The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 13, 1905, Page 3, Image 3

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It la Barvltat frM Verf Aarleal ' '
thleeae Mibu. I N-w York, Sov. l2.-hdna Wallace
Whence the tllii o h-mon with thi lf-r, the w trm waa ofrted on
tea la ItiiNnla? May for aridieltl at 11 sanitarium
Okakura Kakiifti, a JiipnueM artlsl Jn this city. It wee snwmnwd toiiiglit
ml t-rltii', writing la tin International that uhil Mi Hiht it very ill hr
Quarterly, i.iyn they point to a urvvl nunlition U MlUfartury.
from very ancient (IiIihmw methods,'
when tea leaves "wiw atfiiined, crunh
rt In a morliir, inmlo Into a fit k and
tolled together with rlrc, glugT, unit
orange Hfl, Hi'licn, in Ilk. ami aouie
times with 01111111!"
Ciknkurn till nlo of I he work of
1 .11 wuli. tin' piH't. who In the eighth
hmMrnw, R. I., Nov. II -In a rot
IM011 olT 1'oinlittin light, early today,
tlin incoming lmrn- Ira A. Allen, of
Alhany, X. V., ami Klhrurah, of Hurt
rent ury Ihtiuiu Ihn fltt aMMt. of lea fid, ('"tin., were imk ami the steamer
ami wrili In threw volumes ami ten I'owlwtUn, bound for .Norfolk, Minima,
tliii-l-ra the "Cliukliig," or "Holy iKi,tly damaiH.
F rltiire of 'Vn." I.uwuli lntlluted .
tlu. ,mnI of 10,1 mid H Ihh oim,. iIh iut Kmo ALr0NS0 AND THE KAISER.
l;iry jpnl of t'Lineae merchant of the
Aeei.rdlng to thl iiiuater.jlhe rouu rthm. Pi"-!, Nov. 12.-King At
liilti spring furnl.tlii'N liii beat water, fn Ml hern toolkit for Vienna. He
then mm rivi-r w nter ami plain spring uu, aceouined f tlx railroad nUtioii
water. There nn tlm-f singe of bull- j,v Khin iit William ami hi mii, ami
lug. Hi cnk tea la ronMed tfor the ,i(a Ulki ll)(lt ,ria,
Are "until It heroine aft. like a bitby't
arm." ami la shredded Into powder be- wiura uvd mam
tw pieces of line paper. Malt la put ITALY RAMES HER ,MAN
In tin- (lt-Mt Im.U. the t. n !n the wcond. I:me. X.v. I .-AIU.oiikh Um- a-
At the third mill a dlpierful of Oold m4ii tinnt lia not lieen oflli lally an-
water la Kml Into the kettle to at ttla nilutu, it U U lirvrd tlut Signor hil-
the ten and n-vlve "Ilia youth of dm .Un.m t luuKi B amUwrndor
water." Then the tievera.- la poured to M-rd ,o n.M((t tay at
'"it waTof au.U a l-verae that La- tritMiial .onf-rem on U M.nhb
unit, another mmI, wrote: "The flrt 'iietlon.
f, nip iiiolteu my llpa ami tnniai, ma ; "
V aMtmd tup drt'iika my loiicllmna, tlia : Nturaljia Palna.
third nip warrhea my imrren eniraii , nheumatimn, lumlaRO and aciatio
but to Ami therein .oine 5..VR) volume . u penBtrmUnj ,.
of ld Idtoitrupha. 'll.e fourth cup j '
ralae. a .-,lKl.t NT.plratl.m - all th. ll.rd. bnow Unbrn-nt
wroiit; of life paaaea away Ihroiiich uiy H p-nctratra to tba nervea and bona
porea. At the fifth nip I nln purified, and linf a!orld Into tha blood, 1U
the alttb ftp nilla me to the realm of healing properties are conveyed to tvery
the linmortnl. The wvnitli rup-ali, jirt 0f ,ady, and effix t tenia won
but I eould take no more:" d),r(u, eurf 25c mJ f, m jj
"Tea iM-gfin na a miHll. liie and ended ..,., '
a a l-verage.-. AM It Una bd rltuala. 'X fa drug .tor..
rerenionl- and phlhwophlea. In Japan
It Irttauie 'the rellKloti of the art of Hi Hond-"My poor man," wid
life." and "the ten rom wna nu onala lniMtk, "I ymMitlii.e with you."
In the drery waate of eltinre." Tbla "Waa yiai aver in de rhain KK'"
waa In tho ret.tury. and tha M ti(, r(vi of U ni,m,hy.
Phll.,phy of T.:nU. whirl, jhn.roN
U dearrlUxl a "a rult founded on tha 1 ' M
adoration of the M-autlful among tha '-n'1 rp Vn
aordld farta of everyday exlatenee. It ';!" r pliid the malrfartitr, "joii'm-
liK'nlralt'a pirlty ami harmony, tha 1 mv a eat of apron atiin."
myatery of mutual charity, the romao- uU),t tt (
tlclam of Uie aoclal order." "
"Htrangel, enouKh." aay. Okakura. Bilious Attack Quickly Cured,
"humanity haa ao far met In the tea. ... , . , , . ... .
rup. It la tha only Aalatlc ceremonial : A few weeka ago I had a bilioua at
which coramanda unlreraal reapoct tack that wat ao aevere I waa not able
The white man baa ecoffed at our re- to go to the office for two daya. Fall
llglcn and our morale, but Ima arcepted njf rref (rom my family phy
tlie brown eerafe without bealtatlon. trlnwnt, I took threo of
The afternoon tea la now an Important ch.nibr,.ln., su,mh tnJ Ufet T.b.
function In weetern aoclety." , ,,,.,
lleta, and the next day I felt like a new
atleeifle Mailt Bale. nian.-H. C. Bailey, Editor of the Newe
Wille graaptng a email Ineandearent Chapin, S. C. Thete Ubl. U are for
electric lamp one nljtht rrofeaaor Horn- Mj, rr,nk Hart and leading drug
mer, a German aclentlet, hapjenel to jitji
ohaerre that ob contact with hla hand "
J99 Bond St., cor. Ninth
Accordion. Sunburst
and Knife Pleating
To Order
No, Hot Iron. No Burning of Good.
Miss O. Gould
Eighth Floor, Marquam Building.
Prompt and Cartful Attention Givea
to all Outof-Tewa Order.
the bnlb of tha lamp would abow a.
Inmln.otf mtniitarahl with a nilat of
light Illuminating certain yrte of the Maintalna uneiceUeA twrte from the
glaaa aa well a hla flngera even before WMt th aaat and eouth. Making
the electric current waa completed. connectlpne with tralna of all
Thla phenomenon could be produced tranecontlnental Unea, paaaengera are
eeeral tlmea by robbing the electric lln their choice of routea to Chicago,
bulb with the hand. Not all electric Loularllle, Memphla and New Orleana.
bulbe are aultable for the experiment, and through thane polnta to tba far
Thoee which hare been uaed for aomo aaat.
time and which ahow the well known Proapectlrt travelers deetrlng Infor
dark coating of carbon partlclea are mat Inn aa to the loweat ratea and beat
especially apt to fall. After rubbing a routea are Invited to correspond with
new or nearly new lamp containing no the following repreeentaUvea:
metallic conductor etrongty on the ) Third St, Portland, Ore.
akin of the forehead or lower arm, to j ( jjndseT, Trav. Paaaenfr Agent,
withdraw the lamp auddenly from the Ui Bt Portland, Ore.
akin will cauae the bulb to ahow the pAU1 a THOMPSON, Paaa'gr. Agent
lummoua pnenoinenon. w unara wint , TjrKDSET. Trav. Paaaencer Aent
tha lamp and stopping It auddenly ,
cauaea Ha outline to atand'out dla 1
tlnctlr Illuminated, while In the middle
Sebright apot la ebaerved.
The Fiaaal Crow.
A correapomleut aenda to tha rioneer
(AILihabadi the fallowing note 011 tba
fuel that a cnae hla been reported of a
4-row'a neet linvli-g been found which
wna made out of tvlcgrnph wire: "Any
thing renenibllng t twig la preaMed loto
aervlce. In the daya of old, befere
ghiHH atopperiNl bottlea ciiuie Into uaa
for aiala water, many neata were made
of the wire lined to keep In the corka
of auch (Kittle. A neat couatructed
nit of brnndy bottle wire wn once
taken In a pnlm tree outilde Madras.
Another neat wna found coniposol of
bit of tlu atoleu from the tlu hnxnar In
Mmlrn. One pair of crow couatructed
a neat out of gold aud silver spectacle
fmuie purloln(d from the factory of
Meaar. Ijtwrence & Mayo In IVnnbny.
The material for this neat, of which
the value wa X) rupees, were stolen
by the wily crow during the luncheon
hour. It wua noticed that the spectacle
framea were disappearing from the
factory In a myaterloua manner, but It
wat some time before the thief waa
441 Thlrc BU Portland. Ore.
Notice U hereby given that the reg
istration Looks of the city of Atoria,
for the primary nominating election to
be held in tbia city on Monday the 13th
day of November, 1005, will be opened
at the Auditor' ofHre in the city hall,
on Monday the 23rd day of October,
1005, and will close for said primary
election on the 7th day of November,
1005, at the hour of 4 o'clock p. m., said
registration books will be again opened
on Thursday the 16th day of November,
1005, for the general election to be held
in this city on Wednesday the 13th day
of December, 1905, and will close on
Saturday, the 0th. day of December.
1005, at 4 o'clock p. m. All pemons
muat register in order to be entitled to
Dated, Astoria, Oregon, October, 21st,
Auditor and Police Judge of tha city of
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r.te if Hollister'a Roey Mountain Tea
is given. It is the greatest baby medi
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rente Tea or tablets. Sold by Frank
Chapped Hands.
Wash your hsnds with warm water,
irj with a towel and apply Chamber
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salve ia also unequalled for akin dis
eases. For tale by Frank Hart and
leading druggists.
You will never get well and strong, bright, hap
py, hearty and free from pain, until you build up your
constitution with a nerve refreshing, blood-making
tonic, like
It Makes Pale Cheeks Pink
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Ingredients, which relieve female pain and distress, such as headache,
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ation, dragging down pains, etc.
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Sold by every druggest In $1.00 bottles.
freely and frankly, In strictest confid
ence, telling ut all your tymptoaj and
troubles. W wlU tend free advice
(In plain sealed envelope), how to
cur them. Address: Ladles' Advisory
Dept., The Chart noogs Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn. ,
of mine," writes Mrs. F. L. Jones, of
GalUUn, Tenn.:
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gained Si Its., and aa In better health
than for the past 9 yrt. I tell ay
husband that Cardui Is worth Its
weight In gold to all suffering ladies.' J
c drx? mvf vnfiTfc
u & 1
i I Cures Coughs, Colds, Croup, La Grippe, Asthma, Throat
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in tha
TCcf.losi Popcler WKelg-HQOWQ Blood Pcrlllcr
10 P3 ftSf" jc"
EL003 FC:JlHt
This is the season that tests the quality of your blood,
and if it is not good, then evidences of it will begin to
show as the weather grows warmer. Carbuncles and boils,
pimples and blotches, and numerous itching and burning
skin eruptions will make their appearance, and are sure in
dications of bad blood. If spring-time finds you with im
pure, sickly blood, then you are in poor condition to with
stand the strain upon the system which always comes at this
time of the year. A failure to look after your physical wel
fare now, by purifying the blood and toning up the gen
eral system, may result in a complete breaking down of
is this vital fluid that must supply vigor and strength to our systems, and upon its
purity rests our chances for health. Any impurity, humor or poison in the blood acts inju
riously upon the system and affects th5 general health. It is to the morbid, unhealthy
matter in the blood that chronic sores and ulcers are due. The pustular and scaly
skin eruptions so common during spring and summer, show the blood to be in a riotous,
feverish condition, as a result of too much acid or the presence of some irritating humor or
acrid poison in the blood. A large per cent of human ailments have their origin in a
polluted, diseased blood, and can only be reached by a remedy that goes into the circulation
and uproots and expels the poison and restores the blood to a healthy, natural condition. If
you nave any symptoms
of bad blood, and are
thinking of a blood puri
fier, then think of S. S. S.,
a remedy with a long
established reputation
and that has proven it
self to be a specific in dis
eases of the blood, and a
superior tonic and sys
tem builder. S.S.S. con
tains no mercury, pot
ash, arsenic or other
mineral, but is composed exclusively of vegetable ingredients, selected for their medicinal
properties and gathered from nature's store-houses the fields and forests. The thou
sands who have used S. S. S. and know from experience what it will do in blood troubles,
do not need to be reminded of a blood purifier now, for they know no better can be found
than S. S. S. If you are thinking of a blood ounfier, think of S. S. &, which has been
sold for nearly fifty years, while the demand is greater now than ever in its history.
No remedy without merit could exist so long and retain the confidence of the people.
Write us if in need of medical advice, which is given without charge.
Bprlngfield, Ohio, May 18, 1003.
Oa two oooaslons I havo a4 your
8. 8. 8. In the spring with fine results. I
can heartily reoommend It aa a tonlo and
blood purifier. I waa troubled with
headaches, Indigestion and liver trouble,
whloh all disappeared under the use of a
few bottles of your groat blood remedy,
8. 8. 8. My appetite, which waa poor,
waa greatly helped. I oaa eat anything
I want now without fear of Indigestion,
and my blood haa been thoroughly
cleansed of Impurities and made rioh and
atrong again. Aa a tonlo and blood pur.
tiler It Is aU yon claim for It.
771 E. Main St.
Wheeling. W. Va, May 29, 1908. .
X have need your 8. 8. 8. thla spring,
and found It to be a blood purifier of the
best order. My system waa ma down
and my joints ached and pained mo con
siderably, and I began to fear that I waa
going to be laid up with Rheumatism. I
had need 8. 8. 8. before, and knew what
It waa; ao I purohaaed a bottle of it, and
have taken several bottlea. with the result
that the aohea and palna 1 had are gone;
my blood haa been cleansed aad reno
vated, my general health built np, so that
I can cheerfully testify to lta Ytrtae aa a
blood purifier and tonlo.
johv ol sTrxTX.
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