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Receipts and Expenditures in Con
fection With Regatta.
r.vrty legitimate Dill Hai Bern Paid
nd There It Money and Material on
Hand Comprvhcni ve Report of Com
mittee Covera Every Detail of Event.
A-turia. Or.-., I.. Hhi.V To Our
Itlluw (iti..'iii: 'J'Im' I- it 1 1 Allium!
J;.y!U uti.l lihlnMriul IMuliilion In
IuiiikI a uiKf tu liUUny. uikI in il"in
IIikI wf, we miit mt frKl jour
mimiiI mill fiiroiir: (ji'iiK'iil-
Volhinjf 11111M lime 1 npt"! n t
H'j?le-l our fumllira, "lf fli'H'l. '
0111 lniiiM'Kn vx'l I In- t; ik' Ih v our
cily n In.
Th.nimrxU if ft 1. nip ,,,r will''"
.1.1- i.. !.. ami 111 lit (Ill-Ill ili'imrt
I without acquainting lliem of our ei-
f i-4ii a li itiiiiinuiiity, and with
.... 1 1
our ip!enuj reeoureet, woiim nv vrmn
elmoat a crlma.
'I inir iwd mi, anil m one wemwl
In .nn. In thi i-iikiki ii' J our Honor-nlili-
Mayor. .1. W. Suirrnant, i a Int
ir.inrt, tuUi'il n iii.ii" iiicilinj; of it
ii iih. 11I tin' mint Imii'. win'", I'.v a
uiiiiiiiiiioic oti, n committee of IwiIvp
VH rliiiM'tl to llll'li-ltlll tlie tttli.
Kuril a coinmiiinl could not well !
Tin dlfilcultif were great, tlm tnk
tverm-il alimmt hopi-e, Imt with tin
aitatanro of the nty jre., tlia Intent
pint of tli people uiotin-. iiml
wtliin twi-nty flvB dna after tlm null
rliilioii Iit were out, tin- Id-pit tn w
lirM. the runner' Fuir win iniiupinit' l
n nun me prm-eion of iiiiikhhI upli-mlor
vim aen, the street parade, the vnrioiia
mipmti.- and land aporta ti-ik ptioe, mid
rv tjIkhIv had a holiday.
Kery legitimate hill in paid, and a
p4 i(d balam of eaah i on hand
l-iile Ih- material for a grand Und
nn-t other proierti etii-rally til
during a regatta.
Wlnli- t!n loiiiinitti-e lnlMiied ilny
and night, and ha received the jrener
u ri-ii gnllon of the people, let it I
not forgotten that; rOr all, the
jieopleell of the people - are the onea
In he congratulated, Waue nlmve every
ther condi-ratliai, we he learned
that in order to stinted we mimt le,
Very repeet fully, your oliedii-nt T
anta, II HUMAN' WISH. I'lenid.nt
KUKT .IOHVSON, Secretary.
AI.HF.IIT PUXBAK, Tre.aurer.
Eleventh Annual Regatta Subacriben.
We herewith annex a d taili'd atata
ment of all the rei-ripW and dia
iurwtntta of the' moneya fnlrinUl
in our handa. The balam-e on hand ia
ili-Miliil with the Aitoriu National
A. A '. It. It. Co 2M1
'v Koiinh of July rointtiilU'i' KIT K)
. II Wainhnrd U-'."
v.orih I'n.-ilh! Ilrewing Co H0
CarUon lliothrra " W)
AlUrt Dunliur A Co W 00
Herman 'i 00
Norri Staplea 10 00
1'. A. Stoke 60 00
K I)nnr.ipT A Co r.0 00
City llox A I.uiulier Co 50 00
ltoM, Higj;iii A Co fiO 00
Irving Clnl. 60.00
Otto Mikkh-aan MOO
t. II. A V. Company 0'-')
.1. Kwnim 8O.00
M. S. Coland 50.00
t'nion '!a F.ngine "0.00
Foard A 8tokei Co SO 00
.lohnaon A Cook 50 00
M. Oorman 60 00
Knijihta of the Royal Arch .... 50 00
C. II. Cooper 35 00
Central Mt Market 26.00
T. F. Ij.urln 25 00
(!. R. Mor 25 00
The Aatoria Budget 25 00
Auguat Dunlclaon 26 00
J. S. PeTlInger Oo 25 00
Will Madiaon 25 00
Imperial Oyater Houaa 25 00
1riitenaen A Co 25 00
W. J. na 25 00
Alex Tagg 25 00
Aatoria Klectric Co 25 00
f, Ur Theater 25 00
Trael, Signer A Co. 25 00
Kjiatern Candy Worka 25 00
Aotorla lloae Team 25 00
T. J. Proemaer 25 00
fi. E. Harria 25 00
f herman Tranafer Co 25 00
Wartin Franclacovltch 25 00
1 Ibeck 25 W
arloa WirkkaU 25 00
L. Uraen 00
Mandard Oil Company 25.00
Mine. .Ii-nnie NorelH, prima donna no
piano who appeara in grand eonrert at
lopin'a hull next Wednenday night, la
fnh Irom a five-year tour in F.urope
and tho ea-m, having recently tuki-nj
li-ading part at (Convent tiiirilen, ln
don, and the .Metropolitan OjK-ra (Vim-
puny, Ni-w York, ller uii'iialilled u--
itm nt the I'liilharmonie and Qin-eu'
hull ptoiiii-tinde oluc-ltK and her four
jeara' ngagement at Convent Garden,
brought her apeedily Into prominence
and to be compared by critica aa an
equal to Melba and other great aingcra.
In December Mine. Xorelli returna to
Kngland to fill an engagement with one
of the greate.rt mimical organization of
KurojM-. Mine. Xorelli waa educated at
the Royal ( 'onm-nvatoire of Muic,
('luneiiteiH' t'nion 2.1.00
iNilli-niler Natigatioii Co 2.1.00
Augu.t Krati 2-'"0
Fl.ia.hner Mayer A Co 25. W
SUr Idaweiy 25.00
U. li. .M. riicrwm C'., 20.00
Anchor Snlooii
.1. N. Criffln 20.00
Mra FUr,-t 2000
Uuvrc. Portland 20.fX)
S. F.I more 20 00
Chaa. Wla-.n 20.00
I'. S Keiiney 20.00
VtrM.n A itrown 20 00
Wherity, RaUton A Co 20 00
Il.a n.-r 20 00
Chaa. licllborn A Co 20 00
J. U. Soymoura 20 00
Atoria Iron Worka 20 00
I'. K. IVteren 20 00
Swan Wilw.n 20 00
SUndard Fjigine Co 20.00
Johnaon A Morriaon 20 00
114-njamin Young 20 00
S.holliel.1 A Hauke 20.00
.lohn.n Rroe 20 00
I. II. Duncan 20 00
Firt National Rank 17.00
AMoria Saving Raak 18 00
Astoria National Rank 15 00
J. V. Buma 15 00
N'ol Simonaen 15 00
Frank Woodfleld 15 00
j-e Herring M.OO
lohn S. Man.-ict 15.00
F. N. Smith, iKilera) 1.1.00
.lohn Rlaich 15 00
Charlea Rogera 15 00
II. 8. Rctnurant 15 00
C. .1. Tren. hard 15 00
Frank Hart 15 00
A. V. Allen 15 00
(iemge l.indntroin A Co 15 00
I'eler Dourell 15 00
C. II. I'ap-t. 15-tH)
I'. A. IVU-rw.n 15 00
J. O. TilM-rg 15 00
AlU rt S-afeldt 15 00
Fahice RiMaurnnt 15 00
It. F. All.n A Son 15.00
Clerk' Union 10.00
Portland Plonr Mill 10.00
Foiaata-V Ijidg.. 10.00
N. M. Adam 10.00
Finnish RroUierhoo.1 10.00
8. Schmidt .... 10.00
Suomi Co opiative Store 10.00
Cpt. Pickernell 10.00
Ma ar Broa 10.00
Portland Ilotel Co. R'.OO
Rining Sun Restaurant 10.1M)
Victor Vrmm 1000
A S. IWd 10.00
Mix (Mevidand 10.00
S. F. Kanthri'p 10.00
Occident Hotel 10 00
Chaa. Uraen 10 00
II. H. Zapf 10 00
F, A. Fiabar 10 00
Bloop A Jefferiea 10 00
0. W. Fulton 10 00
J. C. Swopa 10 00
n. FJitrom 10 00 '
W. I Robb 10 00
Crown Bottling Worka 10 00
11. A. KmWit 10 00 1
P. Miller A Son 10 00
M. Frenetoviteh 10 00
Pacific Iron Worka , 10 00
J. II. Hanaen 10 00
Robinaon A Hildebrand 10 Of
King A Corbatt 10 00
Lindenberger A Co 10 00
F. Ia Parker 10.00
Andrew ,Yung 10 00
Van Duaen A Co. 10 00
W. C. Uw 10 00
Seaide Rakcry 10 00
CVntial Hotel 10 00
Atoria ;rory 10 00
Ja. W. Welch 10 00
C. fJ. I'ulmbcrg 10 00
Nick Kawppi 10 00
K. M. Raker 10 00
Pride Cigar Factory 10 00
Wm. Urk 10 00
K. 7.. FergiiHon 10 00
II. Crohn 10 00
A. (i. Snow 10 00
C. H. M. flreenwald 10 00
C. A CnmplM-ll 10 (i
S V. A 'en lr 1'
.trii Reetatirant 10.00
F. I. Dunhar ... I""0
Fiher Broa Uo lo.OO
Scow Bay Foundry 10.00
IX lain A Kellogg 10.00
linU Schacht 10.00
Climax Camp. W. O. W 10.00
H. J. Unp 10.00
Troy Uundry 10.00
Dr. F. Vaughan 10.00
Mail Uing 10.00
Mi KaU Flaval 10.00
Mia Kellia Flaval 10.00
Mug Saloou 10.00
Jell' Saloon 10.00
J. K. Ferguson 10.00
William Union 10.00
Great F-aatern Furniture Co., .. 7.60
John Svenaon 7.00
T .8. TrulUngar 5.00
W. II. Williama 5.00
Tboa. J. Patcnon 600
Sum (iulilich 6.00
A. Jah.fT 5.00
II. Jona 5.00
Murinoeovieh A Co 5.00
L. I. JoliniMin 6.00
John Glawr 5.00
Chaa. Oleen 6.00
SUr Corner Cigar Store 6.00
H. Twilight 5.00
D. R. Sandera 5.00
0. F. Morton 5.00
Boston Meat Market 5-00
H. J.ldneaa 5.00
Ha ut a la A Raitanen 6.00
Birch A Jacobaon 5.00
1. uckol A Ja.v!n 5.00
Lukol Kink A Cake Soap Co., .. 5.00
Tho. Chamber 5.00
Sam Willott 5.00
Janioi Caey 5.00
Man an Wojtawwoki 5.00
ercy Margretta 5.00
John 1L Smith 5.00
P. Grant 8.00
J. Montgomery 6.00
A. S. Tea 5.00
Oriel Hwiae 5.00
C. B. Allen 5.00
Capt Tatton 6.00
I. Bergman 5.00
A. G, Long , 6.00
iV-ifW l"apar Co., 5.00
Tom Draley 5.00
loiter McLod 5.00
J. C. Clinton 600
Dill A Young 6.00
P. B. Sorey 5.00
A. M. Smith 6.00
Amu Brix 5.00
K. Onburn 5.00
William Fitrgerald 6.00
Emil Palmtirrg , , 5.00
U E. 6a 8.00
Armour Co., 5.00
II. L. Henderson 5.00
J. A. Fulton ..... 6.00
W. E. OarpenUr 6.00
A. D. Craig ... 600
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blood tanni
The most Popular ih widely-Known Blood Purifier
This is the season that tests the quality of your blood,
and if it is not good, then evidences of it will begin to
show as the weather grows warmer. Carbuncles and boils,
pimples and blotches, and numerous itching and burning
skin eruptions will make their appearance, and are sure in
dications of bad blood. If spring-time finds you with im
pure, sicklv blood, then vou are in poor condition to with
stand the strain upon the system which always comes at this
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polluted, diseased blood, and can only be reached by a remedy that goes into the circulation
and uproots and expels the poison and restores the blood to a healthy, natural condition. If
Bpringfiald, Ohio. May 16, 1903. fW?0111 WhaaUng, W. Va.. May 28. 1908.
On twooooaalon. I hart "aed your . Da.a Diooa, ana are I hare used your 8. 8. 8. this sirring,
8. 8. 8. In the spring with fins results. I thinking 01 a blood pun- &nd found. It to be a blood purifier of ths
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whloh all disappeared under the use of a taUJO.-rl renittatinn ROlng t0 lald up with RnenJatism. 1
few bottles of your great blood remedy. CStaDllSliea reputation had nMd a s beforfl( wnat
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MR3. QEOROE WIEOEL. tans no mercury, pot- t Bw JOHN C 8TZZH.
771 E. Main St. , J ' 1. 1533 MaTk,t 8ttMt-
ash, arsenic or other
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