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Smugglers Off the Coast
of Panama.
Considerable Loss to Panama in
Collection of Custom Rev
Steam Yacht Oriente Built on the Llnat
ef a Torpado Boat, Armed With
Rapid Fira Ouna, Will Cruise Along
Atlantic Coast to Pravant Smuggling.
New York, April . A Irlm eteam
yacht, the Orlenta, built on the Unee
of a torpedo bout and representing the
navy of the Panama republic, U an
' chored t a ship yard " Ellaabethport.
N. J., prepared to anil for Colon April
15. Tht yacht la well equipped with
rapid ir guns, eearch llghta and wire.
1m telctwh. In command la Capt.
Lovelace, formerly of Kann CHy.
She will make a bunlne of running
Jown nmuMler and keeping order
among th Indian along the eastern
ehoree) of the lirthmu.
The Orient waa built for a member
of the New Tork Yacht Club, but did
nnt mt hla rcoulremente. It la 105
feet long and of steel construction
throughout. Captain Lovelace, who
haa Just arrived here to take command
haa apent nlna year In tropical watere
In talking of hla new berth, he aald:
The lock of revenue cuttera on the
Atlantic coftirt of the lathmua haa
uifunt a conalderable loaa to the gov
ernment In custom revenue. Between
Colon and the river Atrato Ilea pna of
the richest cocoanut region In the
world. Thl atrip of cooat line in oc
cupied aolely by the San Bias Indiana,
who derive a nrofltable trade with
amugglere from Curacao, Jamaica, and
the Inland of Pan Andre. Theae
amuggler exchange merchandise for
coconnufjl Ivory, iijui and torVle
"Laat year 7,000,000 cocoanuta were
exported from the coaat, all paid for
by merchandise from which the gov
ernment of Panama haa not derived
a cent of custom revenue.
"It I to prevent thl smuggling that
Tannma la now lotting that Panama
hat decided to arm the Orlenta and run
her up and down the roast.
"After a few month it la expected
wholesale smuggling will cease. Then
It will be time to put a similar boat on
the Pad no coast and atop the smug
gling there."
Man in 8t. Petersburg Disguised aa a
Carriage Driver.
St. Petersburg, April 4. The police
arested yesterday In Nevsky Prospect
a man disguised as a carriage driver,
presumably belonging to the aame or
ganisation os the 12 persons arrested
Inst week for supposed connection In
the terrorist schemes.
There Is little doubt that there was
a plot directed against the life of Gov
ernor General Trepoff and the latent
arrest Indicates that the terrorists are
acting on a concerted plan, with aux
lllerles and lookouts to aid the per
petration of. the assassination.
Arrlvea In 8t. Loula and Croaaea Over
Into Texaa.
St Loula, Apr". 4. President Rooms
volt and party arrived In Bast St. Lou
ts tonight at 7 o'clock en route to the
reunion of the rough rider regiment
In Texas. The train waa quickly trans
ferred acrosa the river and handed
over to the Missouri, Kansas A Texas
rood and proceeded on Its way. Tht
president waa at dinner when the train
stopped here and the assembled
throngs did not have an opportunity to
ee the president.
Colonel Lyon, member of the repub
lican Texas committee, under whose
guidance the jack rabbit hunt take
place, joined the party here. During
the day the president made epeecfee
at Mltlton and Huntlngtiurg, Ind., and
Mount Vernon, II. '
Attorney Ask for 8tay of Sentence
Until Appeal la Decided.
Cincinnati, April 4. Judge Wing,
counsel for Mrs. Cossle I Chadwlck,
appeared before Judge Lurton, Severn
and Richard, In the United State clr
cult court of appeals In this city to
day and moved that her sentence be
staywl until the United Stat circuit
court shall have heard arguments on
the appeal, or until flnal Judgment be
rendered In the court of last resort
Remain of Montaomery Pike to Be
Interred in Colorado.
Colorado, Spring, April 4. A move
ment has been started here through the
chamber of commerce to have the re
nuitu of lieutenant Zebulon Mont
gomery I'tke, discoverer of Pikes peak,
removed to Colorado and either inter
red In this city or on the summit of
the great eminence which bears his
name. The body of Lieutenant Pike la
burled at I-nwreneeburg, Ind., In
practically neglected grave.
Russian Officials Anxious forJPeace
at any Cost
American Ambaaaador to Franca Re
turna from a Trip to 8t Petersburg
Say He Waa 8urpried at the Feel
Ing In Ruseia for Peace.
New York, April 4. Robert S. Mc
Cormlck, newly appointed American
ambassador to France, who has Just
arrived In Paris from St. Petersburg,
says he Is surprised at the reports
that there waa a desire to conclude
peace at any price manifested In offl-
clal circles, cables the Paris corre
spondent of the Herald. According to
Ambassador McCormlck no such desire
exists in Bt. retersnurg.
"On the contrary In offlclal circles
there ls,M said he, "a general desire
to continue the war to the bitter end.
and there are great hopes that Admiral
Rojestvensky will meet the Japanese
fleet and gain a victory which may In
one day change the entire aspect of the
'All the hopes of Russia are now
centered In that fleet and Its encounter
with the Japanese squadron is looked
forward to with confidence.
"Reports of an Intervention In the
matter are without the slightest foun
dation." 8TRUCK JACK POT.
Supposed to Be the Treasure of an Old
Mount Pleasant, Tex, April 4. T.
A, Ledbetter has dug up a pot con
taining nearly 12000 In gold coin, 20
miles north of here. The coin is all
United States money, except one or
two pieces,. which are Spanish or Mex
ican coins.
Years ngo an old Indian said that
some kind of treasure has been burled
near the spot and search waa made
for It at that time, but without suc
cess, Several trees near the place
bad Indian marks on them. .
' The money la In a good etate of
Democrats Carry Chicago
by 25,000.
Socialist Vote Will Not Exceed
Twenty Thousand In the
Polities Not aa Much an lieu aa Mu
nicipal Ownership of Utilitiea and
Immediate Ownership of Street Rail
way and All Franchise.
Chicago, April 4. Returna from 1230
precinct out of 1654 In the city of Chi
cago give Dunne, democrat for mayor,
168,457; Harlan, republican, 135,704;
Collin, aociallat, 19,974.
Sixteen hundred and thirty precinct
offlclal, with 24 precinct to bear from
glv Dunne a plurality of 22.75S. The
missing preclncta are not expected to
change the result materially. The total
Moclaltst vote will not exceed 25,000
a falling oft of 50 per cent
A political tornado today over
whelmed one of the most ruggedly and
unique leaders In the country. Inci
dentally the republican party met de
feat In a memorable effort to capture
the mayorallty of Chicago. Aa a direct
reault of the election the city la offi
cially committed to the policy of the
quickest cessation of private franchises
for public utilities. Municipal owner
ship especially threatening street car
lines valued high up In the millions.
After winning successfully four re
markable biennial fights of the Inde
pendents against the regular republic
an party organisation here, John May.
nnrd Harlan was loser aa the repub
lican candidate for mayor. The defeat
Is attributed to an extraordinary whirl
of causes, starting with political re
venge and taking a wide sweep, em
bracing most of the up-to-date social
ism aa a factor. Seldom, It ever, has
Chicago witnessed a more lively pic
turesque contest. ' Today the city Is
hideous with ringing of cowbells and
thoroar of lire crackers.
The republican candidate suffered
heavily from campaign attacks, charg
ing that he was a polltlcad assassin.
It was alleged that he was unworthy j
of the support of the leaders of his
own party, whom he had thrust from
oftlce and power, largely through Har
lan's aggressiveness In previous cam
pnlgns, and the great leaders were con
spicuous by their absence from his
support. Districts wherei republican
majorities seemed constant and time
honored as certain, were omnloualy re
ported alow today.
It Waa a row, blustering day, gloomy
and cold for most part until the hour
for closing the polls. Appeala to the
fear of domination by corporate wealth
appeared to away many voters, and
perhaps more than any other Influence
was incorrectly gaged by the repub
licans, Harlan has been severely har
rassed during the campaign as the re
puted reipriwentatlev of Wall street
Interests, Intent on fastening burden
some franchises and grants upon the
city. The republicans however, figures
that the voters not susceptible to ap
peala of this kind would support the
socialist candidate, and lessen, If any.
votes to the republicans, which would
be more than made up by Harlan's old
time admirers among the independent
voters. ,
There waa virtually no politics In the
election among the voters. Estimates,
however, of 60,000 votes for Collin, o
clallxt fell woefully short.
Offlclal returns from all the precincts
In Chicago show that Judge Edward
F. Dunne, democrat, waa elected may
or of Chicago today over John May
nard Harlan, republican, by a plu
rality of 24.248, and received a ma
jority of 945 over the republican and
socialist The new city council I re
publican. Indication are that 21 re
publican and 34 democrats were elected.
Entered a Hospital at Warsaw
and Shot a Policeman. '
Warsaw, April 4. While everyone
wa asleep last night In a hospital In
which are three policemen who were
Injured by the explosion of a bomb
thrown at the police station at Praga.
a suburb, on Sunday, March 26, an un
known man entered the ward and went
to the bedside of Policeman Sarap, at
whom he flreTbla revolver three times.
One shot took effect in the back. The
assullant escaped before the patients
and attendants had time to recover
from he ahock and aurprise.
Sarap haa been especially hated on
account of his brutality in recent rlota
Case Up in the Police Court, But Ad
journmant Taken.
Cincinnati April 4. The case of J.
Morgan Smith and wife, arrested here
In connection with the Nan Patterson
case, waa up in the police court today,
but once more adjourned, this time un
til April 7, the postponement being
required to await the action of the
common pleas court on writ of habea
Brick Building Blown to Pieces in
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Great Crowd Gathered at the Seen of
the Explosion and in the Panie That
Followed It la Believed That Many
Llvea Were Lost and Some Injured.
Bridgeport, Conn., April 4. In a ter
rific explosion that blew to pieces one
of the brick buildings of the United
Metallic Cartridge Company shortly
before the close of the day's work.
three men were Instantly killed. Great
crowds gathered at the scene of the
explosion and in the panic that fol
lowed It is reported that many lives
were lost. The employes In the adjoin.
ing buildings, however, made their
escape In safety.
Fire broke out Immediately follow
ing the explosion, but was soon ex
tlngulahed. The only man In the build
ing at the time waa blown through the
roof and killed. Tfie explosion occur
red In the dry house where primer caps
are dried on long steam pipes. In some
manner one of the caps was discharged
and the explosion followed. The loss 1s
estimated at 330,000.
Warsaw Police Make a Raid on the
Town of Wola.
Warsaw, April 4. Strong bodies of
police, aided by two companies of in
fantry, Wednesday night made a thor
ough search of Wola, a suburb of this
city, chiefly Inhabited by criminals,
revolutionaries and suspected persona
The police selxed pamphlets and manl
testatoea, revolvers and cartridges and
arrested 63 persons. The search oc
cupied the whole night
Cable Company Appeal.
Caracas, Veneiuela, April 4. The
French cable company today appealed
from the decision of .the president to
the highest court and to the entire
Still Wrangling Over the
Several Letters Heretofore Con
cealed Made Public Against
Statement Given Out That Tarbell la
the Real Leader of the Alexander
Forces and That He 8old Back His
Interest in the Equitable Company.
New York. AdiH 4. The fight In
the Equitable Life Assurance Company
assumed a new phase tonight . when
several letters which nave heretofore
been carefully concealed and kept i
aecret, were made public. Further In
terest was aroused by the persistent
report, emlnating apparently from re
liable sources) and so far not denied
that Vice President Hyde and friends
In the society had decided to assume
the aggressive. According to the re
port. Hyde party would force James
F. Alexander and Cage Tarbell to re
tire from the presidency and vice pres
idency respectively of the society at a
meeting of the board of director to
be held Thursday.
This report Is strengthened tonight
by the fact that both parties gave out
certain letter and statetnenal bear
ing on the question In dispute. Hyde's
contribution waa a letter which he
wrote to the Equitable, director on
February 15. when the tight for the
mutallsation first came officially be
fore the board. At the tune this let
ter was carefully guarded and only Us
general tenor waa allowed to become
known. The letter la a lengthy history
of the Equltaale and Hyde's position
under the terms of his father's bequest
and in it Hyde formally charges Pres
ident Alexander with a "gross breach
of trust to my father and me."
Mr. Alexander's contribution to the
history controversy Is his letter to the
state superintendent of insurance de
fining his position and acquiescing in
the compromise plan for mutlllxatlon
of the society. It is Interesting In that
he declared that his consent was given
with reluctance, because he felt he
could not take the responsibility of re
jecting even a measure of the control
by policy holders.
On behalf of Hyde a statement was
given out with reference to this letter,
which charges that .Alexander's action
in this matter was a breach of faith.
General Vice President Tarbell la the
target of an open statement given out
by Alexander S. Bacon, counsel for cer
tain pollc holders. This statement de-
clases that Tarbell Is the real leader of
the Alexander forces, and brings up a
charge against Tarbell Just prior to the
beginning of the present controversy
that he sold back to the Equitable for
the sum of 3125,000 all his Interests In
the renewals of future business.
Taken from the Zigler Mine from Ex-
plosion of Yesterday.
Carbond)ale, 111., April 4. Thirty-
seven bodies jot the miners who' lost
their lives In the gas xplos!on of the
mine of Joseph Lelther at Zelgler's
yesterday were recovered and It Is
supposed that several more bodies are
In the mine. The exact number of the
dead will probably not be known for
several days.
Among the dead la William Scott
Atkinson, state mine examiner for the
seventh district, who lost his life in
attempting to reach the bodies of the
men who , were entombed. After 30
hours Investigation, only a little light
is shed on the cause of the catastro
phe, the accident la attributed to
carbonic acid gas due from poor venti
lation. Everybody so far recovered la
a blackened mass. Inspector Atkin
son wa one of the. best known miners
In the district Ho Jeavee four chil
dren, and waa a member of the Ma-.
sonic fraternity. .
Joseph Lelther arrived today. A cor
oner Jury waa empannelled to in
quire Into the cause of the disaster, but
so far haa rendered no verdict. The
taking of testimony may be prolonged
for several days.
Hotel Collapsed and Catholic Churoh
la Destroyed.
Mussore, India, April 4. Several
earthquake shocks were experienced
here today. The left wing of the Savey
hotel entirely collapsed, the new Ca
tholic church, wa wrecked and every
house in the place was more or less In
jured. On woman waa killed and several
natives seriously injured. Reports
from Debradun and ?JaJur district
show that extensive damage waa done.
Earthquakes' were also felt at Agra,
Simla, Delhi and Calcutta, The Jam
age waa heavy at the latter place.
. . . Commited Suicide.
Chicago, April 4. William H. Del
lu, son-in-law of Chief Justice Ful
ler of the supreme court of the United
States and the reputed member of a
titled family In Germany, commited
suicide tonight The coroner decided
that the case waa due to despondency
over the prolonged 111 health of W
wife. ... .
Paltry Sum of $27,000,000 Will
Foreign Countries Have a Mortgage on
Nearly All the Custom Revenues of
- the Bankrupt Country Who Haven't
Even Paid the Interest.
New Tork. April 4. Of the total
debt of Santo Domingo, which amounta
to about 327,000,000 more than one half.
It Is estimated, is due to Belgians. They
own 315,000,000 worth of Santo Do
mingan bonds, and the accumulated
unpaid Interest makes the figure
amount to about 316,000,000.
A committee representing the Bel
gian creditors and the few French
creditors, made a contract with the
Santo Domlngan government In June,
1901. The contract provided that the
committee might collect IS per cent of
the customs revenue of the republic,
charged upon the revenues of Santo
Domingo City. The minimum payment
from the government to the committee
was to be 325,000 a month, besides
32000 in expenses. If the revenue of
Santo Domingo City were not suffl-
cent the Belgians might collect from
the Port of Macorla
For the last two year the commit
tee has been able to collect nothing at
all, owing to revolutions and Inter
national disturbances.
Loss and Destruction of Russian Stores
Increases Pricea.
Harbin, April 4. Affairs at the front
are generally quiet, except for skirm
ishing by the Mlstchenkos Cossacks.
Reports have been received of the
movements of the Japanese flying col
umn northward through Manchurk.
In the direction of Tltslhar.
The loss and destruction of the cora-
mlssarant and stores at Mudken, Hus
gltai Tie Pass and Chang Tafu have
been heavy on the deprivation of the
Russians. Aa a result the prices of
provisions (have considerably Increased.