The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 11, 1904, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Are at sea
Can't Figure Out What Will Hap
pen to Their Organization
lathe Nation.
Democratic Loss in This County
Was B3 Per Ccut, While He.
publican Gain Was 5
Per Cent.
AVhat will become of usT"
The 112 democrats who voted for
Parker in this city on Tuesday are
asking each other this question. The
awfulness of defeat has been bad
enough, goodness knows, but worse
even than that is this anxiety as to
their future condition of political servi
tude. "It's a dreadful thing to be a demo
craton an occasion of this kind,"
remarked one of the old guard yester
day: '"but T want to know what is to
become of us? Who are we, anyway?
Nothing like this has ever before hap
pened anyone or any party. Our future
what will It ber
The democrats are wondering; the
mental strain Is acute. The other fel
lows have delivered them a solar
plexus blow that has knocked them In
a fit Even the republicans are sorry
for the straight-outs and apologise for
wiping Missouri. The democrats are
utterly demoralised.
The disaffection in this city and state
has been remarkable. It is estimated
that more than 22.000 democrats refus
ed to vote on Tuesday In Oregon. The
conservatives, it will be remembered,
dominated the state democratic con
vention. At that time bitterness was
manifested, and it was not difficult to
ascertain that the radicals meant to
bolt But the most pronounced pes
simist little dreamed the disaffection
would become bo general. Clatsop
county has been no exception in the
state, for everywhere democrats stay
ed away from the polls, or else cast
their ballots for Roosevelt.
Analysis of the vote is interesting.
Since 1900 the population of the coun
ty has been greatly Increased, and the
vote this year should have been much
greater. The registration was 2889,
but it Is estimated that not quite two
thirds of the voters went to the polls.
The republican vote In 1900 was 1329,
while this year it was 1399 a gain of
only 70. This Increase is not In keep
ing with the increase in population, so
the republicans have not made any sur
prising gains here. They polled a fair
ly full vote.
In 1900 Bryan received 688 votes In
the county and two years later Bon
bam, democratic candidate for supreme
Judge, received 717. In the county
there used to be 75 democrats. But
Parker's vote was only 336, a loss of
381 as compared with the vote for
Bonham. The republican gain was
about 5 per cent, while the democratic
loss was more than 63 per cent. This
democratic loss can not well be at
tributed to apathy; it was little short
of political murder. Considering the
Increased possible vote, some 450 or
BOO democrats stayed away from the
Interest centers In the plan advanc
ed for reorganization of the democracy.
The election, in this city as well as in
the nation, has made It plain that radi
cals and conservative wlli not mix
and that the two wings are hopeless
ly apart. It is considered extremely
doubtful that a plan of reorganisation
can be effected which will be satisfac
tory t? both elements. k The conserva
tives will never consent " to affiliate
with the populists, and this is deemed
necessary by the radicals to future
success. Of course, every one realise
that there will be two great parties,
but the reconstruction period will. In
the opinion of Astoria democrats, put
the conservatives out of commission or
Into the republican party.
The Offioial Count.
The official count ot votes was made
yesterday by County Clerk Clinton,
Auditor Anderson and Justice Good
man. It shows that Roosevelt's plural
Ity in Clatsop county was 1063 and that
he carried very precinct In the county.
The vote for the republican electors
was as follows:
G. R. Dlmmtck UOS
James A. Fee UO',
J. X. Hart "
A. C. Hough 13S6
Average 1399.
The vote for the democratic electors
was as follows:
Thomas H. Crawford 334
W. R rmiard 338
Walter S. Hamilton SM
James A. Jeffrey 337
Average 3SS.
The vote for the socialist electors was
as follows:
C. W. Brasee 2SI
William Heard 259
J. C. Herrlngton 256
S. H. Holt 250
Average 253.
The vote for the prohibition electors
I. H. Amos 39
Leslie Butler ....i.. 41
W. P. Elmore 0
T. S. McDanlel 40
Average 40.
The vote for the populist electors
J. L. Hill 10
U H. McMahan 9
P. E. Phelps 8
C. F. Schmltleln
Average 9.
The total vote of the county has not
yet been computed.
Output of Pacific Canneries for
Season of 1904 Shows Re
markable Deficit.
Pack litre 43,(120 Cases Ahead
or Last Year, While the Kit.
tire Coast Shortage Is
78,244 Cases.
Reopened Under New Management.
John Blaslch has leased the Califor
nia Restaurant and Oyster House and
Is now prepared to serve the public.
The best oysters and meals In the
city. Family trade supplied. Good
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Disastrous Wrecks.
Carelessness is responsible for many
a railway wreck and the same cause
are making human wrecks of suffer
ers from Throat and Lung troubles.
But since the advent of Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
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be cured, and hopeless resignation is
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whose life was saved by Dr. King's
New Discovery. This great remedy is
guaranteed for all Throat and Lung
disease by Charles Rogers, druggist.
Price, 60c and SI. Trial bottles free.
Removsl Notice.
Dr. J. A. Fulton has moved from
his old office to rooms 4, 5 and ( in
the Star theater building, corner Elev
enth and Commercial streets, on the
second floor.
The salmon pack of the Pacific coast
compiled from statements complete to
October 15 will show a shortage of
5TS.244 cases. Including all varieties.
Columbia river, Kraser river and the
Sacramento are the only districts
showing an increase,' and this Is sald;H
to be duo entirely to the fact that the
mmii a-ititt tt'n xtttilpil mi thi Co- ! H
luinbla after October 15, ilie dale set J
by law. to an Indefinite period. Now
however, the canneries have practical
ly ceased operations here.
The totul puck for 1904 Is giver
at 2.822,093, of which 2,053.739 cusot.
are from the Alaska districts, and
"29,951 from Puget sound, the Skeena
and Fraser rivers, the Columbia river
and outside rivers.
A large run of fish that appeared
In the Frajcr river helped out that
district considerably. Earlier In the
year the labor troubles had practic
ally tied up operations, and It was
feared for a time that this disagree
ment between employers and employes
would result most disastrously. In
seasonable time both sides made con
cessions, and every effort was put forth
to make up for the lost time,
The Puget sound pack, covering
sockeyes only, amounts to 114.471
cases, as against 166,569 cases last
year. The run of pinks was very
light, and the run of silver so far has
also been disappointing.
" The total figures for the Fraser can
nerles for 1904 amount to 62,743 cases.
as against 204,849 cases In 1903. The
run of silvers In that district has been
very light.
The coast canneries had a light pack,
and the general reports are of low
rivers and few fish. In Grays harbor,
for Instance, the run Is not more than
25 per cent of what It was last year,
according to the Pacific Fisherman.
Discussion Is already rife as to the
run of fish that Is expected next year,
and It Is safe to say that when the
run does appear there will not be an
Idle plant. Of course. It Is the
"fourth" or "big" year, when the
largest packs are made, and plenty of
of fish are said to have reached the
spawning grounds. The Chinese con
tractors have already engaged their
Chinese help for the sound cannery
men, and have been guaranteed 250,
000 cases.
The closed season In British Colum
bia waters was very well observed,
perhaps the better from the fact that
At Reduced Prices.
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good Overconta. 80 fur tho weather hns boon so fino
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long, henco I offer every Overcoat for ineu ' or boys at
Reduced Prices
Astorla'H Great Clothier.
the fisheries guardians were extremely
vigilant. Rut the fishermen are gener
ally said to buvt recognised the ne
cessity for protecting the salmon, and
only touched the spring salmon, which
was permitted by law. After Scptem
ber 13 the use of the smaller-mesh nts
was again legal, and us the run of co
hoes commenced about that time, thre
were really no hardships worked upon
any one.
On the Fraser the cohoe pack was
very fulr, but the British Columbia
Packers' Association operated only
one of Its cohoe plant, the Im
perial. Bomo Ashing camps were also
maintained on Tobo Inlet, In northern
waters, and the fish brought, to the
Fraser for packing. This year the sal
mon pack of British Columbia will be
transported to the old country by
steamer, under agreement with the Al
fred Holt Company, operating the
China Mutual nud Blue Funnel liners.
There has been no dllllculty In
maintaining prices uniformly on the
coast, for the decreased pack made
the visible supply so small In the
world's markets, and the demand In
the old country has ben so steady,
that prices really maintained them
selves. To prevent price-cutting next
year In British Columbia, which Is
anticipated with a larger output, a
mutual agreement has been signed by
all the British Columbia packers.
The total pack on the Columbia river
aggregated 378,500 cases, against 332,
980 for 1903, an Increase of 43,620
cases. Alaska s total, on me oiner
hand, notes a decrease of 14H.653 cases,
the total this year being only 2,052,-
39 cases, compared with 2,201,394
cases lust year.
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