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Unp pfl I I ri I hu bn hown th .lory of Mays'
1 1 ' -r '"m with Puter, who 1 convict-
Ore Historical Society
Sensational Development
In Land Fraud.
Report Mitchell, Hermann and Wil
liamson will be Indicted
as Accessories.
F.d.r.l Grand Jury Probing Land
Frauds and Is Claimed That Ssv
ral Prominent Man Will Hava
to Answer Striout Charg.i,
Portland. Dor. 22. (Special to th
Aetorlan.) Th story that la current
on the street of Portland tonight, and
which la exciting tn Interest of all who
have followed the proceeding! of th
land fraud trials Is as foltowa:
To secure the Indictment of IV pre
.putative Williamson for alleged con
splrary to defraud the government of
the United States of a portion of Its
public lands la as much the purpos
and Intention of the officials now en
gaged In conducting the Investigation
of the federal grand Jury aa It la their
endeavor to hava Indictments returned
against Senator Mitchell and Dinger
Evidence and testimony Is Mng, and
hna been prepared by which the gov
rnment hopes and expects not only to
Indict these three men, but there will
also be a determined effort to secure
convictions, at the succeeding trial
Such Is the opinion of an authority
which cannot be questioned, and In
view of the certainty of the statements
which have been made, the remainder
of the sessions of the grand jury will
be fraught with Intense Interest to peo
ple of the entire country.
The entrance of Mr. Williamson Into
tht land fraud cases comes as a great
surprise, but It has developed through
the connection existing between Vilm
and F. P. Mays, aa well as many other
deals which have been discovered In
various parts of atate by government
officials, who have been probing the
records of land transactions of the pant
fw years. It Is stated that William
son Is closely connected with Mays In
his dealings, and the charge la made by
the government that he haa handled
the lands,' and helped In their hand
. I .VIV 1 I I. t. . i.i...
una. wnim ne Knew iiuvv ottii tancii
rrom me government unuer intuitu
lent pretenses.
II said he has operated In western
Oregon and that the vicinity of Frine-
v lie. his home, has also been the seat
of his one-rations, and that there are
mose now living in win aeviiun. ui u
state who will yet come under the no
tice of the grand Jury.
Hermann Coming.
Tonight Senator Mitchell and Mr.
Hermann will reach Portland, the
destination of their transcontinental
Journey. They pome with the expec
tation of being able 'to explain away
their alleged connection with the fraud
In public lnnds, which are apparently
reaching such proportions that they
are the subject of cabinet discussion in
They say they are Innocent: that the
prosecution of the government Is a per
secution, and that time will right their
wrongs and show they have been, and
are now, objects of a conspiracy, In
stead of being the originators or par
ticipants In one.
Hut Is now definitely stated that
the prosecution expects to prove en
tirely to the contrary with a declara
tion made by two congressmen from
The talk has not been Idle, rumor
has It, and It will be a matter of cold
facts before another two weeks have
passed over the people waiting.
How, though, are the senator and
the representatives connected? Is the
common query. That la a hard ques
tion to be answered with any amount
or detail. But If Williamson is' en
tangled with Franklin Mays, so Is Her
mann and so li Mitchell, It Is said. It
;., ri offense, that hs has been
more Interested with Puttr In his deal
It was Mays, who, as attorney for
Puter, gave the latter a letter of Intro
duction to John Mitchell at Washing
ton. This much was shown In th ts
tltnony at the trial In which Puter was
Mitchell took Puter, upon present
tlon of th latter to blm, to Hermann
and told th commissioner Puter was
on of th best man In Oregon, entire
ly responsible and It would be a favor
If th lands In which h was Interested
wr to b passed through, out of their
order; that they b taken from th list
of suspended claim and b mad
special and Immediate.
This much ha been shown at th
previous trial. '
Hut this to not alL
Allegations will b mad that Mitch
ell waa a friend and helpmate of th
Umber dealer and lobbyist; that his
committee room In Washington were
headquarters for this class of men and
he shared In their confidence and In
their benefit, This is, in part, th tia
tur of th evident which, It I r
ported, will b brought to bear against
th testimony of th senator when he
enters the Jury room to explain to th
men there hi Innocence of all wrong.
Hermann will have hi turn In the
Jury room with th senator. His con
nectlon with the Puter-Mays deal
will be shown. It is assrted. He, It
was, who, acting as commissioner gen
eral of th land office, took th l us
pended claims from the table and x
pedlted them to a patent at th re
queat and solicitation of Puter and
May t ai.
Nor la this all.
Th xcomrols1oner will b asked
to explain th story of th missing lat
ter flics, which will apply, not alon to
Washington, but to Oregon aa well.
Nan Patterson Jury Is
Out Tonight
Qulok Freedom Not th Result of De
liberation and Several Juror Are
at Varlano on th D.gree
of th Crime.
New York, Dec. 22. The Jury in the
Nan Patteraon case was locked up at
11 tonight, not having reached a
When Mlsa Patterson heard the news
In th "pen" It was so unexpected she
cam near to collapsing.
There will be no opportunity for
hearing from the Jury again until 10:30
tomorrow morning, the hour fixed by
the court for a report from the 12 men
who decide the fate of the chorus girl
The latest rumor from the jury room
Is that three men are holding out
against the nine who desired to acquit
the defendant. It Is said three jurors
are at odds regarding th seriousness
of the crime. One juror said he waa
holding 'out for conviction of murder
In the second degree, and two are re
ported to favor a manslaughter ver
diet . , ' . v '
8hriff Llnvlll. Return Sewing Ms-
chin. Man.
Sheriff Llnvllle arrived last night
with W. J. Davis, the man wanted here
on a charge of defrauding Ross, Hlg-
glna & Co., and a sewing machine com
pany by bogus contracts.
Davis was captured by the police at
Spokane on information furnished by
Llnvllle. He behaved himself well on
the trip from the northern city, and
expressed his belief that he will be
able to square his accounts here before
his case comes to trial.
Cr.Mw.ll Hot. I Burns.
Eugene, Dec. 22. By the overturn-
curred, resulting In the destruction of
well last evening a disastrous fire oc
Ing of a tamp In the hotel at Cress
the building and contents. The fir
pread with remarkable swiftness, and
the proprietor of the place barely es
caped with hi life, owing to the burn
ing oil catching hi clothe on fir.
Oregon Boot Adorns Leg
of the "Escape."
Jaded and Worn by Trail Trave
He Gives Up When Ut
terly Ehxausted.
Fifteen Charge Rest Against th Man
Who Is Glad to Hav a Chanc to
Put In a Night' Sleep in th
Security of th County Jail.
Drenched by rain, bespattered by
mud, trail-worn, tired and glad to have
th rest of a "bunk" in a cell, Fred
Stauch waa brought In last night, sur
rounded by officer and newspaper men,
and even th Oregon boot that adorned
hi leg feel to him Ilk Jewelry com
pared with th miring and grief that he
ha aeen sine h made hi way through
th bars of th county Jail Saturday
Sheriff Llnvlll 1 a lucky man.
Going up on th evening train with
a prisoner for Salem, and in quest of
on at Spokane, he arretted young
Low, implicated with.. Stanch. nd.
then, on his return, the sheriff had the
pleasure of riding horn with the sec
ond prisoner (Stauch), who waa In
charge of Sheriff White of Columbia
After leaving the Jail Saturday night
Stauch and Lowe separated. Lowe
keeping to the railroad and Stuuch
striking across country toward the up
per bend of the Columbia river. Stauch
was en route for Goldendale, Wash.
where he has friends and relatives, and
Low waa simply trying to get out of
the country. Lowe only accompanied
Stauch because of the older man' per'
suasion, and had he stayed In Jail, could
scarcely have gotten more than a six
months' sentence tn' the county Jail,
His fat now is with the good mercy
of the circuit Judg.
The capture of Stauch, as effected
by Sheriff White, waa a dramatic one,
nd the manner of It was a refutation
of the opinion held by the local au
thorities that Stauch would die fight
ing. As a matter of fact his only
weapon waa a' rasor, and he did not
have the slightest Intention of using
that as a weapon de guerre.
Sheriff White had a "Une" on the
whereabouts of his man, and he rode
over hard roads all night, arriving at
the farmhouse where Stauch had eaten
his breakfuat, Just In time to catch
him walking up to a looking glass in
the kitchen where he was going to
"Hands up!" called the sheriff.
"Who the hell are you?" said Stauch.
"Jam 'em up! Quick!" was the reply.
and Sheriff White was Just unhooking
six lead pills In Stauch's direction
hen the .refuge. "put 'em up."
Stauch submitted to handcuffing, and
the sheriff secured a rig and drove his
game to Claskanlne, where they caught
the same train upon which Sheriff Lln
vllle of this county was returning
from Spokane.
Had Stauch been of the proclivities
that actuated Tracy, this story would
have read differently, howewr, he
ent unarmed, and had no Intention of
making a fight for his liberty. He
thought he knew the country better
than the officers uclld, and he lost.
On Tuesday evening had Stauch
been armed Frank Cook and Jailor Al
len Anderson would have been-near to
death. StAuch heard them coming and
he stepped behind a hemlock tree and
allowed thorn to go by. It was dusk,
and they were at his mercy, had he
stolen even one of the three guns that
were ottered him.
Notwithstanding his 15 charges
which will keep him In jail an ordi
nary man's lifetime, Stauch had no In
clination to fight. He only wanted
get away. Cook and Anderson may
thank the star that give a happy fate
that Stauch was hot "th man behind
th fun." i .
- Stauch led a hard life during his
brief emancipation. The road were
bad, the trails rough and Stauch was
hard put to It to get wherewith to cat
At "Dutch John's," a place about 26
miles from Astoria, he bought four
loave of bread, some meat and after
ward returned for a little packet of salt
which was given him. Th fugitive
however, waa weary, and his night's
rest cost blm his liberty.
Sheriff Whit and Sheriff Llnvllle
were congratulated around town last
evening for the quick work that landed
the two Jail-breaker within four day
of their escape, and Deputy Watson
Binder, who kept careful tab on the
movements of the men, received the
congratulations of the sheriff.
Th Official Announcement of th Can-
vas of th Election Declared Todsy.
Chicago, Dec. 22. The official can
vass for presidential elector waa com
pleted today. The Associated Press,
therefore, Is able to giv first tahle of
official votes In Jh 45 states! The total
vot was 13,508,498, against 13,98,674
in 1(00, a decrease of 440.078. The bal
lots were divided as follows:
Roosevelt 7.(27.(32, Parker 5.010,054,
Debs 381,687, Swallow 280,803, Watson
114,(37, Corregan 23.453, Holcomb, con
tinental labor, (30. McKinley polled
more vote than Roosevelt In Alabama,
Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine
Maryland, Mississippi, New Hamp
shire, North Carolina, South Carolina
Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Roose
velt received more vote than McKin
ley In the other 12 states. Parker re
ceived more votes than Bryan in Dela
ware, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jer
sey, New York, Rhode Island, South
Carolina and West Virginia. Bryan
received more votes than Parker lr.
th remaining 27 states.
Torpedo Boats Reported
Sunk in Storm.
Details of the Conflict are Meagre
But Loss of Life Fearful
if Boats Sunk.
Officer Found Cook.d in th Ruin of Barracks in Postur In
dicating Thy Calmly Awaited
D.ath by Flames.
London, Dee.. 22. Th. T.legrsphi'
Chef oo correspondent wires tonight
thst sight torpadoboats, which at
tempted to ..cap. from th invested
harbor of Port Arthur, hav been d
troy.d. Th battl that ended with destruction, h says, occurred in
a snowstorm which has rsged for 24
Particular concerning the loss of
livss and th name of th boat are
not obtainable.
Seven Men Suffocated in a
sylvania Drift
Heroic Efforts of M.n to Sav Companions From D.ath ,
- Are Attended With the
Greatest Difficulty.
Bolivar, Pa., Dec. 22. Seven men
were suffocated today In the soft clay
of the mine of th Reese Hammond
Fire Brick Company, near here. The
victims are Austrlans.
About 26 men were In the mine, and
all but seven were rescued, though all
were In bad condition and two are like
ly to die. A small building . burned
down at the mouth of the mine. An
airshaft from the workings to the sur
face In the mine acted aa a sort of a
flue and drew into the drift heat and
smoke from the Are. As soon aa It
could be done the burning shanty was
torn away and the rescuers rushed
Into the mine but already five men had
succumbed to the heat and smoke and
the others weer In a dying condition,
Mukden, Dee. 22. The situation b-
twn th armi.s before Mukdan re
main unchanged. Th. opposing fore
continue artill.ry duals and both sides
hav extended their positions far to th
Chin scouts report thst Oyama
has stablishd headquarters at Liao
Yang and the Japanese are construct
ing n.w fort around the city.,
8ickns, induced by cold, is wreak'
ing havoc among the Jap force in th
vicinity of Palaszandaski and Shilikj.,, it is said, 20,000 m.n lost
in a single wk. v
Robber Captured.
Basin, Wyo., Dec. 22. Bob Erwln,
the larger of the two Cody bank rob
bers, waa. captured Tuesday and is
In Jail waiting Identification. Erwln
as seen at a ranch at the mouth of
Gooseberry creek. He and Will Ham-
mitt took a trail, leaving Bert Holts
to watch at the mouth of Gooseberry.
The robber made a circle to beat off
the officers and had about two hours
later come upon Holts, who held him
up with a Winchester and waited for
the arrival of Fenton and Hammttt.
There is no doubt of the prisoner's
Identity. '
Bad Wires Csus Fir.
Eugene, "Dec. 22. The residence of
Ed McClanahan, Jr., narrowly escaped
destruction last evening by a fire which
started from electric light wlrea. The
residence had formerly been occupied
by students, who did the wiring.
Headquarters of the Third Japanese
Army Before Port Arthur, via Fusan
Dec. 22. During the morning of De
cember 19 the Russian turret ship Se
vastopol was torpedoed by the Jap
anese fleet and Immediately listed 10
degrees to the right remaining fast on
the shallow shore at the foot of Llaotl
mountain. The vessel Is considered ab
solutely useless for further offensive
The Japanese bombardment of the
Russian gunboats and torpedo craft
In the harbor continues.
Gets Good Job.
' St Paul, Minn., Dec. 22. President
Elliott of the Northern Pacific Rail
road Company has appointed Charles
R. Claghorn aa manager of the North
ern Pacific mining properties.
Amid the Flames While Enemy
Approach Barracks.
Mukden, Dec. 22. Apparently there
Is little personal animosity toward the
Japanese among the European Rus
sians. The Russian reservist goes out
to fight simply because the emperor
wills it, and takes little interest In the
political reasons Involved In the strug
gle. But with the Siberians it Is dif
ferent. The war Is closed to their na
tlve soli and they regard the Japanese
aa their natural enemies. For this
reason the only animosity that has
been displayed toward the Japanese
wounded has been In those hospitals
where there were a majority of Si
berians. The Slater of Mercy on the
other hand have shown a decided par
tiality for Japanese patients and t'.iere
has been some Jealousy aroused among
the Siberians who thought the Japan
ese were getting 'the best of It," at
the hands of the nurses. r
Most of the Japanese wounded have.
therefore, been placed in the hospitals
with Russian soldiers. The Finlanders
almost alone of the Europeans take In
terest in the politics of the fighting, but
they make none the worse soldier for
that. . One of the most inexplicable
things to. the Russian soldier Is the
fact that the Japanese commits sui
cide when endangered with . defeat
There are so many eye witnesses to re
ports of this nature that It la Impos
sible to discredit them all.
Japanese officers especially seem to
make a practice of saving their last
cartridge for themselves. A Russian
under the circumstances would rather
go down fighting, leaving his enemies
to do th killing if he thought there
was nothing to be gained by holding
In th capture of Poutlloff (Lone
Tree) hill especially there were a num
ber of lurh cases. When the Jap
anese batteries were captured on offi
cer shot himself aero hi gun. An
other drew his sword and fenced at
th empty air until he was shot. Dur
ing the same fight two village occu
pied by the Japanese were surrounded
and burned.
Numbers of the Japanese remained
quietly In the huts and were burned
to death. A Russian officer hauled two
Japanese prisoners out of a biasing hut
but one slipped back and perished In
the flames. Japanese officers were
found In the huts after the fight burn
ed to death or suffocated, sitting In
chairs as though they had been quiet
ly awaiting their doom.
.i- J
. u
Want a Fransh Consul This time aa
Wll a Briton.
Tangier, Dec 22. A courier from
Alcasar, about ISO miles northeast of
Tangier, states the tribesmen sur
rounding Alcazar and threaten to sack,
the town unless the French consul aflcf
one British subject are handed over to
them. ...-
The French minister demanded th
ultan take action for the protection of.
the consul. A detachment of Imperial
troop left Tangier, probably for Al
It is understood the movement of
the tribesmen is prompted by revenge.
Can Sleep at Home.
Washington, Dec. 22. The secretary
of war has issued an order authorizing
recruiting officers to grant the privil
ege of living out of quarters to soldier
married prior to enlistment
Portland is Reforming Its Ways
Very Fast (
Reformers Say the Curling Wreaths of
Smoke from Corraded Alfalfa
Cannot Tickle the
of Young and Foolish.
Portland, Dec. 22. The International
Anti-Cigarette League, recently incor
porated in Portland, is soon to begin
an active campaign In other fields be
side Oregon, and one of Its main ob
jects will be to unify and bring Into
more concise form the work which la
now being done separately in many sec
tions of the nation. The next quadren
nial convention of the league will be
held In Portland July 15, 16 and IT,
1905. These dates will bring the ses
sions of the league at approximately
the same time with the convention of
the American Medical Association and
the National board of charities and
corrections. . .
The following partial list of officers
has been named and the general super-
has- been authorized to name a vle
president in each state: ,
Presld.-nt, Charles BuUcley Hubbell
New. York; vice president for Great
Britain, Rev. Frank Johnson, London;
vice president for Canada, Frank A,
Buck, Toronto; general superintendent
Wallace R. Struble, Chicago; general
field secretary, Dr. Cullen Ewing Cllne,
Portland; secretary-treasurer, Elmer
Ellsworth Miller, Portland; . assistant
secretary-treasurer, C. E. Struble, Chi
cago. ' '
Station Dismantled
Victoria, Dec. 22. The British naval
station at Esquimau has been partial
ly dismantled in keeping with the new
policy of the British admiralty. When
the process of reduction la complete It-
1 expected that none but caretaker
will hava charge of the dock yards and
repair shops, which "heretofore employ
ed large number.
Want More Island.
Sidney, Dec. 22. Two British war
ship hav sailed for the Tonga is
lands, with th reported Intention of
annexing them.