The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, June 09, 1905, Page 5, Image 5

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    FRIDAY, Jl'NE 9, 190J.
A iStrenuous Effort
on our part
In Your Behalf
secured us another carload of those nice, white mealy
They are selling fast and will soon be gone, so you
had better place your order now. This is
positively the last of the season.
Amusements Tonight.
Star Ttier. Vaudeville,
l-islgti Meeting Tonight
l)egrce of 1'omlmtiUK.
Knight of Pylhia. Alor lodge.
Son of lb-mian. Teutonia hslge,
Wodliien ( I lie W ollil. I'lilliiU camp.
Local Brevities.
Office room! tor rent. o, W.
kr. AlrU NVIonal ItaiiH.
County Commissioner C. C. Claik took
out 11 Jiuiurr' liivnw yesterday,
l)tliuc was at the county
clerk's nilir,. uinl nothing w.n doing at
C polilC voiitt
l.iptoti celehuted T'-. W
Coffer, Ittirrtt-t l' 1'lavoriiiK
Fisher l!ro Co.
lit.' ll.niw
F. A. r'i!n'r yesterday sold to Ilolx-rt
Carrulhrr lot 1, 2, .1, an! 4 in block
(lit, ShMev Astoria for fi'M.
Dr. .J. A. Fulton ha Wn 'Hilnt-J
county health oflWr under the provision
of an act i-d by th )at legislature.
Eleetrla Fee Masaagt and tealp
treatment) five expert barber. Baths.
Saturday will be the lat day to pay
water rent and avoid the penalty ot
25 rent rhatged against all delinquents,
R. M. Gaton carries a full lint of
farm Implements, alo wagons, bur
gles an4 fanning tools of all kind.
10S Fourteenth street,
For Today and
Tomorrow Only
Price, , 40 cent a pound
To introduce it we will give
Free With Every 2 Pounds
of thl coffee ' .
One-half Pound of Tea
worth 60 cents a pound
Take your choice of Gunpowder, En
gliith Hreakfant, Vncolored Japan, Ja
pan, Spiderleg or Baket fired tea.
Johnson Bros.,
Good Goods
118- 122 Twelfth St., At4ori.
Hundreds now using this range in their homes
and pronounce it to be the best for cooking. It uses
less fuel than others and will positively out-last three
ranges of any other make.
Let us Demonstrate its value.
The Ilremner logging company received
carload, of mil yesterday for th
tension of their logging road. They will
be taken out to till fit 1 1 1 t todiiy.
No. Folding Ilrowule Cumera, for
2xS picture, $5. Also full lliif of
other photographic supplies ami kod
ak at Frank Hart'a drug ator.
Th Ileas rcMuurartt, on Eleventh
trtt, li conaldercd the family restau
rnt of Astoria. The best meal ami
lh best aervli, In Astoria, 120 Kleven
th atrt
Contractor K. (iustuNon will take a
fiiri of ini'ii over to Ft. Coluinliia toddy
and coiiienincc (lie r-u it i n of tlx- wharf.
It in expected Ui have it completed liy
ti.e llit of July.
V.. It. Itu.lil, a prominent railroad man.
lino lieeii apHiinted tlcriutclldcnt of the
lluuiii branch of the O. 11. & N. Iine
with headquarter at Ilwacu, He suc
ceed Dorscy Smith, who him been pro
moted. Johnnon Ilrothrr make a Keciu an
nouncement, in tiKluv' paM-r, which will
lie of intercut to every hopper. A av
ing of 30 rt-nt i worth looking up when
only a mull invmtment I involved. See
their add.
Tl.r great unloading ale at the Morae
Department atore i attracting buyer
who are taking advantave of the liar
gain being offered. Then aperial aale
have made thl popular trading empnr
ium famou.
The indication are that quite a mini
tier of Atorian will leave tomorrow
morning for Atoria day at the Lewi
and Clark fair. Mayor Surprenant ha
been untiring in hi effort to eiun a
lurge delegation ,
The Lonhoremen't union by their of
fitvr, had p conference with CapU Con
way of the 0. K. A N. and Mr. Duten ol
San Francinco and I'ortland line with
refurene to the retvnt utrike. The re
ult of the conference wa not made
Kt Mary'n ehureh wa crowded lut
evening to attend the miion wrvice
which were conducted by Father Ahofl
of Seattle and Father Chxiton. Ad elo
quent nerrnon w deljtred and great in
terent wa manifeKted. The uual wr
vice will take place tonight.
County Judge Trenehnrd and Commit
Rioner Iimcn will leave on a tour of in
pei'tion to the Nnhalem valley next
week. They will vixit the new road at
KUie and alxo go to Veper where the
farmer are anxioti to have ome road
Improvement made They witl be absent
alwut a week.
He i juit a young a he tied to lie.
notwithtanding yentcrdny wit the (Mlth
aimivenary of the appearance on earth
of Capt. II A. MnthcwN, the genial bur
pilot. He wa the reccipietit of many
congratulation from hi friend ye-
terdny and boro the proffered honor!
with becoming dignity.
An nutomoliile accident occurred In
I'oi tluml yesterday in which John H
loeii, formerly 01 CiaUop county, wa
a participant, It lit claimed that he wan
going at an unusual rate of iecd and
ran down - man named C. K. Obrist. The
difference were amicably adjusted and
no arreU were made.
Her old mission and her famous lem
on have made Santa Barbara famous.
Tourist from all over the world have
gone to see her mission, and her lemon
have gotie all over the world to satisfy
the tourist, a well a thoe living the
"niinple lift." You fan get her mission
lemon from your grocer.
A number of the iiiemlii-r of the Ineal
Mge of Odd fellow left for Portland
on last niltt train to participate in
Odd Fellow' day at the Lewi and Clark
fair. There will ) representative from
all part of the state there, in addition to
the inemU-t of the grand lo. I ye which
ha been in session for the pant two day.
City Survey Tee is working making
a trial M-nment for the improvement
of Irving avenue from Kighteetith street
to Fortieth street. If the proterty will
tund the assessment for the improve
ment, the common coiinril will order it
improved. The rejiort will Is? ready to
lile at the next regular -meeting of the
common council.
S. S. f.ordon, who wot wrionly In
jured Wediiewluy night by lieing thrown
Irom h hoie, i resting ea-y at the u I. Dr. the celebrated
I'm t land surgeon, wa wnt for and ar
rived ycfttcrdiiy noon and held a conul
t id ion with Dr. Fulton. lie aUted that
all wii iM-ing done that could be for the
piexent. anl it U difficult at present t
determine the reult of the injury to hi
Iawrcnce F.llion of the Cape Diap
poiutment Life Saving Station, wa in
the city ye.terday making arrangement
to end Alfred K. Andenwin to hi home
in Norway. Mr. Andenon suffered a
paralytic utroke alxiut three year ago
from which he ha never recovered and
he U incapacitated from work aad i i'
nirou of leturning to hi home. Ar
rangement were made and he will leave
for Norway tomorrow.
Kd. I welly n received a telephone mea
age from llwaeo lut evening from
(liar ley Scahorg, Mating that the body
found on l-ong llcach wa that of Robert
Broom. Mr. Scalmrg went over yester
day afternoon to identify the body, but
when he arrived it had been buried. The
watch and oilier thlng In bin pocket
were shown to $eaborg ml he Identified
all of them a belonging to Bloom. The
body will be dug up and brought to
Axtoriu today and be buried in Green
wood. There wa a continuation of the in
creased run of salmon in the river yea-
terduy, nearly all of the gill net fishermen
reporting increased catches. The muddy
water, together with a alight freshet.
proliably produced from the Kastern Ore
gon cloudbursts, have brought the sal
mon in and a continuation of the present
run is rvpected to last the remainder of
the week. The canneries were running
for a longer time yesterday and the cold
storage plant received all the fish they
could handle.
Coroner Poll I received word yesterday
that the body of a young man had wash
ed ashore upon the beach at Long Iteach
yesterday. The body was taken to ll
waeo to await identification. The de
scription sent over is that he was a
young man 5 feet 0 inches high, wore a
light shirt, dark trousers, Xo. 8 hiec
shoes, and he hud two Htcket knives, n
leather purse and a watch in his pockets.
The description tallies with that of Rob
ert Ri'oom, who was drowned with Anna
Seaborg on May 30th near the railroad
draw bridge.
In Effect Monday.
Manager (JerrurU returned yesterday
from a business trip to Seattle where he
completed arrangement for adding to
the attractions of the Star theater. An
entire change will be made in this popu
lar play house commencing with next
Monday' matinee. Instead of being four
different acts, and a program of one hour.
there will lie eight act and the program
will require an hour and a half. The
first performance will commence at 7:30
and the second at 0 o'clock. Bv this
hange, Mr. flervurta ha been able to
secure the best and highest-clns vaude-
ille attraction that usually only go to
the larger cities, but Astoria is growing
and he intends to give it a metropolitan
entertainment The price of admission
will be 10 cents, and a few seat in front
ill be reserved for which 20 cents will
tie charged. The admission to matineet
will lie 10 cents to all part of the
heater. The efforts of Mr. Ocrvurti to
First Lutheran Church Crowded
to Doors Last Night.
Profeor Frederick W. Goodrich and
Sunset Male Chorus Render Attractive
Program Audience Well Pleated Ovtr
Recital and Prospect of Others.
At the Firt Lutheran church in Upper
Astoriu there acmhlcd last evening at
8 o'clock a lurge audience, consisting of
memls'rs of the church and many outsid
ers. Among thifse present, orominent
merchants and clergy from the churches
were to lie recognized. The occasion
for this gathering was an unprecedented
one in Astoria. The Dorcas Society of
the church saw accomplished what it
had been patiently working for ever
slm its re-organization a year ago. The
object attained, it was no more than
right that the public should Is' permitted
to participnte in the joy of the Dorcu
Society, th congregation and its be
loved pastor, Rev. Gustave E. Rydquist.
The piM- organ, for which they had all
faithfully labored, had been erected in
the church and hist night's assemblage
wa present to judge of its tone am!
action It is not surprising that the
gathering was large for it was the first
pipe organ which many of Astoria's res
idents were destined to hear lust night
The pastor briefly introduced the par
ticiNtnts in the program shortly after
eight. He wa followed br Professor
Frederick W. Goodrich, organist and choir
director of St. David' church, Portland
and also conductor of the Williamette
Valley Chftatiqua Festival. Mr. Good
rich soid that having tried the organ
earlier in the day he could, without lies
Station, congratulate the congregation
upon possessing an organ of beautiful
tone and perfect action. The organist
promised at the beginning an unusual
feature, that of a conversational render
ing of the program, in other words, ex
plaining the number before he played
each one. Thus the "March of the Magi
Kings" an! other important numbers
were heard with due appreciation of thei:
For the Barcarole, by Tchaikovsky
Mr. Goodrich substituted that of Hoff
man. a he had errouneously brought' the
music for the latter. The audience wa
not disappointed, as Hoffman' Barcarolle
wa beautifully rendered.
L. Wely' Offertory in G. Major wa
the opening number of the evening and
wa of such scope a to permit the organ
1st to show that he was master of his
The second number, spoken of before,
wa the March of Magi Kings which
elicited much applause, bring forth an
encore. An unusual feature of the even
Ing wa that all applause was given in
the form of the chautanqua salute at'
the request of the pastor.
The Sunsc; Male Chorus deserve much
credit for their excellent work. The
mixed choir had also been augmented
and carefully trained for the occasion.
Just before th last number the Rev
C. J. Renhnrd. pastor of F.mmannel Luth
eran church of Tort land, made a short
address. At th conclusion of the pro
gram the pastor of the local church
thanked the Dorcas .Society for their
splendid work w hich made, thi occasion
a possibility, as well a an accomplished
fact. He also expressed his and the con
gregation's Appreciation of the kindness
of the Sunset Mule Chorus and Professor
Goodrich who rendered such an excellent
Before closing we will call attention
io another number which brought forth
much applause. It was the third num
lier, entitled "Jesus Shall Reign," which
wa sung by the chorus and choir, accom
panied upon the organ by Professor
Goodrich. The feature of the number
wa ita music which wa set to the tune
or "America."
Washington's Advantage.
The newspaper of Washington have
decided advantage over the Oregon news
paper in the pronunciation of the Rus
sian name of admiurl and war ships.
Some of the name of rivers and towns
in Washington appear a though they
had been enjoying a Russian bath. Hen-
are some of them; Puyallup. Duwamish.
Snohomish. Snoqualmie, Skykoinih,Still
luguamish, Skagit, Noosack, Xisqually
Ozette, Quillnyute, Soleduck, Kechewhelt
lloh, Quintiult, Iluinptulips, Hoqttiani
Whishkaw, Cowlitz, Chchali. Wvmochce
Unloading Sale
The past week of our unloading sale has made hun
dreds happy.
Be sure and attend this sale this week aud the bar
gains we give you will make you happy.
110.00 Lad! Suits 6 50
112.50 Ladita Suit $9.50
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$3.50 Ladi Skirt $2 95
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$3.00 Ladiea Skirt $1 95
$2.50 Ladle Shot $1 50
50c Boys' Waists 25c
75o Fancy Shirts 50c
75c Straw Hats 25c
35o Novelty Drs Good.... 23c
$20.00 Silk Suits $13.50.
$25.00 Silk Suits $15.00.
$15.00 Mohair Suits $9.00.
$12) Mohair Suits $7.50.
Morse Department Store.
The Place Where Every body Lifees to Trade.
508-510 Commercial Street
Mail orders solicited. New Idea Patterns 10c
Bert Allen will spend Sunday in Port
land. Mrs. W. C. Logan is viaiting friends in
J. L. Murphy, of Portland, is registered
at the O-itraL
A. H. Davis, of Portland, is registered
at the Occident.
E. L. Weaver, of Clifton, was in the
city yesterday.
A. IL Saloman of Portland is in the
city on business.
S. Lundlierger, of Xehalera, is in the
city on business. '
J. T. R. Webber, of San Francisco, was
in the city jesterday.
E. C Bratt and son of Spokane are in
the city on a visit.
W. L. Edwards of Bellingham was in
the city yesterday.
William H. Short, of Cosmopolis, i
registered at the Parker.
W. H. Hatzard, of Portland, registered
at the Occident yesterday.
X. A. Weber, of Vancouver, was a vl
itor in Astoria yesterday.
X. P. Sorcnsen, of Portland, was in the
city yesterday on business -
Mrs. Lally, of Hammond, was in the
city yesterday on business.
Hon. J. G. Megler was over from Brook
field yesterday on business.
J. C. Ricrson, of Elsie, is in the city.
He will return home today,
F. P. Wetherby, of Bostor, registered
at the Occident yesterday.
T. S Jewett, of Hammond, was in the
city yesterday on business.
J. Sckavc and family of Stella ar
rived in the city last evening.
J. Q. A. Bowlby was a passenger for
Portland on last night's train.
D. B. Allen and wife will go to Port
land tomorrow to attend the fair.
J. H. Walker, of Portland, was among
the arrivals in Astoria vesterdiiv.
Mr. Duscn, of the S. F. & P. line, wa
in Astoria vesterdiiv on business.
Capt. Conwav. of the O. U. & X. Co..
in the city yesterday on hus'uass.
A. J. Sternman, of Sun Francisco, reg
istered at the Occident vesterdiiv.
Mr. F. A. Fisher and son Earl left
W. ar
In this ten I ory for
of superior mak.
Our lade i th elebratd STEIN-
WAY, which needs no comments. TIK
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on these pianos are lower than ever
before quoted In this slate, and we
are In position to make most satis
factory terms.
Will glnUly mall you catalogue upon
pplication, and very cordially' Invlt
you to call at any time you may be
In Portland.
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$1.00 and $1.25 Novelty Dr
Good ,89s
$1.50 Shirt Wai.t fl.15
$2X0 Shirt Wai'tt. ...$1.43
yesterday morning for Portkarf,
M. Gorman returned from Seaside yvav
terday and left for Cathbunet bat not
ing. Win. Anderson and wife of TJfeey Efrw .
arrived in the city last evening aad 3
leave for Portland thi mormlnj
Frederick W. Goodrick, ( PorUaadL
i in the city and conducted the organ ia
cital at the First Lufheraa kndt baft
of the good worK done oa
is to be found in its perfect workiag
parts. You seldom hear of a Hew
Royal Iwing out of order. Therefore
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Main 781.
Franklin Avenue, Upper Aatoria.
WiD You Have Time
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the fair. If you haven't the time nor
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