The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, May 18, 1905, Image 1

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    it'' . " ' f '' t , '' , ' ' ; ' ' ' 'J ( ;
. . V? Uir 1 ' ill i,tjt il lli
JLyWY JTi lKifSr v (VI Mi i A
V V V r Ny Nlr
Impending Conflict Kow
Idmlral Beresford of Enaland
Predict Anihiliation of
Russian?, pi
radietlM That th Jpo n4
nwMian rif win wi.t in a raw
Oaya In Craatatt BaHIa in tha Hie
tory af Wara f tha World.
fold, omf 1lha hi $'i 4ml all
n nailnlarftir. Ifc
bill mit liTafw 'dya. Ja.ii' will
kin. Tbt aUu!Mr U, nK 1tithM
ptlta will lit 10 fri aa atoril
tha worM. .Ti'I1'', . f",
tur" iir'tha'ftyhTwIII hi th"fiw"t that
thwt win ba Mafar'wara for yaara.
Th honora will Ni mfi. f ' f
Jatwn'a dfii4 fcivrAWlHiiHi
lnn- rrif4'i jfltU $ munf m-'
Pna..'Uil fonadWta tW4
ttud ha amrllUiir Iirtldnp itrtibhjnrf
jfcr ttrrliory t nMfiKa;Th r.M)
I think Jufttn wilt win lit lln omlnic
flllht l,th rhf la,Ui (MHtut nun
nr if Hi two. Th'"' l iK't-iii.n l
Duinb.ra. i Th icri-t of aurifim in
jo iviil httttlm U'i In lm liiii mif nhlp
to atlvrtnttt". btui htllnx tin- run
nor do th rt. Jnnn will win th
Unlit by tUiit t!i uMrlur tllU)t
nd flrlnff lhi mcntiT mmib'r of till
ing ahota, rvn thouuii Itunflu )m ihs
(rratnxt nuiiiWr of alilpa.
. V art not UMy to hnv ny great
wura for many yera nftcr thin. Knf
liind ami AmrrUa holil tha airrft ff
pcr. If Oiim two itutlim ahould
Timna Ihtflr flueta, no othrr countiy or
group of tountrlea would dm fight
them, Englnnd and Amrrl.n mut
oma togclhwr on that quaatlon. . War
With all Ita allocking loaa of Ufa haa
Vgun to imk thinking pMpti pon
der. A,unlts4 flt, onebun'lnf. on?
,'Jnngtuwra, ona mlrlt of patriot lain, a
tfomblnatlon of tha two only nntlona of
tha world which hava volunteera, na
'vla and armle. Inatad of a con
xrlpt Byatm,t would be able to kP
peace, f . , - .1 .
"j The peace of thla country hd Eng
land have mora lo aay rjrdlng tha
ou'iitlon of wa.r than govfViimnit or
FIRE Ohi A'lAUNCH. ' "
. , t , 1 - f i f , " i
, Thra Prominent 'Citliene "Compelled
I j to Jump Overboard, i.
j Ntw York) Uy , nrk ,lmich on
which wrr Join 8- Huy'r, lila oii-tn-.
! luw and three other men, wjre 'about
Ito board a ateum ywbt In th Htttlaofi
caught flra. Oil In the bottom of the
launch became Ignited a imunnt after
! leaving the dock and tl'blaia apreaa
Quickly to tha bow... Mr. Ku4r..aod
two othera alttlng there were com
pelled to Jump overboard to. v
themaelvea. . All were good awhnmera,
and ,had ljttla difficulty In reaihlng
ahore.? . f . i '
For a fw momenta lt waa feared th
blaae wouli reach the' oil tank and
cauie tha launch to explode, but a
line waa thrown from the pier and the
flamea extlngulahed In time to avert
aertoua accident. . , ,.
Mothef Raoeivee a Latter from H
Son Who Waa Kidnaped.
Tawtucket, R. I.. May 17.-Mra. Ca
therine Mebn of, thla city haa re
ceived a letter bearing the algiiature
of her 10-year-old aon Joseph, who
haa been mlenlng alnce April JO, 1904.
The Kilter waa dated Muy 18, and
'1 atcmped In the local oftlce at noon of
J in date, Indicating that the boy. or
f A prrwn Implicated In hla dlaap
Veartifci I II la-this, city, or vicinity.
T--TT 7
Tat lVtf we ylven to the polite and
t"det4iiiye w algneil to the f
in an eiidvavor to trace tli pro
;in piwtl the letter.
The letter which, Mra. M-hun anyf
In thit hiuidwrtting of her aon, at;ite
i:iat Ita uathftf-waa kidnaped by i
itinn who eai)) ha did ao beiuuae th
Hoy' waa very pret y, and be aua hi
84 hewn abuaail'by a playmata. Th4
chlldi , cotUd , Hot - glv hla abductoi 'f
(irti or rf'l'letica .and the police thui
';r have'mude no progreva In the nun-tar,-;
.- n t t tt ns.n
Ru.tlan Captain' Olven Permie.lon t
, Return Home. ,
Ban Fianclaco, May if. Captain K.
Si., ftwbtoagoff of the RuMlan auxlW
lury crulaer lnn, which haa ben del
talned at Mare laland by thla governf
ment for atverai month, la about to
leava for, BU J-etaraburg. While ther
he will be aummoned by the nava)
mlnlater. A r'queat.for a parole for
the captain waa recently made by th
Ruaalan authorttlea, and he haa been.
advtted by tha artary of atate that
he la fre to return to St. reteraburg
at hla earlleat' convenience. J
Chinaman Bantenoed to 90 Days ta Re
tain His Queue.
JBL Loula May 17. Judge Jlogers of
tha' rhlted fttates dlatflcf "court Tiaf
lMwlaa'rd4 allowing ff.tO,3ni
a OitAaman, ronyicted pnd aentanced
term oj 6 4 yt If tha MUourl
ik.a)kibiUtrft ",l6i rd,'$tf
bill to retain hi queue while aervlnj)
hla aelBrvt Jung toldfjudge Itogeri
that, lt retention queue waa f
matter 'of rellglmS and he will be th
drat prtaanar whbbaiioaod
In the ataw penHenttwy. who-haa not
flrai besn ehoi n,
,1 .
5 t
Several Men Injured and Three
Probably Drowned,
Trouble Oeeurred on Board Steamer
Centennial Between Longahoremen's
Union and a Grew of Taeoma Sail
ors Employed In Loading Vessel. .'
Taeoma, May 17. A' ilMprate bat
tle occurrel Vn the decks of the steam
er Centennial tonlgM In which sev
eral men were slightly Injured and
three are thought to havo been drows
ed. ;Tho Centennial from 8un Fran
claco via Seattle, brought from the
latter port a gang of 1 men to work
the ahlpa cargo hero. Owing to eg1.
iH'ng tiouble biwen til aiillorw
union and the longhremn'a '-union,
On pt. Pierce had ben threatened with
ii boycott by the' anllora If he em-
ployil Taeoma- longshoremen and
h nce he hired a crew nt Stuttlo.
When the etennwr . arrived In W
ubont 20Q ongahorameii boarded her,
rnwd pfih club, blllle. plmola and
Other weapons. Tha SeatUa men w?re
bet n . wherever found and some SO
nhots were fired before order whs re-
slr'i.r . r- 1 v
I , i -t t
Rook Island Railroad Contiaiot for 1,-
700 New Onea. f
cuieaao .May 17. The Rock IlunJ
Railroad Company haa contracted for
1700 refrigerator cars.
The recent Inquiry Into the private
refrigerator car llnea by the Inter-
stata commerce commission and the
conditions revealed Is said to be re
sponsible for the action of the Rock
Island Company.
The Roc Island system will In
augurate Us own refrigerator car serv
ice In the fruit and produce trade or
t,he west and south. . '
Attaitin of Grand Duke Serlgus Has
T . . Been. Exeeuted.
London, May 17. A dispatch to the
London Newa Agency from 8t Petera
burg aaya, Inan Faleleff, who aasla
slnated Duke Berlgus, was executeJ
today., ' "'v -'
Amicable; Settlement of
4 Chicago Strike. ;
President Gompers Believed . to
Have Arranged Terms of
v Settlement -
DifKeranees Will Be Submitted to
Beard of Arbi.atlon and Pending
Deeiaion Strike Will Bo Declared Off
and Strike Virtually Settled.
Chicago, May 17. It Is highly prob
able that . within , the next 41 hours
will see the end of the teamsters'
atrlka in Chicago, although none of
the leaders acknowledge thla to be a
fuel, l is generally understood that
program for calling off tha strike hag
alr4y.ben arranged,
Tomorrow a meeting will be held
between tha. leamaurs Jont , council
and a committee repreeefiUrif the team
owner.' associutkm. It will' be made
pluta W tha, tfanMnertharth busl
n'B tnteresUi' br tll teuril OwrrrV
render jt ".mperatlve thal the boycott
be llftei Then H WIU be agrH by
the team cwners and teuinsters' Joint
council that the team ownera mak de-
llverl-a to boycotted houses and the
question with the union drivers will
be submitted to arbitration. This arb
itration la 10 concern only the teiun
owners' association and the teamsters,
the memtxrs of the employers' naso-
elation being In no manner Interred
In It In an official sense, pending th
decision of this board of arbitration
th strike will be culled olt ai.d ;uch
mt-mliers ff the teamsters' union aa
are able to obtuln their old slluui'ons
will leturn to work.
Thla will end the strike entirely with
the exception of the etrlke aialnst
Montgomei y.Ward Co.. and It Is not
expected that aggressive measures
will be adopted by either aide, the
trouble In this direction will be al
lowed to die out gradually.
President Oompers of the Amerkan
Federation of Ir.bor wm .vMry tle
todaf In al. efforts madw toward set
tling tho strike. He conferred with
the nvembarsof the team owners' as
soclatjon ' and' held con'rnc JwUh
the te'rttariaiiofW if, extended
in Ik With Myor Dunn He exfie-oed
him-eif u 'cnldent that strike
woul4 r4 (Uuae, within i(ft, low rf.iy.
;. v ii . i . i i ,:!
Tenderod V Farewell Banquet In Parle
' Last Evening. , . , ,
Paris. May 17. General Porter, re
tiring American ambassador, waa giv
en a notable farewell banquet tonight
which for sumptuousness of appoint
ment and distinguished character of
uest present has not been exceeded
by, anything of the kind held In; re
cent years In Paris.
Practically the ent re aipiomauc
corps waa repreaented. The American
guesta numbered aeveral hundred. The
aneech of General Porter brought out
a tremendous ovation, the entire as
semblage rUIng and cheering.
Charges Against Secretary Being In
vestigated by President.
Washington, May 17. Developments
In the Loomls-Bowen Inquiry today
were few, but Interesting. . BoVen
called upon Secretary Taft and was
shown the state department corre
spondence on the subject of rumors In
Caracas relative to Loomla. Bowen
stated, after looking over the papers
that the letters from president Castro
to Loomls, relative 'to arrangements
with the American syndicate and as
signment of claims of Venezuela by
Mr. Barrett were missing. Taft and
Loomls upon learning that Bowen bad
copies - of the missing ' jmptkm wgree4
ip wcelve Hownn'a copies for. the Jrttr
poae ,. of; v'nH, lirwsilgatlon. tHrwi'
position now. Is, that he has done his
duty'and wllf ren 'ty iaae, allowing
the government to retermlne whether
an Intestlgrttloir t"iwresary.
Llvea 'of 2000 Pasaengara' Imperilled
' ' by Running in Dock. '
" Ban Franrlat o, May 17-Th Uvea of
over 1W pssaengers.' mostly men and
children on the Way to an annual plo-
nl of 8t.DomlnlCa church, were en?
dangered today by an accident to the
ferryboat Tamalpala; Running at full
speed the boat with her engines en
tirely beyond control, she crushed Into
the' dock, 'ripping out pllea and wood
work and throwing tha paseengere Into
a wild panic. ' - i :
A break to tha engines Is responsible
for the accident. Whe tha captain
gave the algnal to slow down, 1W
yard from the ferry slip, the lever
gave way and the boat ran at full
apeed Into the dock. -The steamer
struck with a, terrtblo .craab but a
hawser was thrown aboard and al
thiug the enginea"wdia aUll run
ning at Vsf Speed' tha apron' was lo
ered anl the frlghteried crowd rushed
ashote. ' ' ' " !- ' " " ';'
i f. 1
Private Club Organiiod in Spokane for
Gambling .Purpose. , , t,
Spokane, Waalu.. May 17. Tb( Pas
time Club Is the. name of a new or-i
ganlaatlon former here for the .pur
pose of carrying on open gambling In
defiance of the atat law making gam
bling pv felonry. Alex Wlnalfcn, , re-
eitly appotnte4 assistant corpora
tion counsel under the new adminis
tration, a aald to have aided. In the
qrganlulim and . to have approved
the plant-, of the club. ,
w --
5c- '
Russian Admiral Unable to Com
mand Squadron.
The Admiral'a Health Haa Been the
Cause ;f Considerable Anxiety at St
Petersburg and If Compelled ta Give
Up Command, Will Be Dangerous.
8t. Petersburg. May IT. Very dla-
quietlng reports are In circulation this
afternoon about Vice Admiral Rojeat-
venskyk's health. It is said that, he
haa telegraphed to the emperor that
It Is Impossible .for him to proceed.
An evening paper pr'ntea a report that
the admiral haa Buffered a nervous
breakdown. ,
No odrt! crnflnnnt'.on o' th report
f.wt Rojestvensky has requested to be
relieved from duty Is obtainable at the
admiralty. Nevertheless, the admiral's
health ha been, the cause of consid
erable anxiety here. It la well known
that he suffered from kidney trouble
before leavlnjt Cronstadt. and through
out 'he long voyage to the far east
he suffered at times to such, an ex
tent that he had to be carried about
on a stretcher. But the Russian com
mander stuck bravely to his post. If
he I now compelled on the eve of bat
tle to give up his command the ad
miralty would regret It aa little short
of a national misfortune. Rojestveniky
has proved to be a genius as an or
ganiser, and confidence Is felt that he
would enow equal ability as a fighter.
Should he be compelled to leave the
fleet, tha command will devolve on
Rear Admiral Volkersam, who Is now
with Rojestvensky.
Important Meeting of the Cumberland
Presbyterian Church.
Fresno May 17. The general as
sembly of the Cumberland Presby
terian church will assemble In thla city
tomorrow. The city Is crowded wttn
commissioner and visitors. The as
sembly will bo a notable one. as It
must discuss the question of amalga
mation with tha Preabytertan church.
which church haa signified Its willing
ness to add a chapter to Its confession
of faith, amending the article on pre
' m --i irn;f
1,j Vj . . f' . . .'. 4i r
. ' " ' ' "-... .
.01 !' -- t- f 1"' nnrn .it 1 HZtx&'t
Yacht Race Sails 5 Across
ot,w AuaniiCe' h a
:,-..,,(,. f ..j;;.lT. .'-H
Splendid Fleet of Sailing Yachts
Lye Sandy Hookforr
Favovabla Wind . Altislad in Sending
Them on Their Long Voyage af 3000
! Mile lAeroasl.tba 8a4" f" ;mpto
William's Price.
v - is A , "t M 'it ;
NrwaTork,,May Il-rTho splandlJ
of. faUlng yacht owept acrosa the
s'.artlnrUli at (Saady tHook lightship j
at 11:12 a m. today and with the
queenly, Amerlcaa achooner Atlantic
leading the way, headed out on the'
broad Atlantic ocean on the,race of
3000 miles to the English coast for the
J5000 cup tffercd by Emperor William
of Germs uy. when last seen as they
vanished Into the mist they were
strung out In a line sis mites long
hauling southeastward and pointing aa
nearly (aa possible to the wind that
waa square ahead, A quarter of a mile
assert), of the Atlantic was tha JO-foot
American yawl Ailsa, which waa hav
ing a hot brush with the German
schooner Hamburg, while all three of
the leaders were slowly dropping the
Philadelphia schoonsr HHdegrade.
Xext was Kndymon, holder of the
trans-Atlantic yiichtlng record Al
most a mile astern Atlantic and more
than half a mile astern of the Endy-
mon, were the Thistle and Fleur de
Us, Strung out behind were the Am-
ijrlcan bar k Apache British topsail
schooner Sunbeam and five miles as
tern of the leader was the three mast
ed schooner Utowana.' Bringing up
the rear was the Btltlsh clipper ship
Valhalla, These two had been delayed
by a bad start ,
Leaden skies, low hanging mist-
laden clouda and moderate east wind
were the unfavorable conditions under
which the great trans-oceanic race
started and the three big square rig
ged vessels were handicapped at the
very start, for at beating to windward
in a light air their spreading course
and bulging topsails could not be com
pared with the hard fitting fore and
aft can,Vasa of . the, trim schooners.
Weather srophets declare that It Is
unlikely that the racers will be In
for a day or two agalast more moder
ate head winds. It the forecast is
fulfilled, nothing but half a gjile. of
wind from astern will save the big
Valhalla from defeat. '
Major John F, Carrinaton Dismissed
From the Army.
Manilla. May 17. Ma J. John F. Car-
rington of the First Infantry has beon
dismissed from the army as the resul
of a court-marshal for misappropria
tion of government funds. It Is un
derstood his friends will petition the
president to set aside the sentence Im
posed by the civil court, which
amounted to a total of 60 years.
New York Society Adopta Resolution
for Establishment of House.,
New York. May 17. Resolutions for
the establishment of a department of
fine arts at Washington have been
adopted by the Society of Beaux Arts
Architecture, the members of which
hope to start a movement that wiir
be taken up by every Organization of
architects, sculptors, artists and oth
ers interested In the development ,ot
fine arts throughout the United States.
Accord? njg to the promotion of the
Idea, the new department should have
supervision of the construction Of new
postofflce - buildings, custom houses,
and. other government structures as
well as the supervision of the develop-
meht of the- national parks, digna
M national -monument nd th fosJ
taring land, the daUpnamt lof fine
art of,tfae cpuntrytsei.
8. B. P. Trowrldge.Jn offjrjrjga
resolution which received the unani
mous support of the 70 member pres
ent, declared that the time ha coma
whn there should be some recognition
of the fine .art,, by tha national author
itiea In this country, inllar"to that
accorded In France, and "other' coun
trie on th9 continent'." '
- ----- .- -
Several Towna Inundated and Popula
tion Fleeing for Thair Lives.
' New Tork; Ma ,ylT. Moat f the.
rlvera In northern and central Italy
are overflowing, owing to almost cpn
tfnuoua rain during th last six days,
according to a Rome dispatch to the
Tho Po has Inundated the town of
MoncalierL a short distance from Tur
in. , The Inhabitants bav abandoned
the lower part of the town. , 'The1 towns
of Alessandria, Vlcenaa and , Padua
have also been flooded. , , T,X
Thousands of acre of the province
of Venice are nndVr water, "many of
the bridges Mve .roUapsed. and great
numbers of cattle swept away. '
Cunard Line Steamer' Still Aground at.
. Bandy Hook..;'" , "
New Tork, May J7. At 5.S0 o'clock
th4 Cunardr line steamer Caronla,
which sailed yesterday afternoon foij
Liverpool with a distinguished pas-
sngd (t, was stJU aground oppoaito
the Sandy Hook beacon. Two tugs
weri ..trying .to, puU.tha .Jinr.lo..lh4
nlT Tfirwthd" Wat TrghC '"ytS 8a hy
af - to. the ship Is feared as the kp
torn "la thatpart. if the' dhaaaa i aoft
Heprescntatives of Panama Dedi
Yacht Oriinta Comprising tho Panama
; Navy Was tho Scene of r Brilliant
- Aasamblaga in New York Whera a
Banquet Was Served to Visitors,
New York, May 17. Representatives
qf the Panama republic have formal
ly dedicated their navy at shipyard
in South Brooklyn. , The force affoat
consists of the steam yaehtOrlent,
commanded by Capt. T. T, Lovelace,
formerly of Kansas City. The yacht
waa "recently purchased from a New
York mau forj tJO.OOOnd. has been
thoroughly overhauled preparatory to
taking: up tha 'duty of guarding the
eastern coast of the Isthmus.
For the. occasion of Jjoljjl?1
Panaman ensign the Orients was
gala ressad,. a.Uvige party werit
aboard heided by Carlos Arosemena,
aeewtar if the, gatn, ft K q i j
Luncheon was served. , on board,
after which 'the flag-of the republic
waa brought from a locker and raised
by Secretary Arosemena... , ' -' ' J
The emblem conalsts of four squares
two of which, one In the upper left
and the other In the lower right-hand
corners, and two squares, one each of
red and blue. In on of the. white
squares there is a single star of blue
and In the ether a red star.
Th Orienta will leave for -Colon on
Thursday or Friday. Arriving there
she will be fitted with two J-pounder
guns ,and two automatic rapid fire
Message Received 315 Miles Out at
- V - Sea. : '
San Francisco, May 17. The Pacific
coast record for long distance wireless
telegraphing ha been broken, It la
claimed, by a local wireless message
received from. 31 miles out at sea.
The communication came from the
government transport . Solace, which
left hla port Monday, and wn
received over the magnetic detector.
The next beat record made, It la sold,
at tha local station was when conver
sation waa held with the Boston at a
distance' of 220 ni ties down the coast
some six week ago.
i "wei