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Told in Brief
Short, PunjtM Pwtjrsphi o Interut
to cvtryoi
(The price ot labor In Alaska la 14.50
to 16.60 a day, with ttoara.
Hot weather U no more dangerous to
' tat people than to lean.
Wore than 150 book on the war In
Bouth Africa have been published.
The Baldwin locomotive work at
v Philadelphia employ 15,000 men, with
a weekly nalary of $190,000.
One wishing to buy a hippopotamus
must have a government permit to buy
and another to land Wm. .
Servla baa the population of Wiscon
sin and the area of Massachusetts and
We must remember that, today, of
our 200.000 mllea of tracks only 25,000
miles, or one eighth Is equipped with a
block signal system of any kind.
However numerous may be the op
portunities of life, they are never dis
covered by those who keep their eyes
. shut and permit their hands to be idle.
Self-reliance Is good capital in any
business, and the young man who has
this to start with, together with unlim
ited energy. Is bound to succeed.
A boy working In the clay pipe fac
tory at Magadore, Ohio, can make 1S.OO0
pipes a day. Its a pipe dream where
they all go.
Alaska natives have developed a
great fondness for bacon, hard bread,
canned beef and other foods of a like
nature. N-
Truth crushed to earth will rise again,
How strange that people try.
This little trick most all the time
But never crush a lie.
Nearly all the safety matches, which
are safe agatnstjriction on sandpaper,
stone, wood, or" brick. Ignite readily
from a quick rub on glass.
With 20.000 remedies known to med
ical science. It does seem mighty queer
how long It takes the doctor to fix us
tip all right again when we get to feel
ing tough.
The railroad car will carry as much
1 as 20 teams of horses could haul and
the great oeew steamers will transport
as much aa 400 railroad cars can carry.
Excluding Egypt and the Soudan,
;rot Britain owns 2,5S5,000 square
miles of Africa, an area equal to more
than flftJ! Engtends and Inhabited by
about 45,000,000 people.
Manila has a population of something
like 300,0)0. about 10,000 beingAmericans
and Eurooean born. The American
pojfulati m Is estimated at 6,000.
1 If people could turn X-rays on their
poor, overworked stomachs and see
them laboring to .digest things that
should not have been eaten In warm
weather, they would leave said things
alone.' .
; An electrla motor for unloading
bananas has been introduced In New
Orleans wh4eh handles 15.000 bunches
en hour, working at three hatches.and
the fruit is protected from the slightest
' We are told that the emperor of
Japan is having some trouble with the
Japanese dletiv We don't know Just
what It consists of, but hope It Is some
thing more palatable than they are
generally credited with eating.
The life of the modern leather, made
by the use of sulphuric acid, is but IS
years. This makes It necessary for the
British museum to spend $20,000 a year
In renewing leather book binding.
j The Baldwin locomotive works has a
fremarkable record. They hire lS.OOO
men. never had a strike, no trade union
among Vmployes was ever Organized
and they have been running 72 ears.
Th worat pauperism In the world Is
the poverty of mind and soul. Pity the
mail or woman whose mind Is barren
Of those high and noble possessions
which reveal the soul and distinguish
man from the brute.
Idleness is the progenitor of crime.
Laziness is a disease that should re
telve early treatment. Teachers and
preachers should make it their duty
Jo convince young men and women of
ihe wickedness of doing nothig.
Probably the largest can factory In
the world la that of the Standard Oil
Company ef Long Island City, at which
70,008 five gallon cans are made from
Welsh tin each day for the export ker
24,000 cans in one day.
Russia Fears for Safety of the
Polar Explorer Baron
Thrtt Rtlkf Prti Now in Starch of
Scientist and AtsocUtts.No Word
From Thtm .
St Petersburg, July Sl.-(Corrcspond-ence
of The Associated Tress.) The
Imperial Academy of Science Is begin
ning to entertain most serious fears for
the polar explorer Huron Toll, from
whom nothing has been heard since he
left the yacht Zaria, July 13, 1S02, in
company with two tukouts and start
ed tor Bennett Isltuid. The Zaria left
its winter quarters early in June last
year to And Baron Toll as well as his
associates, the Zoologist BirouMu who
had gone to New Siberia. The vessel
was unable to accomplish its mission
and returned late in the season to the
liiver Lena. Birouliu escaped across
the Ice. Three relief parties were sent
out by the academy this lust spring.
Lieutenant Kolchask and Engineer
lirosnav each with a number of ex
perienced Takouts and coast people pro
seeded towards New Siberia and Bl
uett Island, while Lieutenant Mattiee
undertook to recover the Zaria. Dr.
Hrosnav w'as also accompanied by a
number of Russian and native traders
who make annual journeys to this coust
tor mammoth tusks and furs while
Lieutenant Kolchask took with him a
portion of the former crew of the Zaria
There seems to be no doubt that they
reached New Siberia quite early In the
season as the Ice was very strong and
the present hope is that Baron. Toll may
have been able to return to New Si
beria. To .clean a clock lay in the bottom
a rag, saturated with kerosene oil.
The fumes will losen the dirt and it
will drop out. In a few days remove
and plate another saturated rag in the
clock, the fumes of whith will lubri
cate the works.
Have an aim and work for it but
when you come bang up against a big
rock, do not break your head on It.
Climb over the rock or go around it. If
you climb over It, you will find a big
hump of satisfaction on top, and the
going down will be easy.
A number of tests made by the Ver
mont experiment station found arse
nite of soda and the arsenic-salsoda
mixture are very satisfactory for kill
ing weeds along- walks and drives.
These can be kept perfectly free of
weeds by the ne of these mixtures.
If a dog springs for a man, the lat
ter should guard his face with his arm
and try to met the animal with his
forearm. With the right hand he
should endeavor to catchjme of the an
Imal's front paws. The paw of a bull
dog is ultra sensative. . can be
caught, a vigorous squeeze will make
the animal howl for mercy and retire
discomfited .
The Scenic Line
Through Salt Lake City, Leadville,
Pueblo, Colorado Springs and
Offers the Choice of Three Routes
Through the Famous Rocky Moun
tain Scenery, and Five Distinct
Routes East and South of Denver.
Between Ogden and Denver, Carrying
All Classes of Modern Equipment
P'.-rfett Dining Car Service and Per
sonally Conducted Tourist Ex
cursions to All Points East.
On All Classes ot Tickets.
Fcr Information or illustrated litera
ture call on or address
W. C. McBRIDE, - General Agent
121 Third St. Portland, Or.
Hill Military Academy
Twenty-Fourth and Marshall Streets
A Private Boarding and Day School
For Boys
New buildings, modern and complete; manual training, military discipline, character build
ing. Boys successfully fitted for all colleges. Principal of 25 years' experience in Portland Boys
of any age admitted at any time. Write for Catalogue.
Fall Term Opens Septembei 16,
DR. Jt W. HILL, Principal
Praises The
High School
Dr. Hill of Portland Says Astoria's
Principal Educational Institu
tion Is Well to the
Dr. J. W. Hill, principal and p.p
rivtor ot the Hill Military Academy,
Portland, arrived In the city yesterday,
accompanied by his wife, en route for
North- Beach. He Is registered at the
Dr. Hill Is one ot the most prominent
educators in the Pacific Northwest. He
hits lived In Oregon since 1878, and has
been engaged continuously since that
time in the boarding school business at
Portland, for twenty-three years as
lessee and principal ot the Bishop Scott
Academy, and the lust two years as
proprietor and principal of the Hill Mil
Itary Academy. During his extended
career he has had under his tuition hun
dreds of stfns ot the leading citlxeus
throughout the Northwest. Among As
t-rlans are Arthur Manner, William E.
Tallant, Mark and William Warren
Max Young's tlusc sons, Capt. Hiram
Brown's two sons, Herman Wise and
One" secret of the doctor's popularity
with his students is that "once his boy
always his boy.' The doctor's new
school has been a success beyond the ex
Imitations of his warmest admirers.
At "th close of the first year the ca
pacity of the large building was taxed
to the utmost, and last year it was
necessary to open another cottage to ac
commodate the overflow. The location
of the school Is In the very best part
ff the residence section and It is not
very far from the site of the Lewis and
Clark fair grounds. The buildings are
new, modern and up-to-date In every
particular. The school is non-sectarian
and is conducted by the doctor on strict
ly business principles. There are no
boards or trustees to interfere in the
management of the Institution. He has
smrounled himself with an exceeding
ly strong faculty; his teachers are col
lege graduates, and have been with him
from three to twelve years.
Interviewed at the hotel yesterday.Dr.
Hill said: "The state of Oregon Is far
in advance of many of the older states
in educational advantages. The many
louol high schools, of which your own is
a spleniid exponent, have made rapid
strides In modern methods of imparting
Instruction, and the teachers are as
conscientious and painstaking as can be
found in any community. The state In
stitutions at Corvallls and Eugene have
made most marked advance along the
lines above mentioned. Another pe
culiarity Is, I notice, that our Oregon
boys, trained In Oregon schools.' hold
their own with any boys when they go
to the large Institutions In the East."
Dr. Hill leaves today for the beach,
His academy opens for the fall term
September IS. and aa he wishes to rest
up thoroughly he decided that it would
be folly to remain here for the regatta:
"I know what sort of entertainment
you As tori ins are in the habit of pro
viding, at the regattas," he said, "and
the man who comes here for rest will
find that there is nothing to be had but
a good time, and so I must forego the
pleasure of rilhigllng with the crowds."
DAY. Chicago. August 17-rfieventeen auto
mobiles were stopped by the police of
Evanston yesterday and taken to the
police station, where their drivers were
released on bond or on their own recog
nizance, to appear In court later.
A patrolman, dresed In civilians cloth'
es, gave the signal when an outomobile
passed by moving his handkerchief over
his face. Two policemen stationed an
eighth of a mile away timed the auto
mobiles and stopped them golngtoo fast
The speed limit by ordinance In Ev
anston is eight miles an hour. The po
lice only stopped those exceeding a
speed of 12 miles an hour. The mini
mum fine for violation of the speed or
dinance is $25.
Winter Wheat Pronounced Good
Throughout the Entire
Spring Craln It Bad in About 0m Third ol
the Country, But Outlook Is
St. Petersburg, August S.-(trrcs-pondonco
of The Associated Press, 1 A
statement has been Issued showing the
ofllclal citip prospects for European Bus
sla up to a fortnight ago. Winter
wheat is pronounced koh1 In the south
west, comprising nearly all the country
up to the Dnelper, a strip from the
headwaters of this river to the tiernum
frontier, a small part of the central
black earth belt and considerable
stretches south ot the Don and the Ko
umarespectlvely. It is declared satis
factory In all the other wheat districts
except comparatively small district
around Khurkouv, N'ixhuy, Novgorod
and on the other hand on the rltsht
bank of the Dvina.
Hye Is classed as good In the lower
half of the- truns-Dneliier southwest be
tween Zhitomir and Oradno, almoxt all
the way between Nlnhuy. Novgorod and
Zunvint along the lower Kama river In
the Vrals on both sides of the Uelaya
and south ot the Don and Kounia riv
ers. It is unsatisfactory In consider
able belts around Ktuirkouv, from Vite
bsk to Pskov and Ulga, around Old Nov
gorod, Nlzhiiu, along the wuvt bank f
the Volga below Saratov, all along the
Vial river and in a big section of the
I'pper Kama and Vlotka valleys. It Is
satisfactory elsewhere, that Is, as In the
case of wheat throuithout nine tenths
of the grain country.
Spring grain Is bad or unsatisfactory
In about one third of the grain country,
the failure extending. with extensive ex
ceptions, however, from the Junction of
the Don and Volga valleys to the ex
treme north and northwest. There is
also almost a total fuilure along the
right bank of the Dvlua. To offset this,
however, excellent crops nre expected
from Kovno to Etatcrlnoslav and south
to the line between these cities ami
throughout the northern Caucaslus
from Rostov to Vladikavkaz!.
The remaining satisfactory districts
comprise three fifths of the whole a
ricultural area.
Chicago, August 17. A "trust" In re
llglouH forces to bring about economies
In soul saving after the manner of the
commercial world has been advocated
by the Rev. Bruce Brown In the North
Side Christian church.
"It is high time there -should be a
trust in rllgious resources,," he said.
"Our present methods tend to multiply
churches In respectable communities
and to leave the slums destitute of
church privileges.
"We build so many churches among
ths comparatively good people that we
have no money left to preach the fjosi!
to the poor. The mlllenium will never
dawn on a divided church. The king
doms of this world will not be made
the kngdoms of God by any sect or
schism. Our usefulness and efficiency
and influence would be magnified many
fold if we would cease multiplying
churches where they are needed the
least and use the money for building
churches where they are needed the
most. I am in favftr of a rllgious trust
Jslace baths include a first-class bar
ber shop andTurklsh undRusslan baths
Best of service in every department. T,
It. Davles, proprietor, 539 Commercial
street. Hours for Turkish and Russian
baths, 3 p. m. to 3 a. m.
Subscribe for the Semt-Weekly As-
torian, 11.00 a year.
A Few Observations on tRe Decline of a Noble Trait in
the Character of a Great People
Nowadays how many imn or women
sit down deliberately and conscientious,
ly, aimrt, by themselves, to enjoy a Iuhk
ami lulet think? asks a contemporary,
I'tih ipplly. the amendment which arises
In the mind of the questioner In only
too Just-how many men and women In
this galloping age have the time to do
so? Vrlty, "the art of contemplation
seems In dinger of pusnlug out of man
kind's recollection, so ' much of our
tltlnklmr. even what we dignify by the
lofty title of our "best thlnklmr," ap
pears to be done w hen we are Imslewl
iiinl most agitated. Suoh thinking as
we mean tuinot. of course, bo done un
der such conditions. The reflective fae.
utiles are then In slumber; the (vtvep.
live, the time animal portions of our
mentality, are at their highest w orking
pressure. For example, how could a
man feel the mystical force of tliny's
Elegy amidst the roar of machinery or
dodging the tralllo of buy streets? Or
what chance would he have to enrry to
Its logical sequence some line thmiKht.
crude and Indistinct, on life or death,
where chatterer and the male of
hourly business compelled his close at
tentlon to petty dntalts and empty
trivialities? And those thoughts will
come, often, Into' the mind of u man
in the oddest places; unbidden, wanton
vagrant who have no right to thrust
thenwlves saucily UHn the mind In
thrall over ledger or cash liooks or
uati hlng: engines and machinery. Who
can nceotintfor these strange obtrusions
New York. August 17. Dr. Hubert f.
M;u Arthur, pastor of tlm Calvary lUip-
tlst church, has vigorously denounced
lyiichliirf and anarchy. Ill the course of
his sermon he said: '
"A mob Is a wild beast, A mob ha
no bruins to think, no breast to feel
and nb reason to Judge between right
and wrong. When democracy becomes
monocracy the days of Uie republic will
be numbered. Mob law Is one of the
Krcut.-Ht dangers In a republican form
of government. It Is anarchy, pure
and simple. It is vastly more danger
ous In a reptile t Iran n a monnrchy.
It resolves society Into savagery. It
brutalize and all who par
ticipate In It, It puts brute, force in
the place of law and vengeance In the
place of Justlcn. It is treason to the
republic and a dishonor to humanity.
"Ours is the only country on the globe
that masts at the stake men uncondem
cd and untried. There Is not a sit to.
dav in darkest Africa or in any other
paj-on land where such atrocities nre J
committed. 1 "
We must Insist that sheriffs nnd other
officers of the law shall be fearless In
the defense of their prisoners, even
though they be guilty of the most aw
ful crimes. In order to do so they may
have to shoot to kill. No man knows
my spirit will charge me with cruelty
In feeling or action. , Public officials are
guilty of wrong to a mob when they
shoo Into the air."
. ' 'i.
"", IJ"""i""M""""L-J-'1 1 '""" " '"- ii u wu u , mmmmmmm,mmmmmmmm
f"--- -. MA:
f " ...
I J t -
f t " , , ,
llo'vitttle ihe woiM really understand
about thinkers' To tUc ordinary man
the sls-hl of a thinker plunged In a
deep train of thought, oblivion to ev
ery worldly consideration, absolutely
lost In conlemplatlon of some absorb
ing; heme ihut places him undi T a
spell Vf enchainment. Is simply lo siik
mtirky dungeon's glimmering siuies
with lords and knights uml l.nlU-s gay;
ote," The !aeaat of lu'ttHiuuUon p'is
before lilm. gliuiilng, splendid,
various; nil Unit his mind has absorbed
from IsHik-i, his eye and ear from m n
and the world cutties up to crowd Ihe
grand (sisltlve results of roniemplti
tloit, brutally sliaHets (he splendid
dr'atn as with a trooper's Jackboot, II
Is hard for '.lie ordinary man b sympa
thise with the thinker. Shut the or
dinary nun up in u dimly ligliti d dun
geon uml he goes mad. Immune tie'
thinker, th uaii of imiiKitiuti nt. lit the
gloomiest prison and tie people:. It uilh
the tnasollli'C'it ti'i-nsuivs of his fancy:
he writes a "History of the Wot Id,"
a "1'llgi tin's progress," a "u tju'x
en threid at contemplation; the rav
elle I ends can iieer Is. unitd again.
What havoc he work amoni-d th In
finitely delicate uei! hliiry of tbe timer
brain, wh i can say? Yes, H is a crime
to lileinii't without good uml Just
COllSe the Olltei;ltioii, of 11 tbllllicl'.
''ftl'lyle tri-d hard to git away from hln
fellow -creature Ik-.uiso oftUn.S. hop
enhuticr has InmiortalUed ihe plaint of
the Interrupted thinker, .ind h has
Couch Covers, Lounge Covers
Driving Robes
Bathing Robes, Veranda Wraps
Trunk Throws
For Fancy Corners and For the Bed
A Large Assortment of the Above Goods gt
C. H. Cooper's
The Leading Dry Goods and
Clothing House of
Japanese Troupe
roundly unuHiemallsed tli criminal,
who Ignorant of the m-rcne delight stil
train of thought a lie would Iimvs
hcsltatU'ti In attacking his dinner when
he Is hungry. Yet. hal a cilme dis-
he louilull! lie nns In twain the gold
and the ordinary man lias as llltls
I'liinpuiHtion nlioiit luteriupllng that
K . st Uml he Is ini Idle, worthless loafer '
heroes of ait!itltty, whose luiilie have
not perished In Htv wreck of innlri';
he inntvhe with Xeimplinil and Alex
ander; sweeps on )n the coiupieitng
hosts of Cnllibyses wd t'liosroc. see
ihe heroes of Harlii perish nt Tlier
nio lae, and joins the wild rush of !
i 'tis 'Ian at Marnthnn; he Is wllh Hani
ilcttranl Hasdrulial and llannibal.wlHi
Mareellim mid I'ompey and r Mi and
t'nesa", Charlempagne, AHIU, Alalia
and on down to the latter da. No
siu li man goes mud because he Is flung
Into a dungeon. Hut It Is the fata f
the i'oiilcmplatlVi man to be misunder
stood, enio'ly misunderstood; ro easy
Is II to cheat the world with display
of fussy activity nnd so gain credit for
dlllgeuev that Is wors" than Idleness,
When Aichlmeilc calmly pursued hi
philosophical contemplation and b.
sorhedly drew hi augh s an circle on
Hie sand before Mm In lllji garden at
Hyiaeuse, a rude, Initial Human soldier
of M, melius' conquering legions slood
Kforr aim and angrily demanded hi
formal surrender, Archimedes was no
in.. ic conscious of the presence of that
bio u. stained Ic glottal y 'ban one I of
stellcr Inllueiice iiMin on' daily life.
It was the ordlnay man, utterly con
letiiptuoiiM of contemplation' right
and pi Ivil.'jti s, who, In the form of thai
Unman soldier, struck off the Irad of
Archliiivlc. the t-t head III Hie world
of that time, Just so the unthinking
stnUe off Hie head of thought Hint
come not iitfiilli, whi they ever so win
snmely. anufacture