The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, December 26, 1905, Page 3, Image 3

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NewYorKChirities Distribute Many
Christmas Gifts.
Sarratiea Army GIvm Fret Dinners t
33,000 Persons is Ifew York Cltjr and
300,000 throughout th Country
Other OrganlMtioas Help.
New York, Pi. S3. The partlelpa
(ion of charitable and religious organi
zation In the wink of spreading Christ
mas cheer In thU dly today I to 1
on a larger scale than ever before.
Aliout (MX) families, Including ten
tin i -and persons, are to ris!( Chrlt
ma dinner or presents of -lthinn
through the relief depart meut of the
e.ocltlon for improving th conlitluii
of th poor, Friends of the axMictation
have contributed to it about IA,niO to
la spent In this work.
Tbe tiatvatlon Arm will give free
dinners today to 5.V000 person in the
cily and atiout 000,000 throughout the
country. Tit Volunteer of America
ala will feed seveial Ihoii'Otid er
aon. Seen hundred dr tallied inttti tna rU
U Kill !tnd were naida happy yes
terday by tit missionaries of tha vr
lou retlgiu denomination who held
C'hri-tma service fur the new snivels.
AH t lie little ihihlreii reeited l.i!U or
tl In r toys, tli women hole of candy
and the men pipe and U.Uoro, Harry
Half, tit lerr of th restauiaiit ou
the I land, ato gave to evert one of
th immigiatit a Christmas dinner. Ad
dre-et vera made In eight difTei-nt
tonj-ves hv the liilonrles.
A geuulue damp, a detecthe, life
Imuran agent, a Healthy rogue and a
deceitful husband, a persecuted wife
and mother, a beaujlful diiughtrr and
a village ne'er-do-well, are the principal
characters which go to make up the
comedy Kii-cllim, "A Jolly Amciican
Tramp," which will be presented at
'iher'e neU Monday evening, New
Year's day. The play la from the pen
of Mr. K. K. Kidiler( a playwright who
I responsible for niore lender, touch
ing, xttheti, heart-iiilerettng plays
than auy other author now before tV
public. Hi. "Peaceful Valley" ami "A
I'oor ion" made Kol Smith ltnell
famous and a millionaire. In tlii work
he promises to surpass hi other -(Torts,
and give to u a piece t li t for stilling
siliintion. startling climaxes a will a
heart toiifhiiijt interest cannot Ik aur-
Top of Head Covered with
Scales Which Peeled off
Taking Hair with Them.
Now Six Years Old with Thick
Hair and Clean Scalp.
Cure Permanent.
" My baby waa all weeks old when
t'ie top of her brad became eovcrcd
with thick ecalce, which would peel
and come off, taking the hair with it.
.It would toon form agalu and be as bad
at before. My doctor said it was
Eczema, and prescribed an ointment,
which did uo good. I then tried Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment. I washed
hef head la warm water and Cnticura
Soap and gently combed the acalea
off. They did not come back and her
hair grew out fine and thick. She ia
now a year and a half old, and has no
trace of Ecrema."
. MRS. C. W. BURGES. Iranistan
Ave., Bridgeport, Conn., Fcb.aty 1898.
- Mrs. Burgee writes Feb. 38, i$oj :
" My baby, who had Eczema very
badly on her head, as I told you before,
iter using the Cutlcura Remedies waa
cured. She ia now six years old, and
has thick hair and a clean acalp."
Instant relief and refreshing sleep
for skin-tortured babies and rest for
tired, worried mothers in warm baths
with Cutlcura Soap, and gentle anoint
inga with Cuticura Ointment, purest of
emollients and greatest of skin cures. '
This Is the purest, sweetest," most
speedy, permanent, and economical
treatment for torturing, disfiguring,
itching, burning, bleeding, scaly,
crusted, and pimply skin and acalp
humours, with loss of hair, of infanta
and children as well as adults, and ia
sure to succeed, when all other reme
dies ana the best physicians fail.
aM rtimnf tmt Ik mrM. CMlnrt RmoIttt, S. ((a
farm o choeolil. Cu.t.4 IUK . Mr .11 o SO). Olat
80c, Sv. fx. Potto, Dnif t Clim. Corp. BaMoa,
M tnr. er tmi tut IMUmt Uuawn Cw."
aiied. Manatfer Newell ha rant "A
Jolly American Tramp" with ear,
iMiiif only artiU eminently fitted for
their repectle roles, fieat ul open
licit Haturdtiy morning at HoerlefV
curtly' utorr. I'l-ei 23, 35 and CO
icnl. '
ReprvseaUtlvt Sulssr Arraifos Corpo
tatloDS and Trusts ia
Xew York, Dee. 23. Arraigning cor
porations and truxte as the greatest
menace of the present time to American
Institution-, ltepre-entatite Huler die
cu-ed the problem of "Who ahall rule
Amnl..," at the liapli-t (liiirch of the
Kplphany yenterday. In part he aakl;
"The total population of the tailed
HI ale U about Ml,ixm,Wf. The toUl
miiTl wealth I- about pajWOJOW,
and It appears that oilt of that popula
tion It, Uian 33,000 ersons own more
than one hit If the aj()(Teete wealth of
the land. And thi has all been brought
about In the lat twenty -five years by
combinations sod conopirai-ies called
truels' fontered by special lei4tlon
and nurtured by political favor It im.
(f the cMulitions obtain in the next
n-ntury, I prej(t that lc tlmn 5000
pcrxnia will coutiol mora than three
ipiartcrs of the wealth' of this country.
"Twenty years ago John V. Rocke
feller worth only a few hundie-l
ttMiuoands of dollars. Today his wealth
cannot be estimated under a billion.
I have searched the congrelonal li
brary for statistic bearing upon the
wealUt of the great Croesus whose name
has been handed down through the
aje, and find that he powed a pal
try 110,000,000.
"He could not iit in a oler game
with John D."
Kelwaiy ;
P and the r.
. , Set J
Coprrtgbt, Una, br K. B. MoC'lurs
The tt-legiaphio rejKrt of this nurn
ingk Atorian was ne-sarily nit short
on account of wire trouble, which made
it almo-l impoK.ildv to send anything
otcr the line The atoim tun ki d havoc
m both trlcjjreph and telephone
v-teiii.' .
Santo Domingo President Leaves Coun
try la a Hurry.
Sauto Domingo, Dec, ii. 1'ickiilent
Morales ha left the city and his desti
nation I unkuown. The city and aur
rounding country ia quiet, but consid
erable unrest and excitement la thown
at the unexpected departure of the
Furious Fighting.
For seven year," write Geo. W,
Hoffman, of Harper, Wah., "I bad a
hitter battle, with chronic stomach and
liver trouble, but at laat I won, and
cured my diseases, by the use of Elec
tric Hitters. I unhesitatingly recom
mend them to all, and don't intend in
the future to be without them in the
hou-. They are certainly a wonderful
medicine, to have cured such a bad ea
as mine," Sold under guarantee to do
the same for you, by Charles. Rogers,
diugglkt, at 60c a bottle. Try them today.
Chicago, lcc. 23.Clne. to give in
fttniction in Knlii-h Co the Jtuuin
lew who are exM-cted to come to
America as letuce, will be klarted at
oiK'V by the Chiciigo Hebrew InMitoe.
This was decided on yesterday at ft
mi-din- of I lie in-tiMite director.
Of Interest to Clergy.
The Astoria & Columbia River Rail
road Co., having been granted member
ship in the Trans-Continental Clergy
Bureau, the nams of thst company will
appear in the clcigy application blanks
and clergy certiflcatea issued by the
bureau for 1000, and commencing Janu
ary lat, of the coming year. These
permits will be honored by all agent
of the A. & C. R. R., thus eliminating
the individual half-fare permits issued
by that company in former year. Re
quests for official application blanks
should be nude to J. C. Mayo, general
passenger agent, Astoria,
Los Angeles, Dec. 2.1. Ten cron
weie more or lens seriously injured In a
board-ddc colli-ion between -two street
cms this evening. A car on the Long
llcach line ciMxhed into an Ascot Talk
car at Twcntyecond street.
Cure for Sors Hippies.
As soon as the child Is done nursing
apply Chamberlain's salve. Wipe it off
with a soft cloth before allowing the
child to nurse. Many trained nurses
use this with the beat results. Price
23 cents per box. For sale by Frank
Hart and leading druggiata. ,
Clear th'utking, decisive action, vim
and rigor 6f body and mind, tba sparkle
of life, comes to all who use Xlullia(e-r
Rocky MouJUstn Tea, S3 cents, Tea 0-
Tablets. Sold by Frank Hsrt.
-No,- said Uls ClorU, "I do not
think that tbl trip holds for me any
especial souvenir,
"Nothing to remember, to recall la
after years as one of the patches of
sunlight on life' checkered roadr
"Nothing," she said decidedly. "Three
days ef wretched seasickness and four
days of storm tossed waUrs and seven
days with an unhealthy mind."
. "Do you rare so muchf be asked
softly. "I had hoped yon had forgiven
and forgotten."
"Realty. Mr. Kelway." she said, I
am surprised thst you should Imagine
for a moment that the incidents of Ust
month still linger In my mind."
"Marjorle." be began softly.
"Miss Clovls, If you ptesse," she cor
rected. "I said Msrjorle." be repeated. "Miss
Clovls does not please me Just at pres
ent," "Then Mlas Clovls will withdraw her
undesirable presence," she began. Kel
way held her band In an Iron grip.
"It has taken me the entire trip to
get you alone," be said. "I am going to
arias cujvia si-iuso to tmi that. Bin
.!. AT BAD 110,
bold you prisouer until you listen to an
"If you propose to use brute force I
aball not make a scene," she aald cold
ly, "but I bare assured you a dosea
times that I have no desire to reopen a
dead Issue."
"It Is not a dead Issue to me," he
ptesded. "It Is my very Ufa."
"Who was It ssld that life waa made
up of trifles r she asked,
"I dou't know and don't care," he
said ungraciously. "The only thing I
can think of at this present moment Is
tbst tomorrow morning we shall be on
land and that unless I can make you
see matters from my point of riew I
ball lose you forever."
"One csnnot lose what one does not
possess," she suggested.
"But I did possess your lore." be ssld
eagerly. "Ton did not tell me so In
words, but there were little things
thst night on Ben Kerla, for Instance."
The girl trembled. Even against the
light gemmed shore of 8taten Island
she could see those misty heights: she
could remember how she clung sobbing
to Kelway, fearful of the danger.
lie laid his band upon hers. She
shook It off, and there came the re
membrance of another scene, a crowd
ed railway station snd Kelwsy, who
had Just left her, kissing a most at
tractive young woman aa the train
weut on. This was the man she had
given her heart to, a man who klaael
others when they were aa good as
"I wish." she said petulantly, "that
you would not refer to that most un
pleasant experience."
"I did not think It nnpleasaut I am
w illing to be lost again with you."
"Possibly your companion of the rail
way station might object," she sneered.
"Hare I not told you that the girl
kissed me by mlstaker be asked.
"A very reasonable explanation," she
"A man never does get credit when
be tells the truth to a woman," com
mented Kelway. "Now, If I had aald
ahe waa a cousin or something of thst
sort would you have bellered mT
"Certainly not," was the prompt re
ply. "It Is Immaterial whether I be
lieve you or not"
"It Is not Immaterial," be declared.
"I may hare lored you," ahe said,
"but whatever affection I felt for you
la dead. I hare put you out of my
mind and heart I hare done with you
forever, and If you were kind you
would take yourself out of mj Ufa." '
Is thst your wlakT he asked very
softly. "Is there no hopef
"None at all." waa the decisive reply.
1 never want to see you again. t
For one brief Instant his hand crush
ed hers aa It lay upon the ralL Then he
had raised his cap and waa gone. Tbs
light blinked and flattered la aa odd
fashion. It might hare been Imagined
that Miss Clovls was viewing them
through tear dimmed eye had ahe not
a ratal repeated: Ton glad he's gone,
fa glad ht's gorje
The cuatomaofffeers Invaded the cab
in Immediately after breakfast the
aeit morning, aid at tike Waaderer
$ umjic-1 slowly up te bay the pssecn-fn-J
tude out their declarations.
Kelway bad nothing to declare tad
food on the deck watching the ship
ping, and tot erea when Silas ClorU
passed did be take bis eyes from the
water. Ami, strange to say, Miae Clo
ruf reaouied this literal compliance
with her request.
Bbe'wtiit to her stateroom, and Kel
wsy did not see her again until ahe
came to her trunks under the Cs. Us
was sitting upon his own steamer
trunk under the K'e waiting for aa In
spector, and by tbe arrangement of the
letters be wss right beside Miss Clovls.
It was a very rude thing to do, but
be wetcbed as tbe Inspector; suffering
from an Intermittent burst ef offlHal
energy, dug down to the very bottom
of her trunk, s - .
On the top of the tray was a framed
picture of himself, with a bit of heath
er Inside the glass. Miss Clovls sprang
to the tray, but Kelway bad seen. lie
came forward.
"I am going back on the steamer to
morrow," be said to her. ,
"YVbr she asked aa the blushes
spread over her face. .
"Since you do care after all I am go
ing to get a sworn statement from that
girl, tbe picture of the brother of bers
alte mistook me for, and bis declaration
that be waf expected to arrive on the
train by which I traveled."
"It la not necessary," she ssld softly.
"I found out after you left me laat
night that It waa all right"
"Vbo could have told your he cried
Not even tbe customs officer beard
the whispered "My heart," but Kelway
wss content
"To tblnk thst I should not bare
apoken If tbst meddling cuatoma In-eiM-rtor
bad not ahowo me that you
till lored me," be cried wonderingly.
" Unless 1 bad seen that frame I should
bsre bud no boie."
Tbe Inspector still wonders why that
ten dollar bill was thrust Into his hand.
Our Great Removal Sale of
High Grade Wall Paper
Is a Phenomenal Success.
Now is the best "opportunity to secure
bargains as we will move to our new location
January 1st, and in the meanwhile we are
selling wall paper at prices lower, than you
have ever seen it"before. Call and inspect
our elegant lines.
la Mad Chase.'
Millions rush ia mad chase sfter .
health, from one extreme of faddism to
another, when, if they would only eat
good food, and keep their bowels regu
lar with Dr. King's New life PUU,
their troubles would all pass and quick
cure for liver and stomach - trouble 23e
at Charles Rogers, drug store; guaran
teed. ,
Water Cure for Constipation.
Half a pint of hot wster taken half
aa hour before breakfast will usually
keep the bowela regular. Harsh ca
thartics should be avoided. When a
purgative ia needed, take Chamber
tain'a stomsch snd liver tablets. They
are mild and gentle in their action. For
ale by Frank Hart and leading druggiata.
Let Me Tell
You Something
Traveler to the East, I have a word for you :
There are through Pullman aleepert, both
Standard and Tourist, going East from the
Coast at frequent intervals. Over two routes
they travel via Rock Island System for a good
share of the distance. - ,
You can go by way of Ogden, Salt Lake and
Colorado, or you can go by way of San Francisco,
Los Angeles and El Paso, and the Rock Island
will land you in Kansas City, St Louis or Chi
cago. Direct connection in Union Stations at
all three cities for all important points in the
East and South.
Or the traveler via Northern route can take
the Rock Island from Minneapolis and St. Paul
to Chicago.
Rock Island service is the kind that gratifies
best meals on wheels.
a. h. McDonald,
General Agent, Rock Island System,
140 Third St., Portland, Ore.
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