The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, March 02, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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    FRIDAY, MARCH i, 1908.
Thff lio a Verr m War Ttiwnni
Muklna lli Will' hi lliiif,
A Willi hlill' Nimu In 11 lllllt' thing
lout In III" i 'i'ix of 11 frowning k).
Ami yd no II full 011 11 lleiiliig em
inut ii-uu' in inrx-iiiuc 1 r HH'iuii,
Mirlli'n irrMi Ni'iMim brighter "nil llf'
In w color nil through mi nuiuinn liny
Tin eon of n Imbe I n 1 1 1 1 1 thing
Jllfll lltlliClCMH NtlUllll frillU II Vlll'llll
Hill 'I In tlii mily Hniiil't that nil Hip
Holm heed llio one cli'iir luiigungr llmf
ft 1 1 mun know,
A mother' love Ik 11 llllti' tiling Iik
himiii, hIiim, foritoi !
Hut It ti'l'N in liilml Iniiiiiinlilin
tin- oe ninl C iihI ihhI 1m ' divine ihni
bear with iiil i'in'i I'lilm ninl HUi'i-l tin
willful wrong In tli'Hi Hvi'h of our1,
A ukiik ihiiiIi In 11 llllli- thing hmt
Iii 11 w m lil nf toll ninl i n t
A ml yd tin1 hiiiiI wlili gloom iiirt"H
d ninl tin' lift' i; row 11 wearied with
burden hard will happier I"' In Hu
afterglow of n mullo llinl I viirinl
A kindly word U n lltlli- thing n
IrrnOi thut ipe mid a mod ml Unit die
Hut tho hetirt that Kite urn I tin'
bcnrt tli n t lionm limy know Hint It
tng nml nIiik Htnl alng till nt lnt
It bletuU with tin wild lilrd'n ong mid
the row of Imbe In wlmt men call the
)tlHl cliulr.- MIlNViiuk'-i' .loiirniil.
tmetk I !.. I
Von ilmi'i hue mo mi)' more. You
lined to luivi' eye only fur m. hut you
tilt vt it t run over anything In week.
That prove It Miwinl'.rfiT Matter
A hmitiful young I'onpli. who with
vlitently very iiiimIi In love, entered
crowded Nlri'i't 11 r In Honton the
other dny, "I'n you supMi.e we inn
niwi-v- lu here?" he mkl, looking
doubtfully t her bluMiIng fnee.
' loii't you think, dear, we hod bet
ter wait uutll wo gel UouioT' waa the
tiubarraiiawl reply New Vork
From Dreadful Pains From Wound
on Foot System All Hun Down
After Six Months' Agony Not
Able to Work Completely Cured
in Two Weeks
"Word nttinut xKiik highly enough
for tint Cnliriiru Itouiedie, 1 urn now
event y-lwo year of nge. My nyntem
lnnl Ixi'ii nil run
down. My Mood
Wll ho Imd Unit
IiIiMhI plllNOIlillg
Inn I not in. 1 liiul
acvornl doc tnra
attending IIIO, no
finiilly I went to
the honpifnl, whom
I wan luid up for
two moiitliM. My
fix it and (inklii were
lilmont beyond
riTiiifiiiliiui. I)urk
A(hhI flowed out of woundn in many
IiIikvk, nml I wiui no dixliriirti iiHl thut
HioukIiI nun-ly my InM rhanio wbj
lowly IfiiviiiK nw. Ait tin" fmit did
not improve, you run n-iulily imnjciim
how 1 frit. 1 wiui Kimplv dii-(jiwtivl
snd tiird of lifn. I hih thw in,
which km dn-ndful, for nix moiitlui,
and during thin tiuin 1 wim not uMo to
weur a kIiim) mid not nhh to work.
''Homo ono Hpokd to mi? nhotit Cuti
Ctini. The ronmiiUMHTfi with 1 liought
a wt of tint Cnliriiru l!ciiiclicn of
ono of my frii-ndn who wiu a drujr
Ktnt, und tlm prui thut I km vi iiflrr
tho Wcoiid niplirntion in U'yolnl
tliwriptiun ; it wi-mixl a mirm-le,
for tho ('ut intra Hi-mcdim tojk
'(Tirt imiiiodintcly. I wimlnil tin' foot
with tho Culiriiru Hmp Ix furc upply iiifc
tho Ointment nml 1 took tho Itinolvrnt
at t he name t imo. Aftrr twowockn'tri'iiU
nii'iit my fixit wim lirnlii) coiiiJrli'ly.
I'oiplo who had mi'il my fixit duriuKiny
illtniM anil who Imvo wi'tt it nincc tin)
euro, run hardly U-lii'vo tln-irow n oyon."
KoU-rt SiliiM'iihmM'r,
Aujr. 21, 100.1. NowlmrKh,N. V.
HU ll.iuiu' lh irorkt Ctiltrun H-p. JV ,(lnl
tnnl ., IUw.ltvnl.iifr. It htrm til Chwrotal i'otti4
J'llli, ttr r UI nf i, niaf f- had ul III dr.filrtt.
'ullrf ('ham. Curl , H..I frujw., IIovUhi, Mm.
aT Mtu4 fiM, "Tin (if mi KtU lluvk."
Flnaat Hotel In tha Northwest
' '- . w
Morning Astoriam
Day in
The Astorian Wants 50O New Subscribers
And in Order to Do This the Price Has Been
Be Loyal to Your Town and Begin the New Year by
Taking Astoria's Greatest Paper, The Astorian
I.rnawna for N'hMlho)rii,
Tlicro Im no iiii'Htloii Unit our for
fiillioiN HiifipoMfd Hint lii-ni'llt rnlKlit ho
ilorlvi'd from ciiiinluK nchoollioyH to ho
npi'i'liitom of tho IiiiiiicIhk of orlinlnnlM,
Hit Wiiltor Hoott him lionu- tcHtlinotty
to I hi oiiHloiii hflnic not unknown In
Ki'otlmid, In 'Tho llmrt of Mldlo
thliiu" Mr. Niiddlolroo In niironoulod
11 m miyhiK:
I pronilm-il to inU 11 liulf fliiy tiny to tli'
fi liiiln tan Hint tli'' li.ilniH might khiik urnl
i f I In- IiiiiikIiiK, w hl' h i ihitiii hut hnv" n
il ItnlllK i-rTw I on Hu ll- iHUUU llllllllK,
Inu lli'-in 1 mi kiiowliift what Uii-y may
I'fiitio ti iiirriiMflven.-rimpii-r Si.
Sir W'nlU'f wjiild not, wo may tin
muni', Iiimo wrllti'ii I Id nhovo had ho
nut known Hint hihIi HiIiik hml lift tin 1
ly Inki'tt idiifi'. - London Note mid
'Hid Km Oltrf.
'J in' Hint otii'r U m arly twlro tho hIzo
of iln 'oiihiiiiii l iM-r ut tor, and tho fur,
w ithout llniiliiiiK ur pri-piirutluti of uny
kind, In moif liiMiiitlful tin It In ntrlppod
fl'lllll III" lllllllllll tllllll till' rll'llOHt HI'lll'
oklii, whu h Iiiin I ) In- niiiipi'd, pliickiid
of tin- Ion k iip"'i' huh mid tluMi (lyoil
hi-foro It I'oulil hi' nioiiil,iK an tho
tii'iitiliful ohji'i't whli'h tho flulrdiod fur
undoiiliti'dly In. In tho nob ollor'n fur
tin' noft utidi'tioiit. tho trui' fur, l an
tlihk n Unit of tin- ni'hI nud Hourly
(who iim IntiK, wlilli' tho I011K 011 1 or
hnlm 11 r im noft iix a nnhlo'ti tail ami
of ton 11 prilo if my. whlih Klvon to tho
whulo rout mi itppniirnnro an of dark
fur nllghtly fronti"! over.
fllrd (naAJmrp.
Mr. HfU'n nvlnry pronontod a protty
ovlili-iiio of tiiiittittl ooiifldi'nco among
blrdn. A pair of Java npnrrown llvod
lu a loiiitmrtiiii'iit with a "hliitllng
boart" iiliffoit. 'llio hit tor fHI In love
with thi-iii and at idifht alwayn ouddlod
a Npnrrow umli-r imhIi whig. Whou
iood hy tbf Hifht of u lantern tho
plgooti noemed to Im- ouddlliiif two ba
bloa, one umhT om'h wlnjf, from which
tho ihoi't'ftil louiitcciniicon of the llttlo
parrowi looked with hlltikliig oyen.
London Spertutor.
Ill Detltilllun.
A teacher In 11 rtulu aohool awked
for tlm definition of u furrier. A bund
wan rained. "Well, John, you tell uh
what a furrier la." "A man who deals
In fura," correctly replied tho pupil.
Then, turning: to another acbolar, the
teacbor aaked for the definition of u
currier. "A man who deala in curs,"
waa the unexpected reply of the eager
All la le Bill.
"I'm afraid," aald the Junior member
of tha law Ann, "that we are causing
our client uuneceaaary trouble."
-Oh, that'll all right," rajednad the
inior iiif-mlier. "We'll 'huri:u Ultn
f.,'--C,'ie:ir' M'W'N
tilhie MoMlhi For 65c
JUNordcM of tlm ntfiiiiifh frwhm a
fii-rvoiH ponditiort arid of tun prevent
nli'ip. ('harnlforliiia'a Htomaeh and Liver
liilili'U nlimiiliite the iltfet ivo orann,
ro"toi the nyntein to a healthy eon
dition nml make gleep piinnililf!, For
mil,' hy Flunk Mart and leading drug-
In every clime ifa color are unfurled
JU fame linn upriad from ; to neaj
lie not mirpfined if in the other world,
You hear of Kooky Mountain Tea,
Hold hy Frank Hart,
For Particular! Addreaa
1201 oaa Yamhill Street,
Portland, Oregon..
The Sweetmeats of Literature
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quickly rejfoiiemted nml the color be
comes normal. The drooping Ntrength
iii revived. The huufiior i-i diminihed.
Health, u."ir ninl tone predomlnnte.
New life nml happy activity renultx.
.VfiN. Hello II. Shriel MiildlexlN-iroiih,
III., write, I have been tumbled with
livijr oompl.iint im'l po'tr hloml, and
hnve found nothing to benefit me like
lleihine, I hope never to he without it.
I have wnlieil that, I had known of it
in my Hu-firi'l life time." .Vie. Hold by
H.i it' drug More.
t:. r.i U tnr nnnitqrsl
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of mil it 011 a. nimtfmnA.
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gnl of poiatrtfrtm.
Hll by Iraclalav
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t,r xprn, prwpmij, f
II Ml. ut i l.-.lll-a 12 75.
tlfcuUf wut iO raaiMit.
trim I Utaar.
g yj ltrtotr4 M
1 4w ff em l ttrWar.
frMftll I MUflH
KflTKtiymCHWi) Co.
etinciMfUTi.o r3
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