The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, June 01, 1905, Page 2, Image 2

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EatablUhed 1873.
rublUhed Dally (Except Monday) by
By nail, per Mf fl M
By maiL par month (
By carrier. Mr month 10
By nail per year, to adraaca .41 M
KnUr4 at the poatofflca at Astoria,
Ortron aa second-class matter.
"OroarforUeMivnaof Ta Moaxtm
Aeroaus to elthr raudaac or place of biutim
assy J MUl cart of throw M
Any ImeruUriiy in dtUnrj should be
asuasdittety reported to the- oOve or publication.
f -1 Telephone Main MV
Today Weather.
Western Oregon and Western Wash
tnffton, showers.
Eastern Oregon and Washington,
thunder showers, cooler.
No country will become truely great
that ha not the honor and inspect of
its people. Patriotism Is inherited. It
is handed down from sire to son as an
heirloom Where patriotism Is lacking
there Is no love of country. There U
frequently Indifference existing in the
minds of Americans, particularly in
Astoria, when great events are com
memorated. There is not that respect
for those organizations whose mem
bership Is numbered among those that
risked , their live that this country
might be perpetuated to coming gene
rations. Memorial day only comes
once a year ,and on that day it Is the
duty of every loyal cltlxen to carry out
the intents and purposes for which the
day was established. It was not In
tended as a day of recreation and
pleasure, out tne performance of a
solemn and sacred duty enjoined upon
all liberty loving people to place upon
the graves of those who gave the bst
years of their lives to make this a na
tion honored and respected at home
and abroad; In every land, upon every
sea upon which the stars and strip:-
Not only Is It a day consecrated to
the remembrance of the deeds and
valor of the brave boys In blu?, but It
la one day In the y?ar when the hearts
Anvrlcitit mtg from th,. thg pole on
many of the buildings of Astoria.
Aside from those mentioned yesterday
the nag was displayed from one or two
schoolhousea, custom and court house.
but If any were displayed from the
business houses, they were not noticed.
There are a few people In Astoria
whoso thoughts seem to center upon
th one Idea that Memorial day was
a legal holiday, but with no thought of
Its character nor the duties of clt liens.
There are sufficient holidays through
out the year that can be devoted to
recreation and pleasure, but there is
one holiday that was not so intended.
Another noticeable feature of Me
morial day, which was noticeable, was
that in. the. procession that marched
down to the wharf to strew (lowers on
the waters. In memory of the dead
sailors s'and , marines, nearly two
thirds of them were foreign born. At
the opera house, nearly two-thirds 0!
those who took part in the exfrrUe.
were foreign born. There was a cwn.
aplcaous absence of Americans. Take
a Fourth'of July procession containing
500 men In line, and tbrfe-fourths of
them are foreign born. It seems evi
dent that they respect this country
and Its glorious Institutions more than
do, the Amrricans. It Is certainly
commendable on their part and deserv
ing of emulation on the part f the
native born cltliens.
It Is not because the Anurlcans
not as loyal, nor as patriotic, but char
ity will incline to lay it at the door
of thoughtlessness. It does net show
the proper respect the few stnunrllna
heroes who will soon pass to the great
beyond and whom this nation owes a
ueiu ot gratitude that It can never
repay, and the least we can do is to
show our appreciation of their umlv
ing efforts In the cause of freedom and
liberty at the time when the nation
needed everyone of these brave men to
perpetuate this nation and its insti
tutions and leave it as a legacy to the
rising generation unsullied and un
Mlsa Jane Pore has assumed the
leading role in "Wedded, but No Wife."
Miss Julie Opp wlU not be In the cast
of The Squaw Man" In support of Ts
Eugene Sue's The Wanderln J.w
Is to have a spectacular muiiviii..
- . L1VU
neit season.
The old story of "Charlotte TmnL
ever which our grandmothers shed so
many tears, hat been dramatised.
Clinton a Flak has left the r
journalism to become assistant man
's" " aiajeeuc toaater, New
tors. ; , .
Sarah Bernhardt will nla thi. ....
son's London engagement at t Corn.
not theater about the third week of
I An actors union la to ha form in
England, which every actor and actress
in ine i nited Kingdom la t h
w join. - i, ,
Tb Actors' society baa
new home on West rorty-fourth street.
New tort. The present building will
be reconstructed - n ,
It is proposed to collect funds to
place a memorial window to the late
Mrs, Gilbert in the church at Bloom
Ingdafe, New York, of which she was a
One hundred years ago. Lewis and
Clark landed upon Oregon soil and
blaied the way for a great Pacific em
pire. They laid the corner stone for
what is to be In the future one of the
greatest states in the union In point
of population and wealth. To accom
plish this they endured hardships and
privations and after accomplishing n
most successful mission, returned to
their homes and submit ed their re
port to the pr sldent of the United
States. Today, the people of Orero..
and thousands of visitors from nearly
Jvery section of the United States
will meet in Portland to
None of the new spring dress dhHM
have made more of an lninrMuinn than
the checked and figured vollea.
In spite of dressmakers'
meuU that short coats will h worn
oue sees more redlngotes and long,
loose coats every day.
Very dashing are the black and col-
oral tulle hats on braid foundation.
The shapes approbate to the small,
short back sailor, and the tulle la nut
on in huge ruches and rosettes.
For the black hat, which Is an in
dispensable part of the wardrobe to
oiany women, nothing Is more satis
factory than line horacbaU braid. It
is more substantial than 'tnil and
quite a becomiug.
Crossbar and checked alias are vrv
popular. The 'rough wearee for silk
kuown as Burllngham. rajah, etc., aa
well as the smoother Dona-eea. com
in a variety of colors cross hatched
with contrasting colors or black.
The very haafQsomest Browns are
made princess, and the dlrectoire
coats are supposed to be for the bene
fit of those who cannot bear the nrln.
cess style. In fact, no woman, unless
ner ngure la very good, can wesr a
princess gown gracefully. New York
Many Astoria Reader Have Heard It
and Profited Thereby.
vood news travels fa.!.' a,.i t,.
thousands of bad back sufferers In As
toria are glad to learn that prompt re
nei is within their reach. mv
lame, weak and aching back Is bud no
more, thanks to Doan's Kidney pills.
People are telHns? the mod n.
their experience with the Old Quaker
nemeay. Here Is an exainula wni-ih
Mrs. J. o. Stearns of ut. Tuhnr
Fortland. Ore., living on Went ivrnui
wife of J. o. Strarna. real estate deal
., with office in the Washington block
on Morrison street, says: "Th. m.rii
of Doan s Kidney pills is beyond auea
tion. My husband procured a bos for
me ana their use relieve me of Km-w
ache and other symptoms of kldnev
complaint, which had given me ton.
etilwable annoyance for some time.
Any one suffering fiom this mom pns
valent ailment iHin
I. waBa iivin iiejr v t
experience and from the benefit f re
ceived, will consult their own halth
and comfort by giving Doan's Kidney
Pills a trial."
Tlenty more proof like this from As
toria people. Call at Charles Roger's
drug store and ask what hi customers
For sale by all d aler. Trice 10
cent. Foster-Mllburn Co.. Uuffalo, N.
Y.. sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doans and
take no other.
Maintains unexcelled service from th"
west to the east and south. Making
close connections wltH trains of nil !
transcontinental lines, pussengera are
glvn their choice of routes to Chicago.
Louisville. Memphis and New Orleans,
and through thee joints to the far
Prospective travelers desiring Infor
mation aa to the lowest rt-a and best
routes are Invited to correspond with
the following representatives:
C. H. TRUMHULL, Commercial Agent,
142 Third St.. Portland, fire.
J. C. LIND8EY. Trav. Passengr Agent.
142 Third St.. Portland. Ore.
PAUL R THOMPSON. Pas gr. Agent.
Coleman Ilulldlng. Seattle. Wash.
t hfi BWrgMS auant DbbI-a r- .
of humanity should go out to friends Kelt at his home In Washington. SJ00
ana raauves wno were once near ana miles away, will touch a button that
dear. The terrors of death is aug-twill ae in mi
mented by the thoughts of the dying.
that in future ytars, kind hands and
willing hearts will place upon their
last resting place some token of re
spect and reverence. At Greenwood
cemetery on Memorial day there w-ere
fully 1000 people there, placing floral
tributes upon the graves of the de
parted. Several fraternal orders who
own plots In the eenvtery w-ere re
membered by their surviving brothers
with a profusion of beautiful flowers.
There was one noticeable exception,
and not one rose was plicea upon any
of the graves of those who were hon
ored and respected In life. Unfavor
able comments were made on every
hand at the apparent neglect. There
was no fraternity, no brotherly love,
nothing to show that the memories of
the d' parted brothers were even re
membered. Another evidently thoughtless mark
of disrespect, was the absence of the
are the daintiest effects
by artist's brush
reproduced in wall papers
Step in and see the pretty patterns
Just received.
having the elegant shades of plain
Ingrain" with pretty figured effects.
DUPLEX A pretty and service
able wall ifiper, shewing double
tint effects on Imitation Ingrain
storic On defective walls it over-
eotr.w annoying shortcomings, so
often tjoticfcd In other papers.
Cloth Effects
IN WALL PAPER ar smong th
latest productions of leading manu
facturer. Designs approachina in
tWose of the elegant tailor-
mad suiting!.
Step in ard see them all
We are also nts for
Desrriptlve folder mailed, on re
Wall Papar, Paints, Etc,
365-367 Commercial St, Astoria.
chinery of the Lewis and Clark expo
sition. This would have been Imoos-
sible 100 years ago.
Vice President Fairbanks will rfp
reefnt thei prenlderh of the United
States and deliver an oration appro
priate to the occasion. Representa
tives from every state, from everv na-
tion will be present to congratulate th
people of Oregon, not only upon the
achievents of Lewis and Clark, but
upon the magnificent growth and pros
perity of the state. Ther? will be ex
hibits of the primitive ages of our de
velopment and civilization and all or
the modem Improvements. sOowlnit
each succelve stesi from 1 0f) vsa r
ago to the present time in the devel
opment of the arts and sciences. It
will be a study of pogr'-s'lon and a
presage of greater tmprovem'nts In
the future.
10'lay will be Oregon day at the
great exposi.lon In whl( h her loyal and
patriotic citizens will act th narr of
hostess to the thousands of visitors
that will be within our gaus to ac
cept of our good will and hospitality.
The great exposition, although held at
the metropolis of the state. Is not for
the sole benefit of that city, but of
lasting benefit to every section of th
state where enterprise and progresalve-
ness fxists. It will be the means of
I bringing to our state thousands of the
nw life and blood, the enterprising
ana entnusiastlc people of the east
ern s at s who will add materially to
our wealth, to our religious and moral
standing and to people the vast area
of productive land and establish manu
facture and commerce.
Astoria will incidentally derive some
benefit from the visit of these people
to the Pacific rnuat,.
. .. ...... ivuaui iu
o ner county in the state offers such
gr'at Inducements for location and
enterprise and we r-ed the spirit of
progresslveiiexH that, actuates the
eastern pfople to supplant those lm.
bucd with less activity. There is room
in all Oregon fur the overflow of fh-
erowded cities of the west. Th're If
room on our green clad hills and fer
tile valleys for people Hiking new
norms where (llrmitli- rnn, iiti,.
"""iin nil'i
business opportunities are unsur-
j passed by any other state in the union.
Oregon will welcome all of these visit
ors today i;nd on every day In which
th great frxposltlon will be open and
ex.end to one and all the right hand
of fellowship with a cordial Invitation
to come and abide v ith us.
Professor Gilbert Murray is trans
latlug into English Terse the "Electra"
of Euripides,
William Stanley Braiuwaite, a col
ored man of Boston, is attracting
great attention as a poet Ue Is con
sidered by critics to be one of the fin
est singers of the younger generation
in America.
The literary Jubilee of Ellaknm Znn-
ser, the Nestor of Yiddish Doetrr and
one of the founders of the yet young
iiuuikd literature, was celebrated at
Cooper institute, New York. It Is
said that wherever the Yiddish Ian-
guage is kuown the poem of Zuner
are read and loved.
Altxi Scrsri'Vitch Suvorin, editor of
uie Novbe Vremya, has boeu for year
tne greatest figure in the Husslan jour
nalistic world, a position he still holds,
lu spite of the fact that he Is seventy
years old. Ho Is nclf made, having be
gun life us a schoolteacher, and la now
the possessor of great wealth
Saved by Dynamite.
Sometimes a flaming city I saved
by dynamite a space that the fire
can't cross. Sometimes, a cough hang
on so long, you feel a If nothing but
dynamite would cure It. Z. T. Gray,
of Calhoun, Ga., writes; "My wife had
a very aggravated cough, which keot
her awake nights. Two physicians
could not help her; so she took Dr.
King New Discovery for Consum
ption. Cough and Colds, which eased
her cough, gave her sleep ami finally
cured her." Strictly scientific cur
foe bronchitis and La Grippe, at Cha.
Rogers' drug store, price 60c and 11.00:
guaranteed. Trial bottle free.
j aa y I
By mistake the manuf-u ttircr has iluliratcl our or.lcr fur
Negligee Shirts and rather than have them relumed has allowed
us a bij; reduction. Consequently we are ovcrtlm ked with shirt
and will give our customers the benefit gf the Manufacturer's- loss.
We Have Divided Them Into
Three Lots.
Lot 1.
Lot 2
Lot 3
45 cts.
65 cts.
.90 cts.
Every man should see these values in shirts.
Scores of styles arc embraced, in all of the popular and fashion,
able materials, plain and j.lcated bosoms, in neat stripes or
dotted effects, attached or detatched cuffs, sizes 14 to 17.
OSTThis sale will continue for one week only.
The arbitration hoard need to setl
tie the school strike is Just an ordi
nary shingle.
See how much you can put Into It
instead of how wuUi you cai take out
of It.
KemeinbeT that It is only through
your work that you can grow to your
run height
Train the eye, the ear, the hands, th
mina-an the facultles-ln the faithful
doing of it
Use It as a tool to develop the strong
points or your character and to elimi
nate the n.pJ)k.Qnps
Special Round Trip Excursion Rat
for Astoris Dsy at Lwi & Clark
Exposition Ticket sold Jun 9 and
On June i and 10 the A. & C. R. R.
will sell excursion tickets from Astoria
to Portland and return at $2.70 for th
round trip, tickets good to return until
June 20, and to accommodate Astori-
ans who desire to witness the evening
exercises "Astoria Day" at the fair.
the evening train of June 10 will leave
Portland at 10:30 p. m. Instead of 7.00
p. m.
Afcoluhfcjrify, fim Flavor,
Simple and Reliable. Latest Cot.
Rhumatinm, gout, backache, add
poison, are r suits of kidney trouble.
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea iroen
directly to the seat of the disease and
cures when all else falls. 35 cents at
Frank Hart's drug store.
We Arc Beginning
to sell all of thU SEASON'S LATEST
HATS which remain unsold or un
called for at our stoie, at greatly
If you have not y t s -cured your
summer hut, do not miss thi oppor
tunity of g"ttlng a stylish hat at ex.
ceptlonaJly low prices. Shapes for
street and dre hats, trimmings, etc..
also greatly reduced.
' MRS. A. JALOFF, Prop.
fUseonsbl Pr!o.
Correct Gothes for Men
bearing this label
are made by tailors who
are paid not for the
quantity of work they
can turn out, but for the
The maker guarantee, and ours.
with every garment. We are eX-
elusive agents here.
Um PaHitCt(M
I OrV.
Met Pawir with Um
Um;Um Gnolln.
Under' Ptrfui Cos
Irel. QuW ExhiuitJ '
Any Spttd rVwr, 109
lo W00 revolution
pt minute.
Z I IWBi t )l Hitler. kMafiDTu
!. to 40 II. II., Do.ri.le t?, waVm '
ruta; v,uiNUtgi;TO OKtlR TO tCO'HGRSEJPOwER.
TelepLone 221.
709-715 Ccmmerclal Street.
..r 1
Sherman Transfer Co.
Funmure WUg,- ft(,s m, Bod .ml SUnml
433 Commml,! Street Phone MB ,
Designers and Manufacturers of
Canning Machinery, Marine EnsincsTand Boilers.
w'Pw tannery uutlils Furnished.
w. u.ruurm oireet. Aitoria, Ore.