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City Fathers Attend to Official
Hereafter Ordinance Requiring Auditor
to Sign All Requisitions For Sup
plies and be Approved by
Mayor, Before Purchase.
Council met evening in tegular
wsMon with all invent except Council
man Robinson. After the reading of
the minutes of the previous mooting hy
the aitilitor the Mayor nddies-ed the
following communication to the city
council :
Gentlemen of the Council: I have
the honor to call your attention to Or
dinance No. 1213. page 319 of the City
Charter which provides: that no up- ;
vertiso for bid. In that way we would
iu-uiv a more uniform if not a more
reasonable price; under the present ys
tem the price for upplie fluctuate.
This. Council has a splendid record
for bating managed Ihe city's alTair
well, and I fee! that whenever a sug
grstimi toe still further improvement i
uude by any ollicer. it will receive com
t .on inusideiation.
At sitiv rate, i cannot hereafter sign
vv;tian( for supplies mile t Hoy have
been purchased in acnirdiinci' with Ihdi
n.imv n, l-.M:! Prudence dictates ueh
a rule, and the ln'dinaue requires it
epeet fully,
A petition a re ul and tiled fivm
the teiden( in Taylor' Astmia akiug
that that pait of the cilv In- left out
of the limit where cow are prohibited
from running at large,
The following petition for liquor li-een-e
were referred to the committee
on health and police: Acl lacobon,
( hai l Xeiini. Mail in Ki ancien ilch and
Allvrt Seafelt.
lieuiotislraiiivs against different stieet
assessment weii- read and refined to
the committee on street and public
property from the following persons:
Ccorge Anderson, 1. II. Welch, and Mr.
: : ... .. . ... . i , i...
,,,,,, , , . .V I om nuolu lion ii,i- I ,1 1 1 lioni im
plies shall be purchased except bv an
... . ' .. Mine v liimrov ement chili akini' that
; the n'luent ibv a Ik on Franklin avenue
! lie repaired, and leferred to the
: t oiniuiu e on Streets and Public Ways.
( air! also another comuninic.ition from
I the club asking that the ordinance In-
order signed bv the auditor and police
judge, and approved bv the mayor,
which order shall set forth the fact
that the purchase of supplies aie au
thorized by the Common Council, etc..
the only exceptions Wing, in the case
where the Fire Engine may be in need
of immediate repairs, when the Com
mittee on Fire and Water may expend
a sum not exce lling $bHi. or in case
vi emerirenev when the committee on
Streets and Public Ways m
sum not exceeding 100 for the purpose
of street improvements. The system ad
vised in this ordinance is one that is
in use in every well regulated bttsine-s
house and the Municipal Government is
after all but a business institution.
Permit me also to suggest the advis-
enloleed requiring the stieet to be in
omul condition after any improvement
li.'s been made.
The club reueted that Coiniuetvlal
tr-et be kept clean, and that whutevei
ay expend a M '''i,:i'n- "n tm -tieet wa done, that it
he done early m tiie morning w lien the
tratlic would not be interferred with.
The Committee on Ways and Means
reported favorably on the communica
tion from .1. Q, A. Povv!by, which was
adopted. The following bills were al
lowed on recommendations of the corn-
ability of advertising for bids for such ,' mil tee: J. X. Grill'm, $13.35; S-a-ide
supplies of which the city uses consid- j --edge. A. O. I", W., ,10; .John Sven
erable quantities, such as hay, oats, 'V-
coal, etc. The U. S. Government, the j The committee on health and police
State Government, and most city gov-, reporting favorably on the petition of
ernments purchase supplies from the Max Stahl in regard to auctioneers' li
lowest responsible bidder. Let the var-; cense, the report was adopted The
ious committees make out a list of sup- following bills recommended paid by the
plies needed during the year and ad-! committee were allowed: Sherman
Transfer Co., 1; U. G. I'ilkiugtou, $30;
hank Hart, I.T5.
The committee oil slicel and public
way lepiuting favorably on the oti
tiou for the impiVvctncnt of Melbourne
avenue, the report was adopted. The
following bill recommended by the com
mil tee were oidered paid: Koard iH
Stokes. $3; Cpperlown Transfer Co., $1 ;
l ily Lumber vV llox Co., U.
The committee on tire and water ic
ported favorably on the following bill
which were allow ed: AndiVw Ap,
$31 SO Tract Kiger Transfer Co., $3; S.
Klmoie X Co., ."; S Xanthrop.
?m2. .'(; 1. K. Allen. till cents; Fisher
Uros, ..l.0. Holme Seibert, $11; C.
K. I.inii'ii, ?e!'J."i; K. Keariis, $1.25.
The follow iny building permits were
granted on tin- leconiniend .it ion of the
committee on public property: Mary
Kowe. Kivd Kmeisou, Henry kaxell. Cost
Wall, Andrew Young, anil 1 V, Chi.
ier. The bill of the Keliam-e Electric
Works for :1" was allowed on the ion of the committee.
The board of street assessor icported
that thev had tiled the assessment for
the itnpiovement of Exchange street
from Twenty first to Nineteenth tieet.
t'ilv Surveyor Tee submitted the plat
for the improvement of Mellmume ave
nue which vva tiled.
A communication Mom the city Mir
vevoi relating to the establishment of
grades on certain sheets read and
A icpoit from City l'hy-i' i.iu Mohn in
iviect in the property turned over to
him bv the forinei cilv phvsician, lr.
Candidates For Various Positions
Have Filed Petitions,
Nearly All the Republican Candidate
Have Fil.-d Their Petitions and it
is Now Up to the Voters to
Make Selection.
I'ilkiiieton, was read and tiled. Former -M"'"
City Physician I'ilkiugtou reported that
he had till ued over the effect of Ihe
cilv phv-ician' ollice to the new city J
phv-ieiatl and recommended that the;
city pie-ent the bill for t he keeping of J
the smallpox patient taken from the
steamer Kilbuin, to the owners of thej
vessel, for payment. The matter was
referred to the city attorney and the I
committe- on health and police. I
An opinion from the city attorney
stated that the city was not responsi
ble for the payment of the bill pre
sented to it by W. (i. Mcpherson and
recommending that the city not pay the
claim, was tiled and the auditor instruct
ed to communicate with Mr. Mcpherson
informing him of the decision of the
city attorney.
An ordinance appropriating money for
The few days have witnessed con
siderable activity in the political wren
of Clatsop county. Most of the candi
dates on the Hepubliciiu ticket have tiled
their petitions, all of which have liven
circulated and numerously signed. Two
petition were tiled yesterday, one by
t lia. I'. M.isleii, Ki pulilii an candidate
lor county commissioner, and one by
I!. K. Colfev, llcmocratic candidate for
the same ollice. l p to date, only two
DiNiiocialic petition have been llled,
IS. K. Colfev for county comiuissioiiee
and II. I.. Ileiideisoii for slate senator.
It i the evident intention of the lVmo.
ciats t join with Ihe proposed citizen
convention which has been called for
t , th day after I he Kepublicau
pi imai ies. and plm e a full t il i n's
ticket in lint field, igiu'iing all thej
llciiioi lalie c indida!e,i and make an at I
tempt to carry the election upon the!
issue of the IVivmhcr election. Since: election, thcie ha been an npp.uiMil '
ci.uge o -iiitiuniil. most o the lie
publicans wtm as-isted in electing the
so called citizens' ticket, having become
thai Hie ii(ien' movement
a sublellugc to elect Demo
crat to ollice.
t'p to night, the following candi
date have tiled their petition for ollice:
Stale Senatoi, .lame W. Welch; lepre
seiiliitive, C. .1, Curtis; county judge,
T. S. leweit and C. W. Caruahan;
slnriir. Kinsley Houghton, M. li. Pome-
iov atiil lohii tryc; loiinty clerk, .i. i.
Clinton; eountv commissioners, Howell;
i nc time is
here for you to
select your
We have fairly out done ourselves this
year in getting together the swellest line I
of Spring Clothes Ever
Shown in the City
Public Confidence in Our Greateat Arnet.
nominate a llciiini i.itie ticket. The
Socialists are active and will no doubt
place a full ticket in the tield,
Baking Powder
Try a run of
coin inced
is -imply
tl,n r,.i-..,,..nt ..( I-;, .1,11. .ire,t from i Lewis ami Ilia-. I. .l.llsen; lleaslllvl,
Crand to Lexington avenue-, was
the fir-t and second time.
The ordinance continuing the special
r,.,l I A. li
i 'tiiifjor, K
tin- peace,
25 to 50 Per Gent
25 Per Gent Discount on Skirts
We have placed on sale 200 up-to-date Tailor-made Walking Skirts at a
discount of 35 per cent
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
In the store that your dollars bring you the best results. All goods sold
under a money-back guarantee.
Macoma Coffee, a good 40c value, special for these 3 days at 30c lb; 3I
lbs. $1.00
Imported Castile Soap 25c bar
Chow Chow, red rose brand, our Regular 20c seller for 15c bottle
Rolled Oats 23 lbs., $1.00
Kidney Beans i-lb. tins, 10c
Where the New things Make Their Debut.
J assessment for the improvement of Co.
I lumbia avenue from Taylor to Alameda
j avenues was ia-ed.
I An ordinance accepting the impiove-
I ment of Harrison avenue 110111 Thiriietli
to Thilty third streets, win passeil.
An ordinance appiopi i 1 1 ' money for
the payment of the improvement of liar
ri-on avenn- w a- p i--e I. "
I An oi'linaliec au! hoi i.iiiL' 'he eommit-
j t( 11 Ways and Mean- to enter into a I Mejmldi
contract with ihe A-tonan nihli-hiiii.' , t !e
in and W. A Senium;
K Astlmi v ; justice of
I' I. Cooduiau. No eundi
I dale- line Ucu announced for coiiita
1 hie. mid theie i- one candidate on the
I leojsliii jve It i- H-porli'd
! John Met lie U ill ll!e 111- p,l il j,,,, t 1 .1 V
i lor I hat posii ion. It i- not n if
j theie 1. .my othi i candidates for
j the le'i-lat ill -. although sevcial proiiii-
IHIlt elie- have ! -I'll i 1 1 1 pi l t 1 1 1 i'd to
' :ie...,l a nomination. It i expeeii- that
' U , T. -s, i,,.! ti.-l.i e. ill ill ,s petition I'm-
' -I lie -ell.llol 1. 1,. II . In- v. ill lll.ll.e the
lo in in. 1 1 C ills i oin iilel e, it h
llo-peet III Vcly llttie I, . pi, -it It. II to
Old Timer Fiom Seanide Advocates Com
pletion of Prenent Ruilding.
SeuMilc, Hie , March I'l.
Iditoi Astoiian: A lew day ago 1
vva- i avi-itor in voiil cilv a II, I I win
siirpiiscl to see the many improvement
that were made during the puM yeiip
Vou, u a i-it v, have a lino city hull and
I Ihe ne hospital it a credit to any city,
j and then to se Ihe foundation of the
I new court house ii, it i-, tlmt will eot
I one ihniisand dollar to put In repnlr,
j and make it il- good u when wolk WII
! siisiended. Suppose your citizen wero
i to get together in ti ma meeting and
I nominate onic one of your citii-n for
'county commi-sioiier, who hn nome
ahility u it nieehiinie, and liuild the
court house. The pieierd court hnil-e
is a shame and di-grae-- to any count ,
as it is. I .e sonic of your capil.ili-U
lake stork in a company and put up
the money. (he huilding he hllilt
llll I the eolllt p. IV I lie inli-lest oil the
llloiiev advaneC'l. As a ellieii of Ihe
Schilling's Best
every can gnat nnteed, or yiur money
f j;ivp no prciuiuni-, hence Ihe ipul
itv ol our good uie hetler, und sive
you tuuncy,
Olympic Flour
ll.'-'U I'er Suck $4 OS Vr Itnei
of frenh fruit and
All l.iudn
I ollllt V , I s,i v
I have l,ee,l
lol t V lVo V e;l
and loiinU ;r
.1. II Wei.- ,i
l.uihl th- ,
I lit letl f, ,
ami have
c 1 1 1 iin ;iln;
h i it no" i-
i Mi I
plll't 'louse
lliole Ml ill
II the I itV
-t Hot hill.'.
to do ihf
i'y pri nt hi
ss a-
i ('ompany
I pa-'-ed.
S A resolution levy iic an
! for I he impi ov ement of Alam
! from Columliia nvcniie to Ihvaeo avenue
wan reail ami adoptcl.
A pi-.olu' ion makiii'.' an ;i----tnciit
for the improv "ment of liireh -treet
from Fifty-Second to Fifty third -treet
was adopted.
A re-oliition granting the property
owners on Sixth street hetween limine
and Commercial streets permission to
improve the 'tri-et hy "ending ami
macadamizing, was adopted.
A rfHolution to improve Fourth street
from Ator to the railroad track wiifi
laid over until the next meeting in order
that an inquiry might he made to -ee if
the property would -tatid the a.-tsesa-rnent.
At the conclusion of the routine lmi
nem the council listened to a number of
speeche-i from members of the Shively
Improvement Club relating especially to
the offer of .Mr. Parker to give certain
land to the city provided the council
would express favorable opinion toward
the improvement of Irving avenue. The
property connects Irving avenue in Me,
dure with Irving avenue in
Shively's, and all the resident
along that street seem to desire
that the donation be accepted by the
city and that the entire, street be im
proved from Kighth street to Fortieth
street. President Osborn o ft ho Club,
Mr. Parker, and others expressed them
selves on the matter at length and as a
result a better understanding was peach
ed between the council and the club
members. It is likely that in view of
the almost universal desire of the Irv
ing avenue, property owners that the
street be improved, that, the council
will take some action on tin- matter
The council then adjourned.
VV .'
Ml I'll'
h.iv,- til
n i i la ' e- 1 1 - r t i, il
I In-ir oi l it ion-.
lepiv.i-ntative o tin- Astoiian lias
ivcnue( ni.nh. ,,u ;,luio-t complete cmv.o-s of
the eountv, and icpoit- that I he l!c
publicans in lie- eiiimty an- unite
J I he iinlieat ion- .il - t hat cv ery p
I will roll up a M,i,,i Kepiililieau iii.i joi ily . j
Kegi-tr.ition- Horn the vatioii- precincts
colli iuue to come in. e-ierday lil l.v
registration- were died t rum Clifton, all
being licpiiblicans but Ihiv, who de
II. a
i,, i s,.
W l:l',!l I'
let. I IV
II-.- he
,1 lie
I ecillct I
Invaluable for Rheumatism. ..
I have been suffering for the past
few years with a severe attack of
rheumatism and found that Ballard's
Snow Liniment was the only thing that
gave me satisfaction and tended to al
leviate my pains. March 24, '02. John C.
Degnan, Kinsman, Ills. 25c 50c and
$1.00. Sold by Ilart's drug store.
i Iin -d to dcclaic their politics. Wesl -port
reported eight and Oliicy live, all
Kepublicau with ot xccptioii. The
registrations in Ihe county up to the
close of the clerk's ollice hist evening,
was as follow-":
Astoria, No. 1. h:s; No. 2, 104; Xo. :,
101; No. 4, l.'IO; No. o, 11H; No. II, 74;
No. 7, 74; total for the city, flfl4. The
following are reported from the. county
precinct: Clifton, No. 1, 54; So. 2, 15;
( hadvvell. 25; Clatsop, H; .John Day,
No. 1, 15; No. 2, II; KMc, 14; .Jewell,
14; Kn.-ippa, 42; Mishwaiika, 1!; Mel
ville, 12; New Astoria, 25; Olney, 13;
Push, II; Seaside, 117; Svensen, 10;
Vesper, 12; West port, 0; Wnirenton, 25;
Walliihki. 18; Young's Hiver, 111; total
for the county, 1 1 OH.
The registrations for voting at. the
primaries closes on April In, and per
sons who register but. fail to declare
their politics cannot vole at the prim
aries. All voters who negirder before
April 10th do not have to register again
to vote at the .June election. Out: of the
110H voters who have registered, over
000 have declared their politics as lie
publican, the remaining number being
divided between Democrats, Socialists
and independents.
The indication are that about 2000
voters will n-gister for the prima rica,
and the result is problematical. It is
estimated tht there are fully 3000
voters in the county, ami those who do
not register are niosfly Democrat and
Socialists who expect to nominate tick
ets by petition or assembly. An as
sembly requires 100 voters to meet in a
mass meeting and nominate a ticket, and
it is very evident from the registration,
that the Democrats intend to bold nn
assembly on the 21st of April and
v I I:NK I
t Ic- !! pul,!i, i it
,t Mate:
- , hual II. pul, I
has a Ivv a v I 1 1 ! 1 1 in I he i-,il,
p.: 1 1 V I eg 1 1 dies, of I ,n t ion- ;
H e.lll-e he i- .1 111,111 of integrity a lid
I c-poii-iliilily and ha cveiy qualifica
tion to make an efficient ollice) ;
lleeail-e he i- of I he common people, -a
bov lai-cd on the Mini and made iii
vvay in the world by hi- own person
ality and perewrunci-
llcciiisc he has a reputation as an
ollicial which will Is'ar the chi-e-l in
vestigation by hi constituents;
llecaiise he is a friend of the laboring
classes of this state and bus their cause
and interest, at heart;
I'ecau-e he is an advocate of meas
ure whereby Ihe burden of taxation
inav be distributed so a to be eoiia
upon all propel lie within the state,
tangible and intangible;
I!ccaue he is more familiar with the
lieeessit ir ami requirements of the office
to which he aspires than any other man
in the Stale of Oregon;
Kccaue he has the confidence of the
people of this state, who recognize his
qualifications and purity of purpose;
Itecause bis legal qualifications par
ticularly adapt iiml qualify him to fill
such oll'ic;
Itecause he has morn friend than any
nlher man in the Stale of Oregon, and
will, therefore, get more voles;
Jiecanse of his motto, " May the
Wright man w in."
Phone Main 0H1
B23 Comnierril 81
Afflicted With Rheumatism.
"I via and am yet niriicted wi'ii
I l i-in," mi vii Mr J. ('. It.iv rn
e'ror of ihe II raid, Addingtoii, Indian
t ei i;t, .iy. 'but thanl, to Clinmlierlall '
I', .in h.ilin am able oinv niotv to utleiid
', hii-iiu-s- Il i- the I, est of In i-ineiit-
' If troubled vvi'h tic uinatim
give Pam P.. ,lm a dial und yoii ale cur
iam ! , e nitii - than i!ea-ei with Ihe
pionipt icli f which it iiHoid. tine up
pliialmn relieve the pain. For a!
by Fiank Hart und leading Druggi-li
All voter of Clatsop county, i i re -jieefive
of parties, ure hereby invited
ami leque-ted to meet and piirticlpnt
in a ma- meeting to be held In " Iigan
hull" at Astoria, on Saturday, April 21,
P.iOtl, at 10 u. in., for the purpose of
nominating a full county ticket to b
voted for on Monday, .June 4, HHifl.
Chairman of the Citizenn'
Committee of Astoria, Ore.
i i a
Cured Consumption.
MiH. 1'.. W. Evans Clearwater, Kan.,
writes, Mv husband lay sick for three
months!. The doctors said he had .prick
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Alder Street; lor thw
pHHtflve ycam,UAVE
MOVED into tho
. i t.i i i .,.
ner of First find Morrison Htreotu. Eu
trnnceNo. 102 Front Br.
Successful Home Treatment
r."i.f.iKK W0 known tliroiiKhout lh
( ill c, States, nod n called tlie Hreiil. Cliluesn
DiK'tor on acrount or liU wonilerfiil curen
wl .lioui, llin aid ot a knife, without uslmt
poison or driiKs of any kind. Il treaui any
iinrt all (llKeascM with powerful orlentrvl room
icrhH, liurkn, mid vei(eutl)les tlmt are un
known to medical Kcfenee In thl country,
and throiiKli the use nf these liurmlcsH reme
dlcH lK!KUaranU!cH to euro
Catarrh, Aithma, Lunj Trouble, Rhtumvtiim,
Nervoumeii, Stomach, Liver, Kidney, FemaU
WeaKnen and all Chronle D ieaiu.
Cull or write, imeloNliiK 4 tennt ntampa for
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Mention tliU Portland Oregon.
For Particulars Address
MERERS 1261 oaBs. amhill Street,
Portland, Oregon. .