In f loooo, Surplus and Undivided Profit IM.000.
Transact a General Banking Business, Intere.l Paid on Tlrna Deposits
168 Tenth 8trst,
Daughter I am going to read that
new book, "In the Everlasting Ice."
Mother Very well; but better wrap
something round your throat. Bombe.
Sherman Transler Co.
3ENRY 8HERMAN, Manager
"A stupid, jealous girl, that Elsie.
I told her four weeks ago in the strict
est confidence that I was secretly en
gaged, and up to now she hasn't told a s, Carriages-Baggage Checked and Transferred -Trucks .-J .u
.ini.t,.i.miu' "ucas ari rumiture
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IRON WORK of ALL KINDS. 283 Flandera