The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 26, 1905, Page 4, Image 4

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Established 1873. '
Published Dally (Except Monday) by
By nail. pr year tt 00
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By carrier, per month 60
By mail, per year, In advance . .11 00
Entered at the poatofflce at Astoria,
Oregon aa second-class matter.
CVOrdri for th dXtvennff of Tri Morniito
AaroitMii to eitbr rcaittaKw or plan of bositvw
OA? ha made by pocwl card or through tole
rnooa. Any insularity in dUmy should be
uundUliy report! to the office of publication.
Telephone Main 661.
Gates and Armour. They are worth
millions, but they are never hippy un
lw eeolng someone else ruined. Gat
and Armour are looked up to, honored
and respected .the same n. Rockefeller
and their money Is accepted with
glad, hand and a responsive amen by
churches built up and maintained by
the wealth stolen from the poor.
The rich are becoming richer and
the poor are becoming poorer Is
truelsm, having its foundation In the
stock and wheat gambling pits of the
large cities of the United States. Not
Lpnly does it ruin men of mature years.
but is making gamblers of the young
men of the nation who try and emu
late the millionaires by plunging Into
the vortex of gambling without any re
gsird as to whose money they loose
In the speculation. The millionaires
have bought their way into the
church and Into good society, and b
the same token expect to buy their
way Into heaven. .
Another living example of the pernt
clous effects of stock gambling Is ex
emplifted In the confession and arrest
of Frank G. Bigelow, president of the
First National bank of Milwaukee
Qonorad and respected by, all who
knew him, elevated to positions! of
honor and trust; rated as a millionaire
and having a family standing high In
the realm of society, he was not satis,
fled with being a millionaire with a
life position paying at least $30,000 a
year, but must rush Into the gambling
pit and not only lose ail of hU own
money, but a million and a half dol
lars entrusted to his care and keeping
by confiding friends and associates
who have assisted him to acquire a
competency. This Is the effect and
Invariable result of stock gambling.
Stock gambling is considered as le
gitimate a business by the commercial
world as selling dry goods or grocer
ies. It is participated in by men worth
millions who have it In their power
to sway the prices on 'change and
' bring ruin to hundreds of happy home.
They can make or break a man at
pleasure, and It matters not that they
have filched the money lost from their
employers or from the bank deposits
of the poor laboring people, aa long as
they, can pile up fabulous fortunes
upon the wreck of suffering humanity (
it matters not to them how many men
re ruined or how many Innocent wo
ment and children's lives are bllghte
or homes made desolate, and these
same men often are recognised as th
pillars in the fashionable churches in
the great cities.
It is not strange that Dr. Gladden
objected to accepting the $200,000 do
nated by John D. Rockefeller for tha
spreading of the gospels of He who
threw the money changers out of the
temple for gambling. It is not strange
that honest and conscientious minist
ers throughout the land are objecting
to accepting money filched from the
poor by dishonest and disreputable
money sharks. Like begets like. Birds
of a feather flock together and from
this we deduct that disreputable and
dishonest ministers whose associates
and bosom companions and advisers
are the stock gamblers, have no com
punctions of conscience from accept
ing the stolen products of stock gam
bling, and as a rule, a certain percent
of the donations goes Into the pockets
or the accessories in crime and the
foreign missionaries are still crying
for help.
The board of directors of the bank
of which Bigelow was the president
have decided to make up the loss
from their own private fortunes and
protect the depositors of the bank,
with the announcement that Bigelow
will be prosecuted to the fullest ex
tent of the law. A man that admit
that he has robbed his trusted friends
of $1,450,000 and is admitted to ball
In the sum of $25,000 is probably not
afraid of being unduly prosecuted foi
his crime. He will simply move ovef
to Canada and Join the army of bank
defaulters now living in luxutry undet
the protecting arms of the Canadian
There will never be a cessation from
defaulting bank presidents, cashiers,
an I trusted emptoyep until stock
gambling is made a crime and it will
only be stamped out by the coming of
the mlllenium. As long as it has the
support and indorsement of the money
powers of the world; as long as it is
Indorsed and approved by the wealthy
churches of the land, who are sup
ported by the Ill-gotten gains filched
from the savings of the poor laboring
classes, Just so long will stock gam
bllng be recognized as a legitimate
avocation and the list of ruined men
augmented by daily accessions to their
ranks. We of Atsoria, so far away
from the marts of speculation and
stock gambling, little realize the per
nicious effects of the nefarious crime,
committed under the protection ana
sanction of law.
The terrible excitement announce.!
in the telegraph dispatches in the Chi
cago wheat pit In which the Armours
and John W. Gates are ostensably tht
The federal grand jury at Chicago
Is proceeding vigorously against the
beef trust In the criminal proceedings
which have been Instituted. Four mem
bers connected with the combine have
been indicted and others probably will
be. Three of them are regular em
ployes of the packers and one Is an
attorney. It is probable that the at
torney was employed by the packers to
steal the Indictments, and got caught
at It The specific charge against them
Is that they obstructed a deputy mar
shal In his efforts to aerve a subpoena
upon another attache of thS combine
and send him to Canada.
Sufficient work has already hf-ei
done by the grand Jury to show that
the government means business. Ap
parently, however the trust thinks it
is safe from criminal prosecution. It
has recently advanced the prices of
meat, and the threat Is that there will
be still, a further rise. This will not
frighten the people. There Is one way
In which the trust could be attacked
that would quickly bring them to
terms. That is by refusing- to buv
meat If the people would stop eating
meant for a week the trust would be
on Its knees. This sort vt remedy Is
always open to them, but not enough
of them to take advantage of it to
count for much In the warfare against
the trust '
If an agreement could be reached,
whereby the entire people would agrea
not to buy or eat any meat for on
week, it would bring down the prlc
of meats. But there is always a'chws
In every community that would object
to such a procedure, even thought It
would break up the trust, and they
are found In the ranks of those that
are yelping the loudest about trusts.
But the government is not at the en.j
of Its resources yet. The criminal
prosecutions are only In their pre
liminary stage, scores ot indictment
Steamer Australia May Come to the
Columbia River.
Steamship men are deeply Interest
ed In the preparation under way at
San Francisco to place the iteiuuei
Australia, one of Spreckels' fleet.
commission. Captain Rennle, former
ly master of the steamer Mariposa, Ik
to take the Australia out. but so far
neither the owner nor those connect w'
with the work will divulge which route
the craft wilPply on. In view of her
excellent accommodations, etenntlng
qualities and general make-up, coup
led with the fact that travel this way
Is expected to be enormous during
the fair, the popular theory tha
she will ply bitween Astoria and Han
are expected. Many persons will be
put on trial. It is expected that the
evidence in some of the cui?s at lea
wm oe strong enough to put tne ac
cused behind the prison bars. The
spectacle of a few of the trust mag
nates wearing stripes and breaking
atones for the state would be exhlli
rating. It would jake the point out of
the taunt that wealth Is above the
law. The men at the head of the gov
ernrnent are determined to prove th
falsity of their claim. If the big
packers are shown to be guilty
violation or tne anti-trust law, as
some of them probably will, their mil
Hons will not save them from the pun
ishment which that statute prescribes.
Epitome of Anecdotes .and .Incidents
With Comments By a Layman.
it is surprising now many super-
sitious people there are in Astoria.
For Instance, a certain subscriber to
The Astorlan is so superstitious on on
point that he is a slave to his singular
whim. He will not pass up the same
side of the street on which The Asto
rlan collector is coming down. He says
he never has good luck If he sees
creditor over his left shoulder or meets
one face to face. He says he nevef
meets a creditor but right away after.
wards he hears of someone being
Anotner prominent ousiness man
seems to think there Is something fa
tal about seeing a contribution box on
Sunday, He therefore gets up and
rushes out of church before the con
trlbution box Is passed rather than
bring disaster down upon himself and
A gentleman comes Into the sanc
tum sanctorium, who Is connected with
the paper and has a superstition that
if he were to spit In the cuspidore he
wouldn't live to get home.
Lorn Llnvllle says he don't care for
new moons over the left shoulder or
howling dogs at midnight, or anything
of this kind; but when he sees a wo
man with a big stone chasing a mooley
cow, he Is always sure to hear of a
new made grave. ,
Milliard Hardesty never chews his
own tobacco. le thinks if he wera
to do so he would come to want, and
h would rather, if anyone suffers.
central figures. Is simply the ame old ! that it should be his friends,
scheme of inveigling the men of mod-1 . .
erate means and those holding post-1 Patronize home Industry by buying
tlons of trust to put their money in i Owl extracts, manufactured in Astoria,
the wheat pit for the sole benefit of j All first class grocers carry them.
Shipping Notes.
The steamer Cascade sails today fur
San Francisco.
British ship Langdale arrived out at
Falmouth April 22. She left the rivet
grain laden December 6.
The steam schooner South Bay sails
this morning for Redondo with a car
go of 47.000 feet of lumber.
Tfe transport Sheridan will arrive
down from Tortland some time today
and leave for Sun Francisco,
The steamer Francis II. Leirgett
sails today for San l'edro. her cargo
consists of 2260 tons of wheat.
The steamer Elmwre leaves this
morning for Tillamook. While there
she will tow the schooner Oakland to
The schooner Jennie Stella, Captain
Peterson, master, arrived In port yes
terday. She will load lumber at Van-
ouver. ,
British shhip Ehkasont, previously
reported chartered to bring general
cargo here( comes In W. R. Grace &
Co.'s line.
The lighthouse tender Heather leave
this morning on a two months' crulie
In Alaskan waters. She carries sup
plies for the stations.
The schooner J. V. Close, Captain
Haley, master, arrived in from San
Pedro yesterday. She will load luin
ber at some of the up river mills.
Steamer St. Paul, now being repair
ed at San Francisco, is to sail from
there for Astoria May 17. Ports have
been cut In her; electric elevnton In
stalled and other changes made.
The steamer Alliance, CupUJn Hard
wick, master, arrived In yesterday aft
ernoon from Eureka, rla Coos Hay,
She had a full cargo of freight and
large passenger list She Is scheduled
to sail on return trip Friday morning.
The La Fontaine entered at the cus
torn house today 4900 casks of cement
for the war department, which will be
used on the forts at the mouth of the
Columbia, and 12i0 casks for private
parties. She was shipped today to the
Hallyrood dock where the cargo will
be discharged.
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