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Established 1I73.
Published Daily by
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Entered an second-class matter June
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IT" 1 V 1 Hi f ir iKa Huliratn m r9 Tub
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wo urrouAS to either ivHluce or place of
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office of publication.
Portland. Oct 23. Western
Oregon, and Western Washing-
ton: Sunday, increasing cloud-
iness with shower near cos.-.
cooler in the interior.
Eastern Oregon and Eastern
Washington: Fair, with slowly
rising temperatures.
made by the fair the. past year. Hut
it was our fair, and we must not get
blue or complain. Lit us all go nlow
about declaring a Isiycott on Portland.
We have many true friends of Salem
down there, and we should not alienate
them. What Salem has accomplished
has had to lie dime without Portland.
Hut let us overlook that, overlook the
slander aNut ntr water umdv. their
fight against a governor's home here.
th trick to tui away the Ute fair,
ajud the rwiit Ulk aUut makiag that
city tie state capital. The Salem pa
per have not alwaxa spoken kindly
almut the Oregonian. Hut the Saliun
paper Lave alwaya lovailv Ulett hold
of anything tliat Portland people have
come, up mmI wud wa important to
them, even to helping them make a
great rticcee of Portland day. So
let u dnn Mr. Scott, close up the
gap. go oa about our busmen of mak-
tag Uie beet inland city in the North
west. That is our business, aud lt ua
stand ap for it. 1 u the man who
will aot Jttand up for hit own town
There are some thing bv which a
city U judfed, esjiwially by stranger.
and the chief of these, is it hotels, As
toria, has some good hotels, what then?
are of them, and plenty of them, such
a-s they are. It must have at leit one
nig. metropolitan house, of such calibre
ajid appointment as shall the
name of the citv resound through the
country. If you are in earnest almut
having a hostelry of this sort, go to the
next meeting of the chamber of com
merce and es.urv yourself. November
C, 1903.
Severe Styles Are to Prevail in
Mixed Effects In the Cheaper Mate
rials Ate to Be Much Used For
Walking Suits Evening Hats of
Lace or of Panne Velvet.
Chemisettes are to t worn again
this fall, but there In a great difference
In their makeup. The exquisite sheer
effect, have given place to severe
aiyies-uioae or phjue ami of llneu laid
In muall plait. With them are worn
stiff little lilm-k tlea.
Embroidered ties fashioned on the
same lines as the siuult butterfly ties,
The next few days must be taken
by the intelligent, thinking citizen to
weigh the political situation in advance
and determine just what he wants in
the way of government for the onoom
ing two years. He must satisfy him
self as to the conditions and whether
they are to be perpetuated or whether
he shall intervene for a change; having
settled tttia conclusively in hii own
mind, he can balance the abilities and
characteristics of the several candi
dates who seek hi sufferage, as to their
especial fitness to carry out the changes
he desires aa well ad to their personal
coincidence with his views. These things
are all to bo balanced before any de
Eberate, healthful work can be done
either in the primaries or at the gener
al ek'ction. And while reviewing the
field he must put himself in line for
the proper exercise of his vote at both
pollfv by registering during the coming
week for the primary election and
again registering between XoveniW 1C,
ana December 9, for the general elec
tion, the non-performance of either of
these functions will disqualify bun ut
teriy for the political engagement
The Morning Astorian finds pleasure
in noting a general access of interest in
the approaching election throughout the
republican ranks ia the eity and does
not hesitate to predict uaquaUfled vin
tory if that interest is nourished and
applied with straight-forward vigor and
timeliness, a procedure that shall Jack
no endorsernejit nor aid from th
columns; but it doe insist upon a full
republican ticket manned by the best
republicans in the city from top to Ut-
tom, and a clean, wholesome, unrelent
ing fight for such issues as shall preesnt
Republican success achieved at the
polls, this paper shall stand for a busi
ness administration of municipal af
faim from the smallest to the largest
of its transactions, and at the hands of
every man engaged from mayor to jani
tor. This is an issue to which everv
taxpayer and honest citizen may rally
without doubt or reproach, and will
form the basis of everv contention
championed bv this paper in the fieht.
From some wmrce it ia learned that
the gamblers, in their parlance are go
ing in for "an open town." Very well.
This Issue has been raised before, fought
before, defeated before. The Astorian
will take its place as contestant, fight
er and victor once more, and do it glad-
0 "
I Church
I Notices:
First Congregational Church.
The usual preaching services at the
First Congregational church 11 a. m.
and :30 p. m. by the pastor, Rev.
Luther 1). Mahone. A cordial invitation
is extended to all. Sunday school at
12:30 p. 111.
Norwegian M. E. Church.
The Norwegian and Danish If. F
church. Rev. Aug. Petersen, the pastor
will preach at 11 4. m. and 8 p. m.
Sunday m-hool at 10:00 m. Young
peoples meeting at 7:00 p. m.
Presbyterian Church.
Rev. A. II. Lnyson, L. L. D., pastor
Services 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Offer
ing at the morning services for home
mission. C. E. at 6 : .10 p. m. Talk
Wednesday evening on London and the
liawiian I-ilands.
Grace Episcopal Church.
Sunday cervices at 11 n. ni. and 7:30
p. m. Sunday school 12:30 p. m. Rev.
F. E. Elleyne will conduct morning ser
vices and Rev. i. Seymour Short will
conduct the evening -ervices.
First Lutheran Church.
Services at the First Lutheran church
a follows: Sundav school in
at 9:30 a. in. Morning sermon in Swed
ish at 10:43. Evening service in Enz-
lih at 7:30. In the morning the pastor
will speak on the subject, "The testi
mony of Christ concerning himself." In
the evening. "The world's testimony of
Christ." Everybody welcome to these
wear will (to c5 ti rir
whit panne velvet and lace. Small
xipa arranged q bunches have takeu
the place la millinery occupied last sea
on Dy ma long plume.
One of the noveltlea In the Jewelry
Hn la a small Jeweled pin that la In
tended to hold the lace collar up In the
oaea, uus doing away with the un
IghtTt whalebone.
The walat pictured la of heavy linen
worked In English embroidery. The
noon nave a pretty, simple design
fitted over a chemisette of plaited lawn.
The cIIkiw sleeve are formed of an
embroidered mot If arranged about a
tucked fullness at Uie shoulders. Bands
of the embroidery bold the puff lust
above the wrist In position.
Pefor long woolen school dresses
win ho In requisition, The most at
tractive am. serviceable of thewe gowns
are made of Scotch plaid, with tlM
aklrt. If one prefers, made up on the
inns lu clrculur effect. The blon
waist, cut Dutch neck, has a Dlnlna- of
a plain contrasting color outlining It
ore tdouse, wllh Irlhh'lnc collar fas
tcnwl with a knot of red pluld silk like
that on the velvet cau.
IfJUul'a'riU cut out motlfa of white
taffeta are applied tn aomo of the
white serge or cloth gown. If skill
fully used this trluimlng la very effective.
The attractive drew seen In the cut la
especially designed for earlv fall wear.
The mnterlnl la a soft Indian red. Th
klrt I laid In plait and banded with
Uie material to form a deep yoke over
which are long pauela. The slinnle
bodice la made smart by an embroider
ed collar and banda on the elbow
Tull of Tiagle Meaning,
an these lines from J. II. Riiniuons. of
Casey, la. Think what might have tt-
siillisl from his teriiMo rough If h had
not taken the medicine aliout which he
wrilrs: "I had a fearful cough, that di-
turU'd H) "ight's test. I tiled every,
thing, but lathing would relieve It, until
I took D. Kiiu New Discovery for
0 nsiimntioii, Coughs and Colds, wiiieb
completely ruled me." Instantly relieve
and Hrmanently cure all tin oat and
lung diseases ; prevenU grip and pneu
monia. At Chaa. Rogers' druggist; guar
anteed; 60o and 11.00. Trial bottln free.
Are You
In Advertising?
Cures Winter Cough.
J. E. Crover, 101 N Main street, Ot
tawa, Kas., writes; "Every fall it has
been my wifes trouble to catch a se
vere cold, and therefore to couch all
winter long. Last fall I cot her a bot
tle of Horehound Syrup. She used it
and has been, able to sleep soundly all
night long. Whenever the couch troubles
her, two or three doses stops the cough.
and she is able to be up and well." 25e.
oOe, 11.00. Sold by Frank Hart, drug
but made of heavy llneu or pique, are
to be smart this year. The stiff little
bow loses all of Its manulshness when
embroidered, yet retains the severe
Ribbon ruffles on petticoats are the
latest wrinkle. Tlier are more expen
sive than those- of silk, but much more
stunnlug and newer.
The swaggcrest pettlconts in silk to
be worn with fall costume are in the
shops. They either match the suit or
dress with which they are worn or are
part of a color scheme dominating all
the accessories.
The gown In the cut is of dahlia
cloth. The plaited skirt Is trimmed at
the foot line with lapped bonds of the
material. The cont Is particularly oret
ty with Its empire effect, ornamented
with collar and buttons and velvet
Amoug the fall materials to be made
up into walking suits mixed effects are
particularly noticeable In the less er.
pensive goods, such as homespun, which
ia such an excellent cloth for hard
usage. Mixed grays, blues and browns
are the fushlouable colors. Brown
will not, however, be as modish as It
was last winter. Red. too. will not be
as widely eeen, although It Is far too
attractive a shade to disappear alto
gether. Dark grays among the autumn
model are assured of popularity, while
of course, blue In any shade will prove
a safe Investment, for It Is a color
never frowned upon by Dnme Fashion
The straight brim Is not seen on the
new hats. Even the French sailor
KLt B heiuib rmvx
The sleeves are of course made entirely
of cloth, and the medium bishop Is tint
best style, with a pretty cuff trliiin-d
with the plain material. A belt of leath
er and a gulmpe of broderle angiitis
finish thevostume.
tJulmpe school dresses still hold their
owu for girls from six to fourteen, but
a variation of thl style, a really prac
tical variation, I the chemisette gulmpe
frock, with the sepurute yoke made on
a foundation or body like a gulmpe.
but sleeveless.
Sailor suits for small girls with n
dosen new tricks almut them are popu
lar. The prettiest nre made of checks
In any of the modish combination. An
extra touch of smartness Is given them
by linnd sen Hoping the collar and cuff s.
liie cunriiilng little dress lllustrnt'sl
Is designed for girls from six to eight.
It Is fashioned from a bright shnde of
soft blue seige. The skirt hns a circu
lar flare ami Is trimmed with lines of
narrow braid applied between
bands of the serge. TIip short coat lias
the same trimming almut the shoulder
on the round collar and straight lmi.1
cuffs. Black frogs fasten the little
The veil plays n prominent part In
fall mlllii.ery. All sorts of handsome
veils are seen on hats, appnrenti
forming pnrt of the color scheme. I!r
example, n large pale blue felt I cov
ered with blue and white velvet rove
The third quarterly convention of the Pacific Coast Advertising Men's
association will convene at Seattle, October 23 and 21.
The association is made up of advertisers, advertising writers and
agents and advertising solicitor.- and every ou who Is interested in advertising.
Papers on advertising salmon, shingles, retail stores, export trade, etc.,
will be read and discussed.
Whether or not you are at the present time a member of the association.
the meetings ate open to the public and will I immensely hslpul to any
one who use ore expect to us advertising space.
This is the place where new idea are sprung -make It a point t In
For further information writs to
The following, from the Salem Jour
nal, with slight variations which are
eaMly surmisable. Is nearly applicable
to this city and its relation to the dys
peptio giant of Alder street.
"Let us drop Mr. Scott and the Ore-
gonian's attacks on the city. This city
has enough merit to stand up and trrow
against all the spleen and biUamea of
the few survivals of mosnbaekism that
engage in such metborbv The whole
stabs has been drained for Portland
the pat year, both of public and pri
rate funds. TTe are all slowly recu
perating. It will be a year before we
get fully over the drafts on our purses
Notice is hereby given that the reg
istration books of the city of Astoria,
for the primary nominating election to
I held in this city on Monday the I3th
day of November, 1!0.'(, will be opened
at the Auditor's office in the city hall,
on Monday the 23rd dav of October.
1W., and will clo-e for said primary
election on the 7th day of November,
1905, at the hour of 4 o'clock p. in., said
registration liooks will le ti"ain opened
on Thursday the Ifith day of November.
1!K5, for the general election to be held
in this city n Wednesday the 13th dav
or Jieceml)er, )0., and will ooe on
Saturday, the flth. day of December.
1303, at 4 o'clock p. m. All persons
must register in order to be entitled to
Dated, Astoria, Orecon. October. 21st.
Auditor and Tolice Judge of the city of
have many little curves and turn that
are extremely becoming. They tilt at
a perilous angle from the back, and the
trimming Is placed at that point or at
the aide.
Attractive evening hats for winter
Out of Date Plumbing is Unhealthy
If your plumbing ii out
of dale, the members of your
houjchold ire constantly risking their
health. Defective plumbing gcnerstei
germ-bearing icwer gasci which pollute
the stmosphcrc and cannot help but be
breathed by the occupants.
Let ui examine the condition of your
plumbing, correct defective piping and
install the h
namely 'StoAtf Bathi and One-piece Lavatories. Our illustrated
booklet "Modern Home Plumbing" sent free upon application.
12 VW
J. A. Montgomery, Astoria
First National Bank of Astoria, Ore
i:STAItl,ISlli;i) 1880.
Capitol and Surplus $100,000
oowji or nrDLAJC bu.
with brown centers and Is enveloped In
a brown veil lace, yery filmy and trau
Bowa and knots are favorite trim
ming on fall and winter dressy cos
tumes, run little bows of chantllly
lace made from four Inch Insertion
with waved edge are set laddet fash
ion upon the bodices of evening gowns
and head the deep flounces on the
skirts, while bold Inset motifs of chan
tllly are placed on the flounce. The
lace bow effect might be artistically
applied to any kind of sheer material.
The most popular tennl dress consist;
of a white cloth skirt and white tui-
I. Q. A. IlOWIJJY, President.
O I. PETERSON, Vive-President. J. W. (1ARNKK, Assistant CCaabier.
Astoria Savings Bank
rapltal Pa!d In 1100,000. Surplus and Undivided Profit I.IS000
IrausacU General Bsnklng Hu.lness. Interest I'ald on Tlini. Deposit
168 Tenth 8trt,
Shermah Transter Co.
Hacks, Carriages-Baggage Checked and Transferred-Trucks and FurJ
u.c ..asiHiis j,jajip5 movcu. lioxed and Sh fined.
- i ',..-ff--,
433 Commercial Street
Phone Main 121
13 A AM