The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, January 27, 1904, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    UW6nU; 60raC3I)AfJANAIY 27, 1904!
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As a business proposition, it pays to trade at
home, conditions . being equal as to the value
offered but when you can get a better article at
home on as good terms there is an added reason
for patronizing the home Institution.
Do You Drink Beer?
If you do, then why not drink the best? Beer
b not a necessity, but a luxury, and if you must
have a luxury of that kind, then get an article that
b absolutely pure, and which b nude at home by
is 'ft ft i t! n V . U ' 1 tj rt r.!1 -4 i
The North
it it r h a
hv; rPhone:21.i
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Uhon you
orrlvo, V
you arb thbro.
The Rock Island System
ha in enormous advantage
over other western railroads
in the fact that its Chicago
terminalthe La Salle Street
Station is the only railroad
station on the Llevated loop.
.,..,. ItahsstWiadw Wattcf Chir-tps
nijr t Uock from ths i4 tl Tnto
twe Mocks fnm tlx Pest OflUai kUa
- , jgj AetnM ef the priactpl
TIM trtlat ef tB CWuft'i UK4
SMfCaCI SiSt iH pM u4 lake
ctisaJy ana to $ns eve, ,
M nf frt of is dy. I .
Terse iwm East vis
DasnrOraaha a4 St Paul.
140 TMrtf
T II. i
Opens in OM Liberty llall,
Corner Seventh and Bond Streets ,
rionday Evening, January nth.
Hlih Class Vaudeville
Hart dX Hart SIMS
! Comedy Sketch Artist-J. Celolrotod Tramp Cartoonist
' Hildebremd Hays Ol'.WInchel.
. World's Cimmj'ion Hand Novelty Sketch Artibts and
Dalnneersnd Equilibrist. RHg-Time Piano Plnycrs.
ADMISSION 10. 20 and 30 CENTS.
kml Concert ftfoJ rcrforroanceBeginii 8:13 Every Evening.
Best for 5team
Best for Ranges
Best for Heaters
Tho most economical and satisfactory
' Fuel for any, purpose. :
An Quantity at Any Time
on short notice.
Free Delivery in the City.
Phone 1961. 9th and Commercial Streets
Syi thu up-to-date traveler to the UU bojr who answer fait
Imperative mmmomi "I know of no maU-uiwi hotel accessory
that means more for the satisfaction of Its guests than the Soap
provided (or thna. , Yoa always provide fUSlCJU Ltkt Soap.
That's just It should be." The refined smoothness and
ciqulslte fragrance of Mfdlccl Lake 5Mp. added, to it
ueossparablo tVeahcaiaf, clean sin;, usootheaing qaalities axe
the reason why all comfort -deal ring travelers, fine dab
. bouses, first-class hotels tad home-like Homes are giving it the
naalstakable endorsement of exclusive toilette use. Of
delicate, purely natural com position with generous prepon
derance of i"todlcal Lake Crystals the evaporation formed
concentration of rUdkal Laka, Wafhlaj-
toa, with Its wealth of byjenio power,
nodical Laka 5oap Is tba 5aapparM
celkaca for travel by rail or water. ; It It
admirable for tba complexion and II I
strong and pleasant antiseptic, ' and will be
found of great value in all cases of Ecxama,
Sunburn, Prickly Heat, and all 5kia
IrrlUtlons. All firstlau drecgits sell
Medical Laka Soap. -23c.acka.
' ; 2lc a hot at drugglsU.
Medical Lake Salts Mfg. Co., Sola Mfrs.
Hew Vora a4 Stotaae, Waall.
Bledloal Laka SaJU Ufa. Co Hookana. Wash. .
Dear Blra After aufterlna for two years from chronic diarrhoea, and four different physicians bavin
failed to ivt me relief, I was Induced to leave my Nebraska farm and come to Medical Lake, remaining
at Mile alasa for a couple of days and taking bat ha in the wonderful water. I started eaat to sell my farm
and get my family. Before going; however, I bought a pound package of Medical Laka alts, and, disi
eolvlng them In water, I drank freely "of U. In two weeks' time I waa restored from a nearly dead con
dition to perfect health and have so remained. I would not be without Medical Lake salts If they eoat
110 a pound. K. C.OIEdSELMANN. Medical Lake. Wash. ' ' .
For sale m Astoria by Frank Hart, corner Twelfth and Commercial, ! ' the Ceaa Drug Coapaay
T'Jtlh ana CommerciaJ and CnarUs Roiers, Odd rersow1! building &. ., ... ,1i. ajjtfj
- ' ! ..
Tke Wat arideac of a bad condition of the blood and nahealtkr state el
fhs systam, la an old festering ton, running ulcer, or abscess. They abow
tba bodilY imparities art not pesiing out thronzh the proper channels, bat
are left In the system to doc sad poison tba blood.' So thoroughly does
the polaoa permeate the system that every little scratch, cut or bruise
inflames and festers. Bverythingr about an old sore or ulcer auggesU disease.
iaey aoeci ue f eneru aeaiu, uey
rxox OAxroTTin uiQTOAxrsxa
Xew Castle, a., July 8S, 1B08.
fare years are a cetnmoa noil a
pearedoa the eauetmy limb. Votyleldi
inato simple homoiaidtM.IeOBaulte4
flax at, appowdiy. By aomo fearful
miatak. I waa glvsa corrosive lublL
require constant attention, and art a
source of anxiety and trouble all the
time, ana la tome cases nigniyonen
sto. There is danger, too, of these
places becomiaf cancerous if not
treated promptly and in the right
way. washes, salves and ointments
are g-eod for external use, but they
cast stop the discharge or change
the condition of the blood, and for
this reason the sort never heals per
Not until the blood Is purged of
impurities and the system cleansed
of all harmful aubstances should the
ulcer heal, or the effect upon the sys
tern uight proTt disastrous. 8.S.S.
goes into the circulation and searches
put and removes the csuse of the
bid sort and invigorates and builds
up the polluted, sluggish blood
again, and as the poisonous matter
Is driven from the system the sore
begins to heal, new flesh forms and
the place is soon covered over with
fresh akin and the sore is gone for all time. Where the constitution la
debilitated from Jthe effects of chronic sores, ulcers, abscesses, carbuncles,
j i boils or other severe skin eruptions, 8. S. 8.
will build it ttp again and stimulate and
strengthen all parts of the system. S. S. 8.
contains no strong minerals, but is guaran
teed entirely vegetable. It is unequaled as
a Blood Purifier and invigorating tonic.
Do not depend upon local remedies alone.
Get vour blood right and as it forces out
the poison the sore must heal, because nothing ia left in the system for
It to feed upon. Write us should you desire medical advice, which is given
without charge. ' 175 SWIFT SPEGtffQ CO., ATLANTA, GA
a pnymtolaa, who pr.aerth.4 a poulti
mate, and after fcavUar It oa tor a tew
minates X eouia endure the pala a
lons-ar, no took off the application and
round that my limb from the oalf tethe
ana i. was ia sa awroi ewmaitioa. Ilaa.
mediately neat for eaothe physician,
who told me X hsd bona polsoaea. Xy
limb from the oalf to the ankle weaaae
solid inflames sore. X was advises
beat a. S. a., and improved rapidly
under its aee, but about tale time I had
aa attack of typhoid love, art this se
tied lathe original aor. Tnis,ef eonrt.
' .auatd a baek sat, but bavin eea&domee
la the ability of 8, 0. X beaaa it aii
assooa as X wae over the fevev, aad to
make a long story short, waa completely
and pcrmaaeatly cured. Two years have
elapsed, and I have never had antara eg
the treuble. MBS. X. A. DTjyiT,
SIS W. vrashiagtoa ft.
Letters From President Francis
Make Sultan of Moroco
Appropriation of $50,000 Trans
ferred Across I8rt
MuU-sh'ot Partien
lar as to Its Use. '
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druowists refund the money
If It Sails to oure., S. ,tf. Grove's Big
nature la on each box. SSe, tf
"Cure the cough and save the life."
Dr Wood's Norway Pine Syrup cures
coughs and colds down to the very
verge of consumption.
St. Louis, Jan. 36. In the list of na
tions which are to be represented at
the world's fair by national pavilions,
Morocco probably ' will, be missing.
Secretary Stevens states that it Is not
now expected that Morocco will offi
cially participate by erecting a pa
vilion, but that some use doubtless will
be made with the $50,000 appropriated.
According to Information received by
the "exposition officials from Commis
sioner J. W. S. Langerman, who re
cently returned from a mission to
Morocco being empowered as the sul
tan's commissioner on his return, the
amount appropriated by that potentate
was $50,000. Anetjt this appropriation
an Interesting story Is told by Mr.
Danforth, "assistant to Commissioner
Landman. The amount was not giv
en with very good grace, according to
Mr. pantorth, who quotes the sultan
as saying:
"Here is $50,000. , Take It and do
wha,t you please with it. I don't care
whether you use It for the World fair
or put it In your own pocket. I dont
know where St. Louis is, except that
it is somewhere In the United States,
and I don't care. .And please tell
President Francis, whoever he is, to
stop writing me letters about his fair,
as I am tired of getting them."
Mr. " Danforth says that the money
waa brought to Tangier by Langermaa
and deposited there. Being In silver.
It required a caravan , of about 2S
mules to transport the money through .
the desert. When : counted it was
found to bo all good money, however,
with the exception .of some $300 coun
terfeit pieces. ' ':
. . ' ' '
St. Louis, Jan. f6. The thermome-
ter dropped to two degrees below sere)
before sunrise today and a One, sifting
snow, driven by a heavy wind, has
been falling for a day and a night, with
possibly three hours' cessation during
that time. " In four days over IS Inches '
of snOw has fallen here, and of that
amount six Inches fell during the 24
hours preceding dawn today. The
wind drove it In drifts and street ear
traffic was at times almost blockaded.
Cars left the tracks and crews were
kept working all night to keep the Owl
cars running even very( irregular.
Trains arrived frojn on to Ave hours
late todiy. Much Suffering is reported
over the city and missions have been
thrown open and every effort Is being
made to succor distress and want.
. . ;.
Boston, Jan. !. "The Star of Beth
lehem." a miracle play, reproduced
from the old English cycles by Prof.
Charles Mills Gay ley, of the university
of "California, has been presented at
Chickerlng hall here for the first time
on any stage by the Ben Greet com
pany. ,' 1
Founded upon thirty old plays such
aa were 'presented in tne reiigiuua
houses In the streets of England SOS
years ago, Prof. Bagley has written
a new story of the Nativity the Panama
and the Resurrection. The simplicity
of the gospel narrative was followed
largely. ' . . '
Santa Rosa, Cal.i Jan. IS. The
highest price for hops since 1'9J waa
paid yesterday in this city. ' A local
grower sold 160 bales of this year'a
crop, for 28ft cents. Last week the
market waa 27 cents and it waa be
lieved it has reached Its extreme limit.
The year 1898 was a record-breaker for
prices and since that time hops have
been disposed of at from IS to 20 cents.
Several hundred acres of new hops are
being set ', out in this county at the
present time. i
Chicago, Jan. 2. The city council
has passed an order for an inquiry into
the possibility of establishing the mo
id pal plant for the manufacturing of
antitoxin. , The' resolution states that
n Increase f over 100 per cent has
been made In the cost of antitoxin and
that danger to the lives of , children
may result. . ' i 4
Toung man wanted to help In kitch
en. Good wages 10 me rigm peraw.
Call on or address 3. B. Ritter. Ham
mond Eating House, Hammond, Ore.
Only those who use it
know the luxury of it.
Pears' is the purest and
best toilet soap in all the
Established over too years.