The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, January 31, 1904, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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San Francisco. Jan. 30. Railroad freight officials have additional
adviees relative to Russian and Japanese mess and canned beef ship
ments from the east by way of this port to their respective military
dcpos in the orient. Japan is orderin gfor shipment from Kansas City
Cmaha and Chicago 2,500,000 pounds of corned beef. She has already
contracted in Cincinnati for 12,000 cases of mess beef. The same coun
try is" taking from a Chicago firm, in 60,000 pounds monthly shipments,
800.000 pounds of mess beef. By February 13 next Japan will have
taken from this country as food for her war forces about 7,000,000
pounds of mess beef. Russian shipments of mess beef up to February
15 next from Chicago, Kansas City and Omaha, will have amounted to
an aggregate of about 6,000,000 pounds, inclusive of 3,000,000 pounds
now loaded ba board ship in this harbor. ' . - ' V j
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Salem, Ore., Jan. 30. Although Eg- through before the execution, he was
bert had apparently become thoroughly determined to enter the unknown In,
resigned to his fate and felt that noth- his natural state, and repeatedly re
lng could save him from the doom fused U take stimulants which were,
that awaited him,' it is known that he offered him when it was thought, upon
had not completely given up all 'several occasions, that he was on the
chances of escape, for he stfyl main- J verge of collapse.
Uined a faint hope that something' There is another interesting feature
would happen before the end came that about the case of Egbert which has
would spare him the pain of death upon ( not yet been given publicity, and that
the gallows. This fact was proven 'was that he was supposed to, or at
upon the last night of his stay on least claimed to, know who, it was that
earth, or rather the early hours-of the supplied Tracy' and Merrill with their
day of his execution. firearms when they made their sensaT
Warren Cyrus, for whom Egbert ;tional .escape from the penitentiary
formed an attachment, and who took .here in June, 1902. Egbert claimed
Egbert upon his daily walks and acted that he knew who said that he wouia
as his watch during the last night, says! put the guns over the wall and also
that Egbert entertained a, faint hope J that he knew who had offered to "put
of escaping the gallows up to,the last up $50 to buy the guns. He had re
moment.. His last hope was that the peatedly intimated to his guard that
rope would break, and he thought that he knew who had placed the guns with
if this thing should happen he would j in reach of Tracy and Merrill, but the,
be subject to' release. At any rate, j most tactful and careful questioning
before retiring about 2:30 o'clock yes- :Upon the part of the guard could not
if rday morning, Egbert asked as a last ' induce him to divulge that secret,
favor of Cyrus that he (Cyrus) should ; The officers of the prison tried every
speak to the Warden and beg him to means possible to induce him to tell
turn him (Egbert) loose - if the rope who did the deed before he was exe-,
should break upon the first attempt, 'euted, but he maintained his stubborn
Cyrus 'promised him that he would do 'silence on''this point. Guard Cyrus,
so, but at the same time he knew that, the last night, tried very hard to get
in' case the rope should break, which 'th3 confession out of him, but he failed
' was altogether improbable, as the rope utterly, although he thought at one
was made eespecially for the occasion time he was going to tell it. When
of extra long fibre, Egbert could not'cyrus put the direct question to him:
be liberated as the warrant reads that "Did you put the guns over the wall?"
he should be hanged until deaed. The he said that Egbert turr-ed fairly black
supreme court, too, In the case of ; with i?ge and looked as though he
Armstrong, held that even though ajWOuld have Attacked him had he been
person should be hanged and pro-'wlth!n reach of him. He would tell
" nounced dead and should "come to life Mr. Cyrus anything he asked him ex
agaln," the court would have the pow- cept this and no kind of questioning
eV to have him executed again. j would move him to betray the guilty
However nervous Egbert may have party or parties for some unknown
been over the ordeal which he must go J reason.
President Roosevelt, .Seoretsries and
- Diplomats Enjoy Themselves.
" ' v
Washington, Jan. SO. The Gridiron
Club entertained notable guvsta at Its
annual dinner at the Arlington hotel
tonight. In the large assembly were
the president, members of the cabinet,
diplomats, senators, representatives,
army and navy officers and other prom
inent persons. Men whose names have
figured in connection with the presi
dency, including the present chief ex
ecutive, Hanna, Taft. Gorman, Cockrell
and Francis, were present and enjoyed
clever satire and gridiron quips at the
expense of themselves as well as many
unlqque features burlesquelng national
and international events. '
; The menu was a treaty for the es
tablishment of the "gridiron aliment
ary canal" in which a number of
guests figured "as high contracting
parties. "
Among those who made speeches
were President Roosevelt. Secretaries
Root, Shaw and Wilson. Governor Ta,ft,
the Gorman ambassador, Speaker Can
non, ex-Senator Carter and Senators
Hanna, Gorman and Cockrell.
Stupendous Offer Made by a
Well Known Phila. Firm.
i No Chinamen Wanted.
. Vancouver. B. C. Jan. 30. "No
Chinamen wanted." Is the slogan for
the moment for the Winnipeg Trades
nd Labor CounclK It was recently
reported that an overall factory on the
Pacific coast Intended to estabjisn a
branch at the prairie capital, and op
erate it entirely by oriental labor. ,
Winnipeg has no objections to an
other factory, but it does not want the
Celestials. It prefers that British Co
lumbia keep them. The labor count-it
has accordingly taken the matter
up, and has particularly appealed to
to the women to back It up m Keep
ing the Chinese out "Knowing some
thins: of the injurious effects that such
concerns have," says, a resolution of
the council, "especially as they are in-
lurious to the women workers, we feel
alarmed that any such proposition
should be entertained by any gooa citi
zens." The council accordingly calls
on all Winnipeg merchants, workers,
employers and employes to discounten
ance the Inauguration of a Chinese-1
operated factory in as strong a man
ner as possible. ,
Threstened From Another Quarter.
Paris.. Jan. 80. Oscar T. Crosby,
the American explorer, has returned to
Porli frcm a trip to central Asia, where
he explored parts of Turkestan and
Thibet never before visited by a white
mwv. On his way to Thibet Mr. Cros
by skirted Afghanistan, visited Chinese
Turkestan and later traversed the
Kashmir and Karakorum route, prob
ably one of the most difficult used by
human beings, to India. His investi
gation developed that China was
threatened from another quarter, by
her rear door, and that an advance by
Russia and Great Britain In this direc
tion may become as Important In its
possible result to the United States as
a move of the European powers from
the sea.
Washington, Jan. 30. Secretary
nitchpock today received the following
telegraphic report of wholesale arrests
made in the land fraud cases at Pen
dleton, Ore.:
"The important arrests made yester
day in the land fraud cases Includes
eight entrymen, Notary Public Parks,
who prepared fraudulent homestead
entries; County Judge Hartman, who
certified the same; and Cunningham, a
sheep king of eastern Oregon, who fur
nished money and for whose benefit the
land was taken. It is believed that
Cunningham has many thousands of
acres acquired In the same manner."
Will Wait For Japan.
' Paris, Jan. 30. Gaulols quotes a
high authority as follows: "Russia
will not' declare war unless she Is at
tacked by Japan. This Is the will of
the czar and the fundamental base up
on which negotiations will be contln
ued. At St. Petersburg it Is believed
that Japan, despite her belligerent at
titude, appreciates the madness of en
gaging in war.
"Russia Is ready to give satisfaction
to the legitimate claims of Japan, on
condition that her Interests are safe
guarded. At this hour war depends
upon two eventualities an attack by
Japan or some local incident In Corea
necessitating military intervention."
' ; Sister of Bryan Dead.
Lincoln, Neb. Jan. 30. Miss Nannie
Bryan, sister of W. J. Bryan, died
here at 1:30 this afternoon. Her
brother is on his way from Chicago
and has been making a race against
time ever since he left the east in or
der to reach his sister's bedside before
the end came. He will arrive late this
afternoon. Miss Bryand was 34 V ears
of age. She came to Lincoln in 1898
from Salem, 111., and had made her
home since with her sister, Mrs. T. S.
Allen. Her health had not been good
for several years. " ,
i Chamberlain Wants to Know.
London, Jan. 80. Joseph Chamber
lain's tariff commission has mailed to
all the manufacturers in the United
Kingdom inquiry with regard to trade
conditions as effected by foreign tar
iffs. Replies are designed to form a
basis for further inquiry on which the
committee intends to formulate a tariff
bill. ' ,.
Thousands of IVrMon All Sot
. Hon of (H Com u try Have
Itwu llenlerib) ThU
Wonderful DU
fovery. , ...
Deur tltiuls:
ixm't read this inlvertlsement If you
expect to Kct something; for nothliiK.
iMHUiise you won't. We have a K'd
article and we want muney for it. Be
sensible. . .
If you had something; that was worth
a dollar would you Klve It free? When
you read un ndvertlntment whtr you
set something fur nothing, that some
thiint 1st either no Kxid or iIh they are
un to some "tllm flam" same.
Wo are not running a patent medi
cine bulnes, so rssl easy on that sub-
We do not know the word failure
niver have and never Will. The etlu
cated and blither classes are the ones
we want to reach. We renin m! ami
women in nil walks of life. Men uml
women, who are today before the pub
lic as national characters have had our
confidence and the benefit of our ex
!nrlenr. It In a 20th century (iro-
duct one that will be more nnureclated
the more it Is tried.
"Fresh from the bath and as good as
she looks." This old sayln describes
our clients to a T. we have a VITAX-
IZER not a patent medicine. It tones
the systetn.ceiitrallsea weaknesses of all
descriptions makes an even temper
ature all over the body and in fact it
makes a new man and woman. Radios
will within a few years be a part of
every hospitnl and surgical Institution of
our land. No iterm can stand the force
of contact with this new discovery.
Rheumatism and debility llee before It.
The mlarhtv force of the turbulent wat
ers of Nlaxnra are In comparison with
this new product a an old fashioned
One person writes: "Why did not
some one discover it before 7'
Another says: "So simple it Is hardly
Krom the far west comes the unso
licited response: "A God-send to humanity."
Wallcott Christie, of New York, the
weu-Kiiown autnor says: "Mr success
In a great measure Is due to 'Radios.' "
Weakness of certain organs Is resuon
slble for all diseases. We build u your
symfiii no mai a uisense is an iinnoss
Utility. If your dlinntlvn urirnna a nut
of order, if your blood is Impure, if
you can i sieep. eat or nttend to bus
iness. I will cure you. and guarantee to
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antee. Could you ask for anything
"'"' , 'JtAUlUJ.'
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O.S00.G00. We give you this as a pres
ent when you order "RAdlos." This
none Ih worth uvunl H..n,... ..
- - . uvinii 1- ui any
man or woman s moiwv. inti h ,.,.,..
us X-rays, simply wonderful. nmnJ
. . . u . . I I.. - . " " " " t I
wci in iff a present, r . , . .
812 Drexel Building
Philadelphia. Pa.
Enclosed find one dollar for which
send me a treatment of "RADIOS"
'Lai?,Hi,in fled wranner. and also
one Radio Sulphide of Zinc activity
If I am not entirely satisfied and If
I am not cured you agree to refund
mv .m,nfiy ani 0,m rtoll,lr """a 'w
mrViMuble-. Y.0li are to nd me -written
contract to that effect ,
City..,.. i;
State , . .
Of the Sous of Herman Cilvcn
February 11. :
The annual masquerade ball of the
Sons ot Hermann will take place in
Foard A Stokes hall on Thursday
evening, February 11. Nine handsorpe
and durable prizes will be given this
year. The committee in charge of
the ball has engaged the finest music
in the city and the usual good time Is
assured. The prices of admission are
as follows:
Gent maskers 00
Lady maskers SO
Spectators , , . , CO
Children 25
Tickets can be had from any of the
members. An additional prize will be
given this year to one of the spec
tators. Coupons will be given with
each ticket and of course the lucky one
gets the prize.
Arizona and New Mexico to statehood
Jointly. Resolutions were adopted ex
pressing preference for territorial, gov
ernment Independently as against Joint
Want to Go it Alone.
Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 30. A monster
mass meeting was held here today
protesting against the admission ' of
No soap in all the
world is so cheap.
No soap in all the
world is so good none
so lasting, ,
Bold all over the world.
IlataJ SkirW, Shirtwaists, Underwear. All
kinds of Ladies' and Children's furnishing . ,
goods. Uwir switches .. fthd jKminadors. . ;
Welch Block. - JIMRS;R. INGLETON. ' V
Commercial Street, Opposite 0. R. & N. CO. Wharf.
MISS E. GLASER - U. - - proprietress.
u nnttnuunnnuann u n u u n u nu n n u u u
Great Palace of Art Of the Pacific Coast
t, j :
riioxE 831 a
CUS BROOKf, Manager . .
' .
Fine Bar and the Best of Uquors and Cigars " tt
Eighth and Astor Sts. ASTORIA a
a ' .., .- a
a tt it tt a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa
a R. J. Owens, Proprietor
tt .
a : '.'V' ;
STEAMER , ' .,
The Largest; Staunchest, Steadiest and most Seaworthy veasol
eveou this route. lWtof Tab)o and State KaottfA&oWffia
dations. Will make round trip every five days between
, and
Fare $3.50
Connecting at Astoria with the Oregon Railway & Navigation
Co. and Astoria & Columbia Uivcr R. H. for Portland, Sim
Francisco and all points East. ; For freight and passenger
rates apply to .. , , v : . ... V
General Agents, Astoria, Oregon
A. L C. R. R. Co.,
O. R. (Si N. Co.,
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Portland, Ore.
Tillamook, Ore
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Enough Rifles To Equip Army.
Washington, Jan i 80. '-The war de
partment has announced that by early
fall there enough new Spring-,
field rifles on hand to etjulp the entire
army.1 :'; ' " ...