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NO. 120.
Result foregone ; Conclusion
Only Interest Being In the
Dividing of the Vote of ;
, the Democrat!. ...
j . r
Final Action Taken- Withou
Amendment Vote ; Standi
Sixty-six to Fourteen. 1
Arrangemcntd for Actual Work
Already Under Way-HUte
Department Prepare to
Kxchaoire Kntlflcutlon. .
Washington, Feb. 23. The enat
today ratified without amendment the
treaty with Panama for a cartal across
th Isthmus by ft vol of (I to 14.
The result wn ft foregone conclusion,
Interest In th matter being only In
the division of the vote on the dem
ocratic aid, which wa not known defl
nltely until the roll was called, nil re
publican being for ratification. Four
teen democrat. Including Clark, of
Montana, and Stone, of Missouri, were
paired In favor of the treaty, and three
democrat, Overman, McClurln, ' and
Martin, were paired against It, no
In the total vote II democrat were for
the , treaty and 17 were against It
The democrat who were present and
voted for the treaty were:
Itncon, Rerry, Clark, of Ark.. Clay,
Cockrtll, Foster, of Alabama,, Gibson.
Latimer, MeCrenry. McEnerney, Mill- !
Wy. tsinKWi TcBaf rrv . .
Kvery thing la ready for the speedy
consummation of the Panama canal
treaty and both the war and state
departments have made preparations
for the net step, the former by the
dispatch of troop to the lathmu and
the latter by the completion of arrange
menu for the ratification of the treaty
which must take place In Washing
! ton. There Is reason why the, cere
Ynony nhotild not occur within 49
l The administration intends to press
the canal project Jy all proper meth
ods. A a cabinet official expressed it
the next step after the appointment of
ft commission will be to "scratch dirt'1
and already such member of the
commlslon a are assured of their
places, like Admiral Walker and Major
deneral Davis, hav been giving some
attention to the provision of a clcri
nil force and the engagement of en
glneerlng talent to conduct the ac
tual work of canal digging,
Washington, Feb. J3. Routine bus
Ines of the senate today was broken
Into bjr executive session on the can
J treaty. After a vote on the treaty,
consideration wa begun on the agrl
cultural Appropriation bill. '.
More than two hour was consumed
in the discussion of the amendment
making an appropriation for expert
ment In stock feeding, against, which
ft point of order wa mad by Lodge,
The point wa finally withdrawn and
the amedment waft Adopted, but not
until rule 18 had mode It annual bill
remain a unfinished business.
Washington, Feb. 13. Although the
house devoted the entire day to con-
alderntlon of the naval appropriation
bill under the flve-mlnute rule, email
progress was made. Amendments were
offered In profusion for the perfection
of the measure, from a democratic
standpoint, but all save the appro
prlatlon for the Charleston mtvy yard
were rejected.
The fight over the proposed great
lake naval training station wa begun
during the last half hour of the session
and promises a lively debate tomor
row, ;
Just before adjourning the house
authorised the printing of 10,000
ople f. "Few Direction For De
stroying Mosquito,"
Insanity the Plea.
Ban Francisco, Feb. 21. It wa ap
parent from remark made by W, o
Grady in Judge Lawtor court yemer-
day that when the trial of Alexander
Domett, charged with the murder
of Major J. M. McClung, takes place
an attempt will be made to show that
the defendant wa temporarily Insane
at the time of the shooting and thut
Insanity has existed In bis family. This
Is the inference from the clan of d
position dWlred tjy the defense.-"'" '
Tb defendant1 wh In Court Renter
day to plead, but Orady filed n demur
rer to the Information on the same
grounds as on his motion to dismiss,
which was denied on Thursday. The
Judge overruled the demurrer and the
defendunt plea3ed not guilty.
Orady asked that the trial be post
poned for 60 days to enable him to get
the deposition of Mrs. Elizabeth Hitch
cock-Colt, who I Bll to be In Pari'.
To Succeed Converses
Washington,. Fen. .3. U hug been
tenatlvely decided that Rear-Admiral
Converse, chief bf the bureau of equip
mcnt, shall succeed Rear-Admlrnl C
6'Keil as chief of the bureau of or
dlhance when that officer retires next
Opposing Forces , Drawing Together, as
Indicated By Restlessness of Alarmed
Residents of the District. '
Japanese Force at Chemulpo Reinforced by Forty Thousand More
Troops-Some Land at Pigeon Bay-Intermittent Attacks
Made on Port Arthur, But Little Damage Is Done
, , , the Enemy In Control. '
London, Feb. 24. Colling from Ch-
foo, February 23, the correspondent of
the Morning Tost says that 40,000 more
Japanese troop Jjav landed at
Chemulpo, pd he says be ha received
confirmation that some Japanese have
landed at Pigeon bay, other at Tru
lendwan and that an engagement oc-'
The correspondent at Seoul of th-J
Dally Mali reports a panic at Ping
yang, Cores, which Is regarded a her
aiding the approach of the opposing
Acoraing to toe standard ft cor
respondent at Seoul the Japanese bom
barded Port Arthur at Interval be
tween the 8th and 14th of Febru-
..... . t
ary, causing slight damage. The re
port Is confirmed, thin correspondent
continues, that 70 mile of irailroul
have been destroyed between Herbl:!
and Vladlvostock.
In Manchuria for attempting to blow
up the railroad bridge over the Bangan
river were disguised as collie.
Inquiry, revealed that they were Jap.
anese officer of the general staff.
namely, Colonel Assad, Lieutenants
Seonelokscha and Kacburta. They
were at once hanged from the girder
of the bridge.
Our 20 p!f cent reduction
iale on clothing is 5TILL ON
4 . (
aw-jjBs n1!' S V
Pii . HinSdialTiKr
1 . - ' V Mir
y-KJ I Hind Tutored I
tMMSMWMW.ial'.l I 'I' HHMg
Russia Determined To Relieve
Black 8a Fleet.
New York, Feb. 23. Negotiations
re progrpening, asserts Jhe Hrald'
St. Petersburg corresKndent, for the
pnesuge of the Durdanello by the Rus
sian Black sea fleet. Rusnla Is deter-
mitied to get her ships through, the
orreepondent overs even If It Is neccs-
eary to adopt the subterfuge of altering
their appearance, disguising them as
merchantmen. The portc is almost
tiling and If England make an ob
jection, the dispatch continues, "It will
be a signal for an Immediate advance
toward India."
Admiral Alexleff' retirement to Har
bin With his staff is interpreted to
mean that he Is convinced the Jap
anese will besiege Port Arthur. The
fleet ha received Instructions not to
enguge In any fight at present but to
remain on the defensive until the be
ginning of July, when a half of the
whole Baltic fleet will be dispatched to
the far east." It la hoped also by that
time that part of "the Black sea fleet
will be also on the way. .
Work on all the ships under con
struction is being specially pushed for
ward. .
, Minister of War. .
St. Petersburg, Feb. 23. General
fttkharoff, chief of staff of the military
district of Turkestan, has been ap
pointed to act as minister of war dur
ing the absence of General Kuropatkln,
whose appointment to command the
flusslun military force In the far east
was gazetted yesterday.
' Under Sealed Order.
Genoa, Feb. 23. The cruiser Brook
lyn. with Admiral Cotton on board.
left here today going In an easterly
direction, tinder sealed orders to be
opened at sea. . '
Force of Russian Still Massed on the
. River' North Bank. .
Toklo, Feb. ,23. Reliable reports
from ; Northern Korea Indicate that
Russia na have not yet crossed the Yalu
river.' Their scouts have, It Is rumored,
penetrated Into the country south of
Wlju, but the main force still remains
on the north of the river.' The .Tap-
anene seem to . be convinced that the
Russians are unable to assemble a suf
ficient force to attempt a movement
Into Corea. , The Russian strength
north of the Yalu Is variously esti
mated from 20,000 to 40,000. If the
latter report Is true, It would be a great
advantage for the Japanese, as Vladl
vostock Is known to be very badly sup
plied, and It therefore could not long
resist a Japanese attack. There Is
etlll, however, no means of actual op
erations of any kind.
Keope Cr8lr At Back De While
- ! Makes Get -Away. .
Berkeley, Feb. 23. Mrs. Mamie
Murphy, of Third and Gliman streets,
answered a knock at her kitchen door
at 8 o'clock last night, and opened it
upon ' two rough-looking characters.
They assumed a threatening attitude
and demanded something ' of her,
whether money or bread she was too
frightened to find out. She retained
enough of her self-possession, however,
to outwit the would-be robber;
"My purse Is In the next room," she
said, summoning ull her courage; "wait
a minute and I'll get It for you."
She got her purse, but she didn't go
back to hand It to the men, Instead
she ran out the front door ak)d across
lot to the California Ink Works, a
block away, to get her husband, James
J. Murphy, who Is an engineer In the
tnanufictury. ..
Mr. Murnhy heard the breathless
story and hurried to the house, In com
pany with his wife and Oliver Parquet,
a fellow workman. The men had pis
tols. and when they reached the back
door leveled them at the two men, who
were still standing there,-waiting for
Mrs. Murphy to come out.
The men threw up their hands at the
iiimmand of the Irate husband and
made no attempt to resist, They dis
claimed any Intention to rob Mrs. Mur
phy, saying that they had simply asked
her for something to eatl It is sup
posed that the men are the same who
have been loitering In the neighborhood
for several days.
later he again purchased 1250 worth
of the stock on the strength of a mes
sage received 'from Lizzie and trans
mit ted to him on a slate by Earl.
Some time later, after' he had re
ceived various letter from Earl tell
ing him that the Hecla Oil Company
wa booming, the plaintiff alleges he
consulted Earl about hi health. The
latter, he says, Informed him that he
knew of a medicine that Would work
wonders with a lck man. He bought
a bottle, paying Earl $10 for it, for
the latter told him that hi alone knew
where to get It A few days later he
bought another bottle, for,- he ay,
one night Earl gave him a mestage
from one, Ir. Oscar Schmidt, a de
ceased friend, telling hlrn not to be
without the medicine. The message
also told him that " no drug store hod
it in stock," so, as in the first instance.
he turned over the $10 to Earl
Now he says that the medicine wa
never worth $10 or no portion of It
and that the stock of the Hecla Oil
Company Is not worth the paper it la
printed on. ; - !
Officer Unable to Cope With Unreas
onable Crowd of Passengers.
New York. Feb. 23. The lone po
liceman on duty at the Long Island
railroad ferry, at the foot of Borden
avenue, Long Island City, gens In a
hurry call for the reserves of the
Fourth street station about 7 o'clock
this morning because he found himself
unable to cope with the tremendous
crowd of passengers that were jammed
In the ferry house awaiting the Arrival
of a boat. : The slip was full of ice and
the boat had great difficulty In making
a landing. About '7 o'clock there was
longer delay than usual, one of the
boats having made several unsuccess
ful attempts to smash through the ice
floes and the crowd became very im
patient. There' were ; hundreds -who
were on their way to business aud who
were eager to cross the river, and Sn-
lly a rush wai made through the big
gates through which the teams pass.
as every one wanted to be among the
first to hoard the boat. The police
man stationed at these gates tried to
keep back' the crowd, but his authority
as defied. He feared that if the mob
succeeded in forcing Hslf through the
gates there might be serious results,
and decided to call on the reserves at
the Fourth street etatlon. In response
to his telephone message explaining
the situation the reserves were hurried
around to the 'ferry house and order
as promptly restored upon their ar
rival there. The reserves remained on
duty for about two hours.
After Fioundcrini About for
Hours, May Option Fails
, , 51-4 Cents, Leaving the
Market at $1.03 U.
Jump at Opening Causes Excite
mentHigh Bidders and v
; Low Sellers Side By Side.
Fear of European Complications
In Far East War Cames Ad.
vanee That I Red need
' By Heavy Liquidation.
Chicago, Feb. 23. With the eud
deness of a culprit being Jerked from
the scaffold. May option in wheat to
day fell i 1-4 cents, kicking up and
down for hours in spasmodic Jerk.
The trading wa on an enormous scale
Fear of European complications la'
the Russo-Japanese war forced the
price up to the new high record mark,
$1.08 1-2, but the tremendous liquid
ation caused a headlong dive to $1.63ft
The market opened, at $L0l 1-2 t
$1.08 1-8, and this showed more plain
ly than any thing else the excitement
under which the market opened. Some
of the broker were bidding $11,084
while others almost at their side
were selling for two cents less. The
volume of tradetng for the first few '
minutes was enormous. Hundreds
of thousands of bushels were sold on
advance, and undori tfeis heavy prv!il
taking prices for May fell 4 cents
from the high point to $1.02 1-2, Many
stop-loss orders were reached on the
way down, which added to the weak
ness. The shorts took advantage of
the break to cover, and, buying frnn
this source, caused a recovery to $1.
06 1-2. Within the last 15 minutes
another flood of selling orders ap
peared in the pltt The result of this
renewed attack was a break la May to
$1.03 1-4. . .. '
Natives Are Panic Stricken.
Seoul, Feb. 23. A telegram received
here from a foreigner at Ping Yang.
says tnat tne report that kubsuiu
scouts are at Anju Is authentic. The
telegram also says that the natives In
Flng, Tang are panic stricken, but for
eigners are .not. threatened.. .. '
Disguised as Coolies They Tried
Blow Up Bridge. '
St. Petersburg, Feb. 23. The Jap
anese who were hanged by Russians
Man Invest His Cash at Instigation
.' Of Broker-Medium.
San Francisco, Ft. 23. Spiritual
ism, oil ' stock and patent medicine
figure in a suit for damages filed yes
terday by Frits Salmon against Ed
ward Earl, In his capacity as stock
broker, medium and dispenser of put
ent medicine at $10 a bottle, induced
the plaintiff to invest part of his bank
account. Salmon says Earl. got $320
out of him, and he asks the court
to give him Judgment for that amount.
The plaintiff says that in Febru
ary 1901, Earl told him that the stock
of , the Hecla Oil Companwy was a
valuable usset and advised him to pur
chase a block of . it. Earl, Salmon
claims, .verified his statements a few
evenings later, when In his capacity
as medium, he produced a slate mes
sage from the plaintiff" sister Lizzie,
telling him to buy the stock. Salmon
followed the advice, purchasing $230
worth of the stock. A week or so
Section Hand Cuts . Threat of Mother
and Children. ,
Terre Haute, Ind., Feb. 23. Jerry
Dugan, a section hand, killed Mrs.
Benjamin Ramsey, her daughter Myr
tle, aged four, and her son Albert,
aged two, early today, pougan then
'sought a policeman and confessed the
crime end gave up the razor which
he had used in cutting the throats of
his victim. He had been staying at
the home of Mrs. Ramsey for some
time and he admitted thaf he commit
ted the crime during a Jealous rage.
Business Men Like Peabody. ,
Denver, Feb. 23. The administra
tion Of Governor Jams Peabody, of
Colorado,, and porticularly his action
In sending troops to the strike Infest
ed districts Of the state, received a
marked testimonial by the business
men of Colorado tonight In the shape
Of an elaborate banquet, tendered him
at the Brown Palace hotel. The gather
ing was non-partisan. Eight hun
dred covers were laid. '
; Bourke Cochran Elected.
New York, Feb. 23. W. Bourke
Cockran was elected a member of con
gress today at a special election held
In the Twelfth congressional dis
trict to fill the place made vacant by
the resignation of George B. McClel
lan. Mr. Cocran had practically no
opposition, the republicans' havlfig
no nominee. . ' ' "
i Panama Will Celebrate.
Colon,. Fed. 23. Feverish excitement
prevails over the whole of the isthmus
today while awaiting the receipt of the
hews from Washington that the vanal
treaty has been ratified by the United
States senate. " Preparations are undr
foot to Illuminate the railroad bulld-
i ...
ing. tonjght.
' peoples' Convention.
Louis, Feb, 23 .The national
committee, representing the fusion and
middle road wings of the populist
party's, two factions, late tonight
agreed to-hold In. Joint 'convention the
people's- party national convention in
Springfield, 111.. July 4.
Everybody is playing' them
Rag's! Bidelia! Moon Moths!
Groceries, Hardware, Ship Chandle
ry, Paints, Oil and Glass Hardwood
Lumber iiout'Supplies etc.
Cor, Bond and 12th Sis. Astoria, Oregon