The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, June 15, 1905, Image 1

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    ere Historical Coclttr
Will RcaffirmConstitutibn.
al Rights.
Governor Deenan aaaiirrcd counsel foi
Hoch tlit in th case the tatca attor
ney office wan assured by Wednesday
June 21, that enough money would be
forthewnlnir to provide for preparation
of the. newary record, reprieve would
ba a-ranted until the October term of M
supreme court Tim sum needed I "00.
Thi. twvernor aurred the aaiUnt at
torney, Olacn, that he hd no aeir with carving out the verui.i
he wished merely to give the twill
ed every right afforded by law.
Named for Considering of
Peace Negotiations.
King Oscar's Communicition Wis
Received in Open Session
Believed That King 0c.r Will Soon
Confirm tha Dissolution and B'.a
lb Preient Dimculty the Nobility
of Sweden on Account ol Politico.
member" now "ae a telephone or hav
one in hi house, it muat lie taken out
Washington, The Hague and Ge
neva Have Been Suggested
for Conference.
Ho Trace of Jam. Slaterly of Seaside
Hit Been Found.
K...I.1I.. Or.. June 14-No tra of
Jamc Blaterly, the Portland man loot
in the Umber near Here, had 1-ccn found
at noon May. and reward ha l-cn
offered for hi recovery. Naicriy w"
lost not over mile and a half or two
mile, from Seaalde. lie started from
:k:r,Mh:r.:ti.u'---MR and london are out
came separated from them and could not
nnd hia way bark. Benr tnwka have
. . .. i .UUU mill it
la-en nniic"i un' '.v " .
I. feared Slaterly became the viciini o. negotiation roi reaca to ma r m.v
Gua Practice on Britiah Battleship In
jure. Several Men.
Gibraltar. June 14. During a gun
practice on board the Britiah bttlehip
Magnificent thla afternoon, a aix-incn
hell exploiled. Klghteen person, includ
ing four officer, were wounded, eleven
of them seriously. The officer are
among the aerioualy wounded. The ex
plosion was due to a defect in the lireaoii
of the gun. The ahell burat inaide of the
gun. The wounded were brought here
thee or got lost In a awamp.
: t In Miania. June , Oecar'e
l.mi. Itl.r to the i.reld-iit of the N'or-
Mtorihinu. M. lu-t iM-r. di-liniitg
Via H..ition, aa rablwl " Hie A.o iatfd
J'rraa yeaterday eveiiing, reeelved
t the Htorthlng. whleh waa erowded at
Ua oH.nlng thla morning after the Whit
uniitida Ttowa. The dorument waa re
frrred unanlmoimly to a ap4al romwit
Xr without tomnuint. and the Storth
ing adjourned to' await the committee
report. There waa no demonatratlon
whatever. The Aaaoclated Preaa under that a abort reply will a.-lit
reaffirming the mnatltutlonal righta of
tlm Ktorthlns.
f m.. .v..rnnint of Norway and the
- 1 m -
wembera of the Storthing welcomed the
weaaage, aei-lng In the laat paragraph
n Indication that the king and the Mk
f th. union, after a reaffirmation
will nrobahly confirm the diaaolu
if the contention that the union could
not be diaaolved without the c-onacnt ol
fiwwlen and King Oacar.
A memlier of the Storthing, rommcnt
Jng on the bitter feeling in 8welen. aald
11.. ,rM.n,itlillnt' lit the As4KHaWU
A. ... " I
ArWtocratic Sweden la alwaya inclin
,! balk down on democratic Norway
The Hwed n-aent what fliey call our
nu.iacity in Initiating a solution ana ue
thronlnu the king. The latter; haa a!
vay la-en Intluenwd by an atmosphere
of the nobility of Sweden, ana aeiuom
Ulted Norway. The Swedish tippet
rlmmlier too, is Inclined to consider Hie
tight of the throne paramount to those
of the constitution, which, however, i
not the cae in Norwuy."
Locomotive Pauea Over Bridfej
iMO Feet Long. 1
fihanifhi. June 14,-The flrat l.anmo-
te drawing an ln-tlon train In the
charge of chief engineer of the I"eihan
lUitwav. i-rww-d th Yellow river liri.lg
... .
over one thousand feet high, on .nine 11.
Ii Gradually Hearing a Conclusion, the
Only Thing Remaining la Selection
of a Place of Conference.
delegation of the member of the Asiatic
Aaaoicstion concerning the difficult
experienced by the Chinese government,
merchant., students, traveler and liter
ary men In gaining admission to thle
country. In a letter to Secretary Met
calf of the department of commerce and
labor, the president direct him to aee
that the Immigration officer exercise
discretion in the enforcement of the ex
clusion la to the end that the rela
tione of this government with China
may continue to be cordial. It I point
ed out that great aimeuuy eprn,.-
lite W wvaaw" - O
are presented by the Chinese. So many
fraud have been discovered in the mat
... - th Mrtiflntte that the immi-
ILVI V. mvv - -'
.mpi.ts examine all of them
Chinese Government Pro
poses to Retaliate.
Premier i$ Mourned ThrOUghOUt lection and are Washington. The Hague
ivmmv, . . I I i Tin., far nn ilecislon ha
Washington, June 14. Oradually the
negotiations for peace in the far east
are nearing a focus. One point to which
the energies are being directed and which
the belliin-rent are deeply concerned
in la the chob-e of the place for holding
the conference of the plempotentiarie
of the belligerent.
It Is known otlicially tliat three citie
are under consideration by Russia and
Japan. These cities are named in the
order of the liklihood of their final e
Father Critically Wounded and Son U
Initantly Killed.
i..l Un . June 14. Fred Field
was instantly killed and hi father, A
C. Fields wa critically wounded to
night on Cedar creek, Idaho, by an un
t.ii r.y uhn shot from ambush. The
father and son were riding In, a buggy
on the highway when, without warning,
two shots were fired from the brush.
The son revived a wound in a vital
sjMit and lived but a short time. The
r.iw . struck under the arm and
the bullet passed through his body. He
Is now in critical condition at Freeze.
Idaho. The oflh-er from Moscow reach -the
wene of the trgedy at midnight
snd received such information from Mr.
Field a is believed will result in the
capture of the murderer. The crime i
said to luve been eomnulleu lor re
venge and not robbery.
Americans and Charge $5
a Head.
moat carefully. That fact account lor
the trouble experienced by genuine mer
chant, travelar. etc., when they arrive
in the United State.
putform to be Mad Containing Pro
visions on the Subject
posed to the United SUtea Exduwon pi v. ... - -
Act and will Inaugurate a Sy.tem.t- provided moat favorable term, can not
. . . , k. Ahtined from private bidder, to-
ic Boycott Again American I""- . ODeratioI1 o( ,i(!ht-
liliri mm 1 a -
ing faculties, are advanced in a reso
lution which ha been adopted by the
.it. committee of the Citiien'a Union.
The resolution will be handed to the citm
convention of the party with .the recora-
Greece by the People.
and (ienevit. Thus far no decision ha
been rea h Hl Paris and Ijndon are elim
inated from the question.
It Is understood that Russia oiijeei
... ..... !.:... .. ii' its lireteri'llce lMinu
SUCCESSOR IS NOT NAMED .,. Kuropean capital. After objecting
I ........ ..!.. 4l.
to holding the conlercnee in iaus mr
Japanese government expressed a will
1.,.,.... t, nmsidcr other place whir3
affordid adwiiute facilities, although it
.... ... n - I. . l . t ..Mif.iisini I.
Meeting Hel4 at tat raiace anu -im ssumei uui .r. .......
qutited aU Member! of the Cabinet to t0 be In some far eastern city praeiicaiiy
Retain the Portlouoa. near tne imaier 01
A the Mluation now is, Washington
appear to be the city most likely to lie
Att,i.n.. June 14rhamber of dep schnted. it i-an be said on authority
. .. ... n.ui tf th.. -onference is held in the
utie decided today to aajourn unui an-
. . . . United States it will b
Chicago Strike is Losing Ground
Every Day.
Some Unioo Teamster. Claim that th
Strike Will be Continued Against Boy
cotted Firms Until it is Called Off to
an Honorable Way by Concessions.
(Correspondence of Associated Press.)
Ifnrmliilll .June 7. Considerable tten-
- I - t
tion ha been attracted by a Chinese mendation that it be incorporated in the
poster which has .ppeared in Hilo Aa- platform tun .a...
iatic quarters. It ay that the Chinese
government propose to retaliate for the
American exclusion policy ana mai we
oovernment at Peking will issue an or
der against the purchase of American
.mod with a death penalty lor vioia-
tion of the order and wilt proceea l ' ... U-n.rnlnaht A. American who enter Chin tumi- VHIOrnu w v.w.w
gated at the fort of Entry and charged . legCS FraUClS.
(5 a head. I
The steamship Alameda brought a bos
of snake, on her last trip, for exlubi-
tion in. a local soo. FJIort were at once IftNAIDF I I1MRFRMAN
made to prevent them being landed, a. rutuw"
tliere are no snake on the islands, and
it ha been a policy of long etanillng
. i a r,.KAd frnm 4 VtA tiki I
are feared. The reptile were all killed Thousands of Acre, of Lands Filed npon
' 1 " r I u: .1 kil. .r Nnn.Min.Tll and
Wavy Department Issues Order, to R
move Top Guns.
v.. v.,.tr .inn.. 14. Order were re-
dved at the New York navy yard to
iluv to remove the guns from the ngiu
. . s 1
Ing tops of the battleship AUioama.
Orders received also that gtma are not
to lie replaced on fighting top of battle
whip Indiana, which I being repaired.
It I reported that the guns will I re
placed by range finder and similar or
der will be issued regarding other bat
tleships. The new of the victory of Admiral
Togo In tho battle in the sea of Japan
ia said to have influenced the decission
to put range finder In the phu of on.
pounders, which have occupied the top.
The fate of the battle was decided by
the superiority of the work of the Jpn
.s gunnera while the ships were still at
long range.
Case May Be Appealed to the Supreme
Court of Illinois.
Chicago, Juno 14.-"Wucla-ard Johann
ulm Is sentenced to bo bunged on
June' 23. for the murder of one of his
numnrnu. wive, may be given one more
chance to escape the gallows. Hi case
,y 1 taken to the .upren.e court of
Illinois, in a conference lield here today
United States it will be in Washington
No other place in this country ha been
considered seriously. The announcement
of the selection of the place of meeting
of the plenipotentiaries i expected
within a few day. After the selection
of the place of the meting the two gov
eminent will name those to represent
live v at the conlerence
Then an armistice between the contend
Inn nrniie in the field will lie arranged
and nen.lin!! the result of the pence con
ference the creat aimic facing cam
.i ... :.. i....i.n,-ia uill lie on their arm
.... ... iiiiiier in ,iiii. ".. .
new premier un... auer . .e . fc B , ,j , from the gov-
There wa mourning throughout an
. i .. 1. !... t l..l. ........ I "
I recce Hh in v. i renin i .... iiiuiii
was honored and respected by all and
wu very jM.pular w ith all classes of peo
er the funerat of" Premier M. Delyannl.
Amid extraordinary emotion, the presi
dent of the chamber euloglxed the achiev
ment and career of the late premier.
Other deputies descrilied M. Dclyanni,
nra.t nstrint whose loss will oe
mourned by all Greece.
King George presided today at the
cabinet meeting held at the. Palace ami
requested all the member of the cabinet
to retain their portfolios. Hi majesty
said thnt out of respect 'to the memory
of M. Pclyanni he would not appoint a
Positively Refuses to Tske Part In the
Morrocoan Difficulty.
Fes. Morocco, June 14. Oreat Brit-
aln' reply to the sultan' Invitation to
join the International conference on the
Moroecoan situation, which na oeen
handed to the government, consist of a
categorical refusal.
This 1 the first reply receivea Dy uie
foreign offh-e and l quite unmistakeablc
In its term, showing the loyalty ot i.reax
Britain to her agreement with France.
Count Von Tattnbarh Ashold, head of
the German mission to Morocco, handed
in the reply of Germany accepting the
invitation. It i expected that the repi)
from the Fiench government will 1 the
lust to be received, in order that France
may emphasise her refusal.
Railroad Commission.
Seattle, June 14. Governor Meade, at
Bellingham, today announced the ap
pointment of J. C. Lawrence, of Colfax
and John R. McMillan, of San Junn, n.
railroad conimiioner.
Man and Woman Killed and Two Sons
Seriously Injured.
Middleton. N. Y., June 14.-u auto
mnhile occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Rich
nl S. Saver, of Englewood, N. J., and
two sons, wa astruck by the hue tram
near Goshen today. Mr. and Mrs. Sayer
..m Instantly killed and the sons hurl
! several feet, striking near the track.
m. evneeted to survive. The
i lirjf v ...j...---
..imnffer saved h life by jumping ue
f.ire the train struck the automobile.
Mr. Sayer wa president of the Ridel
Engine Company.
Baptist Church Will Not Permit Mem
bers to Use Telephones.
Vl.ira. Ind.. June 14.-The national con
ference of the old German Baptist Brcth
ren closed a four day' aesion In the
eitv today. One question warmly dis-
cussed wa that of permitting telephones
in lie used bv church people.
i'...,.ii Mnntuomerv decided that can not permit the use of tel
ephonc in their home and should any
Chicaeo. June 14. The Teamster'
Joint Council ha apparently come to
the conclusion that the strike l a "Ueaa
Issue." For the first time since the orig
inal strike wa called against Montgom
ery, Ward 4 Company, ine conirovemy
was shelved In the council meeting a.
an unimportant" matter of business.
I don't M-e that the strike need much
attention any more," said William J.
Kellev, secretary of the Coal Teamsters'
Union. "No. we won't admit that w.
are beaten, but I mean to say that we
have matter in hand w well that we
ran .ffunl now to let the strike take
care of itself."
The proposed referendum vote, which
certain labor leaders wish submitted to
the teamster a to whether the strike
shall be called off unconditionally, was
not brought up.
President Bernard Milligan, of the ral
way express companies Olivers union-
said of the referendum:
"It will never come up, even if It
should, the teamsters on strike will vote
to a man for the continuance of the
strike until it can be called off on hon
orable terma."
a. Mineral which are Non-Mineral and
the Public Domain Has Been Robbed
by Unscrupulous Timber Syndicates...
before they got through the customs
house by collector Stackable.
The revenue cutter Bear, which naa
been on duty here since December 20,
left yesterday for Dutch Harbor. She
is to be on Arctic duty until the winter
data in
im . I .
tiioh Sheriff Henrv lat night raided ner say today:
the .laoanese theater where a play i State Mineralogist
being given attacking the local Japan
San Francisco, June 14. The Exami-
Baaeball Scores.
At Los Angele. Oakland 2, Lo An
pclca 1.
" .
At San Francisco. Portland 8, fcan
Francisco 4.
At Seattle. Tacoma 7, Seattle 1.
Climbed Electric Pole For Birds' Nest
and Received Shock.
Spokane, June 14.-A special to the
Sookesinan-Review from Asotin ayt
The thirteen year-old Willie Gordon
who climbed an electric light pole to
,. . bird' nest, came in contact witn
a live wire, was shocked and fell to the
ground. Ho is probably fatally injured
L. E. Aubrey
charees that thousands of acres of val-
oeinK Burn - -r . q. .
ese consul on account of hi. attitude uable land in Butte, Plumas, and Siskl-
toward the immigration companies. Five you countie nave oeen secur u....,
Japanese, including the manager and ac and he ha. placed information in sup
. ...j . wm. of eon- nort of his charaes in the hands of the
tor were unm - ir -
ducting a theater without a license and special prosccttor for the governemnt in
conducting an obscene pertormance. me im-gun ..u - -r ------
Pekin June 14 -The agiUtion and ly, the state mineralogist allege that S.
proposed boycott of American good by II. E. Yard, who represents the Western
Chinese merchant. i apparently based Pacific Railroad in the matter of secur.
upon a misconception by the Chinese ing right of way and T. B. Walker, the
in regard to American intention in re- millionaire lumberman of Minnesota,
Kard to the exclusion act. Both Chinese have both illegally filed on lands located
. .or..l noon the in the northern counties.
anu jim-ii " --
point that the exclusion of coolie i the It is the contention of Aubrey that
chief matter under consideration, and thousand of acre filed upon a mineral
that the act deals with the treatment oi nana are .u v.. -
other classes. A discussion of the ud- state nuneraiogwi ... - re
ject will be newssarily prolonged and to upon the operation oi iaru vo m
arrance a new convention will take time, partment of the interior.
Mr Rockhill. the American minister, has II. H. Yard, who has offices in this city
assured the Chinese that America's in admits that he and his associate have
fair and conciliatory, and secured lW.uuo acre oi nunc... ...
the Chinese Board of Foreign Affair, i Butte and Tluma. countie. He con-
UK? .i 1 Vutan 1a
apparently satisfied upon the subject, tend thai an tne ..u.
The public are nomewhat alarmed, hence gitimately secured and are mineral ia
iu WU cnami-wi.
. l uniiL'oiv in Limn
This movenwiM. i i m m.
..I rnrtion although it is ENGLAND IS NEUTRAL.
Hill sriiu 1
. Ik. imnortflnce
scnincant, lnuimunB r . c.n.
e .... .... . . . .v,oIttt:,i w .v. mi Psrt in the Settie-
whlch I attached by tne ininee . "' .
question, involved in the American ex- ment o Morroca.
, . . XAJUUUIl V wix3 .
elusion act. ... . .. , .... .:.,
The exclusion of coolie from the ua- one of the power o u.r
wiian and Philippine islands is consider- the Madrid convention in 1880 in answer
ed a hardship bv the Chinese, who also to a request of the SulUn of Morroco
complain of the treatment they exper joint international conference for the
compiaiu . .... , ., ., .. . 41,. Mnrrocoan nuestlon.
ience at the hands of the American cu- ... .... - .
torn, officials, nevertheless there i . ha announced it. preference no to take
iTnuine desi. upon the part of the .y part in the conference unles uch
E se g,vernn,ent for a peedy and action be satisfactory to , i ram. Th
an k-able adjustment of the question at United State ha taken the
? ' and the two power being in accord with
issue. ... .. . (M.nw not the
-...i.i.,i.,n .lune 4.-rresidcnt Koo mm, mat sue. -
velt i manifesting deep interest in the
statement made to him Monday by the
easiest way of promoting urgent reform
in Morroco.