The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, June 10, 1904, Image 1

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NO. 212.
Correspondent Reports That the
Storming of Port Arthur Be
gan Yesterday At Day
break. ,
Stated Officially That Turkey Will
Not Allow Black Sea Fleet ,
to Pass Strait
General Kttroimtkln Wire Cznr
of Another DlnttHtir to Ills
Troop i Which lie
Lookc Men.
Indianapolis. Juno fc Aaooelal to
tht New from Itt ataff war eorrespen.
dtnt t Chefoo saysi
"Chefoo, Juno "..The lonfl eonUm
plated attack by the Japanese on Port
Arthur began aarly this morning. Tho
Russian foroos around tho boloagusrod
city wro roinforeod by tho troops
which had garrisoned Oalny and Kin
Chou.. Tho Russian vassals in tho
harbor with tholr groat guns aidsd tho
land foroos In ro polling tho attaok.
Tho fighting still gooo on."
Including 20 wlc-p In their bunk, es
caped to tho row alongside.
fl"h Pacific la of 420 tons and valued
at 1176,000. fine was built by the
North American Dredging Company In
Tacoma lust year, and tho company ha
bn at work several months on the
government contract to clear the har
bor. Tug are at work to raise the
Kuropatkin Regrets to Report
St. Petersburg, June I. General Ku
ropatkin telegraphs tho emperor, tinder
date of June I: '
"A Japanese brigade attacked the
Russian detachment occupying Stamu
tesa on June 7. Tho Russians retired
slowly, because of the enemy'a great
superiority, toward Fen Chulln pas.
"Our tosses were two officers wound
ed and 100 soldiers killed or wounded."
St. Petersburg Rumors.
Ht. Petersburg, June 9. Among the
rumors that nil tho city tonight la one
on bHter authority than the average
that General Kuropatkin la hlmaelf
moving southward from Mao Yang. It
fa not possible to authoritatively con
firm the report.
Fleet Will Not Pose.
St. Petersburg, June I. Tho Asso
ciated Press la Informed officially that
no negotiations are taking place be
tween Russian and . Turkey concerning
the passage of tho Waik aco fleet
through tho Dardanelles. Tho Turkish
government haa affirmed positively Its
Intention to maintain neutrality and
observe strictly tho obligations of the
nerlln treaty. While diplomatic cir
cles do not believe In tho existence of
danger In tho Balkans, yet It Is thought
that Russia will not consider the re
duction of the Black sea, fleet at this
Craft Sinks by Breaking a Sunotion
Pipe in Hold.
Tacoma, Juno By the breaking of
tho auction pip In the hold, th ocean
going dredger Pacific wo aunk In 20
feet of water In th city channel at
tho foot of Twenty-first street about
midnight Jaat night. Tho men In the
engine rooms had little time to save
themselves. Thirty-five men on board
Famous Portland Mine, Which Recog
nized the Union Miners, Is Shut by the
Military Authorities and Will be
Cause of the Federal Courts In
vestigating Governor's Rights
given them by persons wh have al
ready unearthed some startling clews,
hope to run the midnight raider to
Young Morrison Is dying at the home
of Mrs. Moore in Casper,
The shooting of MorrUon occurred
near the scene of the murder of Ben
Mlnnlck, who was shot down while In
camp on Thunder mountain a year
ago last February, Central Wyoming
la greatly stirred up over the foul
crime, and If the assassin la caught
ho will be summarily dealt with.
Troops Are Chsnged
Washington, June 8.An order has
Citizen' Alliance Declares That It Will Mot Tolerate One Union
Man or Woman, No Matter to What Union They Belong, to
Remain in the Cripple LreeK District-Property Uwners wm
be Forced to Leave as Well as Others.
been Issued transferring the Fourth emi Sherman ilcll, commands of the
and Ninth cavalfy. the Fourth w at
Port Rlloy, Fort Leavenworth and Jef
ferson barracks, and th Ninth at Fort
Walla Walla, the Presidio and Mon
terey. The change will, take place on
October IS. Tho Tenth Infantry has become, and imw is, a menace to the
Wen ordered from San, Franclwo to
stations In the department of the Co
lumblu. i
Portland Official Requested to .Do .So
From Washington.
Portland, Jim $. Postmaster Ban
croft this evening telrgrophcd bis resig
nation to Senator Mitchell at Wash
ington. For some lime past there baa
been much dissension In tho local pout-
office affairs, and several weeks ago
It was reported that Bancroft would
be asked to resign, A request for hie
resignation come today and wa Im
mediately eompiled with. Several
names have been mentioned for the
postmoslershlp. but It I said that John
W. Mlnto, deputy collector of Internal
revenue, Is the probable successor of
Dominican Revolution Ended...
Washington. Juno . The, navy de
partment today received cablegram
from Admiral Slgsbee, dated Monte
Chrlate, lost night, saying:
"The custom house her will begin
th transaction of business June 9. All
porta of Banto Domingo now open to
commerce. Revolution now ended."
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Cojplfhl IKM it Hut lokiffaw S But
P. A. STOKESj OniPrkeToEwiboay
Victor, Colo., June 9. Adjutant Gen-j tie with the operation of the Portland
Teller county military district, has or-
derrd' the Portland mine, which em
ploys union men, closed down.
Tho. order says that the mine "has
welfare and safety of the good people
of aald' county, and a' hindrance to the
restoration of" pear and good order,"
All persons found therein or there
abouts -who are considered dangerous
to the community will be arrested and
held until further orders. The Port
land la the only large mine In the dla-
trlct that hae continued In operation
since th explosion at -Independence xm
Monday, which killed or maimed more
than So non-union miners. The Port
land Cold Mining Company, ; through
Its president and manager, James F.
Burns, who Is not -member of the
Cripple Creek District Mine Owners'
Association, conceded the demands of
tho unions when the strike wo Inaugu
rated last August, and haa steadily
given employment to about 500 union
May Go to Federal Courts.
Denver, Colo., June I. Tho closing
of the Portland mine at Victor by or
der of Adjutant General Sherman M.
Belt will probably be the mean of
reaching the federal courts with the
case to test the power of Governor Pea-
body to vest In the military absolute
power In the district declared to be
under martial law.
The Portland Gold Mining Company
being a foreign company, Incorporated
under the laws of Iowa, It la stated
by eminent lawyer that therefore any
act affecting It may be reviewed by the
United Statea courts.
James F. Burns, president of the
Portland Mining Company Is in Den
ver closeted wtth attorneys, who, it la
said, are preparing paper which will
probably be filed In the United States
circuit court tonight asking for an or
der to prevent further Interference on
the part of the state military authorl-
Bums, it Is further reported, will
alao auk that the military be with
drawn from the vicinity of hia prop
erty in Victor, and that be be allowed
to protect his men when they, go back
to work
Military authorities are credited with
saying that when ihe Burns Injunction
Is sued for, an attempt will be made to
arrest Burns himself on a criminal
charge that he Incited a riot It Is
not claimed that there Is ground for
the" accusation that Burns personally
Incited the riot, the Implication being
that he should be held partly responsl
ble for tho recent troubles at Cripple
Creek because he maintained the
unions by giving employment to union
All Unionists Must Go.
Cripple Creek. Colo., June 9. "Death
to jinloniam In the Cripple Creek dis
trlct" is the new slogan of the CSti
sens' Alliance which ha sent the de
ere broadcast, and every person con
nected with the union here must either
sever his or her connection with such
an organisation or leave the district
This latest stand of the anti-union
ists wa vaguely hinted at. two days
ago, but the movement on the part
of the alliance seemed so absurd to
the 1,000 or 4,000 unionists in the camp
and it enforcement fraught with so
many difficulties that it was not taken
No person who works for a living
will be exempt and absolute annihlla
tion of unionism in this county is pre
dieted by members of the Citizens'
Alliance and the mine owners' asso
Thia is considered the most drastic
step yet taken by the alliance since it
secured the upper hold in the dis
trict and ita enforcement will affect
J.000 men and women now affiliated
with various unions. Among the un
ions that will be affected by the new
movement are the clerks, cooks and
waiters, bartenders, carpenters, elec
tricians, trainmen and stone and brick
Posse of Cowboys Chas Train Robbers
and Surround Them.
Newcastle, Colo., June '9. A poese
of ranchmen and cowboys living In
the neighborhood of Garfield, wet of
this place, came upon three men sup
posed to be the Denver ft Rio Grande
train robbers who dynamited the ex
press car near Parachute, Colo., Tues
day night, and a battle followed, one
of the pursued being killed. The other
two escaped Into Garfield canyon, and
at last accounts were completely sur
rounded. It 1 thought their escape Is
Elmer Chatteman, a cowboy, received
a slight flesh wound. The dead man
was brought to this! place tonight and
Identified aa one of the three men
who worked several days last week on
the Denver ft. Rio Grande section near
Paiachute, under the name of J. H
Rows. Nothing Is known of, bis history
here.- :
.I. i,
Southern Pacific Train North
bound Almost Wrecked Near
Grant's Pass, by Obstruction.
Heavy Steel Rail Had Been Placed
Across the Track, But Engineer
Saw It in Time.
Cowcatcher t'aujrlif Obstruction
at Critical Moment Sup
ported That Tramp r
Did Deed,
Attorney General Selected to Succeed
Late Senator Quay.
Philadelphia, June 9. Philander C.
Knox, attorney general of the United
States, was selected today to fill the
seat In the United States senate made
vacant by the death of M. S. Quay.
He will accept and serve by appoint
ment of Governor Pennypacker until
March 4, the date of the expiration of
the latter' commission. Unless po
Portland, June 9. News leaked out ;
here this evening that a dastardly at- .
tempt was made yesterday afternoon .
to wreck the northbound Southern
Pacific train at Grants Pass. Round-
ing a turn, the engineer noticed an o!) i
struction on the track some distance.'
engine, but the momentum ; was., so-r
great that the cowcatcher struck the v
object and carried it some distance be 1
fore the train couid be brought to a
standstill. Investigation showed that
miscreants had placed a section of
heavy steel rail across the track, but'
fortunately it stood" so high that the
cowcatcher prevented it coming tnt
contact with the wheel of the engine.
Had such a happening occurred, a
frightful catastrophe would have re
sulted, a the train was a heavy one,
being the regular passenger train from
San Francisco, due ta arrive here this
Htlcal complication should arise asj morning. Detective are at work o
the result of toSay' action, he will
be elected for the full term by the
legislature, which meets next January.
President Pleased.
Washington, June 9. The president
is greatly pleased that Knox should
succeed Quay. Knox will probably not
resign a attorney general until con
gress convene next December,
Wanamakar's Brother Die Suddenly.
Philadelphia, June 9. S. M. Wana-
maker, a leading merchant of this city,
and brother of former Postmaster Gen
eral John Wanamaker, died suddenly
today of heart disease.
the case. It 1 believed that tramp
are responsible for the outrage.
Pacific Coast.
At Los Angele Portland, S; Do
Angeles, 2.
At Seattle Tacoma, 4; Seattle, 7.
At San Francisco Oakland, I: San
Francisco, 1.
At Boston Cincinnati, 9; Boston, S.
At Cleveland New York, S; Cleve
land, 2.
At Detroit Boston, S; Detroit
Look Into Case of Son Aeoused of
Portland, June 9. To ascertain, if
possible, the exact facts concerning
the alleged holdup of hi son, W. E.
Aurellus came to Portland from Chi
cago. He ha been here several days,
but thus far has not succeeded In ar
riving at a conclusion.
W. II. Aurellus, cashier of the local
office of the Pullman Palace Car Com
pany, reported to the police that two
negroes entered his office and at re
volver points forced him to hand over
to them more than 2,500. The police
investigated and found no clue to the
alleged robbers. Subsequently Detec
tive Welner, who handled the case,
branded the young man's story as a
fake. Aurellus Btltl stick to the hold
up atory. His father says If his son
took the money he will repay It, but he
wants to be fully convinced.
This morning the father was inter
viewing officers and newspaper men re
garding the' cae. Naturally, he be
lieves his son was held up, and that the
story was genuine.
Sheepman Was Shot From Ambush on
Wyoming Range.
Butte, Mont, June 9. Mr. Lucy L.
Moore, Btepmother of Lincoln Morri
son, the young sheepman who was shot
from ambush on the night of May 23,
on Alkali gulch, Klrby creek, In the
Big Horn country, Wyoming, a short
distance south from the Montana l'ne,
offers a reward of 92504 for the assas
sin. She says that she will pay this
sum for the arrest and conviction or
the dead body of the person who shot
the young man. One thousand dollars
will be paid for a chain of evidence
that will disclose the identity of the
assassin, and $500 will be paid for cor
roborative evidence sworn to and used
on behalf of the state In the trial of
the guilty party.
In addition to these rewards, the
Luther C. Morrison estate will pay
the sum of $1000 for the dead body
of the assassin, and the Woolgrowers
Association of Central Wyoming will
also pay flOOO for the corpse.
It Is said that a number of famous
man-hunter will take the field at once
and, armed with evidence that, will be
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