The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, December 28, 1903, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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LHtlf Probability of Fsvorable Reply
to Colombia'a Note.
, Wasaington, Dec. 28. (Special)
Although Secretary Hay haa not yet
, replied to the note of Reyes, prepara
tions are going on rapidly for the clos
-tng of the Colombian legation here,
,nd the departure of Colombia's rep
yesenta.tives. A favorable reply Is not
'anticipated, and diplomatic - relations
will be broken us soon as the answer
iia received.
. Hay Not Improved.'
f Washington, .Dec. 28. (Special)
;The condition pf Secretary- Hay has-
Bot Improved. , He la suffering from
' bronchll trouble." Ke secretary will
Cleave early In January for the south
ito try the effects of the milder climate
Assistant Secretary Ixtomls wjll , pflr
fclHte during hla absence.
i , -
(Count Pleated With Aaauranca That
Bryan ia Not Socialist.
The "Hague,: Deei 28. (Special)
"William J. Bryan arrived here today
from Berlin and visited . the foreign
minister. Bryan said he found Tolstoi
looking well though aged. Tolstoi's
first question was:
"Are you a socialist?"
t',, When 'assured 'to the contrary the
count said:
"I am very glad to hear it. I am
no( a socialist myself." ,
; W. G. Howell ia in the city.
Miss Morton .returned to her schoo:
at Knappa this morning.
Beijamin Powell returned to. his
school duties at Portland last night.
David Morgan. Sr., went to Port
land ("his morning on a business trip,
Mr. and Mrs. , H. Calif returned
to their Portland home this morning.
Prof, and Mrs. J. W. MeCormac are
In Portland today.
- I'aptain Hazen returned Saturday
nighfrom a visit with his parents at
.Mr. iand Mrs. B; B. Shaw, who had
been ati Cathiamet for. Christmas, re
tained to the city today,.,, f
Duncan McLean returned to Port
land last night after spending a few
4m vs with his mother.
T. K, Johnson, a prominent Colum
bia river seiner, came down on the
Vanguard' this morning from Skamok
awn .
John Nelson of Oneida, Wash., who
had tieen visiting relatives lir the Wil
lamette valley-and at Cathlamet, ar
rived here this morning on the Van
Don Ross,, 'who has been visiting
with his parents for the past few days,
to Chicago and all points east; Leuls
vilie, Memphis. New Orleans, and all
poinu south. 7 i 7
Absolutely Pure
New Law Passed at Regular' 8ession of
Legislature Soon to Be Felt.
In keeping with the law passed at
the last regular session of the legis
lature relative to road Improvements,
tn Pnvtlnnfl Inst nleht. Mr. i
, - . . . , . ,!a valuation of the taxable property in
Ross is head of the traffic departemnt ! 1
. . n ,, , , -o ., me roiiu uisiricis in me county nas
111 the Portland office of the Postal
ihoan nl a part a n fl a fnnnrtl nt tha actrra
Telegraph Company. i
Miss Laura McCann returned to . , 1
.thin will ho Rant to tha rliffararit aimat.
Portland last night. She has been '
, .. ,, , ,. . . . visors throughout the county. The to
In the city since Christmas day, vis- I
itlng with her parents. While in the " ,.k- -.,
Dixie Sails For Cuba
Philadelphia, Dec.1 28. (Special)
The auxiliary cruiser Dixie, sailed
from League Island navy yard today
for Colon, carrying 600 marines and
five months living rations for 1000
men,: Six companies of marines di
vided into two battalions, sailed on
the Dixie.
, Scientifio Association Meets.
St j Louis, Dec, 28. (Special) The
53d annual meeting of the American
Association for the advancement of
Science began here today, Between
700 and 1000 members are present,
comprising some of the most notable
men In the country. The convention
will remain in session during the en
tire week ,
city Miss McCann rendered good ser
vice at St. Mary's church with the
Christmas music. , Her singing of
."Ave Marie", showed the effects of the
excellent training she Is reeciving un
der Mrs. Walter , Reed, . Portland's
noted vocalist . , ,
C. H. Chandler, traveling secretary
of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, left
this morning for the east, Mr. Chand
ler has been in the city for the past
few days, the guest of Rev. W. S.
Short, and yesterday J morning deliv
ered an eloquent ,v : address ' at Grace
church. The secretary's headquarters
Is At Pittsburg and his field of work is
tli entire western country.
Murderer is Captured
Portland, Dec. 28. (Special) David
G. Van Houghten, who , shot Al.
Young yesterday because he had stol
en Van Houghten's wife, was captur
ed In a barn at Montavllla this morn
Drowned While Rowing
Whatcom, Dec. 28. (Special)
Ernest Frost was drowned In Welser
take by the capsizing of a boat In
which he and two women companions
were rotting. The women were saved
by a rescuing party.
Killed By Indignant Husband.
St. Joseph, Dec. 28, (Special) H
u. Udinunaon, a real 1 estate dealer,
wor found In a room in a hotel here
today with. Mrs. M. W. Grote. and
was fatally shot by the woman's hus
Mrs. Alexander Sullivan Dead.
Chicago, Dec. 28. (Special) Mrs
niunuuci ouiiivHii, wen Known on
both sides of the Atlantic as an auth
r and editorial' writer, died today, aft
r a week's Illness, following a stroke
t paralysis.
The ball to be given tonight In Han-
won i s nail by the Wakohw Club
gives every promise of being the best
ronitucted function of the kind to be
given in Astoria this winter. The
hall is resplendent with decorations,
green and red predominating. Fresh,
green boughs line the walls and hang-
m from the ceiling there Is a cen
tor pl'-e of red and white, the beauty
at which will be enhanced by colored
electric lights. Green and red bulbs
are distributed about the hall. The
Columbia orchestra will furnish music
tor the-occasion. It is anticipated
tlm! tihere will be 50 couples In at
(entlanee. '"' ' it vi, ('w!
A black purse containing a small
aum of money, a locket and chain, and
a roundtrip ticket on the A. & C. R.
R. between this city and Portland,
was lost near the depot Christmas
eve. Under will please- return to
this office.
The dredge Chinook resumed or
ations on the bar toduy. If the pres
ent weather continues it Is expect
ed that the dredge will do good work,
aa the east wind renders the bar In
the aatooth condition necessary to
perate et'ectWaly. '
A lr ef lady'a ew black gloves
was foaad Saturday near the Oregon
bakery. They are bow at this effice
and the ewaer eaa have same by prov
tuf areeerts aad paying far this
Advertised Lettens.
Dec. 28, 1903.
Achison, J. M. & Co.
Anderson, J. H.
Bergeron, E. '
Bernstein, Reuben
Dowry, Marie , ,
Brown, Orns '
Clark, Geo. W.
Craig, Emma J.
Crescent, Emb. Co.
Klynn, P. F,
Fostn, Jsmunson Christ "
Frits in, Freel
Godley, Clarence
Harper, T. J. Mr. and MrB,
Hurras, Clara
, Hostetter, Levi S.
Jonsen, Julius
Johnson, B. A.
Johnston, Jack
Johnson, Anna Miss
London, Josephine
McCoy, W. N. Mrs,
Miller, Iyena Mary
Miller, J. F.
Mieller, Nettle '
Mattoin, Gabe
Nettleton, G. H.
Occident Pkg. Co. ;(
Pacific Coast Mill Co.
Pacific Unbn Co.
Percy D. L. ;,
Peterson, F. J.
Powell, R. G. '
Price, R. C.
Riley, S. G. - ' .
Lmhardt, L. W.
Sanderson, V.
Sanders, D. R.
frVverson, Henrlch
Smith, Win, D.
Strebe Linhart
Stau'o, Frank.
Htrenmetx Peter
Stone, R. E.
Svedrup, M.
,Tyro, Emll, (package)
Brown, C. H. '
Foreign ' ,
Goiln, David ,
lluasanen, Matte ( ,
Hurjukoski, Emile
CiV- T-easiirers Notice. "!:
There Is money in the City Treasury
to pay the following warrants drawn
on the following streets: . , ' ;
Alleyway and Cedar, No. 16,460 to 16,-
468, Inclusive.
Fifty-one and Birch, No. 16,441,
Fourth street, Bond to Astor, No. 16,-
Fifth, Commercial to Astor, No, 16,334
and 16.395.
Fifteenth, Jerome to Niagara, noi
16 20S. 16.201. 16.204.
Eighth etreet. Commercial to Aator,
Not. 16.6K, 16,691 16,697. 14,691
Eleventh street, Bond te Franklin,
Noa. 16.701 to 16.714 Inclualve.
Internet will eeaee after thla date.
' City Treasurer.
Aaterla, 4re., ee. . 1H. hf
i.The new law Is on the same princi
ple as( the one governing school dis
tricts. Each district will be iprivi
leged to levy whatever tax it sees fit,
the same to be devoted to road Im
provements. Besides this there is the
regular state levy of . 5 mills to be
met, !. .
Following is the list -of the road
districts of the county together with
the valuation placed upon the proper
ty of each: , , ,
Astoria ......... i $1,808,282
No. 1 ,, ... .'116,396
No. 2 82,304
No. 3 283,793
No. .4 ,
No. 5
No. 6. .
See that your ticket reads via the
Illinois Central R. R. Thoroughly mod
ern trains connect with all transconti
nental lines at St. Paul and Omaha.
If your friends are coming west let us
know and we will Quote them direct
the specially low ritss now in effect
from all eastern points. '
Any Information as to rates, routes,
etc., cheerfully given on application.
B. IT. j TRUMSOf-L, Commercial
Agent, 142 Third street, Portland. Or.
. J. C. LIND3EY, T. F. A P. A., 142
Third street, Portland, Or.
P. B. THOMPSON, F. 4. P. A.,
No. 7 128,808
j 66,162
No. 8 .
Xo. 9.
No. 10
No 11
No. 12
No. 13
No. 14
No. 15
No. 16
No. 17
No. 18
The "Northwestern Llmltid" trains,
electrio lighted throughout, both inside
and out, and steam heated, are with
out exception, toe finest trains ia the
world. They embady the litest, newest
and best ideas for comfort, conveniwee
and luxury ever offered the travelling
public, and altogether are the meat
complete and splendid production cf th
car builders' art.
These splendid Trains
Connect With
The Great Northern
The Northern Tacific and ,
The Canadian Pacific' ' .
CHICAGO 'and the EASTr
No extra charge tor these superior
acommodatlons and all classes of tick
ets are available for passage on the
trains on this line are protected hi the
Interlocking Elect System.
( )
- To Call and See our
1 1 line of Christmas
Slippers and Shoes,
the finest that mon
ey can buy, Call
and be convinced.
inwOi,T,.T..('r; rip ?
The ColufflbialOystefllse;
is now handling the celebrated .. .
for Betall and Wholesale trade. Oysters always looked and served in
first class style, Shoal Water Bay Oysters always fresh every day.
NICK KAZEPPI, Proprietor.? c a
105, 107 TWELFTH St. Astoria, Or,
The Mug Saloon
Corner Ninth and Astor fits
CLlines, Liquors and , Cigars
Of the Finest Quality
Fishermen and Seiners' Headquarters
No- " 189,420
TotaI .$4,613,195
Lloyds Bank. ,
Tha bank that has shown the most
remarkable expansion of any bank in
the world du.-lng the last thirty-five
years is Lloyd's Bank of London. This
bank was formed in 1866. 'Within three.
months It absorbed two large private
banking houses. Since then it has ab
sorbed no leas than twenty separate
joint-stock and private banking con
cerns. Lloyds bank has twelve offices in
London, two hundred and sixty coun
try branches and one hundred and
twenty sub-branches and agencies. For
the past Ave years it has paid divi
dends of 18 per cent to its stock
holders, of whom there are aboat
twelve thousand. Lloyds Bank Is now
much the most powerful banking in
stitution In Kngland, with the exception
of the Baak of England.
It was announced (he other day that
arrangements have practically been
completed for the absorption by Lloyds
Bank of the Liverpool District Banking
Company. With the absorption of this
company Lbyds Bank will have depos
its and current account balances
amounting to $360,000,000. This com
pares with $5,$30,000 in 1863. No other
bank in the world shows such a re
markable expansion.
Family Liquor Store
Choicest Table Wines for
PBJ VATE BTOCTC -Cream Rye, Old Hickory
Frldeof Keatuckey and Hermitage
Repsold California Brandies.
If you do, get the best and
purest, for family and
' medicinal use, ;
"'"'r 'at, the, . :':;''J;,.,''';'
California Wine and Liquor' House
NO BAR.,,,,,W,,,,,M'
The Waldorf
Twelfth Street
WM. BOCK. Prop.
Welnhnrd's Celebrated Beer
Corner Bop and Tenth -1 -. Astortu
fOUBT ASTOBIA.No. 8, Foresters of
America Meets Wednesday even
ings m i ai uaa u euows nail.
C. E. Posteb, Fin'l Sec'y.
L. A. Spbaceb, Chief Banger.
Assessment Notice.
Cotice Is hereby given that the as
sessment made for the purpose of im
proving BOth street from the south line
of Cedar street, to the north line of
Date street as per assessment roll No.
71 was made by an order of the com
mon council due and payable January
8th, 1904 by ordinance No. 2873 con-
flrmln? said assessment roll. That th
following are the names of the persons
against whom the assessments are
made, amounts owning by each, to-wit:
Allen, B. F. 11.61
Anderson, George SO . 00
Duffner, Otto 25.41
Kelly, Mary M. 1.8S
Wevang. AndrewHelrs of 1.39
City of Astoria 7.22
By order of th common council,
AaJiter and Police Judge. :
Satea Aataria. Ovegaa, Sec. 2, IMl. ,
How Grant Came to Smoke.
At a recent army reunion, General
James Grunt Wilson told how it was
that General Grant became such an in
veterate 3moker. He said that after
the Fort Donnelson fight the newspa
pers all over the North were filled with
the story of how the silent Captain
hnd fought tint battle with an un
llghted cigar in his mouth.
"l-p to that time," said General Wil
son. "General Grant never smoked more
than two cigars a day in his life. When
the people of the north found that
their commander evidently liked cigars,
loyal souls from every great northern
city sent in cigars to Grant's head
quarters, until he had piled up in his
tent 20,000 cigars.
"He felt that it wouldn't be polite to
return them or to give them away, so
the only thing to do was to smoke them.
That was the beginning of It,and It end
ed with the smoking of something like
a bunch of cigars every day."
CHAS. F. WISE, Proprietor.
Concert Every Evening
Corner 8th and Astor Sts. Astoria, Oregon
R, J. Owens, Proprietor
Phone 831 11
Great Palace of Art of the Pacific Coast 5
Fine Bar and the Best of Liquors and Cigars
A Frightened Home,
Running like mad down the street,
dumping the occupants, or a hundred
other accidenta, are every day occur
ranees. It behoves everybody te have
a reliable salve handy and there's none
aa good aa Buoklln'a Arnica, Salve.
Burn, cute sores, sssaina, aad piles,
disappear ' tuickly under Ma sastfaina;
effect. See, at ?haa. Bogara eVr atare
Eighth and Astor Sts. v ,t . ASTORIA
The Popular Restaurant
formerly conducted at the corner of Astor and Seventh
streets, lias moved two doors eastward . where the pro
prietor will b pleased to see all his patrons. The good
errica heretofore given the public will be continued
and improved if possible, and the proprietor'illaim will,
always be to please. , . "; '