The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, August 03, 1904, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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It's Chase & Sanborns
Choice Blended Coffee
Tut up in & milk can holding 5 ponnds and
sell for $1.25 each. :: ::
Local Brevities!
flics rooms (or rant tn ths Kinney
brick. 0 to. Darker, Astoria National
Bank. -
Kornetlus Anderson, a native of Nor
war. yesterday declared hla Intention
of becoming a cltlsen of the United
KtaW. -
A, marriage llcenae waa Issued yea.
terdny to Chrlss Alexander Dell, of
Portland, and Mla Charlotte M. Hen
itett, of thla city. The wedding will
lake place at Oearhart Pork.
Mine Maud Morrison waa yesterday
appointed executrix of the estate of
Mine Hope Clayton, deceased. The
i.utiilnn tnr h mnolnlmunt of the
executrix recites that the eslats Is
valued at $1000; that the only heir U
the mother of the deceased, who re
sides at' Ill Rapids. Mich. Mla Mor
rUon'a bonda were fixed at 11000.
Do you want to Improve your gar
den? If ao, plant the tateat improved
roae buahea, treea or other ornamental
stock, fruit treea, etc It costa nothing
to look them over; all orders promptly
delivered fret of charge. A. Kallunkia,
SIS Commercial street, Astoria agent of
the celebrated Continental Nurseries of
Xtocheater, N. T. Inspection Invited.
An enjoyable social and card party
was given at St Mary's hall Inst even
ing. The attendance was Urge and
all passed a pleasant evening. The
lady's first prise went to Mre. Foard
and the consolation prise to Miss Ague
Leahy. The gentleman's first prise was
won by Walter Walaon and the con
solation by Frank Klnkelta. At the
conclusion of the card party dancing
waa Indulged In.
Court Astoria, Foresters of America,
will be paid an official visit tonight by
Grand Chief' lUnger Klepper, of La
Grand, Ore., Grand Treasurer Bour
geois, of Portland, and other grand
court officers. The visiting offlcers
will be tendered an Astoria receptton,
which Is another way of saying that
the gathering will prove one of excep
tional Interest. Astoria court is the
banner court of the state, having
nhown the greatest percentage of gain
tn membership at the Inst state meet
ing. The membership numbers more
than 300. The lodge Is now making
preparations for the celebration of
Foresters' day, August 15. The celebra
tion will be held on the night of the
Uth, which falls on the regular meet
ing night. An Interesting musical and
literary program will be rendered and
friends of members will bs Invited to
take part In the celebration.
Another monster log raft was
brought down the- river from Stella
yesterday afternoon. Two river steam
ers brought down the great boom
which was taken on to the lower har
bor; There the steamer Francis H.
Leggett will take the raft In tow and
start south with It for Ban Francisco
at the earliest possible date. It Is
quite probable the start may be made
today. ' The raft Is Just about the site
of the last boom which was sent away
and contains approximately (,000,000
feet of lumber. It is the property of
the Hammond Lumber Company. The
Leggett has on board a cargo of 1,
250,000 feet of redwood, loaded at
Eureka for San Francisco.
At the regular monthly session of
the county court, which wilt be con
vened this morning, the matter of the
Improvement of the Nehalem road will
probably be taken up and acted upon,
The aettlers In that part of the county
have levied special taxes In several
districts and placed the grade in good
condition. They are very anxious to
have the road planked and the court
has been requested to remove the saw
mill to a location on the road. The
settlers will furnish the necessary logs.
Members or the court are quite as
anxious as the settlers that the high
way be Improved, and It Is not Im
probable that the request will be
Mrs. F. D. Keuttntr ,14 still In the
lead In the regatta queen contest, Mrs,
Rldvhalgh holding second place, Miss
Tallant third place and Mrs. C. L.
Houston fourth place. The count of
votes yesterduy afternoon shows the
standing of the candidates to be as
follows: Mrs. Keuttner, 4753; Mrs.
Rldehalgh, 4036; Miss Tallant, 2S73;
Mrs. Houston, 2591; Miss Rafter, 2274;
Miss Stokes, 2002; Miss Lldwell, 181;
Miss Norberg, 1387. The balloting will
close on Friday night. Some deep
scheming Is said to be on foot by
friends of the various candidates, and
surprtsea are looked for Friday night.
It la said that four of the candidates
are to be liberally supported and the
balloting will probably be spirited.
Chief of Police Hollock last night
picked up a single team on Eleventh
There Are Engines
Run well part of the time
Ran poorly all of the time
Won t wurK any time
street that had been standing , there
all day, according to statements made
by observing persons. The horse was
hitched to a buggy and It Is supposed
the rig belonged to some farmer. The
chief took the animal t f I very stable
and the owner will be required to pay
the charges. He Is liable to fine or im-!
prisonment for cruelty to animals.
Fire last night destroyed the big
warehouse at Fort Stevens, together
with Its contents. The blaze broke
out at 1:30 and all efforts to extin
guish it proved futile, the building be
ing burned to the ground. As to the
manner in which the fire originated,
the men at the post are in the dark.
It was stated last night by one of the
men that there was no suspicion of
Incendiarism, and the blase probably
resulted from combustion. The ware
house was 90 feet In length and 40 feet
wide, end was full of tools and sup
plies for the guns. It was Impossible
last night to secure an estimate of the
damage, but it is thought the loss will
be very heavy. . - .
A Seaside dispatch says: "Cut off
by the tide after wading some dis
tance through water up to their waists,
Dr. A. A. Morrison and Captain Wil
liam Oadsby were forced to spend
Friday night on a rocky point barely
out of reach of high tide. Here they
spent a dreary night, having built e
fire with what driftwood they could
find. Their only food consisted of four
small sandwiches, which Captain
Oadsby happened to have. The two
men walked about 12 miles down the
coast in search of sea lions. About
two miles past False Tillamook they
climbed a sandy mountain, only to t;
confronted at the summit by an insur
mountable stone wall 50 feet high.
Though they slid down the mountain
on their backs to gain time, the tide
was rapidly cutting them off when they
got to the bottom. Their absence
caused considerable anxiety."
The police have been unable to get
any clew that might lead to the arrest
of the robber who held up L. Larson
early yesterday morning. The Incident
greatly disturbed the peace of mind
of the saloon man and his description
of the highwayman was not accurate
enough to give the officers a tine on
the robber. The presence of the white
mask prevented the victim from no
ticing anything about the fellow by
which he might be recognised. There
are several auspicious characters In the
city, and It Is Just possible the right
man may be Jailed. Since gambling
was closed In Portland there has been
an Influx of undesirable Individuals.
and the Bugby quarry is said to have
furnished its full quota of bad men.
Chief Hallock says the robbery ought
to be a lesson to those persona who
carry home large sums of money at
night, He expresses surprise that more
holdups have not occurred. Many of
the saloon men. upon closing for the
night, start home with the day's re
ceipts, and those who live away from
the principal streets would prove easy
marks for highwaymen.
S ometh i tt g N
for the Home
Made in cane and rattan
Large and comfortable
For summer comfort
A splendid assortment and
Not high in price either , ,
Because her assailant Is sickly and
not capable of withstanding the rigors
of jiill life, Miss Murray, the vaude
ville performer, yesterday paid the fine
which Justice Goodman Imposed upon
Ben S. Trask for beating the complain
ing witness. The warrant for Trask's
arrest was issued Monday afternoon
Trask knew what was coming and de
termined to leave the city. He went
to the depot, but there saw Constable
Utzlnger and a policeman, and, sus
pecting that they were looking for him,
he executed a flank movement Yes
terday morning he tried It again, but
was arrested. He was locked up in
the county Jail for four hours, and at
in the afternoon was taken before
Justice Goodman for arraignment Miss
Murray, who was Trask's stage part-
(ner, appeared and asked permission to
withdraw the charge. Trask is not at
all healthy, being a sufferer from pul
monary trouble, while Miss Murray
Is of formidable appearance, and it was
somewhat surprising to the officials
that she should have permitted him to
beat her. The woman explained that
she did not want to be responsible for
the incarceration of Trask, whose
health might be further injured there
by, but the court declined to dismiss
the case. Trask was fined 310, which
Miss Murray paid, and the costs were
likewise taxed against her. Doubtless
the' couple will continue to work In
double harness on the vaudeville stage.
New Law ts Take Effect Two Years
Hence Would Cut Columbia River,
Out of Exporting Business.
Portland Journal; W. L. Marvin,
secretary of he marine commission
and regarded as an authority on mar
itime law, is of the opinion that the
importance of the American shipping
problem to the city of Portland can
not be overestimated and that there ts
danger of Us being passed too lightly
by her people. He said:
"The city of Portland Is the only one
on this coast at which we find no
American line of ships trading with
foreign ports. This fact in addition
to others, makes the bearings of this
commission more vital to Portland than
they are to any other city. The ports
of Seattle, Tacoma and San Francisco
having American lines, they are bound
to outstrip Portland in every form of
growth resulting from foreign com
merce. While it is true that Seattle
has a large shlpbulldng plant this In
dustry only carries the special benefits
ihat attend the employment of a num
ber of worklngmen In that particular
industry. The city that has ft good
harbor and Is convenient for seagoing
vessels, may become a great factor in
foreign commerce If the conditions
are favorable to American shipping.
A law has been passed, to take effect
two years hence, which provides that
all commerce of every kind carried on
between an American port and any
country under the American flag shall
be carried by American ships.
"This measure alone," says Mr. Mar
vin, "would cut Portland out of all the
rich trade that is coming or already
here bet wen the United States and
her possessions In the orient and even
In the Sandwich Islands. There is al
ready In force and effect a law that
provides that all troops of war, sup
plies and munitions for our men in the
Philippines shall be carried in Amer
ican ships. Therefore, you may, easily
see that It behooves Portland to do
something at once In the way of a rad
ical reform of her shipping conditions
If she hopes to supply from this city
and Its rich producing territory any
part of the commerce of the United
States and American ports abroad.
You have Seattle on the north and
San Francisco on the south, both eager
to seise every contract and fill every
requirement of American foreign trade,
and both of these cities have American
shipping lines operating with the Phil
ippines, China and the Sandwich isl
ands. "These cities will undoubtedly en
deavor to increase their present Amer
ican shipping lines to those ports, and
It would not be long until Portland
would be hopelessly distanced and out
of the race. This city has a beautiful
harbor, and In some respects has ad
vantages over her rivals for this trade.
She is well located In a rich producing
district, and ships will always go up
stream as far as they can with safety.
She is backed by the fertile Willamette
valley, with a vast productive power
by which her granaries may be sup
plied. Given American ships and thus
placed on an even footing in the way
of transportation facilities, she would
with her distinct advantages in other
respects be Invincible in the foreign
f Astoria's Leading House-furnishers I
4 J
Do you want a visit from MADAMET
All members of Court Astoria, No. 8,
Foresters of America, are requested to
be present at the meting to be held
thla evening, when an official visit will
bs made by Grand Chief Ranger Klep
per and other grand court officers.
; x R. M. M'LEAN, Chief Ranger.
C. E. FOSTER, Secretary.
D. M. Averlll, of Portland, Is in the
C. F. Overbaugh is down from the
L. H. Miller, of Chehalis, Is visiting
in Astoria,
Harrison Allen has gone to Cannon
beach to enjoy an oUtlng.
Will A. Martin, a well known Port
land commercial traveler, Is In the
c'-ty. " ,
Chrlas A. Bell, of Portland, was in
the city yesterday en route to Gear-
hart Park.
John H. Smith went over to Seaside
last night to spend a few days with
his family.
Rev. Edgar P. Hill, of Portland, was
among the passengers down on last
night'B train.
N. H. Klepper, grand chief ranger of
the Foresters of Oregon, arrived In the
city last evening. He will pay an of
ficial visit to Court Astoria tonight
Miss Mabel Ayers, of Portland; Miss
Blanche McNalr, of Tillamook, and
Mrs. A. G. Ogilvle, of Portland, were
among the arrivals In the city last
Max Pracht of Ashland, registers at
the Occident from Peachblow Paradise.
Among the Portlanders in town yes
terday were A. T. Johnson, W. S. Zim
merman, W. W. Gordon and J. H.
The voting contest tor Regatta Queen
will close Saturday, the 6th Instant, at
9 p. m., Instead of Thursday, the 4th
Instant as previously announced.
. Chairman.
I Great" -Reductions I
9. ; l
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