The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, June 09, 1904, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Are in Vienna Hospital Under Treatment
for Nervous Trouble and Hysterics
From Unknown Cause.
New Tork, June S. Friends of the
Misses Bondy of New York have re
ceived from Vienna news that the
young women are In a medical insti
tute in that city, having been taken
there for observation and treatment
while laboring under great excitement
or hysteria, says a Herald dispatch
from Paris, The story of their afflic
tion is a strange one. ; Six months ago
three young sisters, who are between
the ages of 20 and SO. left New Tork
for Europe, unattended5 for a trip to
the Mediterranean and Egypt. They
were well Supplied with money and
proficient in European languages.
After visiting the holy land they visi
ted Egypt, saw thepyramids and went
some distance' up the Nile, .
A month ago they reached Constan
tinople. Thare they met a party of
Americans who obtained for the young
ladies a reliable courier to escort them
to Havre where they proposed embark
ing on their return voyage. Th,ey
were evidently in a nervous condition
and told stories of An attempt made
to kidnap them near the pyramids and
of their having been pursued across
Galilee by a bandit Sheik. They
gave the Impression to all who came
in contact with them that their nerves
had teen considerably shaken by their
adventures, fancied or real.
On the arrival of the sisters in Vienna
their nervousness became more marked
They evaded the courier and moved
from hotel to hot?l, declaring their
lives were in danger. Finally they
called upon the police for protection
and were turned over to the United
States consul who is having them
cared for pending the arrival of rela
tlves. The real cause of the nervous
breakdown is unknown.
Doors of Her House Battered
Down With Axes In the Hands
of Detectives of New York.
Took Two Hours to Mtike IIt
Toilet Heforc (ioltiir to
Spend Nljrkt in
' theBnMile.
New York, June 8. Hannah Ellas
the octoroon, charged by John Piatt
Manufacture of Liquid Air and Liquid
Hydrogen at World's Fair.
St Louis, June 8. Liquid air and
the still more rare product, liquid hy
drogen, are being manufactured at the
low temperature research exhibit of
the British royal commission at the
world's fair. The exhibit, which is in
stalled in a separate building erected
for the purpose in the northwest cor
ner of the exposition grounds, is i
reproduction of the plant employed by
Professor James Dewar, the well
known scientist, in his low temperature
research at the Royal Institute, Lon
don. The plant was constructed ac
cording to Professor De war's lnstruc
tions and represents the advance made
to low temperature work since the
discovery of liquid hydrogen In 1898.
The world's fair is the only place in
the world, outside of London, where
the process of making liquid hydrogen
can be observed this year. In connec
tion with the low temperature exhibit.
J. E. PetaveV late of Owen's college,
Manchester, England, will deliver a
number of lectures upon the work
which has been accomplished in Eng
land in obtaining extremely low temperature.
Boat Was Hit
, Tokio, June 8. (10:30 a. m.) Four
Japanese gunboats, which made a close
reconnaissance of Port Arthur harbor
at midnight on June 6 for the pur
pose of examining the entrance, were
exposed to afsevere cannonade. Gun-
. boat number 4 was hit eight times and
sustained some! damage. One of her
sailors was killed and two others were
wounded."' 1 " ' ' ' '
Jewels Thrown Away by Daughter of
the House.
Chicago, June 7. Diamond rings
valued at $6330 have been found In
the toe of a slipper that had ben thrown
with other discarded footwear on a
garbage dump. The jewels were the
property of Mrs. George Frank, who
had hidden them In the slipper. Her
daughter, ignorant of its valuable con
tents, gave the slipper, with its mate,
to the elevator boy of their apartment
building to throw away. The police
were notified when the loss was dis
covered. The elevator boy said he
remembered taking old shoes from Mrs.
Frank's apartments Saturday and
throwing them in the garbage can. The
driver of the wagon was found and
sent at once to Sharpshooters park.
where he collected all the old shoes he
could find. In the 15th shoe examined,
the diamonds were found.
by armed members of the citlsens' at
llance and their federation cards taken
from them. They were told that they
were wanted In Cripple Creek, but that
they must take out cards in the cltl
tens alliance to stay. If they did not
consent to do this they were to be
After eating a hearty meal the first
that some of them had enjoyed, so the
fugitives state, in 24 hours, secured
beds when they could get accommoda
tions. One of the deported miners
"I don't know why I was deported,
I have violated no law, destroyed no
property, Injured no man. So tar as
Iknow every one of the men driven
with me from home are equally Inno
cent with myself.1
The guards who accompanied the
men from Cripple Creek returned to
the district on the next train which
left about an hour later.
jteporcs mat an armea mob was
gathering at the union depot took the) with having secured from him by
train bearing the deported unionists hiuckmalllng methods nearly $700,000
caused Chief of Police Delaney to order the nU-ht in the Mercer street
a detail of police to the station. On
their arrival they
peaceful and quiet.
found everything
police station. ,
She was taken from her palatini resi
dence In Central Park west (where the
doors were knocked down with axes),
Paid the Bail.
j New Tork, June 8. Mrs. Cornelius
I Storrs has paid 820,046.76 to Assistant
District Attorney Miner, the amount,
with- Interest, of the forfeited bail for
1 Dr. Richard Cv Flower, who Is said o
I have obtained some $300,000 of the
I woman's money r through ; mining
schemes. He has disappeared. Mrs.
Storrs declares that Dr. Flower" saved
her from death; that she was greatful
and had faith In him.
Deported Men Well Treated by Union
Denver, June 8. The 24 deported
union miners from the Cripple Creek
district, since the serious Hots in that
section, returned to Denver about mid
night on a special train over the Den
ver & Rio Grande. In the rear of the
car stood nine guards armed with shot
guns and army rifles, who had been
deputized to accompany them to Den
ver from the gold camp. The miners
were unarmed. Nearly all were pen
niless. ' The men were met by about
40 delegates to the convention of the
Western Federation of miners and were
taken to a restaurant.
The miners declare that the Cripple
Creek district is no longer safe for
union men. f;
"Any one who has an enemy," laid
one, "Had better get out, because ft Is
i lmpos8ibleforwhiDi to -be protected
there now." -. -: ; ! ,
The miners assert that when they
were searched by guards of the mili
tary and citizens alliance and their
moriey'and valuables taken. s They
also declare that before they were
placed on the train they were lined up
5 c Cigar
upon Which
million tastes
a i
ff fnnfoico))
. 21 Sand is tht Smoker" $ ,
Sheriff Declares Man Who Blew Up ,0 rilk ,n a crrln.
r Depot Belonged to Union. She delayed so long at home arranging
Denver, June 8. A Victor (Col.) spe- her toilet that the latter place was not
clal says the Newman today prints an reined until nearly 3 o'clock. After
Interview with Sheriff Edward Bell of nftv,ng lven her lmme' "'
. . . was taken to Mercer street for the
ifiicr county, concerning me inae-1 , ..
I night.
venue. .u irageuy. u. is creau- EfforU to Berve a warrnnt on Mrll,
ea with saying: E1u8 n a cjvn BUt had kept a crowd
I will get the murderer"sure. The about her house for a week and when
the detectives attacked the doors with
nrf vino 11 in .... t axes In order to serve a warrant In a
have a number of clews that are valu- cr,n,,nal acllon whkh Mr' rintt final
able, but will not divulge them at this had been P11 Pn
time. I don't believe the murderer Is ther was a lure auJlt"nc'
In the state at this time. But I can A" Mr- E,la" loft th nou"e- '
and will get him. I have no doubt but neavlly uP.n the ormB of the de,ect
what he la a member of the miners' ,v" Bhe nad t0 P1" betwten solid
union." I rows or curious persons, wnne street
At 2:30 o'clock this morning General lcar8' carriages and automobiles were
Bell and the mine operators, led by ,lned u ,n order that thc,r P"nf
Charles M. M. MacNeiii and r r might view the outcome of the strange
Hlralln. were preparing to take a sec- "e wmcn naa Detn no l0T ev,,nu
ret trip down the Short Line railway, H""- Mrs- E,la" prMd " concern
their destination being unknown, every Pver ner orrMt'
memw nt tha rortv vin The specific charge on which the
est pains to conceal the purpose 0f warrant waa hande1 ,a tha alled ex
the trip. No sooner had General Bell torlUon 'rom Mr- p,att of 17500 ,n
arrived than th trln was iiifMiliwl I last
If your ehest measure Is 42, M
ooat would be little unoomfortablt
and would cause some comment among
your frlendi.. It your advertising c
penditure cut toe small for your butl
nets chest measurement?
don't oo to rr. LOUIS
'Till you call at or write to the Chi
cago, Milwaukee ft St. Taul Railroad
OlTlcc 1J4 Thlrt street, Portland, Or
Low rates to all points tost. In conned
tlon with all transcontinental.
II. 8. HOWE,
General Agent,
to Chicago and all points Mat; Loula-
vllie, Memphis. Mew Orleans, and all
points south.
See that your ticket reads via the
Illinois Central R. ft. Thoroughly mod
ern trains connect with all transconti
nental lines at St. Paul and Omaha.
If your friends are coming west let us
know and ws will quote them direct
the specially low rnte now In effect
from all eastern points.
Cripple Creek District Is Now Under
Military Control.
Denver, Colo., June 8. A special to
the News from Victor, Colo., says that
martial law was declared In the Crip
ple Creek district at 2 o'clock this
morning by the posting by Acting
Governor Haggott of a proclamation
at a number of places In the camp.
The posting was done under the direc.
tlon of Adjutant General Bell who ar
rived at Victor from Denver at an
early hour this morning with the proe-
Canada Will Make It in Favor of 8ome
Woolen Goods.
Ottawa, Ont., June 8. Hon. 8. Field
Ing, minister of finance, In a statement
In the house has announced that there
Is not to be a general revision of the
tariff until the next session of parlia
ment. In the meantime, he said, a
few changes had been made. The
BrltlHh preference on woolens has bwn
diminished by about 7 per cent, which
gives that much additional protection
to the Cunadlan manufacturer. Im
portations of stallions and mares ure
prohibited when valued under $50;
lamatlon. Conditions In the camo are coal oil previosly S cents per gallon
quiet according to all accounts. Gen
eral Bell has assumed command of thel
military and control of the district I
and has called a council of the local-
military company officers. He has
also ordered Col. Verdeckberg, who!
had charge of affairs In the district I
when martial law ended there several
months ago, to the district.
has been reduced V 2!4 cents a gallon
and a bounty of 1 cents a gallon
given on crude oil manuafctured In
Canada and crude oil Imported free.
A provision Is to be Inserted In the
Canadian tariff to Impose a special
duty on "dumped" goods equal to the
difference between the price et which
tjiese goods are held for delivery In
Canada, and a' fair market value in
the country of protection.
Brakeman Seriously Wounded by Twof ANOTHER CANDIDATE.
Masked Men.
Salt Lake, June 8. Denver & Rio Delaware Democrats Bring Out New
Grande nassenirer train No. S. west I Piaea of Timhar. i
bound was held up near Palisade, Col., I Dover, Del., June 8. Contrary to
a station Just east of Grand Junction, the expressed wish of Judge George
at an early hour this morning. Gray, the Delaware democratic state
Brakeman Shellenberger Is seriously convention by a unanimous vote ye
wounded, the result of a bullet from the terday Instructed Its delegates to the
gun of one of the two holdups, and St. Louis convention to present the
the conductor had his lantern shot name of Judge Gray to the convention
from his hand. for president and to work for his noml-
The robbers flagged the train about nation.
two miles from the station and when
the trainmen went forward to learn 8pecial Excursion to the World's
the trouble, were confronted with re-1 Fair.
voivers by two masked men. The Denver & Rio Grande, in con
After marching the conductor back nectlon with the Missouri Pacific, will
to the train they detached the engine run a series of personally conducted
and express, car from the coaches and excursions to the world's fair during
blew open the safe, after running the june. These excursions will run
locomotive and car some distance up through to St. Louis without change
the tr3.Ck rarm mnlrlna hAit mtnnm of nrlnrvlnal
xne express omciais at this hour are points enroute. The first of these ex
unable to say what amount was ob- cursions will leave Portland June 7th,
lanieu, out ciaim u was small. and the second June 17th. Tha rate
from Astoria will be $67.50 to St. Louis
That Throbbing Headache and return. Excursionists going via
Would quickly leave you If you used the Denver & Rio Grando have the
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands privilege of returning via a different
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aches. They make pure blood and cross the continent. The stops ar
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money back if not cured. Sold by the various points of Interest in and
Chas. Rogers, Druggist. about Salt Lake City, Denver and
Kansas City. If you wish to accom-
The least busy counter in your store pany one of these excursions write at
is where the things you. didn't adver once to W. C. McBrlde, 124 Third
tise are sold. Look about the store street, Portland, for sleeping car res
and see. . ervatlons.
Any Information at to rates, routes,
etc., cheerfully given on application.
03. H. TRUMBUuL, Commercial
Agent, 141 Third street, Portland, Or.
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Third street, Portland, Or.
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To Spcksne, 8L Paul, Minneapolis,
Duluth, Chioago, 8t Louis, and all
points east and south.
The Flyer afldl he Fast Mail Z
Dsylight trip across ths Cstesds and
Rocky Mountains.
For tickets, rates folders and full in
formation call on or address
City Ticket Agent.
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F. & TltOVfl'HON. F. ft P. ft.
Room L Cottnan Bids. Seattle, Wash
:b6a T Portland Union Do
T ; oo p ml pot for Astoria and
way Points
11:19 an
7:4 a ml For Portland and
1:10 pmj Way Point
11 .Mam
11:14 am!
Astoria for waren
ton, Flavtl Fort
Stevens. Hammond,
and Seaside
4:00 pm
10: am
1:10 am
Seaside for War-!
ronton, Flavtl,
Hammond, Fort
Stevena ft Astoria!
1:2 am
Sunday only
All trains makt close connection at
Ooblt with all Northern Pacldo trains
to and from ths East and Sound point.
J. C. Mayo,
Oneral Freight and Pas. Agent
VjfA J t.Cl J VI 1
Shout Line
akd Union Pacific.
TO hours from Portland to Chicago,
No change of cars.
. ni.
via Huulr:
S. IS p. Ill,
rla II un l-
Mnlt Uke. lrnvor. ft
Worth. Onnl. Kan.
m City. Ht Iua.
(.oiraiio aua tlie Coat
Ht. Paul
Faat Mull
1Mp. at.
full Uk, Ixtnver fi
wcinii.uitiKlia. Kan.
un City, Ht Utiiln,
t lilcmgo sod UioKMt
Walla Walla. rwl.
and iwl
lla. Hi 'ul. Dulutlil
usee, cuicago,
38 p m
I tOOam
1:00 p m
From Astoria
All sailing dates subject to change.
For San Francisco every Ave day.
Dally ei
c-li Hun
day a ram
Columbia River to
i-uruana ana way
4 am
Daily ex
cept Mon
Steamer Nahootta. leavoa a
tht tide DAILY FOR TT.wArn
connecting there with trains for Long
anavu, iiumdi kiiu nnrin ifain vA(f"i
Returning arrives at Astoria
svenlng; rx" !
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O. W. ROBERTS, As;ent, j
Astoria, Or.
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lo Ki ll 4 iol4 ..'Jlla Iim mM
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I Z. n "I'J...'. ftrtlnaUM, T.I.I.U
VV fc "l"llrllf for 'llra,"MI,iir, bm.
(- Mull. I 't.OliK 1..UbisI. Rol4bf
u-T.r '"','- 'klli.lrl'lilUiw
Wanna lAHytio, iiadW I IIIL4. ?
ivory Woman
U mlraMd ftnfi inoiiiri Know
MARVEL Whirling Spray
The IMW (! Hrrhf. Injw
liunanit HitrHim. ItMt N.
it-Moat i:otivAmrtit.
lit nar tnnM Ikr M.
ii im fftmtoiBiiiitiiy ina
MAIiWKI,. ai'iwut no
iiLlwr. (nil wiiil iLhiiiii for
UlanliHtKNKK.k-w.l.a. itkiTfl
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VHliialilx lo liulloa M tHVlllO,,
41 rarkllaw, Hew torn.
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a rosmvs cues
sf ForlnflaromatlDtieTOataJTli
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nnUy tha wont euti of
iionrrba and UImi,
bo maltvrof bow loni ttasd, .
in. Abaolnulf bannlai,V
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