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Local Order Takes Advantage of Regatta to Bring Royalty and
Nobility of its Ranks to Assist at Initiation of
, Sixty-Three Neophytes
Tha Woodmen of Hie World are to
n Oi liniHtiMun of IN craft. Hawing
wood. They aro Hrruriglnir every feu-
tut of thvlr part In th regutu with
uri rhr mill BiV'iiilun to aiwur It
eomplrte huii'ms. The vuiigunrd of
ttlr visiting neighbor commenced ar
riving ym ruy, In ttm iwi-boii of ev
iral "h'titi" fieni Bcaltlo miiiI Tii'
em. lli-ml hunker V. Cooper am
Win, Hldt niu'iniiiuiild by ninny other
Portland Wimditxn will arrive today,
Mr. Cooper Itaiullea mure money tliuti
aay otlwr fraternal order tnun In the,
wl. II In nccotniu how receipt ami
dibursmnnt of over threo million of
dullar of Woodmen money jtnnuiillly.
Mr. lleldt I one of the roust lauler
f tli order. J If It trio presiding omVer
of Wehfuot camp of Portluud, which
Mga coutaui over 12(H) member and
I tha largest fraternal order lodge? In
Oregon, Ksch gentleman In accompan
ied ly hi wife and famly mid will re
wain several dny.
Herman tfilnule, clerk of rortlund
hisj In antthcr of the order' promin
ent men Mho will arrive today, Mr.
fit-had nan twtrd by tho Woodmen
I mak Ilia dlntrlbutlon of Ha con
trlanted funda 'or tha lleppncr suffer
er. Th main body of "fhopiwra" will ar
rive tomorrow. Col. J. C. Jone of the
Frrat lteglmnt, Uniform Hunk W, O.
W. will Imva charge of lhr contingent
tageth.r with three conipunle of bin
department. Th Woodmen will erect
their dlspliy aeros tha rtreet tonight
and tomorrow forenoon. They will en
tw the piu'iida tomorrow and tha differ
ent companies of tha uniform rank will
pnwciit a series of drllla In fancy mill
(my evolution on tha Van tun
gruntls. These event are scheduled for
3.30 p. in, A Ihoaa "knight of the as"
are mil I to I hi the Ireat drilled bodlea of
men In fumy military tactic on the
count, mtK'h Interest haa followed the
itiinouiireimmt of their coming and
their exhibition will Im one well worth
being seen by our people.
Thin will cl'wo the Woodmen excr.
line as fur ua tha general public la
concerned, but in the evening the
must Intetvuilng purN wilt occur.
At 9:30 they will bold (heir breat ban-
iiiet. Thin hour haa bean chosen In or
der to allow thuae going on tha Putter
at 9 13 tomorrow evtmtug an opportun
ity of enjoying Aatorla Woodmen hoa-
pltollly tiefore their deimrture.
Following the banquett the Ini
tial Ion will be held. Hixty-three neo
j hyltca will be led through the winding
piitha leading to the Innermoat part
of the tityMtrrioua foreat of Perfected
Woodcraft. The ceremonies of thla or
der are aald to be particularly beauti
ful, abounding a they do with wood-
lore mid expression and imidrnta
peculiur to the foreat On Uila ocean
Ion the arrvle will tie almply aubllme.
for It la to tat presented by a picket
team fruin Portland and who, It In
rlalmiil, prevent a drama which la nev
er forgot ten by tho Initiate. The large
majority of thla clnaa of candldutea
will Ik for Aiturla camp. A few how
vr, ore from ttenaide and. will form
the tiut'leua of a new camp to be In
Mtuled In that beautiful tuburb of
Aatorla in tho neur futur.
Amung the royal peraonagea who wll
graca tha regatta, with their presence,
lx will tie queena who hava reigned
during tha preawit year over Woodmen
of (he World carnlvala which hava been
held In Oranta Paaa, Oorvalila, Aahland,
Jaiiaa, Portland and Chehalla. To
gether with other carnival queena from
different cltiea of tha northweat, th-y
will grar the throne of Queen Francia
with their preaenca and will make tha
coronation the moat royal and elaborate
ever held on tha coaat.
The Auguat number of "The Amerl
ran liny" coutulna tha third Inatall-
ment of Mra. Oabrlelle B. Juckami'a
alory. "Three Uood Cronlca," which
read well. The cover page conalata
of a aplendld picture of "The Old Bwlm
mill' Hole." "Captured," by that fine
writer for boyo, J. U Harbour7 telta
how two txiya captured an Immenaa
aer(iit belonging to clrcua. Home of
the othr leading contribution In the
Auguat nuinlrr are: "A Voyage on
the Snow," by Will Llaenbce; "The lie
ginning of an Aatronomer.""The Waah
Inglon High K hool Cadeta" wlthr aome
line picture; "The Bummer Life of tho
l!ooevelt Children." "Tlp'a Ilerolafn,'
"Life on a dan-of.War,' "Acroaa Ni
agara with Wondln," "The Prlnter'a
Aiiprentb c," "Something about tha Am
erlca'a Cup." "The Way to Pitch Ilel
There are doxen of practical, help
ful department which will encourage
and Inoplre boya to do thing.
The boya" paer la abaolutely clean In
every repect and hit won the confi
dence and eatH-m of 110,000 fiimlllea,
who receive It each month regularly.
The price of The American Boy la
a year. The Beml-Weekly Aetor
Un hua been reduced to 11.00 a year.
l!y ape-.liil arrangement the Scnd-
wkly Aitorlan and "American Boy"
will both be furnlithed one year for Il.tO
ThU offer ia gwxl for only a few week.
KleepUtwneia' Is, uually brought
aljout by mentiil excitement Think of
ynuratdf aa being wmit-thlng inunlmute
a paper weight or a log. I tela x your
mtiM'Ica and then you will go to aleep
and ret.
What we ordinary mortal need la
bareheaded romp now and then, a
getting away from the check relgna and
ivlcu from tho machinery In which
we go the tread mill all the rcat of the
Rich Silks and Satin, Velvet, Ermine, Dainty Lace and Handsome
Trimmings Used in the Modiste's Creation of
': ne Royal Robes
One of the plcaaant feature of the
regatta that will linger long In the
memory of tha Indlea wHI be the beau
tiful gowna and rob that Queen Fran
cea will wear during her brief reign
over the city. To aay that tbeaa gar
ment are gorgeoua la but to exprcaa In
ficbli; language tha rich and coatly
creation of tree modinte'a art that have
txen muda by tha royal tailor. The
art In tic, elegance of the entire wardrobe
cannot be adequately described; It
miiKt be aeen to be appreciated. Aa
torla la noted for Ita beautiful women,
iimj tha function that are a feature
of the aociul life of tbe city each aeaaon
arm alway attended by beautifully
gowned women. Mixi Thomaa haa been
provided with gown that are fit to
grace tha moat brilliant function ever
held In the United State. Phe will be
utiucen to whom every vlnltor and resi
dent will be proud to pledge allegiance.
Her awoct diapoaltlon; her regal bear
ing, an 1 winaome manner combine to
endear her to the hear la of alb
The rob,- that Mlns Thomaa will wear
fit her coronation are delightful to gaze
upon. The skirt la of white satin,
Iraped with exqulalto white lace, trim
med with silver that scintillates In the
Mimshine like the glitter of crystal, ft
will be worn with a train of purple
velvet. Id feet long, lined with white
satin and trimmed with royal ermine
ii ml silver atar applique. This la to
lie worn with a beautiful bodice, trim
med with ellver; with thla ' costume
yuecn Franeee will wear a collar of tbe
Queen Elisabeth period, trimmed with j
tienrls and silver law
Tha court dress, that will be worn at
the regatta ball on Wednesday evening
and again at "he public reception at the
home of Mra. W. O. Wilkinson on Tburs
duv night. Is designed after the court
dresace of modern Europe. The bodice
is cut low, with elbow sleeves; the
the skirt is made of a fluffy, silver
spangled material over rhlte satin, and
tbe train la of rich white brocade silk,
lined with pal blue autin and trimmed
with ermine and iridescent applloue
and pearl. The crown Is after the style
of the era of Queen Anne, set with
pearls and brilliants.
And then there ia a wealth of petti
coal and furbelows, and all the soft
linen that delight the feminine eye.The
hoes and gloves and bats are dream
of Joy, everything being truly fit for a
iucen to wear. The wardrobe Is un
doubtedly one of tne most gorgeous
ever designed by an Oregon mod lute,
nnd If Queen Frances Is not the envied
of her sex during the regatta It will
be because the women of Astoria, e
peclallr the young women, are prouder
of their queen than they are ambitious
to posse such dainty garments.
"The only thing that walks back from
the grave with the mourners and re
fuses to be buried ia character." This
ia true. W'bat a man la, survive him.
It can never be burled. It stays about
the home when hi footsteps sre heard
no more. It liva In tbe community
where he wa a known. Hence we
should take care to build into our char
acter only beautiful things.
One writer says that divorce would
be entirely done away with if married
couple were compelled to live three or
four blocks apart, and couid see each
other only by sneaking up an alley and
going In the back way after dark. We
are Inclined to think there Is some
thing practical In this plan. There are
a lot of men, both married and single,
whose past experience would fit them
for model husband.
New Tork, August 17. Becauaa he
made a reference which- the crowd con
sidered uncomplimentary to two women
who were listening to him, tbe Kev.
Maxwell P. Johnstone, an evangelist,
who hold open air meeting at Twenty
third street and Fifth avenue, waa In
terrupted by several men, who started
lo mob the preacher, and who only de
sisted whvti a half dosen policemen In
terfered, The minister wa standing on
a amall box which waa kicked from un
der him and he nearly fell down. -;
He waa Jostled and pushed about
and hia make-ahlft pulpit waa kicked
through the streets. No one attempted
to strike tbe minister, however, and the
police finally rescued him. Meantime,
the women, who appeared to be refined
lersons, bad fled from the scene. .
Fancy Gravensteln applea of fine
quality and at low prices. Eee them
at Johnson Bros.
Remember that fifty fowls good breed
well kept, will produce more eggs than
one hundred neglected, no matter what
the breed may be. .,, .
Here Is the latest Idea of real es
tate advertising. A. man will take a pic
ture of farms, have stereoptlcan views
made and then go from town to town
showing hia country. It la certainly a
novel plan. " , " ' '
Quick returns Is one of the advant
ages of handling poultry. For the be
ginner It is better than berries or fruit.
Not a season passes without some re
turn. A first-class hen will furnieh 100
eggs per year for use or for sale. ,
Kitzvllle, Washington, with a popu
lation of only 2,200 is the largest local
wheat market in the United States.
It annually ships on an average of
1.730,000 bushels of wheat This town
has no elevators. The grain is threshed
Into bags and piled alongside the rail
road until it can be loaded into cars.
Philadelphia, August 17. Moses Pol
ock, said to be the oldest publisher and
bookseller in the United States, ia dead
at his borne here. He waa bora In 1817
and spent &2 years In the book business.
Most of thegreat American libraries
were indebted to hia collection. 1 I
For the Farmer
Lard la the moat econtmileal aalnial
fat.. ,.: ' . , , ,
A harness-broken sebra I wurHi
Worn out mAk pans make nlca nt
for hens.
Printing paper la now made of com
talks. , ' .
There are 1.500 varieties of tha rlca
grain known, of which W or mora ara
cultivated. v , ,
Some use baked corn meal for the
chicks. Mixed with milk It makes a
good ration. , ": v " , ,
t not refuse to make an altowane
for your wife, if you expect her to make
allowances for you. ' . s,
Feed your land well and It wlSl f4
you well In return. Nature la always
ready to meet us half way, .
Hoys, don't be afraid of making a
friend of your father. Ha-wa one a
b y. Ha will understand.
Little trouble may be anticipated
from mites if plenty of ashes are fur
nished for them to dust themselves. -
A cement floor for the cow itabla hi
a sanitary floor. It should be more or
less rough to prevent the cow from
slipping. " ' r .
The beds of pea In Colorado some
times include aa many aa 2,000 acres,
and there hi one bed exceeding In lxa
2,500 acre. 1 t , .1
it ia said that one pound of oyster
shell will furnish lime for the shells
of about seven dozen eggs. It costs
one cent per pound.
Wisconsin's most valuable crop of
hay. Last year's production waa worth
136,000,000. The oat crop waa next
in vabjtfat t2,000.000.
: It la not known how long a sowing
of alfalfa will last A patch planted
In Texaa in 186S la etill producing and
ia thus thirty-five year old.
It hi regarded by some aa an ex
pensive experiment to grow thorough
bred chlckena from eggs. They ad via
buying manufactured atock.
The dandelion produce 12,000 aeed
per plant; shepherd a pulse 17,066;
thistle (5.000; chamomile 1S.00O; bur
dock 43,000 and the common plantain
It ia aald that 10,500,000 people ara
employed on the farm of America.
Nobody appears to be able to explain
why they have not gone to the charm
of fiat life' In the cities. . "
.,... .'- . .
i As Pictured by Herman Wise, while buying goods in the East
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