The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, May 07, 1904, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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vSpanish Sweet Peppers
., Very DIIciooi--To Try, la To Boy. '
Ttt Bottlo 10 Cents'. We are Head
quarter! for I'lcaka and Olive In
. BULK. . .' 4
on another steamer. The second boat I uniform and will aoocar In tBmrt for
will, It la stated ply aa far south asthe first time on the following Sunday"
Ban Pedro. The company claim there I when the fort Stewria team will play
a . . a. .. - .-.. . . f '
' oumnesi mnin io juaury tne iwui-i at a. F. C.' parte' T1i coats are of
tlon of another vessel . - white, with "Commercial Club" In blue
letter end blue collar; . the trouaer
The regular session of the Woman'! of white and the Mocking of card!
Club will be held thla afternoon at thelnal. The cap are of navy blue and the
usual hour. As several matters of very! uniform will be a very pretty one.
great Importance to the club art to be
brought up for action; a full attend
ance of member Is urged.
Local Brevities.
Iteslstert Reglater! XlegUterl
Bchllta beer la now being served at
Olio Mlkklrscn's saloon, the Orotto.
'' . J c. .t-L ... . ; '( -
The second aeml-ajioual account of
the admlnhtrutor of the estate of the
lata A. J. Johrwon waa submitted to
rrobiiie Judge Trenchard yesterday.
The report show that the balance on
'hum! Is f 1084.46, while the amount of
the claims against the estate la $4329.
62. Ole Erlckson has a claim against
fhe estate for IU17.J0, but has re
quested that the other claims be paid
first '"'- '' ' " -
While a few court house habitue
were sitting In Assessor Cornelius of
fice Thursday evening a logger en
tered. He wanted to know where he
could register. He explained that he
had walked into town from a- point
near Svensen for the express purpose
of registering, and to his sorrow dis
covered that the county clerk's office
had been closed about five minutes
before his arrival at the court house.
He went away without registering.
Water consumer will take notice
that Tuesday May 10, la the lust day!
on which to pny water rates to avoid
the penalty charged all delinquents.
; It la reported that the company opt
eratlng th esteamer Aurella on the op-
position flan Francisco run will- put
If price alone be the consider
ation then a suit made of shoddy,
stitched together in a hurry by
underpaid unskilled labof.would
BUT the average man of sense
wants Style I with Style he wants
FIT; quite a few manufacturers
furnish Style and Fit but econo
mize on Trimmings and Finish.
Some Makers Imitate the fa
mous "Alfred Benjamin Correct
Clothes for Men" but they don't
employ the high salaried tailors,
they don't have the same pride
and scrupulous regard for repu
tation that is conceded to Alfred
Benjamin Clothes. We are
sole Distributors in Astoria for
that famous make of Suits and
The coal discovery made by James
Titus is, It has been found, on the land
of the A. A C. It R. Co. The deposit
has not been developed, but look very
promising. It 1 situated In section 22
of thl township, just outside of the
city limits. The biggest piece of coal
taken from the ground there weighs
40 pounds. The partle who have ex
amined the scene of the discovery are
not certain as to It quality, but It I
believed further development will net
an excellent character of coal, In pay
ing quantities. '
Is the Intention of the team to play
ball once a week.
v- f
Members of the Chamber of Com
merce are now anxious to learn he
of the patrloUc Astorian who
sent the McTavlnh monument to the
enterprising assistant secretary of the
Oregon Historical Society, The cham
br meets Monday night and at that
time may take steps looking to dia-
coverey of the name of the patriota
Mr. Illmes dubs him. The assistant
secretary has Intimated that he would
divulge the name of the gentleman If
called upon to do so, and the members
of the chamber are anxious to really
determine whether or not this patrl-rt
Is fictitious. Mr. Welch said Mr.
Hlme himself tookthe relic and it Is
-unlerstood he knew what he waa talk
Ing about when he made the state
The second production Of "Bclshaa-
.ar" was decidedly better than that
of the first night, and almost as large
Coroner Pohl was yesterday Inform
ed that the nude body of a man was
seen floating In the river near West
port yestttday. The coroner's Inform
ant was George Johnson, .the well
known seiner, who was told of the
matter by a woman who had come to
Astoria on a launch yesterday after-!
noon. According to the story of the
woman, she plainly saw the corpse,
and says thai the only article of cloth.-
a crowd was present. The drills andpng m view was a collar. Coroner
dunces again attracted much interest, Pn" r??arfled the information as too
and the performance passed off wlth-l vague to merit a trip to he Is await
cut a hitch. At the conclusion of the 'n tne receipt of further advices from
performance Mr, Robinson extended
his appreciation of the excellent work
of the ladles ajid gentlemen who made
UP the large chorus, and In turn was
warmly congatulated upon the suc
cess of his efforts.
Mr. Johnson who returned to the up
river seining ground yesterday. The
coroner says the body may be that of
one of several Japs who are supposed
to have been lost while trying to es
cape from the oriental liners during
the trip up the river to Portland.
Eleven hundred and twelve city vot-
trs nave registered for the coming
elections, and 900 other votes are de
linquent In their duty. The tardy ones
have eight days In which to observe
Ar You Lucky?
Some good-looking lady of Astoria
and vicinity will go to the St. Louis
world's fulr with a free round trie
The Reliable Clothier and Hatter.
the very neceetry formality and must I ticket.
register at the rate of about 115 a i addition to the S tickets which
day If they would all get in by the HermBnn wlge wI gIve away to h,
night of May IS, when the reglsf.ra,-
geiuiemen customers ne nas decided
to give one first class round trip ticket
to that greatest of expositions, to the
lady whose number Is first drawn, out
of the box next July. Remember you
get one number with every sult.o
Ladles, when you send ' your Hus
band, son sweetheart or friend to buy
an Alfred Benjamin, Kuppenhelnier ot
High art suit or overcoat tell him to
be sure and get a World's Fair card
tlon books will be closed. The regis-
t rations In the varloun precincts atj
the cIoe of business yesterday after
noon were as follows: No. 1, 134; No.
2, 174: No. 3, 190; No. 4, 186: No. 5,
204; No. 6. 125; No. 7, 99; total. 1112.
erelAre Some ilhiiM For
ou, and Some of the Prices
fcoyal Worcester G-rs-iU, rtraMit front and Princess hip, blsek,
white and drsb, sizes from 18 to 25, former price 75c, now C9c
Assortment ol Children's Hats, all colore and tbapea, former '
price IL25, now UHc
Ladies' Fast Black CJotton Hose, former price 25c, now 19c ...
Sil Spools of Cotton Thread , 25c
LuW Hwws ribbed white low" neck sleeveless Vest, splendid
Boya' Buxfer Browo Ties, this very swell novelty in Boy' neck
wear, the latest cme in enstero cities, in all plain colors of
f rich silk, regular 75e t alue, this week ,...,,....vj,..,...41c
All silk hncy sort finished Bibboo, in 4 to 6 inch widths, regular
)'i 25c Talues, tbia weei only ,...MOoi
A wonderful bargain io Pelticoata, immense lot of black, mercer
ized sateen Petticoats, in extra full size, double Spanish flonnce.
':: " UW week:.-: ;. . r.;r:;:. . i .id
Your i Physician's SKill
No matter how careful and attentive be is
l If the prescriptioo be given you is not filled exactly as he writes it. ! We
j have established a reputation for the careful and accurate filling of pre
; scrip tions and that's the reason we have the largest prescription business
' in the city. If you haven't tried us jet, bring your next prescription to
; ; and upwards, to suit all purses and feet. - -
, - By selecting Foot-wear of all kinds ;
. 1 from' our choice new stock.1 ' ,
In the circuit court yesterday inorn,-i
IriK Muud Pearl Glurdlna filed suit fori
divorce from Vincent Olardlna.. The
complaint recites that the parties were;
married at Astoria April zo, ioz, and with a number on it. During the last
that one child, Rosetta, aged 1 year, week In July there will be a dance given
Is the Issue or tne marriage; that tne Wnen the four additional men's tickets
defendant has been Inhumanely cruel wt be distributed; at the same time
to the plaintiff, having repeatedly if win aisn h wi,1b,i vhn th lnrw
struck and cursed her. Failure toliav Bhi ,
You will, therefore, confer the triple
favor of sending me customers; of
dressing your gentlemen friends with
Fisher Bros., Company
V'"" 'v:-- I DEALERS IN ' S.
Paints, Oils and Glass, Hardware, Iron and Steel,
Groceries, Provisions and Crockery, Ship Chand- "
lery and Boat Supplies, McCormick Mowers and
Rakes, Corrugated Iron and Building Material,
Hardwood Lumber. t
provide Is
complaint. Mrs. Glard'na asks
tody of the child. Smith Bros.
also an allegation in the
rescnt the plaintiff.
The committee appointed by Presi
dent CarnaJian, of the Push Club, to I residing In Astoria and vicinity,
the BEST Men's clothing made and of
getting a chance to go to the World's
Fulr. This contest Is open to ladles
The Flowers are in Bloom!
. 1 .
r T '' ' ' ' ' j; " ; ''"'. ' ' A ' i' ' '
i Make the insideof your homo look bright j r u
: and cheerful by renewing the CARPETS
and MATS on the floor, We have an ex
cellent assortment at the present time
I which will interest you.
Suitable CARPETS and RUGS for
Every Room in Your Home.
If you prefer Matting, we have that too the
FINEST and LARGEST Stock in the City.
CHAS heilborn son
Astoria's Leading House-furnishers
canvass the city in the Interests of the
regatta Is getting along very nicely
with its work. It expects to be able
to make a report some time during the
coming week. The belief Is expressed
that the club will be able to find an
active committee to manage' the re
gatta this year, and members of the
committee feel provision should be
made to employ some one to conduct
the carnival. It Is probable the prelim
inary committee will recommend such
action when It flies Its report. That
the regatta will receive ample finan
cial support la assured.
.The Astoria Commercial Club base
ball team will open the season tomor
row at Warrenton. The west side team
is regarded as a strong one, but the
clubmen have no doubt of their ability
to win. The team and a crowd of en
thuaiasta ' will go down on the noon
train. The Commercial team will line
up aa follows: Pitcher, Tom Ross;
catcher, Chop Stockton; first base,
Flannigan; second base, Harry Gra
ham; third base, Roxy Graham; short
stop, Regan; left field, Dan Allen; cen
ter field, Painter; right field, Ross
Trullinger. The club has sent for new
Don't waste money am
don't take chances in buying
oromiscuously. Schilling's Be;
are entirely safe; at your gro
cer's ; your money goes further.
Because of the Inclement weather,
the principal features of the May day
celebration have been postponed for
another week and will not be held un
til next Saturday. Tonight, however,
the May day cantata will be produced
at A. O. U. W. hall. Two perform
ances are to be given, the first to be
commenced at 7:30 and the second at
9. The second Is to be given for the
benefit ofthose persons whose busl
nees affairs will occupy their atten
tion until 9 o'clock. The children an
nounce that the doors will be opened
at 7, and are anxious that Astorlans
shall turn out and witness a perform,'
ance given by children who have been
drilled by children. ' The crowning of
the queen, will take place next Satur
day. It waa the original Intention to
hold . the exercises In the court house
yard, but the construcUon work now
under way there makes this Impossi
ble, and Instead the postoffice yard
will be used. The queen fit
tingly crowned there, during the morn
ing and the parade will then take Its
way through the streets of the city.
In the afternoon the program of land
sports will be carried out. MIsa Mil
dred Stevenson Is the queen of the
May, while Master Eddie Laurln will
officiate In. the capacity of prime min
ister. The children of the city are
very enthusiastic over their celebra
tion, and, with the aid of Sheriff Lin
ville, tope to dim the glory of the re
gattas which, have conducted carni
vals In the past
The Most Celebrated Eating House
In the State. The famous Toke Point
- " Oysters are here served to Perfection.;
Private Rooms. 112 ELEVENTH STREET.
The TROY laundry
Is the only White Labor Laundry in the City. Does the Best1
' of Work at very reasonable Prices, and is in every way worthy
of your patronage. Cor. 10th and DUANE STS.' Phone 1991
'Telephone 221. y' K ;' ' ,
Draying and Expressing
Allgoodsahipped to our care will receive special attention.
709-715 Commercial Street.
h.w. enters,
We are thoroughly prepared for making
estimates and executing orders for
all kinds of electrical installing and
. repairing. Supplies in stock. We
sell the Celebrated SHELBY LAMP.
. Call up Phone 1161.
, JOHN FOX, Pres. and SupU A. L. FOX, Vice Presldeut.
Designers and Manufacturers of v w
Designers and Manufacturers of
Toot of Fourth Street,