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Hearst Will Take Oaths
and Demanj Office.
Only Sure Method to Test the
Title to Gothams.
Two Special Deputies Named By At
torney General to Auiit ia Investigat
ing and ProMcuUag the Election
Fraud Refuses to Discuss Case,
New York, Nov. II. Attorney Gen
oral Mayer announced tonight that the
caee of illegal acta ia the recent elec
tion Lad beeq reported to both hie and
Superintendent Morgan'i office in eurb
numbers that ha had appointed Jay 8.
Junes and Jamet If. Lehmsler, aa spec
Ul deputy attorneys to gnu-rally eiit
tha regular alaff In Investigating and
prosecuting tha reported offenses.
Neither Mayer nor Morgan would dis
cus the questions tonight It was
Us rant, however, that as the result of
tha investigation, evident has b&m se
cured which will b taken before the
grand jury neat week.
Ignorance Rather Than Fraud.
The investigation haa so far renulted
la revelaiioua most senatiotial and of
a character aa to show both the Ignor
iih and liicoenpetHU'e on the part of
the inspectors. -
Ia tha opinion of ataU officers, the ir
regutaritiaa hevo developid, not eo much
through fraud, aa pure and simple Ignorant-.
It U learned today that the ballot
lot found la the barbershop Friday
night waa only for mutilated balloa,
and tha r port of tha ranvaae ahowa ten
defective) ballota recorded, tha aama
number that waa found in the box. A
simitar bos waa found today at a poll
ing Went of Thirty-F.lghth atreet.
If Contest Is Prolonged in Courts Hearst
Will Assume Office.
New York, NoV. ll.-Tho Tribune
!avN that William II Hearst will, If the
Jvmitesl for the mayoralty l proloncgd in
itlw courts, beyond the flnt of next yver,
take the oath of office a mayor, an
nounce his appointment and demand
potmUMon of the mayor's office in the
city hall. Inasmuch as Mayor MeCIel
lan ha decided to fight his adversary at
every point, this city may hare a dual
l T V . J-
government on utiw inn uy.
The deeUion of the Hearst men to In
stall their candidate aa mayor on Janu
ary 1st waa reaclud yesterday, It U
aid, but nothing officially wan said
I about their intention for some days yet.
Mr. Hearst's counsel has told him that
one sure method of having his title to
the mayoralty either confirmed or de
nied la for lira to take Uie oath of office
Henderson, Tex., Sunady, Nov. 12.
1:45 a. m. Thirty minutes ago a mob
f . -
'of 200 broka into the Jail here, over-
pwvred tha officers and Uok John
m mayor ind tlirut the contact into
the court.
The Irjfl procedure necessary for the
validation of Mr. Hearst's claim to (
mayoralty in n t I mad within the
iK-xt fifteen days.
Tli Trjbune ww net all to Mnflrm
tlu- foregoing through Mr. Hcsrst.
Hearat Men Will Ask Coventor Hlggina
for Armories.
New York, Nov. II The Times says
-I. Wesley Homer, who write editorials
for Mr. Ileamt, Iff t town for Albany
lt night a a sperkl messenger to
Governor Higgins to ak the Governor
to devote two armories to the storage
of tha ballot boxes, which are flow In
storage warehouses, gusrdrd by police
and IIeart watchers. Governor Hig
gins is ako to be requested to allow
the state militia to guard the ballot
boxes. Mr. Hearst prefers such protec
tion to that of tha police.
"Understood" Governor Acquiesced
At Hearst h-adiuarWs lst night it
was eaid that the Hearst league "Un
derstood" that tha Governor has ex-
preed informally his wllllngnrsn to
allow- the armories to be ud as places
for the storsge of the bsllot boxes.
What his sniiwer will be to the rquet
fur state militia protection is not
known, and the Hearst forces ventured
no prediction.
Man Who Did It Killed in His
Election Bow Breaks Out ia Kentucky
When Oao Man Cheers Former Con
federate Chlef-Thre Ken Killed and
Thro Mora Wounded During Tragedy
" Nawratuck. W. Va Nov. 11. A
cheer for Jeff Davis, uttered by a dmnk
en man on Beaver Creek, on tha 'Ken
tuck j side of the river, yesterday, re
suited In a bloody tragedy in which
three men wera killed and three others
were wounded.
There had been much drinking after
the election on Tuesday. Con Estep,
an old Confederate soldier, was among
the men who had become intoxicated,
When he yelled "Hurrah for Jeff Davis,"
C. Parter, a young man In tha crowd
told Estep to "shut up or ha would kill
Enoch Betithiy, another member of
the crowd, told FVU-p to "Hurrah for
any one he pleacd." Parter turned upon
Iti-ntly and emptied hi pitol at short
range, all of the shots taking effect.
After he had fallen Hently shot and
killed Irter. Kube Morgan, a friend
of Prater ,who had shot llenlley after
tho latter had fallen, nred at Tout and
John Bowling, friends of Eb-p, and then
fled, but he was ' shot and 'mortally
wounded by the Bowlings. i
IWntley died soon after the shooting
snd 'Morgan died two hours later. Dun
ing the fight John Sadler, belonging
to th Prater gang -was dangerou-dy
wounded. The Bowlings were both ht,
but not fatally hurt. An election bet
had caused hard feeling between Estep
and Prater.
Th excitement over tha tragedy ia
intense and another clash of the fac
tions is expected. '
' ' Y'; ; 'v
Reece, Robert Akew, and another negro,
whxn they are now hanging in the pub
lic aquare The negroea were arrested
for the murder, a few days ago of 4
farmer, ten milca from here.
Offflces of Illegal Practice
Raided In Boston.
Police Investigc the Result of
the Geary Case
Boston Dens Believed to Be But a Part
of a Chain of aa Immense Syndicate,
With Branchea Scattered Throughout
the Vicinity Evidence Secured.
Boston, Xov. II. Twenty detectives,
headed by two police captains, made a
sensational desoent this afternoon oa
five offices on Tremont street .where
it is alleged, illegal operation have
barn performed on an extemdve scade,
and though the raids did not reeult
in aay arrest, the police found consid
erable matter which they think would
aid them In the future.
Photo Are Taken. '
In ac office a photograph was tak
en of the rooms and instrument found
therein: Hundreds of people blocked the
traffic .on. Tremont atreet durin gthe
raid, and for hours afterward, the popu
lar impression was that another girl
ha dmet death in one of the hospitals
and that the police had caught the
criminals. The action of the police to
day la the result of investigation in
connection with the death of Ma Geary,
tha suit case victim, and an operation
mora recently performed on Iola Reed, a
13-year old girl of Westfleld, Maine.
Tha work will ba continued next week,
tha authorities having information in
their possession indicating that the busi
ness is being conduct! on such a Urge
scale, that it ia becoming alarming.
Their information alwo indicates thai
this, city haa become the headquarters
for these lletral practitioner, who
bring their patients here from all parts
of the country.
Three Girla Wait for "Doctors."
The vUit were timed so the officer
arrived siinulaneouxly, thus preventing
a warning being telephoned from one
nhu-e to another. No one was found
st tlie offices of Mrs. Dr. Ames, Dr. Em-
imm and Dr. Uixhop.
At Dr. Bntler'a office, Dr. Lewi was
found. He is the hunlmnd of Annie
Brown, recently sent to the peniten
In Dr. Butler's office, the police found
three young women, who. explslned their
presence by saying they were waiting
for a "doctor " , Tha most interesting
pkw-e. was that of Mrs. Dr. Binhop. The
polka. broke in the doors after repeated
knocking had fajlod to elicit an ans
wer. There ware flva rooms in tha suite,
with an elaborately furnished parlor.
Evidence plainly indicated tha hasty
departure of the persons connected
with the Inntitution, after Crawford
and Howard, "doctors" had confused.
Girl Identifies Place of Treatment
Whila the raids were in progress, Iola
Bard, in company with ft deputy eheriff,
identified the Bishop office, aa the
place where she waa treated. Tha Bish-
op eeUbllxhment la said to be the lary-
est in New England, and U . the) head
quarters of ft number of brsnch offices,
many of which are out of town. It is
the belief that part of their syndicate
Sn operation hero, and that several
offices are used for patient in various
place la order to confuse the location
of offices where the operation Is per-formed.
A physician who acenmpani d the po
lice, stated that It wa not surpriting
that death followed aome of the opera
tion. He pioiKHim-ed tlie instrument
veritable biMtnimenta of torture and
judged they had very little care.
Enormons Buaineaa.
The booka found in a dek, showed an
enormous buine done daily. There
are three operating rooms in the place,
all cleverly arranged with the Idea of
hiding the operator from the. patient.
Over each operating ehair, hang a cur
ia if, in which i room sufficient to only
permit the "doctors" to work. Addi
tional evidences of the extreme care tf
conra-al the dientity of tha operator,
waa t largo mask found, having long
black hair and black veiling to hide the
Salt Lake, Nor. 11. A slight earth
quake waa felt tvre this afternoon. No
damage waa done.
Boi-, Xov. 11. There was a slight
earthquake tfVrnor felt here this after
noon. It waa aU felt at Idaho City,
Bab City, Ogden, Hailey and Sho
shone. At the latter pUce, several brick
snd stone, buildings were somewhat
damaged. The walls of tha courthouse
sad schoolhouse were cracked, and tlie
plaster shaken from tlie ceilings.
No Development of Mob Spirit
at St Petersburg.
1 ,
la aa Effort to Pacify tha Coantry,ani
End Fratricidal Strife, Witt KnliaU
tha Aid of the Church and banes aa
Earyilical Changes Men to Beasts.
St. Petersburg, Sunday, Nov. 11.
The groundless nature of tha alarmist
rumors that ft St. Bartholomew massa
cre would take place last night waa de
monstrated, when hours paaapd without
tha slightest development of mob spirit
The only signs of anything out of the
ordinary ware tha doting up, earlier
than usual, of the Jewish shops in the
districts said to be nasigned for the Jew
baiting, and tha frequency of patrols in
these districts.
An unconfirmed report waa circulated
lat night in the newspaper offices, UiaX
the Cossack 'red on a crowd of roughs
in the suburbs beyond tlie Moscow gate,
but tills is later authoritatively denied.
"Black Hand" ft Myth.
Trine Ivoff, tha Moscow Zebstcoiet,
has imued a re-assuring announcement,
declaring the rumors of an organised
"Black Hundred" is almost entirely a
In an effort to pacify thecountry and
end the fratricidal strife, Count Witt
has enlioted the aid of thv church and
holy synod, now under tha direction of
Prince Alexia Obolensky, and issued an
encyclical w Tilch Vlll bo read in all the
chruches of Iha ompira, in phw of the
sermons toils y. It reminds the Rus
sians that wrath and hatred often
change tha nature of men and make
them like wild beasts, oaunng them to
forget he laws of humanity and commit
fearful crimes, causing eternal remorse.
Graf Walderseo StiQ Agroand Near Now
York City. ,
New York, Nov. 11. Effort to float
the steamer Graf Waldcrsee, which went
'aground today, while leaving New York, j
were unavailing tohightand another at
tempt will be made at highwater tomor
row. The agent of the Hamburg-American
lino ateiedi tbi. tvenbg that the
ceuso of the steamer's grounds waa the
fact that a tug with three bargee
crossed the liner's hows, and te avoid a
collision, the ship waa .forced into the
Midshipman Merriwefher
Must Stand Trial.
Evidence Shows Branch Died from
Injuries Inflicted by
Secretary Bonaparte Saya the Navy De
partment Will Take No Action Ex
cept Such aa May Be Recommended
by tha Academy Officers at Annapolis.
Washington, Xov. 11. In ordering
th courtmartial of Midshipman Merri-
wetlicr, who engaged in a fUtio en
counter at Annapolis with Midshipman
Branch, as tha result of which Branch
died, Secretary Bonaparte made a state
ment today in which he says in part
that the board of inquest found that
some hostility existed between the com
batants, originating in the finding by
Branch, whila ia discharge of hi duty,
of suit of civilian clothes in the)
apartments of Merriwether, this being
a, serious offense under the regulations.
No report of tha alleged discovery,
sppeara to have been made by Branch.
Late Merriwether, it i alleged In
sulted Branch by calling him ft "sneak
and "coward" and Branch ctavllonged
him to a fist fight
fight Declsoed a Draw.
Tha fight took placa Sunday evening.
It waa declared draw, owing to the
reported approach of one of tha officers.
At tha time Merriwether waa apparent
ly tha more seriously injured, and went
to tha hospital, which Branch went to
his quarters.
The report made by the Ben lor medi
cal officer and the finding of the board
indicates that Branch received serious
injuries to the brain during the conflict.
The statement says the Department
sees no necessity for ft court of inquiry,
as it is clear the report imply to Mer
riwether, offences of such gravity that
a courtmartial is indispensable, there
fore, such courtmartial ia ordered for
the trial of Merriwether on such
charge as may be preferred against'
The Secretary said today, the Depart
ment would take no independant action
with respect to tha midshipmen who
participated in the fight, such aa ref
eree, etc., unless such action waa recom
mended by the authorities ft the Naval
Boston, Nov. 11. In another speed
tet today, the battleship Rhode Island
sustained aa average speed of 19.01
knots per hour, for four hours, .
Seattle, Nor. 11. The strike of the
Northwest Brewery workmen, whiqh
Wilmington, Nov. 11. Henry Scott
the third ef the mutineers from the
schooner Henry A. Berwind, waa con
victed tn the Federal Court here today,
haa been inexistenca since May 1, waa
today settled. The. employers were
conceded the i right to employ and dis
charge their workmen, but the union se
cured the insertion of a clause provid
ing for the employment of Union fore
men in ajl department and the re em
ployment of nil union workmen who
struck in May.
J Eimira, N. Y, Nov. II. Mrs. Thomas
K. Beecher, grand daughter of Noah
Webster and sister-in-law of Henry
Ward Beecher and Harriet Beecher
Stowe, died here today.
Ashland, Nov. 11. George Frederick
Parson, a prominent young man of Ash
land and only son of Dr. J. S. Parson,
died at an early hour this morning from
tha effect of a doe of laudanum, ad
ministered by his own hand about 11
o'clock last night. Parson was ft most
popular young man, and lacked only a
few months of being 21 years old. The
canse of his surprising ac i yet un
explained. ' , ,
Cleveland, Nov. 11. A human torso,
devoid of head, arms and leg,' waa found
at the city dump today. The body
waa that of a man.
Coroner Says Young Picnon Was
Tied to Track. .
Delay ia Report Die to Attempt to
' Discover the Perpetrators of the Hor
rible Crime Seadered Impossible by
Peculiarities of the Case. . ' ;
Mount Yernor, ft, Nov. 11. Accord
ing to a verdict of the coroner la the
case of Stuart Pierson, run ovfer by a
train while undergoing the Initiation ef
a college society two weeks ago, evi
dence waa found that Piersoa had been
bound hand and foot and either tied fast
to the railroad track, or railroad tiea, or
otherwise bound ia such a manner that
he could not extricate himself, and
while in such a oeition waa run down by
aa engine and tender ,and killed.
The verdict adds that the delay waa
occasioned by the efforts of tM eoroner
to .fix the resonaibility of tha horrible
crime, which he waa unable to accomp
lish, because of the peculiar circumstan-
ceea of the case.
New York, Nov. 11. Edna Wallace
Hopper, the actress, ia reported to be
critically ill at her apart meats in this
city. - It waa said last night that Mies
Hopper had been suffering from appendi
citis for the laet two weeks, and that
at any moment an operation might be
necessary. i
Miss Hopper has been playing this
year with David Belasco'a company ia
a revival of "The Heart of Maryland."
ago aha waa obliged to dieeon
tinue her engagements and com to this
city. A consultation of phyisciaaa waa
held last night, and aa operation may
be performed today.
and sentenced tohe hanged 'with kia
shipmates and companions in crime, Ad
ams and Sawyer The execution tea
been set to occur January 20, and will
take place In this city.