The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, October 22, 1904, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Clatsop County Makes Remark'
able Showing in Number of
Voters on 1904 Rolls. ;
"....'.. - - ..,
Total Cain Is 04(2, of Which 438
Are In City and 224 in Pre
ctncts Outside the Mu
nicipality. ,
The registration tn Clatsop county
for 1904 Is SJ.64 per cent neater than
the registration for 1902. This state
ment will rive some Idea of tiie re
markable growth of the oounty in the
past two years. The' Increase fn the
city is shown to have been Sl.Sfl per
cent in the past two years, while the
Increase In the precincts outside the
city has been $7.60 per ceit
Yesterday a statement of regtstra
tlona was made public at the office of
County Clerk Clinton.. This statement
is not an official one, but the figures
arewithln. 10 of the correct totals In
the" various precincts. The statement
shows a total registration in Qie
county of -2SS9, as compared with 222?
for 1902 an increase' of 6(2, or 34.64
per cent
The registration in the'city this year
Is shown to be 1822. as compared with
1384 in 1903 an increase of 438, or
31.60 per cent The total in the out
side precincts is shown to be 1067, as
compared with 843 two years ago
an Increase of 224, or 37.60 per cent
Additional Registrations.
The number of voters who register
ed since the books were opened In the
fail is shown to have been 239, ot
whom 205 registered in the city and
34 In the outside precincts. The po
litical faith of those who registered,
In the WBntry!4s.;at shown by the
rolls, tUt Uevctty;Teglsters cast some
light iipoh this Interesting subject
Of UiSJ 205- voters who registered
during th r&M;. 109 declared them
selves ' to be republicans. Only eight
proclaimed filth to the unterrlfled.
while two are socialists, three are pro
hibitionists, two are independents, one
is a populist and 12 are nonpartisans.
Sixty-eight clung to the opinion that
their political faith was' none of any
other person's business and refused to
state with which party they are iden
tified. To arrive at a reasonable es
, tlmate of the number of democrats
" who registered this fall, the . men
registering as democrats and . non-'
partisans and those refusing . to
state their politics should be class
ed together. : The total is 88. Per
haps ; 80 f these are democrats. ,
' No. "it's .Good Showing. s.
City prectuct No. . lr made .the best
"showing this falLivtJB.. that precinct
E8 personavreglateredtf bringing its to
tal up to 257. Of the 68, 34 were re
publicans. In No. 2 the number regi
' istered was 28, of whom 12 are repub
; Deans. No democrats registered in
No. 1, and only two registered in No.
l'In No. 3 the total was 20, 15 of
whom are republicans and one a demo
crat In No. 4, 25 persons registered.
10 of them being republicans and one
a democrat. In No, 5. 26 registered, 13
being republicans and one a democrat
In No. the total was 32, of whom 16
are republicans and two are demo
crats. In No. 7 the total was ,16,
orrat. Seventeen voters in No, 1 de
clined to state their political faith;
In No. 3 the number of refusals was
11; In No. 3 It was four: in No. 4 it
was 10: In No. fi, 11: In No. 6, 12;
In No. 7. three a total of 68.
The two socialists registered ..from
precinct No. l the lone populist from
precinct No. 1; the three prohibition
ists from precincts No. 1 and No. 7.
the last named having produced two;
one Independent registered In No. 2
and one In No. 4. No. 3 was the onlr
precinct that did not produce a non
partisan. Figures for the City.
- The following comparative state
ment shows the registration In the city
precincts In 1902 and 1904:
Precincts 192- 1904
No! 1.. 1 25"
No. i. ........ 1 2S
No. 3 , 210 20
No. 4 253 299
Ko.' S.. 250 :
No. ........... 157 :
vv T 153 193
The Catholic Ladies' Fete Will Be
Brought to a Successful
Close This Evening. .
Totals ......1384 182
This is the greatest gain which has
ever been made in the history of the
city. ' .,
The Outside Precincts.
The registration in the outside pre
cincts this year as compared with
those for 1902 are as follows:
Precinct 1902. 1904.
John Day 27
Svensen '. '.. 48
Walluskt 23
New Astoria ........... . . ... 125
Warrenton 60
Clatsop 37
Seaside 190 .
Melville 24
Chadwell 42
Toungs River 28
Olney, 9
Knappa 48
Clifton 61
Westport 37
Jewell 18
Mishawaks IS
Elsie 17
Push - 7
; 62
All Article Not Otherwise Dis
posal of Will He ltafltctl
This Evenluir to the,
c Highest Welders.
solos. Miss McCann also sang, while
Miss Kearney rendered a charming
plttno selection and Miss Irtne rarker
a number of violin selection. Andy
Martin and John Kearney engaged In
a pillow contest, the former winning
Pioneer Contraotor Sueeumbi to Ai
tack' of Heart Failure and Passes .
Awsy During His Slumber.
Totals 843
It will thus be seen that every pre
cinct in the county either held its own
gained. Two precincts Melville
and Elsie registered the same num
ber in both years, but all the others
Mre! Patrick A. Kearney, has return
ed from Sn eastern trip.
John Boberg, of the Necanlcum val
ley, spent yesterday In Astoria.
Judge McBride will arrive In the
city today to hold a session of the cir
cuit court; - ''
Dr. Vaughan left last night for
Sumpter, where hib father is quite
ill wfth paralysis. . .
District Attorney Allen has return
ed front St. Helens, where he attend
ed the Circuit court Bession.-- "
Mr. and Mrs.' Charles H. Stockton
and children will leave for Portland
about November 1, to reside In. the
future. Charles Stockton, Jr., who is
connected with the Tongue Point Lum
ber Company, will continue his resi'
dence in this city.
Ex-Mayor Bergman returned last
evening from Grays River. The repub
licans held a rally there last night and
trfed to induce the former mayor to
stay over, but his democratic aoul re
belled. "I don't want to . learn any
thing from you fellows; I'm 72 and
too old to learn anything political," said
Mr. Bergman, as he hurriei to, the
The Catholic ladles' fair will, come
to a close tonight. The fair hns been
largely attended and It is expected the
closing night will see the pavilion
crowded. This evening ,n. :jfvet!ent
program will be rendered and those ar
ticles not heretofore disposed' 'af'wIH
be rattled. One of the articles to be
raffled Is a fruitcake whkft will, be
disposed of at' the booths managed, by
Mrs. Nolan. ; It Is claimed 'for the
cake that Its equal was never made
in inis cuy. ; .- -'. irv.V'. .
The lodge contest for the lovely
siken flag will close tonight:, at 10
o'clock. There has been little' muter-
lul change in the voting, but tonight
the lodgemen are expected to make
their Ann) efforts. The vptetat the
close last night was: Finnish Broth
erhood, 58; Red Men. V:. ElkaM;
Eagles, 41; Masons, 27; Young Men's
Institute, 21; Foresters, 19.
The raost-popular-offlclul contest
will be concluded at 10:30. , The inter
est in this contest, which carries with
It a gold watch, Is Intense and tonight
the balloting will be spirited. Coun
ty Clerk Clinton is still In the lead, survive Mm
Nicholas. Clinton, one of Astoria's
best known Htlstms, was found dead
In bed yesterday morning by Mrs.
Clinton. During the night he hud beeu
stricken with heart failure and detitb
came, during his slumber. The death
of Mr. Clinton wsa unexpected both
by members of the family and Mends,
and the announcement proved u shock,
Mr. Clinton had been confined to his
home since last Saturday, when ho
contracted a severe cold while super
intending the Commercial street Im
provement. He was not compelled to
go' to bed and, except that he expert
en'ced.Jiome little difficulty In breath
Ing, seemed but slightly 111 On
TkuYsday he attended to his corre
spoiuhmce and examined -his books.
and generally appeared to be Improv
ed. During the night, however, he
was. stricken with Jjoart failure. Mr.
Clinton was 73 years of age, and up
to last Suturday had seldom spent an
Idle day.' He was born near Phila
delphia snd came to the coast In 1869,
by way of the Isthmus, to Join his
father, whp hsd located at Portland.
In"lS61 he 'came to Astoria and since
fthen had resided here, following the
business of a contractor. He held the
office of street snprlntendent, but
otherwise was not very prominent In
politics. He was one of the best
known residents of the city and was
highly respected. Mrs. Clinton and
sis children, of whom five are sons.
The children are:" Will-
nine being republicans and one a dem- dock.
but Police Judge Anderson Is a close
second. Chief Hallock yesterday
crawled up on the leaders and expects
to develop some Irresistible strength
tonight. Sheriff Ltnvllle Is holding
third place, but his friends expect to
do the trick .tonight -They say the
sheriff has always won on the home
stretch and that he will repeat the
performance In this contest The vote
is as follows: Mr. Clinton, 56; Judge
Anderson, 47; Sheriff Llnyllle, 39;
Chief Hallock. 27.
The moat-popular-glrl contest Is al
so developing into an Interesting af
fair. Miss Hilda Brunold Is welt in the
lead, but It Is said, the voting thus farl
Is merely preliminary and that it In
dicates little except that the' batttie
Is to be won tonight, The vote Is as
follows: Miss Brunoid, 85; , Miss
Oramms, 47;. Miss Goodman, 39;, Miss
Mamie Wilson. 28; Miss Leano, De
veneau,. 26; Miss Bessie O'Connor, 23;
Miss Lee, 5., ...
., The school teachers' contest ; has
more contestants than any other, and
Mrs. McCormack Is In the lead.1 The
vote Is as follows; , Mra Joslo Mo
Cormack, 78; Miss Slnnott,'. 29; Miss
O'Neil, 45; , Miss , Morgan, 5;..' Miss
Shlvely 3; Miss Bllnn, 3; Professor
Stupp, 3; Miss Badollet, 3; MrsT Ful
ton. 2; Mrs. Busey, 2. , t ,
The boys', contest stands us follow
to. date: John Betan, 100; Freddie
Johnson, 80; .James Kearney, 70; R.
Kinkella, 10. This contest will end at
8 o'clock. .,..'.
Last evening several articles, were
raffled, the winners being Mrs. C,
Lightfoot, Miss Irene Rcllly, John
Kearney and Gus Schoenbaechler,
Dinner will be served this "afters
lam Em who Is In Alaska; J. C, coun
ty clerk; J. It, a resident of Seattle;
DeWltt, a resident of Portland; Nlcho
las, a resident of Astoria, and Miss
Mary. J. R. Clinton will arrive from
Seattle to attend the' funeral, while
DeWltt' will come from Coos bay,
where he had been looking after the
Interests of the company with which
he la connected. The funeral will be
held tomorrow afternoon from the res
idence, 289 Harrison avenue, and the
Interment ylll be , in Greenwood. . The
service will be conducted by Rf v. Mr
Forsythe, acting , pastor of Grace
church. . . " , .
' ' . . ' ....... .'-"
Will Probably Make Liberal Exhibit
At Portland Exposition.
Topeka, Kan., Oct 21.-t-The Topeka
Commercial Club tonight resolved In
favor of a Kansas exhibit at the Lewlr
and Chirk .exposition.. The legislature
w)U be asked to make a liberal appro
priation. ,, . ,
Attention, Red Men.
Conoomly tribe, Improved Order of
Red Men, will pay ' a fraternal visit
to Lwah tribe, of Chinook, this (Sat
urday) evening, leaving Fishers'
wharf on the steamer 'Mayflower at
7:46. AH member's are' Invited to niiike
the trip. Tickets are free to members,
and the brothers 'of Chinooli have
promised a ' good time ' to all. ;
C. E. GAMMEL, Sachem.
C, E. FOSTER, Chief of Records'.
Removal Notice. '
Dr. 3. A. Fulton has moved from
his old office to rooms 4. 6 and 6 In
the Star theater building, corner Elev-
noon between 6 and 7. ' Last evening enth and Commercial ' streets, on the
i.-t i . ....
Mr. Hager rendered several vocal second floor, , '
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