The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, May 07, 1904, Image 1

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NO. 182.
dytti c ncnnnT thm ,4oni th" the hf
UJ I I JLLi lL.r V7il btt, which they mistook for the
rig a m m l""1" vi viupijr puruw(F puss, uie
two outlaw who robbed the Imnah
postortk, and who have uccwwfully
eluded Wallowa county o Alder for
days, early yesterday morning wakened
the crew at Roberta' sheep camp and
surrendered. Tbe period of their re
pentenec wan short-lived, however, for
Correspondent Insists That Port they aoon found they had been scared
Arthur- ItNrtf CiukiA Itn Dae. by rlderleea horaea, overpowered thi
age Pronounced to
' Be Open. -
j . ...... t ,,..,.,,.
News Comes From St. Petcrsberg
Via the Paris Echo de
. 1; Paris, i , i'-
40,000 jap troops; UNO
camp hand and took to the wood.
Shortly after their get-away a atrong
poeee arrived at the camp and la now
cloae on the heela of tha outtawa.
The robber were badly frightened
when they reached the herder' cabin
While they were traveling the trail at
night they heard hoofbeata behind
them. ( They Increaaed their apeed and
the following horaea did llkewlae. Then
the fugitive fired baric into the dark
neaa, but after a moment' pauae the
purauera again came on.
Thla convinced the robbera they were
almoat la the graap of tha deputies
and they reeotved to aurrender to
heeomen. aa they did not want to
come to actual conflict, and feared they
would be ahot down If found armed
by the posse.
Aa It waa dork, employee at the aheep
Pari, May 1 The Bt Petersburg camp aecured no deacrlption of the
correspondent of the Echo de Parla men. The place where they gave up
end th following! . I about 12 mile from Enterprise,
"The general atari believea that the
Events Long Anticipated by Russians Oc
cur Simultaneously and Are Accepted
V With Great Stoicism.
Walk of KnrokU Army Now
Nine Ml In From Teng.Wang
Chcnr Ueneral ZaMRlltr-k
Will lUi Side-tracked.
Japanese have landed at Ptteaow not
lea than 40,000 men, and aaya that the
bulk of Kurukia' army waa thU morn
Ing about nine mUea from Feng-Wang-
Cheng. A alaff officer aald that Gen
eral Zaasalltch would be kept In the
background during the remainder of
the war.
"I am utile to poeltlvely deny the
Argumenta in Moyer Habeaa Cerpui
Proceedlnga Conoluded.
Denver, May . Argumenta In the
hnbea carpua proceedlnga of Prealdent
Moyer of the Weetern Federation of
9 j ;
frorirtss Pronounced to Be Impregnable and Provisioned so Tha
It Will Be Abie to Stand Siege for Year-Orientals Landing
Troops From Sixty Transports at Two Important
Points-Details Are Meager.
Mlnera, held by the military at Tellu-
atatement that Port Arthur la bottled ride, were conoluded In the aupfeme
court today. The attorneya for twtb
up. A paaeage la atlll free.
"The correspondent repeala the re
port that the Japanese have occupied
Port Adam and aaya that they art
advancing on Port Arthur."
ftldea will file aupplemental brief early
next week and the court will take the
raae under advlnernent In the ubuiU
couree of proceeding a declalon can be jshpa Celled the ahore preparatory to
expected In about 10 daya.
St Petersburg, May 7-Japaneat
troop are awarmlng acroaa tha narrow
neck of the Uao Tung penlnaula. rail
road and telegraph communication cut,
Port Arthur ieolated and left to It
own reaourcea are th condition which
the Ruaalana aeem to accept with great
Theae eventa have been anticipated
el nee the outbreak of the war and the
authorltlea in a aenae appear to be
relieved now that the blow haa fallen,
They aasert that the fort rem la Im
pregnable and amply provisioned to'
atand a siege for a year and it can
hold out until the time cornea to re
lieve it. !
According to offlclul Information the
landing of troops from transports
simultaneously at PI tie wo and Cape
Terminal May S. It Is also reported
that troops are landing at Kinchcow,
but this la not credited as the Russians
are known to have fortifications there.
Complete dctuila of the landing are
larking owing to the Interruption of
communications. No resistance waa
made, the few Cossacks who observed
the movement retiring when the war
tne enemya troop had landed and
taken up quarter In Chinese village
The enemy sent two columns, about
one regiment each, one in a westerly
direction and the other to the south
ward. May I a passenger train from
Port Arthur waa fired on a mile and
a Quarter outside of Toiandlen. about
0 miles north of Port Arthur, by 100
Japanese Infantrymen. The train car
ried many passengers, 200 sick occu
pying an ambulance carriage flying
the red cross flag. Two of the sick
were wounded. The train succeeded
In reaching Polandlen-
Number of People Killed and
erty Ii Damaged, ,
Bt. Louis, May 6. A special to the
Itvpubllc from Dallas, Tex., says:
A Tornado in the northwest of Texas
Inst night killed three people at Mo
ran. A duxen persons were severly
but not fatally Injured. At Putniim
a man was killed and a woman was
injured. A negro cabin waa swept
In the nraxu river and three negroes
drowned. A wrecking train was blown
from the track near Crescent and two
negro laborers drowned Twenty
house were wrecked at Moran and
half a doxen at Putnam. Hundreds of
head of livestock are reported killed
and crops are badly injured. It i be
lieved that Uvea were lost In Isolated
place that w)ll swell the total to the
number of JO. '
Thinking They Are Pursued by Posse
Robber Prepar to Surrender.
' Enterprise, Or., May I. Frightened
Into aubmlsston by wild horses follow-
Horse Drowned and Passengers Hsve
Narrow Escape.
Voncouver, D. C, May . A special
from Dawson to the Province says:
Owing to a sudden rise In the Hun-
ton river, seven horse connected with
the White Pass mall stage were
drowned at Yukon crossing, and the
driver and four passengera barely
escaped. Yukon and other streams are
now impassable and the entire mall
service Is demoralised.
It la believed there are more than
20,000 men now on land preparing for
a forward movement " . . .
Attack British Mission and Are
pulsed In Disorder.
London, May I. A correspondent
say that 800 Thibetan, coming from
the direction of Bhlgatse, attacked tht
British mission at Gyangt April S
The Thibetan were repulsed with
heavy losses and fled. The British lose
wa two aepoya wounded.
Sixty Transport Suddenly Bear Down
Upon Pitetewo,
St. Petersburg. May 8. (9:30 p. m.)
The ministry of war has received the
following from General Pflug, chief of
the military staff:
"According to Information I have re
celved, seven of the enemy' tran
porta, and afterward about 40 ap
peared, opposite Plteswo on the even
ing of May 4.
"On the morning of May S the Jap
anese began to land at Pitsewo and on
the coast near Cape Terminal, about
II mile southwest of Pitesewo under
cover of artillery fire.
"At this moment about (0 transports
were observed bearing down upon the
whole front and our post retired from
the shore. .
"According to Chinese report by
the evening of May S about 10,000 of
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tlUnSduftJ ft
HaaJTtilwnl H
Admiral Skyrdloff Unable
Reach Port Arthur.
SU Petersburg, May . (10:05 p. m.)
a aispaicn received tonight says
that Port Arthur is cut off from all
communication by land, the Japanese
having debarked In It rear, occupied
the railroad and cut the telegraph. Vice
Admiral Skrydloff, who Is en route
to Port Arthur to take command of
naval forces In the far east, will be
unable to reach his destination.
Jap Victory Rumored.
Seoul, May . (2:30 p. m.) A dis
patch from Antung say that it ' Is
rumored there that the Japanese have
captured Feng-Wang-Cheng, May 4,
after fierce fighting and heavy losses
on both sides.
Michael Wa single, and 3S or 28
year old. So far aa known, he had no
relative here. He Hved in a email
house near the mill where he waa em
ployed, at Twenty-first and Nicola!
treeU, North Portland. He ba been
In the employ of the mill 18 months
and waa a good workman. f: ,
Aa soon as Michael was discovered
Dr. Herbert W. Card well and F. Smith
were summoned, but death had claimed
It vktim before they bad time to ar
National Civie Federation Pay Tribute
, . . U Senator' Memory. '
New Tork. May t Th executive
committee of the National Civic Fed
eratloB. today held lt' flrt meeting
since the death of it chairman, Marcus
A. Hanna. , Samuel Gompers, president
of th American Federation of Labor'
presided. Resolution in commemora
tion of Hanna were adopted unanimously...
Brief tribute to the memory of the
senator were spoken by Bishop Potter
John Mitchell, Cornelieu N. Bits and
other. '
Tonight & committee on nominations
reported that a successor to President
Hanna had not been chosen. The com
mittee waa Instructed to continue its
search tor a president.
Two Sons of Wei! Known Ca!i
fomia Mining Man and Ajicd
ate Wanted by the South
era Pacific Co.
Charged With Having R:lbed
Oregon Express on
March 31st.
Reckless Career of Young Dea.
peradoes Covers Period of Ua '
usual Lawlessness- Operate
Throughout the West. '
"' Malady at Victor.
Butte," May . A Victor special to
the Miner says that a strange malady
of spotted fever has broken out there
the daughter of John Cleary being in
precarious condition from the dis
ease. Great apprehension exists ovei
the fear of a possible epidemic.
Alexieff at Mukden.
Mukden, May . Viceroy 'Alexlefl
has arrived here.
Smoot la Confident.
Salt Lake, May . Senator Smoo
returned from Washington today. In
an Interview Senator Smoot expressed
entire confidence that he would fee al
lowed to retain his seat in the senate
OW(M HM h Hut fehaffnir 4 Mat
Employ of Rolling Mill Drowned in
Curious Manner.
Portland, May . At 10 o'clock last
night A. Michaels, employed in the
Portland roller mill a a tongue-run
ner, left his work for a moment to get
a drink from a faucet outside the mill,
and 10 minute later he was discovered
with his head submerged in the barrel
of water under the drinking tube. Ap
parently he had dropped dead from
heart failure," but he may have suffered
death as the result of drowning. His
body hung over the edge of the bar
rel. An autopsy will be held by Cor
oner FInley this afternoon to deter
mine the exact cauee of death.
Coroner FInley was Immediately
notified of the peculiar death, and die
patched a deputy to Investigate. That
It was purely accidental was soon dls
covered, and no Inquest will be held
The dead man was found by J. W
Baker, a fellow employe, after a 10
minute search.
Michael' work, like that of the other
men employed In the blasting depart
ment, Is exceedingly hot, and he fre
quently left his place to drink of the
cooling water in the faucet close 6y
but which la in a rather obscure place
From the position of the body when
found, it is presumed that he stooped
placing his Hps to the mouth of the
faucet, and that while In that position
he either fainted from fatigue or heart
failure. His head fell into the watei
In the small barred under the faucet
and, being unable to help himself, he
was drowned, It la believed. ,
Michael's duty. was to transfer the
molten steel from the furnace to the
rollers a very hot task. He was seen
to leave his place for the water fau
cet, and It being very common for him
to do so, no one paid any heed to it
Pacific Coast.
At Portland Oakland 6, Portlands
At Seattle Tacoma 2, Seattle H.
At San FrancoBco Los Angeles 4
San Francisco 1.
Oregon League.
At Eugene Roseburg 0, Eugene 8.
Pacific National.
At Salt Lake Butte 10. Salt Lake 4.
At Boise Spokane 1, Boise 7.
At Chicago St. Louis 5, Chicago 2.
At Philadelphia Washington &
Philadelphia 18.
At Cleveland Detroit 1, Cleveland S.
At Boston New Tork 2, Boston S.
National. ' ...
At Cincinnati St. Louis 4, Cincin
nati 7.
At Pittsburg Philadelphia 15. Pitts
burg 7.
San Franciscot May 8. The South
ern Pacific Railroad Company today
offered a reward of 1850 for the arrest'
of George Sates, Edwin Vernon Gate
and James Arnett, wanted for the rob
bery of the Oregon express at Copley,
March 81, in which W. J. O'Neill, th
Well Fargo messenger, waa killed.
The trio, although young in years, are
declared to have been connected with
the most daring robberies known to
the western authorities. Included la
the crimes charged to them are th
robbery of an electric- car, near Port
land last year, In which two men were
killed, the hold-up of ; the Colorado
Southern train, the hold-up of a stage
at Weaverville, Cal.. and a robbery at
Seattle. The Gates brothers are son
of G. G. Gates of Alameda county, a
well-known mining man.
Striking Machinist Will Be Given Un
til Monday to Begin Work.
Topeka, May 8. The striking Santa
Fe machinists will be given until Mon
day morning to resume their place
with the company. Third Vice Presi
dent Buckalew of the machinists union
tonight offered to submit to the Santa
Fe management a new set of rule
adopted by the executive committee of ,
the union In Washington. He was in
formed the Santa .Fe would have no
dealings with the union, whatever.
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